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For Those Who Have Served, With Deep Appreciation, Respect and Sorrow.

For those service men and women whom Memorial Day honors,
here is Jason Isbell’s beautiful and heartbreaking song Dress Blues, written for his high school friend, Marine Cpl. Matthew Conley, who was killed at age 21 in Iraq in February 2006 when his Humvee rode over an improvised explosive device.

Conley left behind his young wife who was pregnant with their first child.

Then, of course, once again The Band Plays Waltzing Matilda. written by Scottish-born Australian singer-songwriter Eric Bogle in 1971, four years before the fall of Saigon.

Below you’ll find two versions. The first sung by the great Liam Clancy.

The second by the Pogues’ Shane MacGowan.

Both versions are devastating and unduplicable.

As you listen, remember that Los Angeles County has the largest population of homeless war veterans in the nation.


  • Memorial Day was to remember those who’ve lost their lives defending this country. Wouldn’t really expect the liberals that run this to know that but you stand corrected.


    Yes, Ted, amazingly enough we’re familiar with the definition of Memorial Day. (The name of the holiday is self-defining.)

    That’s what the Jason Isbell song is about.

    But, in addition to honoring those men and women who gave everything, we at WLA also often use Memorial Day—in addition to Veteran’s Day—as an opportunity to honor and support those vets who are still living, including and especially those who have come home wounded.

    That’s what The Band Plays Waltzing Matilda is about.

    If you have a problem with the latter, that would be your problem not ours.


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