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Being Thankful….

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Like most of you, I’m thankful for many, many things. In relation to WitnessLA specifically, I’ll name two:

1. I’m thankful for the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Other than my kid and those whom I love, I can’t think of much I’d die for. But I would die for the First Amendment .

2. I’m thankful for the dialogue each of you bring here. There are many ways to find community. However contentious, this is one of them. And I am thankful for it.

And you? What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the music.

xo: C.

PS: LAist has a great photo gallery of things that people are thankful for today. Love it! Thanks, Zach Behrens!


  • What she said.. Oh and since I’m a dichotomous redneck I’m thankful for the subject of her last post (finally!) and the Second Amendment. Thanks for the music, Celeste.

  • I’m thankful I’m not a Turkey living in my mother’s basement who spends most of his time whining and complaining, because I heard Kansas rednecks shoot their own Turkeys.

  • I’m thankful for today. Sunny skies, flat roads, a well oiled bike chain, and a really good friend with whom to ride them as we watch the miles slip by.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Celeste, and to the LA Witness community.

  • I’m thankful for carnitas burritos now being available 24/7 in every town in the southwest with a population of more than 20, and cheap tires.

  • I’m thankful that as far as I know Rob doesn’t have a twin.
    I do appreciate the blog here where I can do battle with the forces of evil.

    Seriously though, I’m thankful my family and friends make life worth waking up for every day.

  • I’m glad for the freedoms we have in this country that we take for granted, like the 1st Amendment that otheers die for every day around the world. International PEN (the writer’s group) reports that just a few days ago on Nov. 23rd, at least 17 journalists were among 50 people killed while traveling in a convoy to monitor elections in a contentious region of Mindanao, Philippines. The release says, “This attack represents a troubling development in the Mindanao region (indeed),” where Muslim separatists have been fighting the predominantly Roman Catholic majority.

    Then today it’s reported that Shirin Ebadi, who won the Nobel in 2003 for her work as a human rights lawyer working on behalf of political and religious minorities’ and women’s and children’s rights to be heard, had her Nobel confiscated from the private bank safety deposit box; her husband has had his pension checks and bank accounts frozen.

    These are just 2 of the more obscure additions to what’s going on in Afghanistan, China and too many places to name. A reminder to refocus our priorities as we give thanks, making sure it can never happen here, one stealthy step at a time, even as we rightfully worry about the economy and all those bailed-out banks and firms back in the black who aren’t passing the benefits down to the little guy, as we worry about our pocketbooks and healthcare reform and all the rest. And slip into or out of a triptophan (sp?) and maybe white wine haze.

  • I neglected to add that Shirin Ebadi is in Iran (surprise), the first Iranian to win the Nobel. (Which certain commenters here think is not worth its weight in whatever it’s made of, but many beg to differ.)

    As for the Philippines by the way, at least 15 journalists have been killed specifically for their line of work in the last 5 years. That country along with Russia, China (where Internet access and reporting are totally shut down in the NW where the Uighur “unrest” has been taking place), Uganda and Mexico remain among the more dangerous places for journalists and writers to work. And there are a whole lot more.

  • I’m thankful for my wife, her family, my siblings, the treasured memories of my parents now that they’re both gone and my patience with idiocy.

    I’m not thankful for the fact that my windows remain open here in New York this late in the season.

  • Thankful I was having too good of a Thanksgiving to waste time on the internet yesterday or watching Al Davis’ Folly. (joke)

    Thankful for great family and friends.

    And thanks for all of the work that goes into this blog.

    Still terribly miss my old and dear friend who died this time last year.

  • No offense taken, Reg. In fact, I’ll use your mockery as inspirational words so that I don’t waste my time next year. And, sorry to hear about your friend.

  • HI Celeste – I’m glad you mentioned Richard, who I had also been thinking of. I intend to find one of his old posts to put up at BH in remembrance. I was actually referring to a buddy of mine dating back over 40 years who was a family practitioner, organized free clinic days in NYC and community clinics Latin America and left a large hole in the lives of lots of friends, family and adoring patients when he passed.

  • Randy: I’m not thankful for the fact that my windows remain open here in New York this late in the season.

    Well, there’s all the proof of global warming that fanatics, big-government types, and the ignorant need.

  • I’m not thankful for the fact that my windows remain open here in New York this late in the season.

    Quit whining, Woodrow. I’m looking at trees that have buds that will probably die when it gets cold again.

    I’t not always about you, nitwit.

  • Oh, it’s warm today. It must be global warming!

    Why, in the history of the Earth, trees must never have gotten buds in any November until man caused it to happen.

    I’m thankful that there are still sane and honest scientists around who want verification of global warming studies rather than political grants for going along

    Randy, it’s not surprising to find you and Mark A. York singing out of the same hymn book.

  • I’m thankful that Woody – like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin – parades his ignorance so that we can remain vigilant against those who would destroy our country while claiming to be “Christian” and “patriotic.”

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