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AG Bonta files criminal charges against assistant DA in charge of “ethics & integrity,” at the LA District Attorney’s office

Courtesy of Cal IG's office, via WLA
Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

On Wednesday, April 24, California Attorney General announced that his office has filed criminal charges against Diana Teran, an Assistant District Attorney at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office (LADA).

At the time of some of the alleged actions described in the new charges, Teran was the Constitutional Policing Advisor at the LA County Sheriff’s Department, under former sheriff Jim McDonnell.

Specifically, the charges allege that, in 2018, while she was working for the LASD, Teran accessed computer data including a bunch of confidential peace officer files. Then, when former sheriff Alex Villanueva defeated McDonnell, who in November 2018, ran unsuccessfully for a second four-year term, the new sheriff fired Teran, and nearly everyone else who worked with his predecessor.  When Teran left, and was hired for various other positions in the county, she took the files.

Around two-and-a-half years later, after Teran had joined the LA DA’s office in the spring of 2021, she allegedly made use of some of the material she’d downloaded in late 2018, still without permission.

“After an extensive investigation,” writes the California AG in Wednesday’s announcement, “the California Department of Justice charged Teran with 11 felony violations of Penal Code section 502, subdivision (c)(2), alleging repeated and unauthorized use of data from confidential, statutorily-protected peace officer files.”

According to the warrant for Teran’s arrest, her bail is set at $50,000

“No one is above the law,” said AG Bonta.

Indeed. No one is above the law.  But, from what WLA knows from our past reporting, and that of the LA Times involving Teran, this is likely not a simple story.

More soon.  So…watch this space.


  • Wonder if Max Huntsman is shredding files and wiping hard drives. The AG is coming for you Max. Your cell mate Ridley-Thomas has your bunk ready bud.

  • Bonta is full of it. He took over Villanuevas investigation of L.A County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, and has done nothing with it. She wss tipped off of a LASD raid by Max Huntsman! Why not cover that story WLA?!

  • Wow, this woman did so much evil to so many people, she put me through hell while I was employed as a deputy sheriff for her own personal agenda and political gain. She advised and encouraged a Deputy Sheriff named Gary Harman from LASO-ICIB to investigate me for a crime they knew I did not commit. They were able to get a filing against me by lying on the criminal report, by feeding the words to the informant against me, by getting creative and embellishing the facts against me. Ironically, she charged me with a remarkably similar crime that she is now being charged with, under section 502 PC. I was charged with section 502(c) (4) PC, she has been charged with 502(c)(2) PC. Deputy Harman was embarrassed at court when the case was dismissed by the judge on a motion to dismiss filed by my attorney Steve Escovar from Pasadena. The reason for the dismissal was lack of evidence I committed any crime, and the judge opined that it appeared to him the informant was the one who deleted his data. Although the informant alleged, he did not know who deleted his data, Deputy Harman encouraged him to say I did. Karma is a b-I-tch, and I did not believe I could ever see it in action. My case lasted for about 5 years, and I was able to retire, with a smaller pension. At the time of this ordeal, I was extremely disappointed and concerned about my future, little did I know they were doing me a favor. Today I am better off in all aspects of my life, better than if I had stayed in the Sheriff’s Department. I should say thank you Diana Teran, Gary Harman, Arthur Scott, Gregory Gutierrez, and others, your evil acts were a blessing. I hope Diana Teran calls Steve Escovar; he is the best defense attorney in California. Anyone interested in reading the motion to dismiss or the crime reports written by Gary Harman against me, let me know, they are enjoyable reading. It would not be a crime, would it? Gary Harman may want to get creative and turn my comments into something illegal, lol

    Respectfully submitted,
    Pedro Castillo. Employee No. 447527

  • From the Public Defender’s office to the district attorney’s office.. playing both side of the fence..they even come from other Counties to run public Defenders office…. They’re all bred in the same SHITBAG Mill!!

  • She is pure evil when it comes to the police. A lot of the current members of the Sheriff’s Department never had to deal with her heavy handed discipline. Another one that Jim McDonnell owns. Aside from the fact she should have had no say and was only an “advisor” she was a shot caller. McDonnell brought her on and let her run wild. The Chiefs and above feared her and most would not even consider going against her demand for a certain discipline. Up to and including discharge. I would often hear them say, hopefully they will prevail in civil service. Cowards.

    On the rare occasion when a chief with a backbone would stand up to her, she would run right to McDonnell. Often, the chief would change it. And good luck going to case review. The Assistant Sheriff’s and Undersheriff would NEVER go against her. She singlehandedly ruined a lot of lives and careers. Did some deserved to be discharged, of course.

    She is finally getting her just dessert. I guess her years of running unchecked got her ego a little to big. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Good luck “D.” Not really. Another issue caused by the first one to run unchecked, Lil Paul Tanaka (Convicted Felon).

  • The case I spoke about a few days ago above, which was engineered and manufactured against me by Diana Teran had a second part and more macabre. They engineered a second criminal case against me, yup a second case after they lost the first against me. (Standard procedure in the LASO)

    During the time the first case against me was pending I was telling anyone who wanted to hear about my case how I believed I was being falsely accused and charged by crooked people in the sheriff’s department. In hindsight I should have stayed quiet, but no, not me, I would do it again. I spoke publicly about the details of my case and wrote several letters to various people who wanted to know about my case. Persons unknown to me took it upon themselves to send detailed letters, most likely copied and pasted to various individuals, who included Diana Teran, the prosecuting DA, the LA County Board, OIR Max Huntsman, the parents of the informant who was being used against me by Gary Harman etc. As it should be expected, the Sheriff’s department people, Diana Teran and the prosecuting DDA David Reinert (now a judge, go figure) all these people involved got truly angry at me, claiming I was interfering with the orderly administration of justice and the retaliation began immediately after the first case was dismissed. (They are democrats). Retaliation and manufacturing of second cases when the Sheriff’s department loses a case against one of its own is standard procedure, and it should be expected and be ready to rock and roll, lol.

    They immediately began surveilling me and my family in preparation for search warrants at my house. The day of the search warrant I saw what I believed could be undercover deputies outside my house observing my house early in the day. I called the local PD about the suspicious vehicle and alerted my family of the eventuality of a search warrant coming our way. By now, Gary Harman had been promoted to Lieutenant (of course Teran put the good word out for him) and he was no longer the investigating officer on my case. This second case was assigned to a deputy from ICIB that I do not remember his name anymore, I would have to look at the files, but he was no longer relevant because I knew he was just following orders, most likely directly from Teran.

    The day before the search warrant at my house I received a call from my unit of assignment, Industry Station telling me that my captain Tim Murakami wanted to speak with me, and to be at the station the following day at 10:00 am. I knew it was a ruse, but I could not figure out what exactly was going on, I told deputy (Sgt. Contreras) I could go after my doctor’s appointment which was about the same time. The morning of the search warrant, I drove to my doctor’s office and saw a Ford Explore or similar that was following me, it was not that difficult to lose them, I guess they did not think I knew they were following me. In fact, they had been following me for weeks, they were probably expecting me to break some of the stay home rules to get me, you know how they are when they really want you, lol. Anything is good to claim later, that I was lying the easiest ticket to get me fired. After my doctor’s appointment I drove to Industry station lobby and advised the purpose of my visit to the lobby personnel. I noticed they were quite and barely said hi to me, which was very unusual. They did not invite me in, rather they told me to sit and wait at the lobby. About an hour later the operations lieutenant (I believe he was a good man) came to the lobby and told me to follow him to his office. When I entered his office there were inside three ICIB deputies, one with the rank of Lieutenant and two sergeants. The lead deputy asked me to sit while the supervising deputy shut the office’s door and leaned against it, preventing me from entertaining the idea of me leaving. The lead deputy told me that the reason for me being at the station with them, was because they had a few questions for me.

    I immediately told them I was not going to answer any questions without my attorney present and stood up requesting permission to leave. The lead deputy told me to sit down and to listen to what he had to say. He told me he had a search warrant for me and for my family, and they would search our house and our effects. He further said he believed I participated in the intimidation of witnesses during the time my first case was pending and that it was in my best interest to cooperate, and answer all the questions, otherwise my entire family was going to pay the price. I refused to answer further questions and again requested my attorney and the right to leave. They told me I was detained pending the completion of the search warrant at my house.

    I had parked my car at the industry station parking for visitors, they searched my car there and collected evidence, signs for the “Vote for Alex Villanueva” Sheriff’s election campaign, other campaign items and legal files. They were amused at the idea of Alex Villanueva winning the election. From there I was transported against my will to my house where other ICIB deputies were waiting in tactical gear ready to tackle my ex-wife, and my three children, who are now US Navy JrLT, US Army 1sLT, and US Navy Airman respectively. Although the deputies had search warrants to detain my children and search them, one of them was not home, she was in Colombia serving in the US Peace Corps, evidence they were sloppy in their investigation and went in there with a fish net, hope to catch something.

    They searched the house and took all the electronics, including new phones and computers and old cameras from the 1990’s that did not work any longer. They searched the garage and the garage attic. They were looking for electronic devises that could be used to type papers in the attic of the garage, lol. I was not arrested, and I was let go after they ransacked my house; in fact, they were “kind” to take me back to the station to retrieve my vehicle while they were still talking to me hoping I made spontaneous statements I suppose.

    The following day I took that car and sold it to CarMax just in case they had planted a tracking or listening device, I also sold all my guns they handled out of precaution in case they planted some evidence, at this point to me they were no less than thugs and criminals doing what supposedly they are preventing field deputies from doing.

    A few months later when Alex Villanueva was now the sheriff, the lead deputy called my attorney advising him that I and my entire family needed to submit DNA samples, per a signed search warrant. After my attorney spoke with the lead deputy it was agreed upon, I would be the only one providing a DNA sample. About a year later, I learned that in their quest to file the second criminal case against me, they compared my DNA with DNA found on paper letters allegedly sent by me, they came empty handed. They contracted the services of the retired FBI profiler James R. Fitzgerald – Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent/Criminal Profiler/Forensic Linguist and Member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, he reviewed and compared copious amounts of reports written by me for analysis and comparison. He believed there was 50/50 chance or better I wrote the letters, but it was inconclusive.
    The sheriff department was charging me again, this time for witness intimidation. However, this second time around the DDA who reviewed my case declined to file charges against me for the following reasons. There was no evidence that I wrote the letters proven by the DNA, Dr. Fitzgerald said the probability was 50/50 or better that I authored them, they were inconclusive. None of the people who received the letters were witnesses to the alleged crime I was charged in the first case, the fact that the first case was dismissed for lack of evidence, and constitutional violations, validated the assertions made on the letters that I allegedly wrote. However, even if “Deputy Castillo” wrote the letters they are not criminal in nature, alleging the Sheriff Department is corrupt and stating his opinions does not rise to the level of crime. Anyone interested in reading the DDA reject report let me know, is entertaining.

    Now, all these began when I and my trainee took a report call from the PM shift, since we were EM shift. The suspect on the call, allegedly was terrorizing the East Valinda Neighborhood with a gun and threatening to kill them. The victim was desirous of prosecution and stated if something happened to them because we did not arrest the suspect, she would sue us. It was 4th of July night, extremely busy, post George Floyd issues and the genius at Industry scheduling thought it was a good idea to have deputy (Sgt) Gutierrez as the only supervisor at the station, one sergeant in the field and just half the field units that we would normally operate on EM shift. I decided to do some due diligence and search for the suspect, even though we were being bombarde with 4-15 A through Z calls.

    During the detention of a verbally uncooperative suspect who resembled our suspect of the call, my trainee used profanity to deescalate the situation that could have escalated to the use of force. The “mean” words uttered by my trainee, were later made by Sgt, Gutierrez, and Lt. Arthur Scott a possible criminal threat, which were not, but it was still music to the ears of Diana Teran. Yet they failed to do the most basic police work pursuant to department policy, such as collecting evidence and notification to ICIB, when a deputy is being accused of a crime. The suspect was holding his phone during his detention, and he used his phone to briefly videorecord us, in that brief video, audio could be heard of us talking and the alleged profanity.

    After we released the detainee, he made a video of us driving away as we determined he was not our suspect. In that video he stated, “Watch they are not going to get away with this”, later he texted his friends saying he was going to get two deputies fired. He then deleted the videos and went to the station to claim that my trainee and I had just used force on him, and that he had videotaped us but that either my trainee or I deleted his videos. That phone was not collected for evidence at the time of incident, it was analyzed few weeks later by the orders of Arthur Scott and a year later ICIB analyzed a second phone pretending it was the first. During the taking of the report from the complainant and after further inquiry, he told the field sergeant that it was possible he deleted the video himself, but as always, exculpatory evidence is not documented so it did not happen.

    Now, this is such a large story that I had already forgotten, as my life has turned out better than I ever imagined. However, my trainee and I were doing the lord’s work, and damn it we were doing it right. In fact, the following day during my dayshift overtime, with the assistance of the aero unit, the field deputies and I set up a containment. I personally arrested the suspect for criminal threats with a gun. I should have received a commendation, instead they spent millions of dollars to manufacture a crime that did not exist, they tried twice to put me in prison. They spent millions of dollars in their quest as if was the Unabomber lol. Is so Fkn unbelievable.

    Just in case you don’t know, after you get targeted by the Sheriff’s Department as a member, many people will deny you. For instance, during a campaign meeting with Bob Lindsey when he was campaigning to unseat Sheriff Jim McDonell I stood up and told them about my case. He promised he would look into my allegations if he won. He did not win as we know, however, months later when IAB questioned me about who sent the letters if not me, I told them I had no idea it was their job to find out. They ordered me to give names as to whom I told my story. I did not want to get current deputies involved so I figured Bob Lyndsey was retired, he knows how crooked ICIB and IAB are, he would tell them to F-off. To my disbelief he told them he did not know me, and he did not remember me telling him about my case. When IAB told him “Didn’t you go to his house once to drop off campaign signs”, Bob Lindsey said no, he then remembered he went to give me some money that I had asked for as I was in financial trouble, or something like that. Money was never my issue, what a bunch of lies. But anyhow, politicians do what they do, it is what is.

    I wrote this kind of hastly, I am still learning how to write in english lol, you can always call me, I always answer the phone, and it is the same number since 1998.

  • P.S I wonder if LASO has ever hired the “Unabomber” Dr. Fitzgerald and used his time and skills to solve an actual heinous real crime? Any information on that I would appreciate it.

  • They should ask Alan Yochelson if he has delayed any decisions in cases he supervised?

  • Rakkasan, thank you for your good wishes, the situation I have described happened between July 2015 and March 2021. So if it wasnt for the fact that I was told about Diana Teran’s arrest, I would no be remembering all this. Thanks to all the persons who have taken the time to check up on me, it was truly my pleasure receiving your phone calls.

    It would be preposterous to say the issues with the Sheriff Department did not cause me a great deal of stress, and a major setback. However, it only made me stronger, throughout my life I have encountered major “turbulence” as you say, I somehow have always managed it. You see I immigrated from Mexico at the age of 18 with just the clothes I was wearing. I did not speak English, nor did I know how to read or write it. This great country the United Staes of America has given me the opportunity to be who I am today. I believe in hard work, perseverance, and a passion for what I do, and I always get what I want if I so desire.

    Today without sounding pompous I would tell you that I am as healthy as I can be, and by all measures I am a wealthy individual. I have three kids, two of them are Commissioned Officers in the United States Navy and Army, and the youngest is enlisted in the United States Navy as a Sailor. By all measures I am living and enjoying the American dream. All I worry about is which part of the world I want to be in next.

    I am glad some deputies are reading my comments, I hope there is something to learn, and I hope none of you ever go through the bullshit I went through. However, if you do find yourself in the situation I was, trust the United States Constitution, be strong, and give them a fight so they can always remember you, yet be willing to lose and pay the price.

    I was lucky when Angel Jaimes recommended me attorney Steve Escovar who believed in me, and lucky that the Superior Court Judge, Mark Arnold was able to call it as it was. When the judge dismissed the case the DDA Reinert began protesting and acting like a sore loser, the judge told him, if he did not like the ruling to take it to court of appeals, that he know how to do it. That judge was bound by the law and followed it rigorously without giving into these democrats so called liberals-pro-justice-get-the-cops-attitude.

    But yeah, Diana Teran was a small part of a bigger scheme that included some deputies. For instance, Gary Harman was never a real cop, nor was the second deputy who investigated me. Without knowing much about them, I can tell you that they were never trusted by the actual hard-working deputies, nor did they have the experience needed to complete a good investigation. As field deputies they did the bare minimum, never experienced the challenges of training newly assigned deputies to field duties and most likely resented the hard-working deputies. They suffered from contempt of cop; they probably had their lunch taken when they were in training. All the deputies I knew from working field operations that ended up at IAB or ICIB were slops, straight soup sandwiches. I wonder why and how they end up working on such an important assignment, you would think their job would be to at least do a very thorough and unbiased investigation, hoping they could clear a fellow deputy, go figure. Of course, it is only my opinion, they might have been hard core deputies patrolling South-Central Los Angeles County.

  • Pedro Castillo

    Sounds like you’ve cleared the hurdles in your life & the road ahead is clear; if so, glad to hear it. In court, it looks like you have found out, the truth will out–eventually. You had a good attorney & a good judge, so the stars aligned perfectly there.
    Congratulations on your English. My Baccalaureate is in English Literature from U.C.–Berkeley & I daresay if you were to take a college level English Composition course at a Community College your lowest grade would be a “B”.
    Best wishes & thanks for your post

  • Pedro,

    I never worked with you at the same station, but met you several times on some calls. Glad to see this is all behind you and you’re doing better now. Several of my partners know you and say you’re a solid guy and you got railroaded. Hope for nothing but the best for you.

  • Yeah, I did not get fair treatment, that is for sure. From the very beginning things went wrong for me, for instance when the complainant drove to the station to complain and spoke to deputy (Sgt. Guttierrez) I knew he was going to get scared and make it bigger than it was. Gutierrez was always paranoid about deputies doing something wrong, unless of course you were his friend. From there the complaint was assigned to deputy (Lt Art Scott), who did not like Mexican deputies specially if they trained and worked Century Station in Lynwood. In fact, Scott told a deputy while at Century Station as a sergeant, that Mexican deputies acted as if they were part of the Mexican mafia, for which he was sued and lost.

    When Scott began his investigation, and even prior to asking me or my trainee anything, he and Gutierrez began spreading rumors, saying that I had deleted a video from a detainee and that I was going to get fired. I confronted Scott in his office and advised him to shut up until at least he had the chance to hear my side of the story. Like a typical coward that he was he denied he was spreading rumors.

    I knew he was going to twist everything against me and in fact he did, I still read the memo he wrote against me and wonder how evil he could have been, it was a total fabrication. I expected my captain Tim Murakami to read his bullshit report and have it rewritten based on the facts not on his assumptions and beliefs. Unfortunately for me, the operations lieutenant who I do not remember his name at this time was another scary cat, paper pusher. So, it appears that Tim Murakami did not read Scott’s bullshit report and this half-ass, inaccurate investigation. And just like that, the file ended up on Diana Teran’s lap.

    So, Diana Teran ordered the Division Chief, another scary cat, Steve Johnson to begin a criminal investigation against me and my trainee. Based on Scott’s report, Johnson authorized on the “C” line like a dozen felonies and misdemeanors that I do not remember all of them, but just imagine.

    The criminal investigation was then assigned to another scary cat, Gary Harman who was promised a promotion if he accomplished a criminal filing by the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Justice System Integrity Division against me. Gary Harman manipulated the evidence as I have explained before, to the point where he got a second phone a year later pretending it was the first. He lied in his report, misrepresented the facts, gave false testimony in court, coached the victim to stick to his lies, etc.

    For a few months Teran and Harman did District Attorney shopping, hoping to find one willing to file the criminal case, and at the last hour crooked DDA David Reinert was more than willing to do so. (He later cried in court when the case was dismissed for prejudice and serious constitutional violations pursuant to the 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments to the United States Constitution)

    All this people involved had a successful conclusion, Scott went man down the same week I was arrested and retired, Gutierrez was promoted to Lieutenant by his best friend Tim Murakami, the moment Alex Villanueva became the Sheriff and appointed Tim Murakami to assistant sheriff or undersheriff position. Gary Harman was also immediately thereafter promoted to Lieutenant, and the crooked DDA was appointed by the State Governor to a vacant judge position. Diana Teran is awaiting her day in court; God bless this United States.

    If you have not seen the movie “LA Confidential” you should, that is a good resemblance of how the Sheriff’s Department operates.

    Any issues of complaints call me, 562-619-9937

  • Pedro. Move on man. Dropping names. Still holding on. I’m glad you are good now. Just move on. The chief and the inept ICIB investigator. I get it. But I get the feeling you will keep throwing more names out if you could. Did you make the best decisions out there on patrol. Like all of us. You were not perfect. Dropping the name of the desk deputy for something that happened 10 years ago. The info would have made it to a lieutenant either way. That’s just extra stuff. Stick to Teran and the idiots who did you wrong.

  • Hey Mike, I do not remember who the desk deputy was, and he had nothing to do with my situation, I am not sure where you read his name. I use the word deputy, because we all were deputies, albeit some with rank, but all were deputies, as there is only one sheriff. I make the point to call them deputies, because they gave too much weight to their stripes or bars. I realized what I have been saying could be annoying for some, and I expect some to disagree with me, however, that is the reason I left my phone number for anyone to get annoyed to call me and tell me I am wrong.

    I am glad you are speaking up for your fellow deputies, as it should. Please feel free to call me and advise me, rest assured I will hear you out. I am for sure not perfect and was far from being perfect at my job, but then as well as now, I am willing to learn. But yes, as far as my story goes, I am finished dropping names, because they were irrelevant, and I do not remember them. Those are the highlights of my story.

    Pedro Castillo

  • Pedro,

    Some people will never understand your point, because they never experienced what went through. Hard times but thanx to God you prevailed at the end. Keep being a stand up guy.

  • Pedro – Thank you for sharing your experience to help others. How you (and others) have been treated is wrong in so many directions. I listened to the podcast – quite informative. I am so sorry all this crap happened to you but glad you have moved on. Thanks to you and your sons for all your service.

  • Hey Pedro, Did ALADS assist you? Hopefully your “monthly dues” made a difference with your legal bills.

  • Disgusted and Deputy sheriff thank you for your words. If it were not because Diana Teran was arrested, I would not have shared my story, I would have been deemed not credible, and I would have been labeled a disgruntled employee. For most of my career I paid for both unions, LASPA and ALADS, just in case I ever needed their assistance. I had never been the subject of any investigation until what I have related.

    As soon as I was aware of the first investigation in which they falsely accused me of deleting the video from a detainee, I contacted LASPA and spoke to Jessica. She was extremely helpful and made me feel at ease, she provided me with money to pay for my criminal attorney fees. However, I paid for most of my criminal attorney fees though.

    She assigned me Adam Marangell as my union attorney for the administrative side of the investigation. Adam Marangell was particularly good, he made me feel at ease and was supportive. Once the court dismissed the fabricated criminal case against me, they fabricated reasons to discipline me with a 20-day suspension without pay. LASPA covered those 20 days and sent me a check. LASPA and Adam Marangell also represented me again during the second manufactured criminal case against me I have previously related. I also retained criminal attorney Steve Escovar. (If you remember on my previous comments, these two attorneys were representing me the day I was tricked by ICIB into the Industry Sheriff’s station by false pretenses, I was then questioned under duress and refused the right to have my attorney present, they also kidnapped me, by transporting me against my will from Industry station to my house.)

    When their Mickey Mouse case against me was rejected by the LADA-Justice System Integrity Division, Adam was with me at the subsequent kangaroo IAB interview. However, after the last IAB interview I received a termination letter of intent by Sheriff Alex Villanueva and my former captain, undersheriff Murakami. At this point Adam Marangell did not longer want to represent me.

    Although ALADS had not represented me at this point, I contacted ALADS, and I related to them the whole story from the beginning. They told me that because they had not represented me from the beginning, they could reject my request for representation. They were puzzled as to why LASPA would not want to continue representing me. They requested I send the IAB file to them for review, which I did. I was surprised when they told me they would handle my case, as they believed there were no grounds for termination.

    ALADS gave a panel of attorneys, I chose the one I believed was the best, a retired LAPD officer turned attorney, I do not remember his name, but he was from a law firm. When the attorney reviewed the case, the first thing he asked me was, “who did you piss off?” He stated he spent long hours into the night reviewing my case and he did not find a single shred of evidence showing I did what I was being accused of, he said all they had was assumptions, their bias against me, and my refusal to admit to their narrative. He stated he had ALADS authorization to take my case all the way to the end. This ALADS attorney represented me at the chief’s hearing and beyond.

    Because I knew fighting at the LA County civil service commission could last up to 10 years, I retired with my attorney’s concurrence pending the resolution of my case. However, about the same time or shortly thereafter, the case law that allowed me to retire pending the outcome of the civil service proceedings was overturned. I lost the opportunity to continue fighting their corruption.

    As you can see both unions treated me fairly, and I would say ALADS surprised me when they decided to challenge Alex Villanueva and Tim Murakami decision to fire me, by supporting me 100%.

  • Pedro Castillo

    “…The case law that allowed me to retire pending the outcome of the civil service proceedings was overturned.”

    In case they want to shut you up by going after your retirement–they are not above doing this–might I suggest you get ready to lawyer up again? Google “LACERA Retirement lawyers” for lawyers that’ll be able to handle whatever shit they might pull.

    On the subject of Lawyers I’ll bet you can get through Law School, pass the Bar Exam, & and become a lawyer yourself via the Community College system.

    Best wishes

  • Rakkasan, thank you for the suggestion. I am not worried about them anymore as they are only brave when acting under the color of law, pretending to be justice warriors. I am no longer of any use to them, they are now retired, Teran is busy with her issues, and they cannot longer advance their agendas nor careers by framing me into any crime.

    However, all the hard charge deputies, the field training deputies, the line deputies who are doing the lord’s work should be paying for good attorneys in advance, because if they are doing their job they will run into trouble. There were many things I could have done differently on that 4th of July, 2015, I could had called in sick, I could had not taken the crime report which was not even my call, if I had just done the bare minimum, by just taken a half-ass report of the crime that was being reported to me, and let station detectives do my job, I would be a Lieutenant at IAB or ICIB.

    If I do not comment for the next few weeks, it will be because I am about to leave on a trip around the world, so do not believe I am in prison, or assassinated lol.

  • The comedy show inside the LASD retired facebook site. All the bootlickers celebrating this devlopment yet most of those names were sucking up to this fraud looking for promotion. Pathetic.

  • In the LA Times today, the fact that Mendoza covered his tattoo to get his promotion to Chief, but didn’t know who else bore the Bandito tattoo is a joke. The joke is on you Luna, look at all of AV’s campaign fundraising photos, and you will see Mendoza standing right behind him. The fact that Mendoza cannot name who else bore the tattoo should tell you something about his character and his allegiance to the group. It’s a fraternity and they all know who is who within the group’s hierarchy. They all know who hold the books. Although I can’t stand Max, he is correct, the code of silence is still strong. Open your eyes Luna!

  • The former Watch Commander Joe Mendoza of Pico Rivera Station is embarrassed kids!!!! LMAO

  • I was sponsored by no one, I went to the tattoo parlor by myself, and I hear nothing and see nothing. It’s so secret right Mendoza? No respect earned by removing the tattoo only to increase your chance of promotion. Is the Bandito godfather Eric Valdez scratching you off the ledger? Putting an asterisk next to your name?, or is Manny Navarro (former AV driver) now holding the books? Any chance IAB will be interviewing you soon? Since they are knee deep at Industry and Century Station asking about these pesky Indians and Regulators. Maybe Luna is a Bandito? Are Banditos being protected by AV and Luna? Latino power ese, orale holmes!

    @Rak – that’s the article

  • By promoting Joe Mendoza, Luna as Sheriff has waded into worst case scenario of immorality, possibly even into cosmic -joke territory. Sheriff Luna do you really want a Bandido as a role model for the Department and the community. Have we stooped this low under your leadership. This is the same Joe Mendoza who was on campaign trails with Alex VILLANueva, the same Joe Mendoza who was at his election night party ….yes the same Joe Mendoza who did not want you to be Sheriff. But the same Joe Mendoza somehow tickled your heartstrings and gave you the crying heart speech of “I am the son of Mexican Immigrants” from ELA … I was surrounded by Gangs…. whoa is me BS and you swallowed it.
    Sheriff Luna what do you stand for ? Do you really want change ? Do you stand for principles ? And last of all do you Sheriff Luna have Character.

  • So what is next Sir.. Promote Commander in-charge of Personnel Pat MacDonald to Chief after he erases his Regulator ankle ink and gets some fresh new Arch Angel ink on his arm.
    By the way did Joe Mendoza failed to mention who number 55 and 57 were on the ledger.

  • @ Antonio,
    The VILLAN would have promoted Joe to A/S. But again, we all knew the VILLAN was a dirt bag. Luna on the other hand emphasised that his priority was to clean up Deputy Cliques within the Department. Not only has he lied to the public, he is currently twisting himself like a pretzel and makes dumb excuses to support personnel who have poor judgement and decision making…. and the Shit show continues.

  • @Wendy Byrde

    That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Pat is already acting commander overseeing Personnel Command. They just need to conduct a B/S interview process and,,, it’s a miracle! Pat is promoted, thanks for applying all other commander candidates. Let’s check on his character and loyalties if and when he is interviewed by IAB for his Regulator membership.

  • Back to Diana Teran; California’s top Democratic lawyers are urging the A.G. to drop charges against her. Details can be Googled: “The Center Square: Top California Democratic Lawyers urge AG to drop charges against Diana Teran”.

  • @Anonymous, it is all a joke. Explain how Pat MacDonald is inked and somehow him and Edmundo Torres are now the advocates to eradicate Deputy cliques/gangs. Edmundo Torres?!?! the person who shouldn’t have been Captain by Alex Villanueva’s own standards. There are rumblings inside of City Hall in Lynwood and he should be very careful of how he is treating his deputies. Back to Pat, does anyone know how Pat MacDonald (Personnel) was able to score his daughter an OAII job?, it was discovered in her background process that she was on anti-depressants and yet still somehow she made it past psych to be a DSG. Now, all of a sudden an OAII when she was an L.E.T a hot second ago… the standards are out of this world. I remember going through backgrounds as a Dep and those standards were high high high… yet this was 2006.

    Luna has all of the wrong people in the wrong places. People who were named in lawsuits are still able to skate by with no repercussions.

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