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Heck of a Job, USPS! ….OR The Perils of Posting with Potter’s PO


I now completely get the “going postal” thing. I mean it. Completely.
(And not in a good way.)

But, before I get into to my own pathetic US Postal Service-related story, it is important to place my petty grievances in the context of the larger USPS story that the Washington Times broke earlier this week:

As you may recall, there was a bit of a kerfuffle when the WT learned that, although more and more Americans are hurting financially, the US Postmaster General, a man named John. E. Potter, had a pretty swell year, last year.

The paper found that, not only did Mr. Potter get a 40 percent raise from his 2007 pay rate—-his salary jumped from $186,000 to $263,575— he also got a tidy bonus of $135,000, plus some additional “deferred earnings” and other perks—all of which added up to a total compensation package of $800,000 for 2008.

Nevermind that the agency he was running lost $3,8 billion last year. And that Mr. Potter told a Senate committee last month that if current trends continue, the agency could lose $6 billion or more this fiscal year. So… to cut costs, said Mr. Potter, he would like permission to deliver mail only five days a week and raise the price of postage by 2 cents, maybe more.

Some critics suggested that, given the condition of his agency, Mr. Potter’s personal fortunes were being guided by the Lose-Money-Get-Bonus theory recently pioneered at such commercial firms as Merrill Lynch and Citibank.

But Postal Service spokespersons argued that such characterizations were unfair, that the big problem was not anything that Potter was doing or failing to do. It was that, due to competition from the Internet and places like Fed Ex, fewer and fewer people were choosing to send their mail and packages through the taxpayer supported, executive-bonus-giving USPS.


OKAY. ALL OF WHICH BRINGS US to my own series of go-rounds with John Potter’s US Postal Service that have played out within the last 36 hours, and might conceivably shed some light on why so many American customers are fleeing Mr. Potter’s PO.

My sad and circuitous postal adventure began when I was preparing to mail 184-pages of a book manuscript to a destination in New York City. I needed the package to be in NY by Wednesday afternoon, Thursday at the latest. I could have sent the thing by Fed Ex, as was usually my habit, but what with the uncertain economy and all, I decided to be frugal. Instead of the $60 plus dollars that Federal Express would have charged, I would go with the guaranteed overnight of the USPS, which advertised itself to be just as good as FedEx, and it was less than half the price.

Yeah, I know. My bad.

But I didn’t realize it yet.

Since I was revising the manuscript right up until the last minute, I logged on to to double check the Express Mail cut-off time at a post office near me. My local PO had a 3:30 p.m. cut off. But the big postal depot at 5800 W. Century Blvd., right outside of LAX, had a 5 p.m. cutoff.

Perfect, I thought.

True, the drive to the airport was a bit of a pain, but the later deadline gave me a bit more time to proofread and print out the recently rewritten pages. And— I reasoned—if I took my package to the airport, there was less chance for mishap. All Express Mail flying out from this end of LA County had to pass throught the Century Blvd. depot, anyway. So why not bypass the middle P.O?

To make sure I had no delays in finding the place, I went to on Google Maps and printed out directions from my house in Topanga Canyon to 5800 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045.

It was pouring rain by the time I arrived at the half-block-long building marked with the blue and white insignia of the US Postal Service.. But as I drove from one end to the other of the equally large parking lot I noticed there was a teensy-weensy problem. There appeared to be no entrance. Only a bunch of truck-docking sorts of places. And, although the parking lot contained lots of official USPS delivery vehicles, vans and what have you, there weren’t a lot of other cars.

I rechecked the address. Nope. I had it right. Perplexed as to what to do, I drove around some more until I spotted an actual person getting out of an official-looking truck that was parked near one end of the building. Seizing the moment, I quickly hopped out of my own vehicle and ran through the rain to ask the guy where I could find the customer entrance to the place. But before I could reach him I happened to notice a small cardboard sign—maybe 2 feet long—taped up in one the depot’s windows.


Geeze. I realized that the Post office must have relocated in the last few weeks. I though it vexing that the central USPS website wasn’t updated to reflect the move. But, oh, well. Whatever. All it meant was that I now was going to have to really hurry to make the deadline.

I didn’t have Google Maps print out for 9029 Airport Blvd, but I had a GPS in my car, so I filled in the necessary coordinates, and made my way out of the parking lot.

There were some stressful moments during the mile or so stretch of Century Blvd. when the usually nice little lady inside my GPS system kept repeating in a manner that began to be grating, PLEASE MAKE A LEGAL U TURN. PLEASE MAKE A LEGAL U TURN…. when there were large, red NO U TURN signs at every intersection I was passing but… matter. Eventually I was able to make the U-turn and, another ten minutes hence, I arrived at Airport Blvd. address, found a space in the crowded parking lot, ran again through the still pouring rain.

Once inside, I waited in the very long line until, finally, I got up to a window where I found…..

…..I’d missed the cut off time for Express Mail.

Alright. Alright. Not a big deal. The wrong address thing was irritating but at least the package would be in New York on Thursday, for sure.

“And maybe Wednesday, if you’re lucky,” the pleasantly chipper clerk told me. She said that, since I had brought it to the airport PO, my package would fly out that night which meant, while the Post Office could no longer guarantee a Wednesday delivery, my mailing might very well arrive the tomorrow morning anyway. But definitely, Thursday, by no later than 3 p.m.

“And if you’re at all worried,” she said, “see this number right here? This is your tracking number. Just log on to USPS.COM and put in that number and you’ll be able to track the progress of your package. Okay?”

She smiled. I smiled. I thanked her. And then I remembered. “Uh, about that USPS.COM website…” I explained about the old address. She said she would tell her supervisor.

“So you moved recently?” I said as I left the window.

She looked surprised. “Recently? Oh, no. We moved from the Century Boulevard building eight years ago.”

Eight years ago. I assumed I had misheard. The United States Postal Service’s main web site could not possibly be that screwed up.

When I got home, just out of curiosity I Googled the matter and found a small LA Times news article that announced the relocation.

It turned out that the clerk was indeed mistaken about the date of the move. It wasn’t eight years ago after all.

It was nine years ago. February of 2000.

I did not consider this news to be a good sign.

The next morning I got up, made coffee, logged on to and typed in my tracking number, hit return…..and the auguries grew worse.

Under Search Results I got only: There is no record of this item.

Assuming I had mistyped, I tried it again.

And again.

Finally I called the USPS 800 number and gave my tracking number to the person who answered the phone and identified himself as Randall.

“We have no record of that tracking number,” Randall said.

After a bit of tense badinage, Randall told me there was really nothing he could do if there was no record of my number in the system.

“…but I have a receipt with a tracking number…!” I sputtered.

“You’ll have to call consumer affairs.”

Consumer Affairs? What can they do?”

“Do you want the number or not?” asked Randall in a tone that I really felt was unnecessarily snippy.

I took the number.

At Consumer Affairs I was connected to a woman we’ll call Mrs. Doyle. (I am not using her real name in case, God forbid, I ever need to call her again. There are some bridges one is unwise to burn.)

I explained to Mrs. Doyle about the tracking number problem.

“What would you like me to do about it?” she asked.

“Uh…I want you to find it.”

“Well, I can’t really do that because there’s no record of the tracking number.”

I thought I must have been unclear. “Let me explain this again….” I said, “I drove all the way from Topanga Canyon to the main post office at LAX. I paid $27.65 to mail my package there. And I have a receipt….!”

“I understand that. But what is it that you want me to do?”

“Find my package.”

“But there’s no record of it.”

“But I have a receipt with a tracking number….”

“If you don’t tell me what you want me to do, I can’t really help you, can I?”

Things went downhill quickly from there.

But…….eventually I got enough of a grip on myself to switch tactics and make friends with Mrs. Boyle, who called the relevant New York post office….where she found absolutely no record of the package. But she was nice about it, even sympathetic.

She could not, however, find any kind of evidence of my mailed manuscript having ever having existed. It appeared simply to have vaporized.

Now that we were friends, Mrs. Doyle tried to be encouraging.“Your package might very well be fine and it could very likely be delivered on Thursday, right on time.”

“Or not,” I said.

“Or not,” she conceded.

We agreed that the only sure way to know that my manuscript would arrive at the necessary destination by the necessary date….. was to send it again.

So that’s what I did.

There was a bit of a glitch when, part way through the (re)printing process, my laser printer’s toner cartridge gave out, so I had to get a new one. But, one more trip to the post office (the local one, this time) and another $27.65 plus the price of a toner cartridge later…..

….I had a brand new tracking number.

That was yesterday. Just a minute ago, I hesitantly typed the number into the relevant tracking field at the relevant website (the URL to which I cannot bear to recite again). The search results did not indicate that the package had left Los Angeles or even Topanga. But it did, at least, acknowledge the package’s existence.

Sadly, I considered this progress.

Heck of a Job, John Potter.

Heck of a job, USPS.

UPDATE: 10: 53 a.m., Thursday: According to the website, yesterday’s package has arrived. The original one….while it is now in the system (or purports to be,.I’ve newly embraced the X-Files’ mantra of Trust No One, particularly anyone who works for or anywerhe near John Potter)…is still in transit. Somewhere.


  • Potter should be replaced immediately, he is a holdover from the Bush/Cheney regime who’s philosophy was to run ragged all public service agency’s like the post office.
    The resulting mess could then be pointed to as an example where “privatization” was in order.
    Out with his ass, and if I can send a letter across the country in a couple of days for under 50 cents then it’s still not a bad deal.

  • Bush/Cheney and the Robber baron gavachos, how many times do I hav tell you the same thing !!!!!

    Bush/Cheney and the Robber baron gavachos
    1) evil
    2) the devil
    3) responsible for crime
    4) responsible for corruption
    5) responsible for bad weather and hurricane katrina
    6) responsible for every thing gone bad

  • The address part isn’t really a USPS story – it’s a Google maps story. They’re great – until they’re not. Google maps once sent me out into the Arizona desert down a dead-end trail, out of cell phone range (I was supposedly going to interview a client at a water-bottling plant that wasn’t that far away – except you couldn’t get there from “there.”) I’ve also had an incident where I was sent to a totally wrong address for airport auto-rental – the new facilities weren’t on Google maps and, although I actually had and entered the correct address, it treated it as though it were non-existent and returned me to directions to the abandoned facility. It’s always good to double check, maybe call the end point, if there’s any question. Of course, in some cases there doesn’t appear to be any question, so you’re screwed. Anyway, Google maps has a warning I had always ignored – until I got lost in the desert.

  • REg, no, no. It wasn’t a google maps problem at all. Google maps got me to the address I’d given it. (Although I’ve had those strange experiences too.)

    The USPS website was the problem. It listed the complete wrong address. It has this whole search function where you put in your zip code to see which POs near you take Fed Ex drop offs and at what time, then it tells you what its guaranteed delivery is. It sent me specifically to 5800 W. Century, which was the old address. I tried it again last night to see if they’d changed it. They hadn’t.

  • Uh, I almost hate to admit this but I buy most of my stuff on the internet now. I was a late adopter, but now it is Amazon or Costco or else. Well, there are about 10 other sites that I use on occasion.

    Anyway – anytime something is sent via Fedex or UPS their tracking numbers work like a charm and are accurate. (If I am at work and a query says they dropped it off at the porch at 10:30am, they mean it!!)

    However, 95% of the time with USPS, I find their tracking numbers absolutely useless. SOMETIMES, only AFTER (sometimes a day or two AFTER) the package is delivered does it even register! My latest ‘scare’ was ordering some rather pricy things from the US Mint. Of course they use USPS. Again – tracking number useless…package finally delivered. Two days later the tracking system at USPS shows that it was delivered. Hmmm…

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you Celeste. If you had been sending some spices to Aunt Martha, I would say give the USPS a chance. But when you are dealing with a book manuscript (or anything of real value) DON’T USE THE US POSTAL SERVICE!!

  • With an experience like yours with the post office, please explain to me why you insist that the government take over private medical care, nationalize banking, pass affirmative action mandates for lenders, stifle competiton such as with schools, and basically care for every need that people should handle themselves but in a most ineffective way? It’s not a good track record. Next, tell me how well government has managed prisons.

    – – –

    Next time, use United Parcel Service. They have more locations and will even pick up.


    Pickup Hours
    Air: Mon-Fri: 5:00pm
    Ground: Mon-Fri: 5:00pm

    …or, you could email the document file to some place like FedEx/Kinko’s in the destination city and let them print it and deliver it.

    Next time, as I tell my teenager, start earlier and don’t push the deadline.

  • I’d always sent my manuscripts FEd Ed. (I like UPS too.)

    But I had this mad idea of spending $30 instead of $60 or $70. (Fed Ex charges have nearly doubled in the past year.) So much for that.

    Trust me, I won’t do it again. USPS ended up blowing my day and costing me as much as Fed Ex overnight with morning delivery.

  • I have been dealing with my fair share of government agencies recently, and I have to actually sympathize with Woody for once. Our government is in no way capable of handling anything like nationalized health care. Every agency from top to bottom works like the USPS or the DMV… Full of people who get paid way too much for what little they do, clock-in, clock-out and cannot get fired. It is so sad because we need to fix our health care system, but leaving these idiots in complete control would be terrible.

  • Okay – I lost the piece where you put in the old address. The moral here for any service provider is that once a customer has been burned in a critical situation, trust evaporates. I’ve been screwed by Google maps enough times, I have zero faith. Ending up in the middle of the desert at a dusty dead end with no cell phone connection and totally lost was my “dark night” comparable to what just happened to you with the Post Office. I used to use Overnight USPS a lot and never had a problem. Had a relatively minor problem with Fed Ex but still consider them a good service. DHL? don’t ask !!!!

  • HeartofGold,

    Yeah, I thought of that. I’ll take a chance anyway, but this does not bode well for the outcome.

    BTW< It did not help my mood yesterday that, once I gained Mrs. Doyle as my newest BFF, she confided that, after she retires in two years, is going to take her (nice healthy) pension and go back to school. I encouraged her heartily to do so, as I knew a truly good person would do. But secretly I felt hostile and bitter that she had a nice healthy pension, and I didn't. Not pretty, but there you have it.

  • Who is promoting nationalization of health care ? Hadn’t heard about that one. Must be confusing that with proposals to provide universal health insurance which is very different. There is absolutely no empirical, qualitative or fiscal argument that holds water against “actually existing” systems of universal health insurance vs. the crazy, absurdly expensive, privately rationed system the US has got now. None. Only crazy ideologues argue otherwise – nutcases who read Ayn Rand and thinks it explains the world, or ill-informed wingnuts like the idiot who posts here compulsively. Of course the “nationalized” health services that the government DOES provide via the VA are first-rate according to all comparative studies, as is the federal government insurance system that John McCain has relied on most of his life. (The justifiably maligned Walter Reed is an army hospital, not a VA hospital, incidentally.)

    Also, comparisons of the Postal System and Fed Ex are false comparisons. Fed Ex doesn’t provide the basic, universalized services that the Post Office provides. Never has and it never will.

  • I’m going to take issue with this whole government-worker-baiting deal. Working in the corporate sector, I see idiots every day who don’t have a clue, garnering fat salaries and generous benefits, and are marking time in their chairs as opposed to helping the organization run more efficiently. The notion that private corporations are run efficiently is bullshit. When folks are cut loose it’s as likely to be for the wrong reasons as any issues of merit. You really have to see this shit close up – it’s as appalling as anything in some government bureaucracy. And in the “financial services” industry we just saw the triumph of the “market” – I know some of the folks involved and their ilk should be strung up. If for no other reason than they’ve jeopardized the job security of folks who had nothing to do with the crazy decision-making that blew a hole in the system. (And anyone who blames the genesis of this crisis on CRA or even Fannie and Freddie – which do in fact have problems and bought into the insanity once the ball was rolling – is a liar or hopelessly ill-informed. Like defense of the US health insurance system, there is NO empirical evidence or informed analyst who makes such a claim. Only shameless ideologues – and in the CRA case, shameless racists.)

    On the other hand, I used to be terrified of any encounter with the DMV because it ate up at least half my day and I have to say that I have no idea who pulled it off, but in the last few years my experiences in NorCal have been transformed about 300%. It is VERY efficient now – appointment-based and even when I go in cold and stand in line it is NOTHING like it used to be. And, if anything, their workload has increased.

    Also, regarding UPS I’ve had the experience of having a box opened, selectively pilfered and taped back shut. So anecdotes can indict anyone. As far as pensions are concerned, I don’t have one either but I don’t regret choosing to be self-employed over getting a job at the Post Office. But because we’ve got a strong, solvent (yes!) Social Security system that only needs a minor fix, contrary to the bullshit and lies about the system that wingnuts like the idiot who resides here purvey, I’ve got some backup to savings, IRA, etc. My mother was able to live well in her golden years because of SS. Anti-government paranoia is pretty insidious when it’s used to attack excellent viable programs like our modest Social Security benefits or the absolute necessity for universalizing health insurance under a social umbrella called “government.”

  • Lest we forget, the anti-government idiot who posts here was not too long ago pushing the Bush proposal to start putting Social Security fund payments into private accounts in….the stock market !!!

    Genius !!!!

  • Reg, you are quite right. I don’t defend my position yesterday. And I have never regretted my freelance status either.

    (Okay, that’s a lie. Sometimes it has occurred to me that it’s conclusive evidence of psychosis on my part. But then I get a full night’s sleep, raise my blood sugar a bit by eating the right food groups, and I snap out of it.)

    I was just admitting to yesterday’s grumpy and less than charitable thoughts.

  • You can’t argue with a drop-out “genius” who sees no problems with government control of a formerly private economy and who parses words similar to Bill Clinton to side-step the tragic truth of what Obama seeks to do with our personal freedoms and choices. Of course, to reg, like Al Gore, “the debate is over,” so don’t question their elite knowledge that surpasses that of business and economics experts. They cover up their ears and won’t hear it.

    So, if the stock market is so bad (you have to look at the long-term trend line), then how good could the government plan be? Can you put your hands on your funds, or are you expecting to steal from future generations? The government runs social security like Madoff ran his investments. (Where was the SEC on that?) So, in regards to social security, there’s your “stong, solvent” for you. The difference between Madoff and those who run social security is that Madoff is considered a criminal. I have more faith in America’s companies and a free-market system than I do in a socialist, incentive-breaking government.

    On the post office and FedEx, we weren’t comparing their entire operations. But, it is fair to compare their like-services and to compare Post Office promises against its actual results.

    reg: I see idiots every day who don’t have a clue….

    In other words, reg works at home and in front of a mirror.

  • reg: If the bankiing system were as solvent as Social Security, we wouldn’t be in meltdown.

    You are so stupid…and, sure don’t understand finances well enough to assess the blame.

    Here’s reg’s measure of being solvent…unfunded liabilities of $99.2 TRILLION – Social Security $14 trillion + Medicare $85 trillion

    Modern accounting requires that corporations, state governments and local governments count expenses immediately when a transaction occurs, even if the payment will be made later.

    The federal government does not follow the rule, so promises for Social Security and Medicare don’t show up when the government reports its financial condition.


    The government has no legal obligation to make good on its promises. Twice the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Americans have no contractual rights regarding Social Security benefits. In 1960 (Flemming v. Nestor), the court said: “To engraft upon the Social Security system a concept of accrued property rights would deprive it of the flexibility and boldness in adjustment to everchanging conditions which it demands.”

    Get that? You have no “accrued property rights” under Social Security. It’s a welfare program that exists at the politicians’ pleasure.

    At least the stock market doesn’t take one below zero.

    The government is bankrupt, idiot.

    Calculations from the “2008 Financial Report of the United States Government”… “Put simply, there is no way the government can possibly pay for the level of social welfare benefits the federal government has promised unless the government simply prints cash and debases the currency, which the government will increasingly be doing this year.”

    If social security were a bank, there would be a run on it like none other in history.

  • This “report” is total bullshit as regards Social Security. I’ll take Peter Orzag and the CBO over this ideological claptrap any day. Social Security requires a minor fix to conform to the 75 year horizon. There really is no rational argument over this. The question of Medicare is the reason why we need a reform of the health care system to guarantee universal coverage. Bringing more people into the insurance system and cutting out profiteering middle men is the ONLY way to lower health care costs across the board. This is elementary stuff. Also, the only Presidential administrations in modern history – i.e. post-WWII – that have done anything other than significantly lower the accumulated national debt relative to GDP are the “supply-side” cretins Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush II. All three have sent debt soaring relative to national wealth. Clinton started to clean this up and Obama is left with the biggest pile of shit since FDR. The degree to which the government is “bankrupt” – i.e. debt soaring relative to economic growth – is aligned precisely with electing the kind of budget-busting GOPer idiots clowns like Woody worship. Clowns like this are selling a Bizarro world – totally divorced from any historical memory, without a grain of integrity, nor a grain of economic literacy. Fools or liars…or both.

  • reg: Social Security requires a minor fix

    What a laugh! Yeah, a “minor fix” includes huge increases in social security taxes, extending the age at which one can draw benefits, cutting benefits, making no provisions for future claimants….. But, that is “only a minor fix” and still results in a $100 trillion unfunded liability. reg, do you manage to “fix” your home budget like that, or is it that you’re depending upon Obama to steal money from those who earned it to bail you out?

    The “BS report,” as you called it, was used by the president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank branch, along with prominent financial experts. I’ll give reg one thing–for an uneducated boy, he has learned to cook the books–just like the federal government.

    BTW, Reagan cut taxes and, by that, doubled federal revenues. It was Democrats who voted for the increased spending. Much of Reagan’s forced spending was to rebuild the military from Carter’s neglect and to fund “entitlements” passed by Democrats and that couldn’t be eliminated.

    Clinton inherited an economy in recovery, benefited from a phony dot-com bubble, and left the economy in decline. He cut military spending and could only do that because he was left with a “peace dividend” courtesy of the Republicans

    This is a world-wide recession. Only reg could blame Bush for all the economic problems in every country.

    reg leaves out Democrats for all of their mandates to force lenders to make loans to uncredit-worthy people whom lenders previously used to disqualify, and he blindly claims that mortgage deadbeats were victims rather than a major cause of bad loans and national financial problems. Yeah, it’s true that CRA and mandates tied to it were the biggest problem for the financial crisis, and Bush warned Congress, including reg’s suck-buddy Barney Frank. Oh, but mention that, and reg’s professional economic defense is that you’re a racist (and, afraid of homos). It’s people like reg who makes us a “nation of cowards.”

    Oh, reg, we don’t need your expertise on medical issues, either, if your expertise on the economy is an indication of your knowlege and reasoning. I prefer not to have my health options rationed and determined by a government bureaucrat rather than by my physician. How’s the economics working out for the children medical plans in California and Hawaii? Well, that’s what you can expect from any plan of Obama’s.

    reg votes with his pocketbook–what’s best for him and what he can take from you through the force of government. That is change that is un-American; oh, but I forgot…according to Biden paying higher taxes is patriotic.

    I’ll expect Obama to do to this nation what Coleman Young did to Detroit. Too bad that there aren’t any “suburbs” of this nation where we can move until he’s out.

  • Woody – you have no idea what your talking about. Your numbers are, for all intents and purposes, made up by rightwing crazies who hate the entire system. It’s interesting that, on the one hand, you use numbers tossed around by one guy who happens to chair one of the Fed bank boards as being reliable because he’s a government official then you claim the federal government cooks the books. Get your stories straight.

    As usual, regarding Reagan’s “miraculous” economic growth based on the isolated number of tax receipts in straight dollar figures, you’re also using statistics that are meaningless and totally out of context. First of all, payroll taxes increased under Reagan. More to the point compared to Bill Clinton, who raised income taxes on the upper levels, Reagan’s economic growth per capita was unimpressive. It was lower than the previous 8 years and was about half of the growth that took place under Bill Clinton.

    If your economic illiteracy is reflected in your accouting skills, I pray for your clients. Of course, bean counting has nothing to do with comprehension of macroeconomics – and your macroeconomic “knowledge” is nothing but the same tired ideological talking points we’ve heard over and over from credulous Reagan fetishists and assorted fools ranting on FOX. You are a moron. My verdict – which I arrived at very quickly when I first encountered your compulsive drivel – stands.

  • reg, this may come as a huge shock to you, but…

    The Federal Reserve System is not “owned” by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution. Instead, it is an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects.

    As the nation’s central bank, the Federal Reserve derives its authority from the U.S. Congress. It is considered an independent central bank because its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by Congress, and the terms of the members of the Board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.

    The intent of Congress in shaping the Federal Reserve Act was to keep politics out of monetary policy. The System is independent of other branches and agencies of government. It is self-financed and therefore is not subject to the congressional budgetary process.

    Here’s the information about your government bureaucrat, whom you wish to discredit and on whom you claim that I’m confused: Richard W. Fisher assumed the office of president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on April 4, 2005. In this role, Fisher serves as a member of the Federal Open Market Committee, the Federal Reserve’s principal monetary policymaking group. He’s neither a government worker nor “a right wing crazy who hates the system.”

    Spare me Krugman’s communist-taries. He’s a joke among serious economists. (Google “Krugman idiot”) Milton Friedman, who advised Reagan on economics, was also awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics, but before it was cool to award it to people who bash America and work for The NYT.

    Reagan sure got us out of the misery index that Jimmy Carter left us–double digit inflation, unemployment, and interest rates. Something was right about the tax cuts to allow people to spend their own money and pull us out of the Carter doldrums. (Yes, I know that you think that government is entitled to all the money and that they kindly allow workers to keep some of it.)

    A well-known Democrat economist, the late Arthur Okun, created the misery index (i.e., the rate of inflation plus the unemployment rate), which was a proxy to tell the public whether they were better off under the current or under the previous administration. Using the misery index criteria, three Presidents — Messrs. Kennedy, Reagan and Clinton — improved on their predecessor’s performance by the end of their own term. The economic misery index dropped the most on Mr. Reagan’s watch to only 10.1 from Mr. Carter’s horrific 17.9.

    Using the “misery index” improvement criteria, Mr. Reagan was clearly No. 1, followed by Mr. Clinton and Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Carter by far performed worse than any of the last nine presidents.

    Another objective ranking: REAGAN VS. CLINTON: WHO’S THE ECONOMIC CHAMP? – Reagan #1

    And, your criticism of Reagan’s increase in payroll taxes is surprising, as it was, in your own words, a “minor fix” to the system. If anything, Reagan was being responsible to help carry a Democratic vote-buying program that would hurt plenty if it had gone under.

    The problem with Reagan deficits were because the Democratically controlled Congress laughingly said that Reagan’s submitted balanced budgets were DOA. Reagan complained, “Congress never cut spending by even one penny.” However, I’m more concerned with the financial health of American workers than I am in supporting Democratic waste that you favor. Helping people to help themselves is better.

    I think we see where Obama’s economic policies are leading us. Every time that he opens his mouth with some plan, the Dow drops.

    I sense your great jealousy in my financial background–quite understandable. Besides courses for my Master’s in accounting, I was required to take multiple finance and economics courses, including one graduate course from the toughest, meanest professor in all of academics. I got only A’s and B’s. How many college courses in economics did you take? Courses from The University of Moscow do not count.

    You don’t need to pray for my clients. They have much better information and decision-making ability than do you–and, make more money.

    How much research did you do in your ridiculous rebuttal? Your comments read like highlights from The Daily Kos.

    Leave me alone and go worry about editorial cartoons of apes.

  • There’s no point in debating with a blindered moron, but for the record I never said the Fed was “owned” – but it is, as I noted, a federal government entity. Nor did I “criticize” Reagan’s increase in payroll taxes. Just noted them for the record – which is something you routinely abuse. And your comments on Krugman are so stupid they speak for themselves.

    Same old shit from the same little shit. And a racist bastard to boot…

  • reg: (Fed Branch President is) a government official

    Woody: Once again from above…It is considered an independent central bank because its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by Congress, and the terms of the members of the Board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.

    – – –

    reg: Nor did I “criticize” Reagan’s increase in payroll taxes.

    reg earlier: regarding Reagan’s “miraculous” economic growth…. First of all, payroll taxes increased under Reagan.

    Looks like a jab at Reagan to me, and you linked it to your comment on Reaganomics, as though it had something to do with your sarcastic remark. Yeah, it was veiled criticism. …Noting them for the record?! What a joke!

    – – –

    reg: your comments on Krugman are so stupid they speak for themselves.

    Woody: If they speak for themselves, apparently you can’t hear. Once more, “Google ‘Krugman idiot.'”

    Samples –

    Krugman: “We should be running surpluses … We should be getting 28% of GDP [gross domestic product] in revenue. We are only collecting 17%.”


    Paul Krugman…wrote that you should “write off anyone who asserts that it’s always better to cut taxes than to increase government spending because taxpayers, not bureaucrats, are the best judges of how to spend their money.”


    Krugman Says Up to $1.4 Trillion in Stimulus Needed – “President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package is too small and efforts in the Senate to cut a $900 billion version of the plan “are going in the wrong direction.”


    What matters, immensely, to Krugman is that Reagan’s political and economic accomplishments be denied.


    I wouldn’t want to suggest Krugman excuses terrorism or hates America. It is likely, however, that his extensive Bush-bashing, Saddam-dismissing, GWOT-mocking absurdism was a heavy thumb on the Nobel scale.


    Krugman is an idiot part 10,000 – We all know Paul Krugman is a total freaking loon when talking about the economy. His complete and total lack of even the most fundamental understanding of how econmics works would keep him from getting any sort of job short of the one that he currently has, which is writing his flights of fancy for the New York Times.

    – – –

    reg: Same old s*** from the same little s***. And a racist bastard to boot…

    Woody: You left out that I hate queers, too.

    If anything, it’s the same useless information from you and the same quotes from a NYT columnist who is not respected as an economist–except by today’s U.S.-hating Nobel Committee and people who dropped out of school.

    – – –

    Give it up reg. Your style of economics has failed over and over, and just putting someone else in charge won’t change its toxic formula.

  • “not respected as an economist–except by today’s U.S.-hating Nobel Committee and people who dropped out of school”

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Paul Krugman: “Krugman is a wonderful scholar, a great teacher…”

  • “…and a terrible economist.” Bernanke’s description of Krugman is polite party talk with no substance…. It’s obvious what others think and know about Krugman–he’s a left-wing idiot (not to be redundant).

    Now, it’s right to assume that all my other points are uncontested, such as Reaganonomics doing the most for our economy, simply because I’m correct and you have no basis to refute them–oh, unless you link to Krugman. (Laughing)

    reg, simply screaming at the top of your lungs, as you do, doesn’t make you right.

  • Boredom started with Comment #3.

    Tell me, reg, do you understand what Krugman’s call for government taking a whopping 28% of our GDP vs. 17% would do–especially when considered within historical context?

    Do you understand how elitist and wrong-headed it is to say that government knows how to better spend the money that you earned than you do?

    Do you understand how Krugman’s call for a 56% increase of the spending bill to $1.4 trillion would end up with an even more overwhelming debt for future generations–with no proof that the existing spending bill will work or such spending has ever worked?

    No wonder you’re bored. You’re way over your head on this issue. Go back to art class. Leave the serious work for men with experience.

  • You’re a total waste of time. If there was any evidence you had any intellectual integrity, could understand economic history or weren’t running on virulent racism and homophobia when you aren’t simply echoing idiotic talking points from crackpots at the Heritage Founcation, talk radio, et. al. it might be worthwhile trying to educate you. You are impervious to anything other than your butt-ugly prejudices. You’re not part of the realm of decent, intellectually competent humanity….it’s really that simple. Dead Man Walking…

  • I didn’t think that you understood economics, reg. You just verified it. You couldn’t interpret and admit to one danger about Krugman’s crazy suggestons–or, Obama’s.

    You know at this point, that I make up my own mind and will express opinions before any talk radio or publication chimes in. But, your “talking points” are repetitive and inaccurate.

    BTW, why don’t you admit to your sexism, as evidenced by your attacks against Sarah Palin?

  • reg: If there was any evidence you had any intellectual integrity, could understand economic history….

    (Laughing) Yeah, I missed all those great economic courses on the successes of Marxism and socialism. Tell me about your economic studies.

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