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Ezell Ford Autopsy Released Showing 3 Shots, 1 in Back

The autopsy report for Ezell Ford’s death was released Monday after months of delay. It showed that Ford, 25,
a mentally ill black man, was shot three times, once in the back, once in the side of his abdomen, with a third, non-fatal wound in his right arm. The shot in the back had a “muzzle imprint,” according to the coroner’s office, which suggested that the shot was fired at very close range.

Ford was killed on the evening of August 11, in the Florence area of South LA, by two LAPD officers from the department’s Newton Division gang detail. The shooting took place a few days after teenager Michael Brown had been been shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, by Ferguson PD officer Darrin Wilson. The proximity of the two events added to the growing tension over the issue of fatal police shootings this past summer that resulted in multiple protests in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the nation.

LAPD officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas, who both fired shots, reported that Ford was trying to remove the service weapon from the holster of one of the officers. It was not clear why Ezell was stopped by the officers, and what triggered the physical altercation.

According to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, the information in the just-released coroner’s report does not conflict with the two officers’ account of the shooting.

Although the report has been complete for months, Beck asked that it be withheld pending further LAPD investigation into the shooting, in order to avoid the risk that the information contained in the report would taint the account of witnesses to the events of August 11. (LAPD investigators were, at the time, having trouble getting community witnesses to come forward and cooperate.)

Mayor Eric Garcetti, however, set a time clock on the report’s release, promising that it would be made public before the end of the year—-hence its public distribution on Monday.

“Transparency is key to the trust between LAPD and the people they serve,” said Garcetti in a statement Monday, adding that a full and impartial investigation was still ongoing. “As we end 2014″ he said, “I am proud that Los Angeles is home to the finest police officers in the nation, and my heart continues to go out to the grieving family.”

Chief Beck promised to “find out the truth of what happened that August night.”

Ford’s family has filed a $75 million wrongful death lawsuit.

For further information see accounts from Kate Mather and Richard Winton at the LA Times. The KPCC news staff has a series of ongoing updates on the story.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, we’re still dark. But breaking news, is breaking news.


  • I’ve had enough of this liberal, racist war against cops. I’m sick of the liberal Press promoting this insane fantasy that cops run around purposely gunning down innocent blacks.

    When I pinned on the badge nearly three decades ago, I would have gladly (naively) taken a bullet for any “citizen” of any race, sex, age, creed or religion who was in harms way, not just my partners and loved ones. Today, I wouldn’t waste my piss to put out a liberal who was on fire.

    The assassinations and assaults on police, fueled by the leftist media, racist politicians and activists have brought us right back to the Rodney King days. Twenty some years of progress flushed down the toilet over racial, left wing political delusions.

    I am in no way afraid to kill thugs that want to kill me, nor afraid to die at their hands. That’s what I signed up for. But I am afraid of the aftermath. I know now for sure, we have lost the support of the citizens, the media, politicians, prosecutors and worst of all, the support of our leadership. I don’t care to lose my job, my pension and go to prison for doing my job over politics, while Prop 47 sets all of the animals free.

    So there it is folks. I’m turning it in. I’m done. March can’t come soon enough for me. For my remaining few weeks, when I’m not burning my time, I will do nothing in the way of police work. I will push papers around and write worthless reports and memos. Maybe I’ll plan a fundraiser. And when I leave this “Land of Fruits and Nuts” for good, I will for certain, as the POTUS once so elequently stated, “cling to my guns and religion.”

    Goodbye and good luck everyone! Enjoy the “Hope and Change” you voted for!

  • @30) You hit it right on the nose……….The Liberal Left Coast, where Sirhan Sirhan kills a future President, Patty Hearst goes free, Baretta plays a cop in Hollywood and gets away with murder in los angeles and Arnold Schwarzenegger pardons a murderer (because Arnold knew his dad) and inpregnates his Mexico maid…Yes Sir reeeee Bob, Only in California. Let’s not forget about Robert Downey Jr leaving los angeles county jail to film only to return at night to continue to serve time. Yes,this is the liberal land on the left coast that you choose to blame, yet you continue to call it home. Deal with it or leave it. Just stop crying like a weeny( to those that do)and make your move
    See you in Idaho or Arizona after retirement.

  • @30, don’t leave until your LACERA numbers rack up the way you want them, you’ve come too far to leave too early. When you are ready, you will laugh all the way to the bank.

    As far as the autopsy report, it is what it is. It appears that the report is consistent with the involved officer’s statement of this shooting incident. Here is the problem, the cop haters and race baiters are going to be full throttle. So called “eye witnesses” are alleging this was an execution by the cops, yet they won’t cooperate with LAPD, but they will cooperate with the family attorney. “The community” will spin this as a dirty shoot as long as the media camera shows up and assists them with their anti-cop agenda that has been working in overdrive since the Ferguson shooting. Let there be no doubt, this radical, hard left propaganda is being orchestrated right out of the White House by the puppet master himself. His puppets of the likes of Sharpton, Holder and the media, are doing his bidding. All for the 2016 election. Obama is the face of evil.

    To those in the field, be smart, be safe and do your job. The overwhelming “real community,” honestly supports us, they really do. Folks are very quickly getting sick and tired of all of this race baiting and stoking the racial divide at your expense. There will be hell to pay, in the voting booth. In the meantime, stay strong and stay safe, don’t back down.

  • @ Wang: Not whining, partner. If you actually read my post, you would have figured out that what I am saying is that I am blaming the left for turning back the clock to 1992. If you were around then ( probably not) you would know what I mean. The incidents you cite are a joke. Who cares about celebrities getting away with murder. They aren’t the thugs running around sniping cops because of politically perceived racism and destroying neighborhoods. As far as “dealing with it or leaving it”, did you not get that is what I’ve decided? I’ve dealt with it, now I’m leaving. That wasn’t clear to you. Wow. As far as ” calling it home”, did you not get that we in law enforcement made tremendous progress since the nineties in L.A. and it was a good place to live, and seeing progress was rewarding. If you were around back then, you would remember the graffiti everywhere and gangsters roaming the streets like packs of wild dogs. Liberal sympathizers like yourself are turning it back into the cesspool it was, so it is time to go. Get my drift? Probably not. Like I said, enjoy your hope and change. BTW, As far as your inference to Arizona or Idaho, I am neither white or Republican, so let’s not go there. You were way off on that assumption.

    @Sachamoe. I’m sure you’ve been around long enough to see this racial crap come full circle and get what I’m saying. I have been to LACERA and my numbers are good. I would have only done another 3 anyway. Like I said, I’m no longer willing to take the chance of going to prison for doing my job. The “Tanaka 7” or whatever you want to call them have really had a chilling effect on my motivation. If the AUSA is willing to go after that group for what they did, imagine the fate of the next deputy or officer that they target who gets into a controversial use of force or shooting. I don’t care to be the modern day Koon or Powell either. I’m done. Enjoy the rest of your career.

  • @30′ yep, been through all of that stuff and survived. There by the grace of God, go I, can be said by many. But the worst I’ve endured was the Tanaka regime, but it is all good. He and his clan of inbreeds are looking over their shoulders, puckering at every door knock or phone ring because they know it’s coming. I’ve always told my people to operate as if a video is on them, because it probably is. I’ve told my sergeants to supervise, not hide out, be there for the troops regardless if they want you around or not.

    We are all going to be celebrating a New Year on Thursday. Yet on Friday or so, tears will flow, hearts will break while six people are going to be turning themselves into the Feds to start their time. I wonder if the little man will be there to shake their hands and commend them for their individual loyalty to him. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of things, keep in touch, stay strong, thanks for everything you’ve done for me, I never forget my people. Bla, bla, bla.” Hey coin holders, what do you see in the mirror when you shave? That’s what I thought. Happy New Years to all.

  • @ 30… whole point was to show the LIBERALISM in California no matter who or what it is… missed it. Still here with 33 on. Rank pays

  • I have never posted on this blog. I do enjoy reading it and laughing at some of the comments. 30 and done you are absolutely correct. I’m right behind you with 27. Thank goodness I am out of the field per se. I spent 10 years in patrol beginning in the early 90’s. Those were the greatest most rewarding years of my career. Unfortunately those days are over. And I mean OVER. This younger generation of patrol Deputy will never experience what we did. We did it for the love of the job. We took BAD people to jail. It wasn’t a black or white thing. It was a crook thing. My advise to you young patrol deputies, is to park at the station, fire up your lap top and enjoy Netflix. The communities we serve can kiss our asses! Let the ghetto self destruct. Oh it will. It cant function without some sort of law, and the efforts of hard working cops doing pro active policing. The times have changed. ACCEPT it. You are a fool to got out and make an Ob’s arrest WHY? Nobody cares anymore. Don’t do it because I did it. Because some patrol Sgt with 5 years on tells you too. I guarantee you he/she never did because he/she would never have promoted. Handle your calls, protect your partners, and don’t take it personal. Your performance as a street cop means nothing anymore. It doesn’t help you get promoted, or go to a specialized unit. It means NOTHING. Don’t be complacent. If something happens between calls and you MUST take action you do it. And you do it like you were taught. Don’t fear the street thug. That’s what they want. Remember that the silent majority still appreciates you, but nobody can hear them. Until they are heard, or speak up SHUT IT DOWN! By the way, what’s the common element in all these high profile shootings? I’ll tell ya, The suspect’s were disrespectful Thugs, that broke the law and resisted arrest. Enough said.

  • At 30. My retirement/current home is Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho and I am neither White or Republican. Your response to @ Wang was also an assumption that only Whites and Republicans retire in Arizona or Idaho. Nice

  • @wang .. My apologies. I did miss your point. I should never read posts at 4:00 AM while still in a fog before grabbing a cup of coffee and clearing the fog from my angry brain. Point well taken, sir.

    #6 – What you have reminded us of is sickening and heartbreaking. I never knew Tanaka or worked with him or under him. I did meet him a few times and attended one of those eyebrow raising “work in the grey” speeches. Those who know him either love him or hate him. I shudder to think that had I followed the career path of taking a seat “in the car”, it could be me or any number of other department members going to prison. I know some of the convicted. They are good people that in hindsight, used very poor judgement. They should not be occupying a cell meant for a thug.

    @shut it down- I agree with you 100%. Sage advice. God bless the newer deputies working patrol. There are so many forces working against them. I hope they survive this phase of there careers and things swing back to normal (if there is such a thing) soon.

    Ok, I’m done ranting here. I’m out before I put foot in mouth again.

  • 30 and Shut Down,
    You guys have it right. They want to push the narrative and make the uninformed think the cops are the problem. There’s only one way to disprove their narrative. It isn’t with facts, information or a public relations campaign. It’s by shutting it down!
    Shut it down. Really, they think cops doing the messy, ugly, sometimes violent and sometimes deadly job of street level policing are the problem? Okay then. Let John Q. experience the quality of life in their neighborhood when the cops don’t do that job. You can’t tell them, you can’t inform them. You have to show them.
    Let the gangs, thugs, thieves and dopers run amok. Let it become the early 80’s all over again. They have to see it with their own eyes, and feel the fear in their own hearts before they will get it.
    Every society ends up with the law enforcement they deserve. They’ve earned a police force who just wants a paycheck. They’ve shown us they don’t appreciate us. It’s time for us to show them they need us. Shut it down.
    It’s the only way. The cop haters, pot stirrers and social justice advocates voices must be drowned out by the voices of the citizenry who want us doing the job aggressively and effectively. Until then, as long as the cop haters control the narrative, we are fighting a public relations campaign we can’t win. The good citizenry is taking us for granted. The progressives and cop haters are seizing the oppurtunity to further their narrative.
    SHUT IT DOWN!!!! I would rather be perceived as lazy, any day of the week, than as a violent bully or racist murderer. Nobody ever went to prison for being lazy. Get it?

  • Not to minimize the current going on’s in the ” war against cops” however… definitely dictates that deputies in the LASD are “past due” for a raise. The characters that approved the 2-2-2 (last contract) are long gone. The County of Los Angeles can never pay our “true worth”, however we deserve more.

    ALADS…….GET OFF YOUR ASS and GO TO WORK FOR DEPUTIES. We pay more than enough for you to do something!

    Our current contract expires at the end of January 2015.

  • I’m reading all of these comments, some very heartfelt, but a note of caution: the idiots with the “I can’t breath” t-shirts, much less those protesting violently, are not a representation of any one political group or ideological philosophy any more than the Cliven Bundy cheerleaders and armed supporters, defending the right to freeload grazing fees, represent conservatism or the GOP. The overwhelming majority of law-abiding citizens, regardless of political affiliation, view these morons with askance.

    That being said, I won’t join the chorus of those advocating retreating from your duty. I’ve pushed a radio car and worked the line for almost my entire career, and yes, we don’t get the praise of firemen for taking cats out of trees or converting a few hundred bucks smoke damage into $50K in water damage, but that’s our choice. It’s an obligation and a calling, and for those with no other marketable skills it represents more than you could ever hope to earn in the private sector. If for nothing else, be thankful you had a way to provide for your family comfortably. Protestors can do what they want, the professional charlatans and race hustlers of the world, a la the “most reverend” Al Sharpton, can peddle their bile, but at the end of the day it’s just noise.

    When you are retired and old, feeble, depending on others for everything, when your family and friends depend on cops to keep the world a little safer, you will only rest comfortably knowing those men and women holding the line are doing more than just answering their calls for service and viewing Netflix.

  • LATBG: Your content truly represents how most of Law Enforcement Officers feel about our true calling. Especially your paragraph about not retreating in spite of the current ugly segment of society.

    Most of those advocating retreat are done anyway. I would gather to say that the majority of society even those “In the hood” appreciate law enforcement personal.

    Great way to start off the New Year with your perspective.

  • @14…….Great post. It’s a motivator for those of us who continue to “Hold the Line”

  • Six former members of LASD turned themselves into today to the Feds to start their stretch. The line behind them will probably grow significantly with upcoming trials and possible future indictments. My question, where are the back slapping coin holders who thought their ride in “the car” would never end? Where are those who demonstrated that they would do anything for the little man because that netted coveted position or promotion was just a JDIC broadcast away. Where are all of those who were in positions of rank or authority, OIR, EPC, IAB, who simply followed their self serving mandate to “go along, to get along?”

    They let everyone down and turned their backs on a wonderful institution who was led by a clown and a tyrant. They turned their backs for self gain. I know some executives who will be retiring in short order who will live the rest of their pathetic lives in shame. This can never happen again!!!

  • Well stated Sachamoe. Problem is too many of the Executives suffer from NPD (Narccistic Personality Disorder). One must have a conscious to feel shame. Hopefully with Sheriff McDonnell in command, things will change!

  • I find it disturbing that six former department members, soon to be seven, are now serving their federal prison sentences for following the orders of Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka, yet both these men still have pockets of support within the department. Some of these supporters and reformed supports still occupy senior ranks on the department. Amazing. People who did the departments dirty work work, some of who now wrap themselves in the language of reform. Just amazing.

  • Seven are going to jail, unfortunately the process that at least removed them, along with their corrupt ways, from the Department. But ALL the others who are still here have been PARDONED by the new Sheriff.

    Page 1, Paragraph 3, from his oath of office speech:

    “To them (…the 18,000 dedicated men and women in the LASD), let me be clear: Today, I am here to commit myself to the FUTURE of the LASD. The FUTURE, our FUTURE, will close the door on divisions and factions. It is a FUTURE that will be built upon the bedrock of this department’s values: Integrity, Accountability and Service,”

    Page 2, paragraph 1 through 4:

    “I have seen the despair in many of you who sought out to rise above the divisions and the turbulence of recent years. Many of you felt you were being asked to choose between what was best for the organization and what was best for a few people who were only trying to seve themselves. I am telling you that as of today, THOSE DAYS ARE GONE.”

    “You have been through a Civil War that has torn the Department apart. But, repairing this divide will bind us together.”

    “Now is the time for us to MOVE BEYOND past divisions and fractures, to heal, and to emerge as a better and stronger organization. Today, we have the opportunity to START FRESH, to HIT THE RESET BUTTON and welcome in a NEW ERA at the Sheriff’s Department.”

    “The opportunities ahead of us will dwarf the feuds and slights of the past. We will succeed, but only by coming together.”

    Page 4, paragraphs 1 through 3 and bullet 1:

    ” I have heard many times over the past year that the men and women of the LASD are ready to MOVE FORWARD, to meet the challenges AHEAD, and simply need clear and firm direction regarding what is expected of them.”

    ” So allow me for a moment to speak directly to the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department…..”

    “As we begin this NEW CHAPTER, I want to be crystal clear about my expectations of you, as well as what you can expect of me:”


    From Sheriff McDonnell’s recent Holiday Message to all Departmental personnel:

    Paragraph 3:

    “As I said in my oath of office speech, I believe that by PUTTING PAST PROBLEMS AND DIVISIONS BEHIND US, we will team up to maintain the LASD as an organization greater than its component parts…….”

    It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic, ….. All you victims of the PAST,,, in OUR FUTURE walk among the suspects (coin holders) who victimized you. In fact, salute them, because the MAJORITY of them hold rank, and the ones who don’t still smoke cigars with the ones who have rank. But more importantly, don’t complain to me (polishing my new 5 stars) about the crimes of the past. I’m busy getting ready to promote a coin holder for the betterment of our FUTURE, but I’ll claim I had no knowledge of their past, because the past doesn’t matter, only the FUTURE. The wolves understand that, they put on sheep’s clothing for me, why can’t you.

  • LATBG and others. You guys are out of touch. You guys are the problem with LASO. You’re all about yourselves. You’re probably executives who fear that if the line guys take a stand and SHUT IT DOWN, it will make you look bad and potentially prevent your next bump. Let the Ghetto implode!! Law enforcement will never be the same, period. But we must take a stand and wake up the citizens of LACO who silently appreciate and support our proactive take on law enforcement. Until then, SHUT IT DOWN. Handle your calls for service. But that’s it. Enough with the OB’s arrests. At this particular time it means nothing. You are not going to get the support we used to get. You’re going to be criticized and second guessed on every arrest. It’s not worth it. Not until the good citizens speak up and support you. So SHUT IT DOWN. I’m not looking to get in a war of words with you retirees. I get it. It’s hard for you guys to let it go. Like I said before, I spent 10 years in a radio car. It was the greatest time of my career. But you must look at the big picture for these young patrol deputies. They must take a stand.

  • Those of you who are advocating for the youngsters to keep on doing business as usual and go out there and make obs arrests, let me remind you of a couple things. The cop in MO was dealing with a 211 suspect who was on videotape. If the MO incident would’ve been precipitated over a simple jay-walking obs the public outcry would result in him going to prison. He still might. The cops in NY were there on a call. If the contact had been initiated over an obs that the suspect was selling loose cigarettes, public outcry would result in one or more of them going to prison.
    Their only saving graces, the reason that they are getting the benefit of the doubt from most people, is that they had to take action in both the incidents. Their is no perception by most people that the cops wanted it to happen, or that they were just fucking with the suspects over extremely minor violations.
    To ignore that, along with ignoring which way the political winds are blowing and suggest street cops just continue on with business as usual is irresponsible in my opinion. Would you tell your son or daughter, if they were working a predominantly minority area, to ignore the way things are right now and make as many obs hooks as possible?

  • LATBG > You struck a nerve on a few. Trust me. ….The Yea’s outnumber the hurt feelings of the Naysayers, re: your post.

    They miss the fact that Police work comes in cycles. Booze Era, Heroin Era, Marijuana Era, PCP Era, Crack & Meth Era….. All of these Era’s represent different times and seasons in law enforcement.

    Their sentiments are shallow in the Sea of Service. Thank God it is only their opinion and not an option for the true oath takers. Your last paragraph spoke volumes. You can’t get any true opposition concerning that.

  • @Oh Well) You have proven yourself to be a “Can Kicker” on the road named “Running Mouth”

  • So you guys “in the know; know….” The others are not in prison yet.

    They filed for appeal bonds and the 9th Circuit has not responded. Thus, they get to stay out.

    Just wanted to add facts to the equation. I know it is tough to actually be relvant unless you kick people while they are down.

    With that being said, please do not let me interupt you calling them corrupt, pathological liars, and scum.

    After all, the Federal Government is the one driving this train. They do everything above aboard, and never lie to people………

  • Did anybody catch the evening world news this evening? Guess what the top story was. NYPD arrests down 60% and tickets down over 90%. Guess what folks. That’s how you make a statement. The public doesn’t care how many arrests you make. They care about how many arrests you DON’T make. Kudos to you NYPD for SHUTTING IT DOWN. If we on the West Coast support our Brothers and Sisters in uniform on the East Coast, then we should Shut It Down also. That P.O.S Mayor over there will get the message and have no choice but to show support for his Police Dept. I’m not saying we don’t have support from the Board or our newly elected Sheriff, I’m just saying lets take a stand and show the country that we are a strong Law Enforcement family and will not tolerate the lack of support from our elected officials. Soon the citizens will show their support again. So once again I encourage you young Patrol Deputies TO SHUT IT DOWN. Somebody needs to step up and reach out to NYPD and tell them that we on the West Coast are willing to take a stand and to support them at whatever cost. Isn’t that what we do?

  • To ” Shut it Down”…. Read post 14. You both make a point, however LATBG point is sharper than yours.

    You already stated that you’re on your way out.
    Those of us with time left will fight crime until we personally are near our end and burnt out like you.

  • @ 30. You can thank your ALADS Board of Directors for donating 1 million dollars to MRT campaign when he ran for office. …in addition to giving a hefty amount of cash to his annual “Juneteen” celebration every year…Check your ALADS Dispatcher. ALL FACTS. If any doubt……Call and ask ALADS.

  • #29 Deputy Sheriff,
    #30 Another Observation saw your contention that LATBG’s point was “sharper” and he raised you the picture of MRT doing the “Hands up don’t shoot”. The point can’t get any sharper than that. If any LASD dep. was involved in an incident IDENTICAL to the Michael Brown incident, you know where Ridley stands. Here’s a member of the BOS telling you flat out, without saying a verbal word, that he would be advocating for the deputy going to prison.
    #30 takes the pot. There is no point sharper than that. There it is for you to see with your own eyes.
    But by all means, you guys who think we should be conducting business as usual go ahead and keep hooking and booking obs arrests. Keep crime down. Make MRT look good. Let him have it both ways. Good luck with that should an African American end up dead because he tried to take your gun and murder you for making that obs arrest. I hope it works out for you. You’ve seen it with your own eyes that MRT won’t be supporting you. Hope it doesn’t happen in his district. He’ll be marching with Sharpton calling for you to go to prison.
    #29 Deputy Sheriff, I sincerely wish you the best of luck while you’re 10-8 doing the Lord’s work. Your heart is in the right place. You’re going to need all the luck you can get If the shit goes bad while making an obs arrest of an African American and you have to kill him.

  • Oh Well………Don’t fall into the trap of narrowing the criminal element of any one particular ethnic identity as the sole problem in law enforcement. Your post paints a distinct and shallow picture of you.

  • @ Jack Dawson: I have No respect for those in the Pandora Hierarchy (brass) who turned on Sexton.

    No need to tell you the Lieutenant’s name……He was sentenced also.

  • @ Inside Source: The information about tossing deputies “monthly dues” to & fro to MRT Campaign is no surprise. What a sham and what a shame.
    Thanks ALADS.

  • Outside of Duty & Honor, it is not advisable to “Shut it Down” when we have contract negotiations around the corner. Let’s be smart about this.

  • Deputy: Oh Well points out the elephant in the room and you attempt to label him a racist. Your comments are an example of why we can not have a honest discussion of race in this country.

  • @Band…..the elephant in the room is Oh Well.

    Bandwagon, You have already been OUTED & OUSTED as the NECK that you are a long time, many posts ago. You don’t count.

    You are a “GLAD YOU’RE GONE” civilian. Your war stories are history. Bye.

  • Lol. It always come back to “you’re a racist” when somebody points out some very inconvenient truths. The truth is, there MRT is. There’s the picture of him. In “solidarity” with the people who are furthering the false narrative that Michael Brown had his hands up and was trying to surrender when he was shot and killed.
    As far as “falling into a trap” of narrowing the criminal element, that is a non-starter. It’s not the criminal element I’m referring to. It’s the politicians that support the race hustlers’ false narrative.
    There the picture is of a member of the LACO BOS.
    Anyone who chooses to do so can ignore the obvious evidence of which way the political winds blow at their own risk.
    One last thing Deputy Sheriff. Get back to me when Sharpton and the other race hustlers orchestrate a protest when it isn’t an African American suspect. Until then, your insinuation that I’m a racist for simply pointing out facts is not only intellectually dishonest, it’s juvenile and a more than obvious indication that you can’t debate the point with facts.

  • @ 30. Are you saying that the remaining BOS are in line with MRT?. Surely there has to be 1 or 2 that will back the deputies.

  • Wow, I had to read it 2 to 3 times to make sure I was reading this quote right.

    # 32 “You’re going to need all the luck you can get If the shit goes bad while making an obs arrest of an African American and you have to kill him.”

    I guess when you are a Cacausion celebrity suspect you can resist and say racist comments to a deputy and that is not even a problem. Hell, supervision will even order the deputy to rewrite and remove racist quotes from the arrest report. The cherry on top is a ride home from the station courtesy of supervision on tax payers dime.

    I guess it is only African Americans going to jail in the whole LA County. African Americans are the only ones that make deputies feel like they may have to kill them instead of using sound tactics & backup to take resistive African American suspects into custody.

    Maybe some self defense classes and a gym membership might build some confidence in how to subdue an unarmed resistive suspect. This is not in reference to suspects that are pulling out weapons, this is in reference to unarmed suspects.

    Since most is bad mouthing the feds anyway about the way they do business, it would not surprise me if they have been wiretapping patrol units. That would make quite the news report for deputies to be expose for their thoughts about African Americans when they are patrolling around. I am sure a lot of deputies true colors would be expose and you can`t disbute your voice on a audio or blame executives.

    # 32 There is a simple solution to your comment and for those with like minds. Request a desk job, retire or quit public safety civil service. If you are not doing your job righteously, unbiase, with honor & integrity than you are stealing tax payers money bi-weekly. Everyone knows the dangers when you accept a job in law enforcement so quit making it a racial thing. God forbid you have to kill a Cacausion suspect, if you are wrong in you decision your ass will be grass just the same as if you killed a African American. Or, maybe the Cacausion suspect will harm or kill you because you only view African American suspects as a threat worth killing.

  • “Oh Well” definitely defined his true colors in #32 and the “Bandwagon Character” #37 wants to back his play…….Wow.

    @ Shine……….You, every reader, along with those who use braille can read that message. Nothing subliminal.

    People like “OH WELL” are the “inner” problem that plagues Law Enforcement.

  • Brother: That’s the best you can do? Cmon man, put a couple sentences together and try to articulate a thought. Weak, very weak!

  • #40- Antonovich loves cops and used to be a reserve. That’s it. Unfortunately, he will term out soon.

    #41- In the past, deadly force was evaluated on the threat level, policy, training, legal and moral justification. Now, political correctness is factored in. Certain politicians are stirring the race pot because they are dissatisfied with the outcomes of several white cop vs. black suspect shootings and want to send a white cop to prison to satisfy their agenda, regardless of the facts. #32 is pointing that out. He’s not the racist. This issue goes deep into American history to a time when blacks actually were oppressed by white cops from all white police departments and the judicial system really was against blacks. The perception to some, is that it is still occurring in America today and are taking an aggressive, defensive, often violent position. This problem won’t be fixed by a gym membership or jui jitsu class.

  • Independent: I guess its easier to label someone a racist, then to debate the subject at hand. Perhaps, you should clean those rose colored glasses you view the world through.

  • For those who have access to “Police1” ( LEO only) website. I recommend that you read the article by author Randy Sutton on January 5, 2015

    It is one of the most informative and unbiased observation & perspective from one in Law Enforcement that I have read……Check it out.

  • Shine light,
    Got ya. I hear ya. All the recent protests going on are over the cops killing unarmed Caucasian or Hispanic suspects. Right. What was I thinking making that statement. If a Caucasian or Hispanic LASD deputy was involved in the exact same scenario as that cop in MO, there wouldn’t be any protests here and there would be no reason for them to be worried about being indicted and sent to prison. Sharpton and his knuckleheads wouldn’t show up, MRT wouldn’t march in solidarity with them, and there would be no political pressure put on the powers that be to railroad the cop.
    You’re right. It was preposterous I even suggested it.


  • I believe what Oh Well and Another Obs are saying is: in the current “political climate” it is conceivable to be involved in a justifiable shooting of an African American and still find youself as a defendant in a criminal case. Plz explain how that is a “racist” comment.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Ridley Thomas. …..I wouldn’t be surprised if ALADS actually endorses AL Sharpton.

    Another reason why deputies need to wake up and shakeup ALADS.


    It appears I’m incorrigible. Perhaps some additional sensitivity or Cultural Diversity training and I can learn to simply regurgitate the PC talking points like Shine Light and Brother from Another. I definitely need more training in that regard, because what I’m continuing to do is look at evidence. I apologize. Please be patient with me. I know it’s a terrible character flaw. I realize that recognizing and pointing out the evidence makes me a racist. It’s an ingrained habit I have. If there’s anything Shine Light and Brother from Another can teach us, it’s that it is a very bad habit, like send you to the corn field bad habit for a LASD deputy to have. Perish the thought that dinosaurs like me continue to wear a badge. Next thing you know we’ll be bringing out the dogs and water hoses in the hood because too many youngsters are sagging.

  • Bandwagon,
    Re: #49, that is EXACTLY what I am saying, and it’s easily apparent to anyone who wants to have an honest discussion/debate. Unfortunately that isn’t why some people comment here.
    How is it racist? Simple. It’s racist because Shine Light and Brother don’t like it. It’s racist because they can’t counter my argument with evidence or facts. It racist because they don’t know what else to say.
    It’s very disturbing that you don’t realize that I’m a racist for having the unmitigated call to point out the evidence and bring up facts. You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re OBVIOUSLY a racist too.

  • It is sad that some bloggers don’t have the strength of character to debate a given subject, but instead must resort to playing the “race card”. Your lack of intellect is apparent.

  • @ oh well and band…….you guys are hilarious. As much as you to try to fly beneath the radar, it’s not hard to detect you with a RED beacon on your NECK.

    Yes oh well….you and your lacky bandwagon are so obvious. For the Sagging pants in the hood. ….You can find them in Westwood, Hollywood, Brentwood and your hood.( all colors too)

    Times have changed for the you dinosaurs. I’m still laughing.

  • What is there to debate? Why do you need to look any further than LASD for evidence?

    Brother from Another, here comes the Steve Whitmore Hollywood P.R. response from Bandwagon & Oh Well…

    Bandwagon, you want to question someone’s intellect? You know it is the Civil Rights units of the FBI & DOJ inside LASD, right? My guess is they are investigating Civil Rights violations by LASD personnel.

    So back to what started this back & forth. I agree with you, you should probably “shut it down”, so you don’t catch a Civil Rights indictment.

  • Shine some light: You are absolutely right my liberal friend. Everything single cop in the LASD is a racist. Hell, for the matter, in the whole United States. I guess we can’t fool you! You watch too much CNBC. Like I said before, it’s pretty easy to cry foul from the sidelines. When I see see you chasing an armed suspect down a dirty dark alley, then I may give some credibility to your views. In the mean time, move out of your parent’s house and learn about the real world! And take your “brother” with you.

  • By the way, using ur intellectually challenged “brother” to support your comments, actually has the opposite effect. Choose your friends wisely!

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