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A Top LASD Official’s Racist and Sexist Emails


LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell’s chief of staff, Tom Angel, forwarded emails filled with racist, anti-Muslim, and sexist “jokes,” during his time as second in command at the Burbank Police Department between 2012-2013, according to city records obtained by the LA Times’ Cindy Chang and Alene Tchekmedyian. (As it happens, Angel was hired to help reform the Burbank PD, which had been mired in allegations of racism, abuse, and sexual harassment.)

One of the emails lists 20 reasons Muslim terrorists “are so quick to commit suicide.” The reasons include: no nude women, rags for clothes, towels for hats, constant wailing from some idiot in a tower, you can’t wash off the smell of donkey, your wife smells worse than your donkey, and you cook over burning camel shit.

In another email forwarded by Angel, one “joke” reads, “I took my Biology exam last Friday. I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells. Apparently, ‘Blacks’ and ‘Mexicans’ were NOT the correct answers.”

Another reads, “As I went into my bank, I walked past a black kid sitting at a bus stop. When I came out, he looked at me and said, ‘Any change, sir?’ I said, ‘Nope, you’re still black.'”

When asked about the matter, Angel told the LA Times that “anybody” will forward emails they shouldn’t in the workplace, now and then. “I apologize if I offended anybody, but the intent was not for the public to have seen these jokes.”

Angel was a member of the LASD for 33 years. After his retirement, Angel then spent five years with the Burbank PD, during which time the racist emails were sent. In 2015, Sheriff McDonnell brought back to the LASD as chief of staff as an at-will employee, which. according to an LASD spokesman, means that Angel can be fired or demoted without the protection of civil service rules.

Brian Moriguchi, president of the L.A. County Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA), told WitnessLA that more is called for to address the email revelations. Moriguchi suggested that the sheriff and Angel should immediately visit community groups affected by the offensive emails and apologize. Angel has only visited one Muslim group, according to the LA Times, and the sheriff has reportedly scheduled meetings with community groups that will take place next week.

“The other big concern is whether the sheriff is going to treat Tom Angel differently than the rest of his employees,” said Moriguchi. With this in mind, he said that Angel might send a video message to the department members apologizing for “bringing disgrace on the department.” Some kind of action is needed, Moriguchi said.

Sheriff McDonnell told the LA Times that the released emails are a “teaching moment,” and that all who are familiar with Angel would characterize him as “professional and respectful of everyone” he comes into contact with.

“Chief Angel’s decision-making and actions in his long prior career with the Sheriff’s Department and since his return in 2015 reveal more about his actual character and typical good judgment than the instances from four years prior currently reported in the media,” McDonnell said in a statement. “Although there is no doubt that such instances, if occurring within the Sheriff’s Department, would result in disciplinary action, there is also no doubt that Chief Angel understands and respects that fact.”

Another well-placed department member, who asked not to be named, said that, from what he is hearing, the Angel emails are a very big deal indeed.

“Everyone working patrol is watching to see what the sheriff will do.” They want to know, he said, if there is one set of rules for those close to Sheriff McDonnell and a completely different set for the rank and file.

In addition, the source said, those on patrol are the one’s who have to deal with anger from the communities who feel that the department will tolerate these kinds of “jokes.”

You can find all of the emails that the Times obtained: here.


Willie Williams, who took over as chief of the Los Angeles Police Department in the wake of the Rodney King beating and the Los Angeles riots in 1992, has died. Williams was the first African American to serve as LAPD Chief.

Williams died in Fayetteville, GA, after battling pancreatic cancer.

The LA Times’ Joel Rubin has more on Willie’s life and legacy in Los Angeles. Here’s a clip:

The challenge facing Williams was all the more daunting given his predecessor, Daryl F. Gates, a deeply polarizing figure who had won fierce loyalty from rank-and-file officers but had long been criticized as running the LAPD like a brutish, occupying quasi-military force that mistreated blacks and other minorities.

“Willie Williams was appointed to do some healing, and in many ways he succeeded, building and rebuilding positive, constructive relationships between the African American community and the police,” said John Mack, a longtime civil rights leader who served on the city’s civilian Police Commission. “But the deck was stacked against him from the start. The Los Angeles Police Department was not ready to accept him for two reasons: He was an outsider and he was African American.”

Chosen by then-Mayor Tom Bradley to replace Gates over several high-ranking LAPD officials, Williams arrived promising to follow the same blueprint he had used to run the Philadelphia department. At the heart of the plan was his belief in community policing, a relatively novel idea at the time that emphasized the need for police to integrate themselves closely into the communities they serve in order to build trust.

It was a message that resonated with residents, as polls showed Williams enjoyed strong approval ratings among residents throughout the city. City officials praised him for stabilizing the department and repairing its reputation.

Williams showed a willingness to fight for changes. He pushed for increased hiring of female officers and spoke out about the need to address rampant sexual harassment and discrimination within the ranks. He increased the size of the department and advocated for reforms drawn up in 1991 by the Christopher Commission, which had been formed by Bradley after the King beating to review LAPD training, discipline and complaint systems.

But doubts and resistance to Williams’ leadership soon took root…


  • Anybody that knows Tom, knows that he is a standup guy. He is vary fair and treats poeple right. However, as of recently the Sheriff has been allowing some of his command staff to get away with stuff, while those of us down on the line get spanked for some of the most ridiculous stuff. Here his an easy quote for you Sheriff, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” MLK Jr.

  • Angel told the LA Times that “anybody” will forward emails they shouldn’t in the workplace, now and then. “I apologize if I offended anybody, but the intent was not for the public to have seen these jokes.” – TRANSLATION – damn, they found out that I am racist, that was supposed to be a secret. There is no contrition here, just an “oopsie” I got caught. These types of emails should not be sent to begin with, let alone in the workplace and particularly if you are a public servant. His private feelings and opinions are his own business and he should have kept that to himself and left it out of the work place. He needs a bit more than visiting impacted community groups to beg forgiveness in their faces and laughing about it on his way out the door and all the way to the bank…

  • Will this EVER end?!?!?! You can’t make this shit up!!! A real leader would have said, “Angel has disgraced the department and further tarnished the badge. He is immediately fired and will no longer have anything to do with the LASD.” But we ALL know the upper echelon is exempt from what Deps and Sgt’s are held accountable for. Remember folks, policy is written for Sgt’s and below.

  • He’s brought in to change a culture of apparent racism and perception problem from the public. He forwards offensive racist emails that are in cyberspace forever. One has to ask how anyone with half a brain could be that unintelligent. This is truly beyond comprehension!!!!

  • I’ll tell y’all, if it were me or any other line Dep, we’d be relieved for bringing embarrassment to the Department. That is the new catch all. Tom, resign and enjoy your retirement. It’s funny, these Executives hang on as long as they can after 55 just because they don’t want to lose their title.

  • Tom Angel’s emails prove on thing..people in general..and cops in particular…like to joke. It’s part of the human condition. So let’s stop pretending it doesnt exits. The emails also prove what we all know and expect….from cops in the parking lot to the Sheriff, we all joke and violate the Policy of Equality each and every day. It’s only becomes an issue when someone has an agenda. For the overly sensative out there..I’m speaking only consensual joking between willing individuals. Time to disband the Thought Police aka Policy of Equality and come up with something more realistic. How many deputies have been fired or disciplined for similiar conduct as Tom Angel. Get over it…that’s why it’s called a joke.

  • Will be interesting to see if any discipline results from this clear violation of the Policy of Equality…or does the POE only apply to deputies?

  • People do what others allow them to do. Inappropriate emails have long taken place in the workforce. LASD is no exception. Unfortunately the executives continue to participate in this type of behavior despite the numerous warnings regarding inappropriate emails. As a standard practice, there are two sets of rules. Those for the working stiffs, lieutenants and below, and those for the executives, captains and above. Of course TA will not be terminated for this behavior; however, it is just another example of the boss bringing in dead weight back to the top executive level. We really still need NT, and the boss needs a Chief of staff?

    We shall see what happens in this case. Since the conduct appears to have taken place while assigned to Burbank, my guess is a stern warning by the boss. Nothing else.

    For many years the LASD had a great reputation and was rarely negatively portrayed in the news. The last few years have been draining, especially those still employed with the department. It really is time to move forward. The main cancer tumors that tried to kill the department are gone (LB, PT plus many more) however, they left many poison cells behind just waiting for the opportunity to rise from their dormant state. Unfortunately the Sheriff continues to promote some of them. Incompetence is on the rise, the inmates control the arena, and the ones that can, are jumping ship. What will it take to steady the ride?

  • The LASD really covered their asses by locking down any and way to be held liable for their past transgressions. The ones who lost everything and had to start over or are still in the process of starting have tonwatch the dominoes fall without expecting any retribution. Don’t blame the Sheriff’s Department, blame the culture of law enforcement…

  • This is a no-brainier. Angel must go. He has brought shame to the department that fits perfectly into the anti-cop political narrative of today. You simply cannot make excuses for this fool. What he did is absolutely inexcusable in this day and age and unacceptable in the position he holds. McD can’t blame Banaka for this one, because this was his choice to bring a questionable executive back on to his management team. It is unbelievable that McD is playing this off as no big deal. He would not support any deputy in the same situation and everyone knows it. Why in the hell did McD bring him back in the first place when there are so many great people still on the department. Anyone that knows the true snake Angel, who hides behind that fake smile, predicted that he would further damage the department. The department will continue on this downward spiral unless McD quits listening to the people who are part of the problem and starts searching among the current rank and file for ethical managers. He has already set a bad precedent and will further cripple morale by not firing Angel immediately. Just like Rothans, if McD won’t terminate him, Angel must do the right thing and resign. He left the department the first time for a reason. Now he must go away forever in shame and let the department begin to heal.

  • Let us keep in mind the Dictionary definition of Racism (from the New Oxford American Dictionary): “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

    How, pray tell, is it possible to police people holding that belief, and should it even be done?

  • drronda: Are we really going to label someone a racist based on jokes in an email. If that is the case, then add me to the list. However, please remove my life saving award for giving CPR to both an African American and Hispanic during my career. How you live ur life is the final proof….not a stupid email.

  • Political correctness is out of control:

    If 5 year old Bobby thinks he’s a girl…that’s fine. He can use the girls restroom. If ur a Republican or have conservative values, you are labeled a racist, at least by democrats and liberals. Don’t want ur kid saying the pledge of allegiance because “god” is mentioned. It’s ok to burn the American flag…because it’s ur first amendment
    right. Give me a break….what haopened to my country?

  • Bandwagon…. You’re correct, he may not be a racist. But his pure stupidity should be enough to fire him. A deputy would be.

  • Bandwagon – I stand corrected…what I meant was that if you send out racist emails then you might be perceived as a racist, but I can see that I was not clear in making my point. Thank you for pointing out my quick judgement on the matter.

    I personally would not label someone a racist based on jokes in an email alone; however, it would give me pause to consider what type of person would send out such an email with content that would be harmful to others. I don’t like racist jokes or jokes that put down others in general which is why I am sure that those types of emails are not forwarded to me or those types of jokes told in front of me… me I would and have shut that down quickly. I choose not to participate in spreading hate…..that is just a choice of mine.

    Saving the life of someone regardless of their color is inconsequential to whether or not an individual is racist. When we are public servants and we get PAID to perform our job we should not discriminate based on a persons race, creed, sexual orientation etc…so that you saved the life of an African American and Hispanic during your career sounds like function of your job, that is not to take away from the good work that you might be doing but I don’t see that you are in the position to walk away from a dying person regardless of what they look like…congrats on the award…

  • @Cognistator…I hear what you are saying. And I also think that we are free, for the most part, to say what we want but we do risk being held accountable for our comments and behavior. I think when we are public servants (which I am) we do need to be wise about what we put out there for public scrutiny because we may harm other and undermine public trust…..I am sure that must be in his job description somewhere. I am sure this will be swept under the rug and he will be just fine.

  • As I clean out my desk, turn in my car and make ready to bug out, I predict Tom will be gone before I sign my LACERA papers. He can say he is sorry all he wants, sorry that he was caught and this has become a media story. Racist, nope, won’t hang that on him because I don’t think he is. Stupid, well, that’s another story. How is this any different if anyone posted such items on any social media where a nexus to LASD can be drawn? It’s over, this has now become a “distraction,” for McD, and he will throw Tom under the bus, he has no choice in this PC world. Enjoy retirement, Tom, life will go on, LASD will survive without you.

  • rrhonda: Thanks for your response. However there is some discretion involved with the application of first aid, especially with health concerns for the officer. In my case, I gave mouth to mouth without the benefit of a medical mouth device, putting my health at risk. Not tooting my horn, just trying to make u aware a racist cop could get away without performing first aid quite easily. Cops do things every day that are above and beyond their public service duties.

  • Everyone says Tom Angel is a good guy. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never worked with him. He presents himself as professional in public. I won’t go so far as to label him racist, but I’ll definitely call him stupid for sending racist or demeaning emails on a workplace computer. Where is the judgment? So here’s my position. Sheriff McDonnell, you make the call. Keep him or can him, I don’t really care. But if you choose to keep him don’t even think about disciplining a DEPUTY for any sort of racist jokes, emails, etc. You can throw the whole POE Discrimination stuff out the window. I’ll go back to my previous post. Would a young kid with this in his background pass the Sheriff’s Background process? I think not. So I’m wondering if the double standard in LASD still exists?? Only Jimmy Mac can make that call. Let’s see how he really rolls.

  • Is this the best the L.A. Times can muster, another stone tossed from behind the bleachers?
    Get it together and find your redemption.
    LASD took out your brethren, now its long past time to Go for the throat.
    Where was Tom Angel on August 29, 1970?
    Where was Deputy Leroy Baca?
    Real answers will come when charges get filed against Tom Wilson for the murder of Ruben Salazar.

  • We all joke. All the jokes are repeated but changed from blonds, short males etc depending what your views are and to make your point . I am not saying that it is right to do and surely painful to many that are the brunt of the joke.

    The issue right now is that it was sent on department computers. Did Burbank have a policy against this and did the violate their policies? I know LASD does and if caught it is hell to pay.

    I am not sure how we can fire someone who was not working for LASD, had nothing to do with LASD and was not doing it on LASD computers. Looks like maybe LASD needs to check and confirm he is not continuing to do the same here and violating our policy. Last I heard you could get days got days off on first offenses but not sure if that is still true.

  • #16 (drronda): “I think…we do need to be wise about what we put out there for public scrutiny….”

    Ay, there’s the rub: he said that those “jokes” were not intended for public scrutiny; they were private thoughts expressed privately. But, as #19 noted, they were made over a “workplace computer,” which is about as public as you can get, short of shouting from the roof-tops.

    Worrisome, though, is that this whole thing is signalling the advent of some kind of “Thought Police.”

    It’s not what you do that’ll get you in trouble; it’s what you think.

    Thought Control.

  • I know, respect and like Tom Angel too. And I felt Tom would be a great managerial addition to the troubled Burbank P.D. when it was announced several years ago he’d join their team. However, what he did with the email was undeniably misguided. Forwarding offensive email on a work computer in this world shows lack of personal boundaries and sets a terrible example for subordinates. Much as I like Tom, symbolically, he screwed the pooch on this one. What McDonnell subsequently decides to do about this new scandal sends strong symbolism to the troops. What do you say, McD?

  • Bandwagon….you don’t need to convince me of what could and has been gotten away with. In any case it does sound like you do good work and I think stories like yours need to be told. I think one of the biggest problems in the department is when great officers defend the misconduct of bad officers.

  • The issue with these offensive emails is not as simple as some would think. It’s not that they occurred when he was employed by Burbank, it just showed his true colors in an unguarded moment – and for that he did not apologize.

    McDonnel chose some real prize winners to surround himself with. You have two retreads, Tyler and Angel, who are stuck in the corrupt paradigm of the Baca/Tanaka administration, and are doing all the exact same games, only with different names. Then you have the custody A/S, hired from a failed organization to replace the previous failed A/S who was hired from the same failed organization. Amazing.

    I have no idea what purpose Barrantes serves within the organization. I don’t think he does either. Then you have our resident opportunist, Rogers, who never met an ass-kisser he didn’t like. A reminder of his youth? Who knows, but to stay in his good graces just play dumb and pretend he’s the smartest man in the room – it helps for his delicate ego.

    Last but not least, you have La Berge, who really, really, wants to follow in the footsteps of Spears and Williams, and hopes to be the next Curtis Morris. Following their sterling example, BPOA membership will be required to advance anywhere under his command, rest assured. Just look at North Patrol Division as a starting point.

    The sad reality is the department is stuck on mediocrity, and the command clown car couldn’t find their own ass with a flashlight and a road map. The aforementioned “heroes” of the post-Baca years (strangely, they did very well under Baca/Tanaka) will eventually fade away when McDonnell decides not to feed them any more cheese. They won’t be missed.

    The bigger problem: the illustrious batch of executive aides lined up to replace them. According to the execs, they are your rising, shining stars, who will take on any command, no matter where, and show everyone how police work is done (okay, paper work, but you get the picture). Truth be told, they couldn’t lead a pack of ants to a picnic.

    The current crop of prize winners at the top were those ass-kisser and bootlickers of twenty years ago, and if McDonnell could learn anything from his 1+ years at the helm, you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Cream rises to the top in good organizations, but in our bottom-feeding agency something more odiferous floats to the top to make you gag.

    Jim McDonnell, a simple, realistic, NECESSARY move for reform: dismantle the political patronage system. It does not serve the interests of the organization, the community, or your own political future. It will continue to provide you embarrassment after embarrassment. Your command staff does not reflect either the diversity of the community or the organization, and much more importantly, it does not produce strong, ethical leaders – sorely missing throughout the department.

    Your move, Jim.

  • Tom Angel may have been LAPD Burbank’s problem then, but he’s LASD’s problem now. And this isn’t one that McDonnell inherited; he brought it on himself. (Where was the due diligence in bringing him back?). And because of that, he absolutely needs to correct it and set an example by firing this person. The only “community message” I’m interested in hearing is that the new Sheriff has a zero tolerance for such sophmoric behaviour coupled with lack of judgement.

    Let’s not split hairs over whether this guy is or isn’t a racist, closet or otherwise. Unimportant. It’s how it LOOKS.

    I’m no Miss Prudence when it comes to good ribald humour. Go ahead, knock yourselves out, crack yourselves up!! But really! The company computer? On company time?? There’s nothing PRIVATE about that, so that excuse doesn’t fly. Especially for someone with his rank. So I don’t accept his apology based on that lame excuse. Any fourteen year old girl knows something sent “in private” can become public in the blink of an eye. So, was HE no smarter than a fourteen year old?

    Jim McDonnell in my opinion has no option but to permanently retire this guy, as much for stupidity as for insensitivity. Not good enough that it happened at LAPD in Burbank. Our work history follows us wherever we go. Now that this aspect of his record has been revealed, he must go. My vote at election time depends on it.

  • @ 27. LASD affairs are the affairs of every citizen who lives and works in Los Angeles County. Save your silliness for another topic on another blog. Get a life and stop your “Hating” on Dr.Ronda. Unfortunately for you, she’s your worst nightmare being an educated woman who has more courage than you. Like a coward, you throw rocks and hide your hand. FYI….no smokescreen from you or anyone else will stop her relentless quest for justice in the murder of Mitrice Richardson. I shake my head at simpletons like yourself. Working LASD beginning the last year of Pitchess, guys like you are “a dime a bakers dozen”

  • LATBG, who the heck is Curtis Morris? And what does LaBerge have to do with Spears and Williams? They’ve been retired how long? BPOA calls shots, now? What am I missing? Are blacks trying to take over the department?

  • I realize that Tom Angel is currently the Chief of Staff, but the violations of LASD policy (and political correctness) occurred when he was NOT employed by the LASD. If we’re going to punish people for violating LASD policy years before they were employed by the LASD, I have to ask what jokes you were telling before you were hired?

    Yeah, his email showed the height of stupidity, but is it right to punish him for something that occurred BEFORE he was working for LASD? I doubt most of us could survive that level of scrutiny. When does an organization finally stand up to political correctness BS?

    He didn’t work for LASD at the time of these transgressions. The question is whether it is appropriate for LASD to be punishing him for something that didn’t happen on their watch.

  • General Behavior – embarrassment to the department. Many deputies have been fired for their behavior. It is a catch all. There is no excuse for his action. Burbank PD or LASD.
    But double standards will prevail. Tom’s a nice guy however, when he joined the Department he listed himself as a male white. He was asked to change to a male hispanic for promotion and to increase the numbers for hispanics within the executive ranks. He made that change to his benefit. Life goes on

  • Our leadership is in a real bad place. So many from the prior regime off to federal prison, resigned in disgrace or retired in weakness. So many of the new leaders, now, are zeroes, bootlickers (logo eliminators) … almost all of whom are just so incredibly far from the men and women on the line. The sheriff–spread very thin–is 15 months into the job, and has failed in his very first promise to us, when he took his oath of office, about earning our trust–especially before he started monkeying around with the institutions and tradition we hold dear.

    What the media gets so wrong about LASD is that it’s never been the deputies or our culture that were the problem. It’s been our leaders.

    I like Tom Angel. I hope he survives this, because I like him, and I think he does a good job. But his and the sheriff’s statements on this have been so incredibly wrong. The emails weren’t supposed to be public? Tom’s aware of the double standard? I mean, Jesus! The Times has selfishly made this a bigger deal than it needed to be–three stories in less than 24 hours–but the Department’s response has made things worse, now prompting an editorial.

    A year and a half in and still no Undersheriff. Presumably for lack of qualified candidates! Am sure Rogers is dying for the job, but what a snake. Could have been Rothans, but 10-29V. Maybe a solid retiree, but is that the message to send so far into the sheriff’s term? Rogers will probably get the nod, but the men and women of LASD will suffer for it. But, then, what else is new?

    Morale in our department is lower than anyone can recall it being *in decades*. The sheriff owns that now. However this Angel situation is resolved, it will just get worse. Either he will have given in to politics and won’t have backed one of his guys or he will back Angel and many people will view it as a double standard. The real question is what would happen if an outside party brought to the department’s attention stupid but not illegal e-mails forwarded by a probationary/at will deputy before they were hired, and I suspect the department would probably slap his wrist but it would go away, because it was stupid and out of the public eye. But they can’t say that here. Because, duh. And because brass should arguably be held to a higher standard. But then, to what extent does holding brass to a higher standard encourage the cowardice and bootlicking we already see so much of?

    Such a mess. But, at least our department’s superheroes at ESD–the guys who are basically doctors with guns and save, I dunno, hundreds of lives per year–are getting their logo taken away for no reason. New shirts and snaps are coming in.

    I feel like a passenger on that plane the co-pilot crashed into the Alps last year. Screaming as the rocks get closer.

    I wanted McDonnell to win. Because I thought it would be great to not be led by a federal felon. I thought some outside perspective would be helpful. But, here we are, 15 months in, and all the most important things are worse. Crime, morale, the budget, our reputation, our staffing, the willingness of people inside the department to say good things about it/recruit for it… He’s in over his head. Supported by hacks and zeroes.

    All you can do is sigh.

  • Hey Really (@31), Really??? I love it! Considering the emails and the hot water he’s in, maybe the Department should ask him now to list himself as a Muslim woman! Yup, that oughta straighten things out.

  • Let me see if I have this information from the reporting right? Organizational transparency, accountability, fairness, all the way. I wonder….

    2010, Angel, a longtime sheriff’s official, is brought in by Burbank Police as the #2 to Police Chief LaChasse, hired specifically to reform a department reeling from allegations such as racism and sexual harassment within its ranks. In the midst of the reform movement, Angel sends racist and sexist emails during 2012 and 2013.

    TRANSLATION: I’m here to reform you, everyone else but me. I’m management from the Sheriff’s Department, and I’m highly trained in how management takes care of one another managers club, saying whatever fits any situation, lie and deny format, not the truth, hence my arrogance. LaChasse gets it.

    LaChasse is advised in 2014 the emails were found and released in a public records act request to an attorney. LaChasse immediately audited all the employees’ emails and found no problems, other than his #2. He warns all the police staff, who had done nothing, and won’t say whether he disciplined anyone, yet alone Angel. But he added, “They were not right, not to be condoned, and there’s nobody more contrite about it then Tom Angel. That’s not part of his DNA.”

    TRANSLATION: I can’t believe I didn’t find some underling with a racist or sexist email(s) so I could out them and punish them. I have my boys back, my #2, so, I’ll just call it an audit and reminder to everyone, because we won’t be disciplining Angel, he is in line to be the next chief. Maybe the new sheriff will give him a job, let me call Jim, he likes Tom.

    The Times finds out about the emails and does the same public records request as the attorney. They quickly notice the Angel emails are missing and presses on Burbank. Burbank responds, his emails were in a batch that was inadvertently overlooked.

    TRANSLATION: Darn, you noticed, we were trying to hide them from you. Oh well, we tried. We’ll let Chief LaChasse, Tom Angel, and Jim McDonnel know it didn’t work, thanks for pointing that out to us.

    2014, McDonnel selects and hires back Angel as his chief of staff. 2016, Angel’s racist and sexist emails from 2012 and 2013 while at Burbank come out in the press. McDonnel is immediately disappointed, saying It’s a shame the whole thing happened at all, everyone has their own take on humor, this is a teaching moment showing that pressing the send button can have unintended consequences. If you were to ask a person, anybody who’s familiar with Tom, he’s professional and respectful of everyone he works with and deals with. His focus is on the best interests of the constitutional policing in L.A. County.

    I’ve known about this since 2014 when I brought him on. It was no coincidence that the LaChasse doing and me did our thing with Tom in 2014 when this stuff was coming down. Damn, LaChasse and Tom told me it was handled. Oh well, I’ll just toss a bunch of BS out there, it happened somewhere else, POBAR, it’s in the past, we in the now, he’s a great guy, …… OH, OH…..WAIT… It’s a teaching moment, that’s what LaChasse did….. Audit of all deputies’ email to come. I will protect my boy Tom.

    The Sheriff’s Department states Angel’s apologies have been profuse and sincere. Angel told The Times he did not mean to embarrass or demean anyone….. said it was unfortunate that his work emails could be obtained by the public under the state’s records laws……”Anybody in the workplace unfortunately forwards emails from time to time that they probably shouldn’t have forwarded,”….. “I apologize if I offended anybody, but the intent was not for the public to have seen these jokes.”……. Angel declined to comment on whether he was disciplined….. he has never been the subject of an internal investigation for his conduct…….”Ask if there has ever been any kind of issue with my dealing with any minority communities in the history of my association with law enforcement, and you’ll find there’s been none,”…..

    TRANSLATION: I’m not sorry for anything. I’M A GREAT GUY. Just ask anyone, I tell them I’m a great guy all the time. I’m pissed the law allows you to ask for this and that the idiots I told at Burbank to hide and redact it can’t follow one simple instruction. And you don’t know who you’re screwing with, my whole career, I’ve lied and denied and buried it all. You won’t find anything on me, I got rid of it all. I’ve never even been investigated. Now get out of my office, the Sheriff, who isn’t going to do anything to me, wants me to make some lying apologies and some teaching moment statements. This is really such a positive. Great stuff. I’m the new Waldie. Can’t wait to be the Under Sheriff Waldie and crank it up to Palm Springs, Maxwell driving me, drinking and prostitutes, and car collisions. I’m sure McDonnel will take care of me the same way Baca took care of Waldie. Cause McDee is a GOOD DUDE!

  • Still On @30: Ya know, first time job applicants are finding themselves turned down for employment because of what they post on their personal Facebook page. And that’s BEFORE they even walk in for the interview.

    Employees are likewise fired because of things they post on Facebook. In both instances, it’s arguably their “personal” space. However, once you post, you publish.

    These youngsters ARE being scrutinized AND being held accountable for what they post outsdide and prior to the workplace. It’s just the way things are nowadays.

    Shouldn’t someone of executive rank with the wisdom and experience to know better be at least subject to the same standards as a teenager or first time job applicant?

    What (you see as) “political correctness BS” is merely trying to point out is that you can’t express every opinion or tell every joke in every forum you’d like. And the workplace is one of them. You could try the corner bar, if you wanna risk a punch in the nose, but it’s just not wise.

    A man with his experience, rank and especially given this very particular assignment should have thought his actions through better. I mean, what was he thinking?

    Returning to LASD as Chief of Staff was by personal appointment by the new Sheriff. McD is between a rock and a hard place I’m sure. But in light of these particular circumstances it just looks bad to keep him.

    Maybe law enforcement is different, but in any other workplace, this guy would have been long gone, hostile work environment being a big deal nowadays. His actions were blatantly stupid and showed callous disregard for the assignment he was given and other co-workers who might have been offended had they come in contact with those emails.

    So, now that they’re published for the whole world to see, morally I see no other option than to retire Tom Angel. After all, people in the end don’t really care that it happened “on somebody else’s watch.” He’s YOUR guy now, and that’s what they’re gonna remember!

    The Sheriff should do the right thing and let him go.

  • By now, everyone who feels let down by the trajectory of Chief McDonnel’s leadership of LASD should have woken up to the futility of influencing this Sheriff through critique and advice directed his way.

    Its time to change tack and focus your communication towards the man who put McDonnell in office and who will decide whether he stays or gets pushed out next election.

    You may recall, Jim McDonnel doesn’t know politicking and he isn’t comfortable with politicking(self-stated).

    Therefore, if Jim McDonnel decides to run for Sheriff on a Friday and makes his announcement the following Tuesday accompanied by endorsement of LAPD Chief Beck, L.A. City Attorney Feuer and L.A.D.A. Lacey – someone, not McDonnell, did some monumental politicking Saturday and Sunday.

    McDonnell’s announcement with endorsements was a major power play. But it was also unseemly, improper and embarrassing for both the candidate McDonnell and Beck, Feuer and Lacey.

    These people should stay out of the mud.
    If asked, they can offer their opinion of the candidate as Qualified or Not Qualified, but they should refrain from endorsement – and certainly not before the voters have heard anything from Jim or the other candidates.

    So what brings McDonnell, Beck, Feuer and Lacey to forego their dignity in order to muscle McD onto Baca’s vacated thrown?

    Campaigns are expensive. Money is power. They all paid off a chunk of their debt on that Tuesday in January 2014.

    If you got issues with Jim McDonnell – then you you need to go talk to his boss, Rick Caruso.

    When Tom Angel came to work for Sheriff McDonnell at LASD, Michael Albanese moved from head of Investigative into the opening for Deputy Chief Burbank PD

    Captain Ron Caruso moved from Support Services to Head of Investigative Burbank PD.

    As far as I know, there is no relation between Billionaire Rick Caruso and Captain Ron Caruso Burbank PD, except for their last name.

  • Gobsmacked, my apologies. I believe it’s Ray Morris and Curtis Spear. The practices of Spear and Williams were well known throughout the department and the source of a lot of conflict.

  • I also like and respect Tom Angel. But Sheriff McDonnell must let him go or lose all credibility. You can’t very well give Tom a pass for an incident a deputy would be fired. Sad thing is, Tom and other Executives will pass judgement on deputies accussed of similiar behavior. The height of hipocrasy.

  • Along the same topic. Chief Mannis, you prosecuted many a POE violator as Captain at IAB. Are you going to prosecute Tom with the same vigor….or do friends and peers get a pass?

  • Once again we must look at the ineptitude of McD. Had the sheriff taken action immediately and punished all concerned this would not have been an issue. But, just like, Baca, Stonich, Waldie and Tanaka the double standard was the rule not the exception. Tom, should have gotten on front of this and apologized long before this. Who were the other people involved and why hasn’t their luggage thrown out onto Jump Street?

    And Sheriff what is your gang strategy to rid ourselves of the LASD gangs? True, Tyler and the rest need to go!

    C: Let’s discuss Willie Williams. Sorry for his family and may he RIP. But, of all the competent people to be the chief, Willie Williams was NOT qualified! In all my years I never saw an overweight (less obese) LAPD cop. Chief Williams was a hundred pounds overweight. He wore a uniform jacket that made him look just plain awful. I personally spoke to Chief Williams about this issue. Next, Chief Williams NEVER passed the BASIC POST test and could not carry a gun. The city council had to authorize him to carry. Articulate he was not. But, most of all he was dishonest. He and his family frequently received “comp” rooms and in Vegas and then he LIED about it. I could go on and on but this happened because liberals ran LAPD to the ground and LAPD refused to change. Don’t forget who nearly became the chief instead of Williams? That’s right Lee Baca! Can anyone imagine Baca being the chief? Whoa Buddy!

  • Unknown to the LASD, during the refurbishing of the Hall of Justice, the FBI planted listening devices in various offices within the beautiful old building. And unknown to the FBI, Santa’s helpers have tapped in to the FBI’s data network to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice.

    The following was recently overheard by Santa’s helpers in the office of Undersheriff Neal Tyler

    Sound of door opening

    U/S Tyler: Hello Boss, what a surprise.

    Sheriff McDonnell: Neal, we need to talk.

    Tyler: I have the logo project about done, but we’ve run in to some problems………we wanted to do the city’s history on the logo for Cerritos Station because there isn’t much Department history there. Did you know the city use to be called Dairy Valley? Well, we thought a cow might be worked in to it. The logo looked great but then someone pointed out that the cow’s utter sack may be offensive. Then we tried using a bull and……….well THAT would be really be offensive. So then…

    McDonnell: Neal, we need to talk about Tom.

    Tyler: Like you told me, I consulted him on the logo for the Weapons Training Unit. But we just couldn’t get around the use of some sort of weapon. The image of a gun just is offensive to some and, of course, that mustache on Yosemite Sam was WAY out of regulation. But we are thinking of having the logo be more from a learning perspective. We are thinking of an Owl representative of education, you know maybe with glasses on. Something that depicts higher learning, perhaps sitting on an olive branch. The olive branch would be symbolic of an effort of negotiation……….before we have to resort to using a weapon at all. That would be nice, don’t you think?

    McDonnell: Neal, it’s about Tom’s e-mails.

    Tyler: Oh, yes. I did get an e-mail from Tom about the East LA logo. He asked about the problem with the old one. He worked ELA and, frankly was pissed about the notion of replacing the logo. I told him there were two problems. The first was that center of the logo was offensive to short deputies. It was felt by the Chiefs that short deputies could think that the helmet sitting on the boot was making fun of them. That, they might be the butt of another “short joke” from their own Department. He got that – he said he likes jokes. Then there was the use of the word “profile.” That was your concern. I told him that you saw that as a code word for “targeting policing”, as you put it. Good phrase, by the way boss. He said he was going to explain to you what the phrase “Low Profile” meant in a historical context. You know, the riot in the early 70’s where the Department stood down until it got out of control to show that it was not caused by us. It happened before you came out to LA, I think. Anyway, we are working on a new one. Tom’s last e-mail said you just didn’t want the new logo to look like a Taco Bell logo. I thought it was just another one of his jokes…………

  • Santa, that is a great post. The funny thing is for those of us working HOJ and seeing Neal on a daily basis, it is SO easy to conceptualize that conversation, exactly as you wrote the script! I’m not going to miss any of this!

  • Please make it a daily post….I’m retired and don’t have a lot to look forward to! Perhaps you could have a role for Chief Mannis….

  • I realize the finding of Tom Angel’s e-mails is disturbing, but there are very few men I know who don’t make sexist jokes once in a while. The good thing for them is they usually tell them, not send them via county or city computer! In self-reflection, I have to ask, why are sexist jokes not as “offensive” as racial jokes — or are they the same? I suppose it all depends on one’s sensitivity level.

    I have known Tom for years, I have never heard him utter an off-color joke, so maybe he felt more comfortable to joke about things like that without interacting with someone. I think there will be a difficulty in moving forward on a POE violation, per se, because these offenses happened while employed by Burbank PD. I guess the burning question is that many have hinted at, but not really asked is: when did the Sheriff or upper brass know & what did they do about it? Did they try to hide it? Did they try to ignore it? Did they try to cover it up?? I don’t know, I am just throwing thoughts out there.

    On another note, for someone (LATBG) to minimize the career of Chief LaBerge to an un-stated racially biased comment is reprehensible. To only compare him to Morris, Spears, and Williams already sets the tone of negativity. Why not compare him to some of the former Chiefs who are held in high regard? Why does that writer (LATBG) reference needing to be a BPOA member? It is obvious where he/she is going with that.

    Celeste, since some folks on here are deminishing stellar careers to race, you should look at the racial breakdown of the promotions over the past couple of years. On the surface from what I’ve seen, I would venture a guess that the majority have been non-minorities.

  • Ray Morris was a leader who had a stellar career. His promotions came by the way of hard work and integrity.

  • The percentage for promotions will never change. You will never see a list that has 50 percent minorities. That will never happen. The percentages have been the same for years. On another note, Chief LaBerge father is white, so think before you type.

  • CSN83, I view the careers of all incumbent execs who became execs under the Baca/Tanaka regime as being defective, morally bankrupt, and anything but stellar. These individuals found the time to enrich themselves while the organization was being systematically destroyed. They paid homage to the little emperor, enabled all of his nefarious activities, and destroyed many honest department members or carefully looked the other way when told to do so.

    There is no defense for that crowd, and attempting to somehow justify their behavior or contrived innocence is reprehensible to me. The only thing that keeps these gutless wonders employed is a sheriff who doesn’t know what he got himself into. In the private sector they would have all been fired a long time ago. The public sector sustains incompetence, corruption, and unlimited mediocrity.

  • LATBG, you’re uncharacteristically sparse and dismissive. You’re usually so analytical and detailed. It’s as though your info is second hand, not direct observation….that’s disturbing.

  • “Great stuff. I’m the new Waldie. Can’t wait to be the Under Sheriff Waldie and crank it up to Palm Springs, Maxwell driving me, drinking and prostitutes, and car collisions. I’m sure McDonnel will take care of me the same way Baca took care of Waldie. Cause McDee is a GOOD DUDE!” True, sad and yet funny. Now if the above was sent in an email you would have ROD, framed for misconduct and retired!

  • Funny thing how people change their name to advance to the next level.

    Tom Angel started out as Tomas Angel (pronounced Ahn-Gale).

    I doubt that in the “old” neighborhood families and friends call him Tom.

    OTherwise he is Tom with a tan. Amazing!

  • @ 51. You are totally incorrect. As the demographics change, and it has…..The majority of department members will be of hispanic origin, thus the promotions.

    Leadership in the department as far as the Sheriff goes, all depends on the strong voting base (northwest los angeles county) during election time.

  • At the suggestion of a reader of this fine journalistic website, Santa’s helpers researched the FBI data bank for additional conversation on this topic and found this exchange in the office of Chief Karen Mannis:

    Sound of Door Opening

    Chief Mannis: Neal! What brings you here?

    Undersheriff Tyler: I just had a meeting with the Sheriff.

    Mannis: About?

    Tyler: I don’t know.

    Mannis: Neal, sometimes your humor is soooooo funny!

    Tyler: That wasn’t one of my little jokes. But it was kind’a funny, now that I think about it.

    Mannis: So what did you and the Sheriff talk about? Girls?

    Sound of giggling

    Tyler: Actually I thought he wanted to talk about the unit logos and I tried to explain the difficulty we were having crafting……….

    Mannis: That project is sooooooooo important to the entire department. Imagine how many people the old logos offended. Short people, tall people, heavy people, thin people, blacks, browns, native Americans, Asians, women, the LGBT Community, the environmental movement, PETA, senior citizens, breast feeding mothers…….

    Tyler: That’s my point. It IS important and I tried to explain the difficulty when we can’t use animals in the logos that kill other animals. Many of the proposals use birds many are birds of prey. So when I suggested that we make an exception and use an owl as a symbol of higher education for our training units he ruled that out because owls eat rodents. He says it is a bird of prey – just like the eagle which he specifically prohibited. I pointed out that eagles often eat no more than road-kill, but he blew up at me because the eagle is considered a killer and we can’t allow the public to think we are encouraging killing in any form. I am getting frustrated and I know my entire staff is too.

    Mannis: He’s right you know. My Risk Management Unit would be inundated with civil claims that our “killers” are working at units that have a unit logo that depicts birds of prey like a hawk or falcon. You’ve got to be careful of insects too. A lot of insects eat other insects – so preying mantis type characters are off limits. Don’t big ants kill other ants? And some animals eat insects. I heard Norwalk wanted to use the Anteater in their logo – a copy of Cal State Irivne’s mascot. Imagine having your logo containing the symbol of an animal whose name says it EATS another animal, or at least in this case an insect. Can you imagine the uproar!!!

    Tyler: Yeah, I think I’ll send out an e-mail advising units if they intend to use animals in their logos, they can only use animals and insects which are herbivorous. They could use something like a goat or a cow – oh boy, we need to lookout for cows though.

    Mannis” Why?

    Tyler: Their……well…….you know……their utters.

    Sound of giggling

    Tyler: And especially if they use a bull!

    Sound of laughter

    Mannis: Oh Neal, you dooooo slay me!

    Tyler: Sorry. I guess you could file an harassment claim against me.

    Sound of giggling

    Mannis: I’ll keep that one in my hip pocket!

    Tyler: Now I can file one on you!

    Sound of laughter

    Tyler: Anyway, it is a frustrating project for my staff. They have been taking various logo proposals all over the county showing them to activist groups to see if they are in anyway offensive to their constituency. Through that process we’ve learned that, if we use animals, we have to be careful about the animal’s color and whether the animal is a killer. Does the animal use another animal’s nest to raise their young. Is the animal a good parent. Does the animal breast feed. Does the species practice infanticide – bears are definitely out. Gee whiz, maybe we should just prohibit animals.

    Mannis: Oh, Neal! You take on sooooo much. Doesn’t the Sheriff know how hard you work?

    Tyler: That’s just it. He didn’t really want to talk about the logos, as important as it is now that we’ve established how high our facility flagpoles should be. He wanted to talk about Tom’s e-mail jokes.

    Mannis: Does he send them? I’ve never got one.

    Tyler: Maybe Tom doesn’t think you’d see the humor in them.

  • There’s no Santa, thanks for another good one. Gobsmacked, my apologies for bluntness, but I pull no punches when it comes to describing our resident upper echelon. That term “stellar” got me going probably more than I usually do, but understand what I put in writing comes from pretty solid sources. I’m just scratching the surface here.

    Really, I’m sure the current crop of white executives have no desire to see promotions that reflect the diversity of the department, much less the county. That would put most of them out of business, and all their cronies having to actually compete honestly for their positions. Oh, the horrors!

    The demographics of the department have changed steadily over the last thirty plus years, however management and executive ranks seem to be stuck in a 1950’s yearbook. It is going to get very costly for the department to continue with their political patronage practices that center on cronyism and non-competitive appointments.

    Department employees have been exposed to corruption and cronyism for so long they don’t even know what normal looks like in an ethical, merit-driven organization.

  • I’m sure all the diverse members of LASD like knowing “where they really stand” with people like Mr. Angel keeping it real. When it comes time for employees to question why they didn’t get that next promotion, or next job assignment over the other “guy/girl” the execs at LASD are supplying excellent background for the many Civil Service Commission meetings and lawsuits that are to come. As they say, keeping Mr. Angel on board “just doesn’t look good.”

  • Attention LATBG- Quick question. Had your career not stalled at your current rank, and you did promote and become an executive based on your skills, abilities, and performance would you apply your so eloquently phrased statement to yourself? Here are your words: “I view the careers of all incumbent execs who became execs under the Baca/Tanaka regime as being defective, morally bankrupt, and anything but stellar.” Just so I understand, your saying that not one incumbent executive promoted based on skills, ability and performance. I’ll give you an opportunity to retract your statement. Perhaps you were tired or something because it was shallow. Otherwise choke on your sour grapes. Your choice.

  • Sour grapes? Speaking from within the ruins of a destroyed organization, I find it laughable you think there were stellar performances anywhere within the executive ranks under whose watch Tanaka ran amok.

    I can see career successes at the lower ranks, particularly because they involve providing actual service to the community, but spare me your ire. I retract nothing, and will point out the obvious – those stars were not handed out because of “stellar” performance in service to the community or to the institution.

    Had the career of many good department members not been destroyed for Tanaka’s empire building sake, we wouldn’t be in the position we are in today. Imagine how much good would have occurred if Baca chose to elevate those who had “NO” in their vocabulary. I can’t remember the author, but there was a good article penned by a retired general, I think it’s called “I’m Just a One Star.” Look it up.

    Isn’t it a little early for revisionist history?

  • McDonnell > McDummy.. They should make a movie..What a joke he has made this department into. Good ole lapd..always ruining sh@t..

  • In today’s LAT it was reported that President Obama was called the N-word at the Correspondent Dinner for the liberally insane. And yet not one word of outrage by any of the groups that complained about Angel? Once again Liberals at their hate filled worst! Hypocrites and liars are they not? I’m not supporting Angel but once again we are all being played!

  • For those of you bucking for promotion. This is how it is now done. Don’t worry about that Non-Sense “fire in the belly B.S.” It is all about being seen. You need to look on the Sheriff’s calendar and find out where big Jim is, and go to every event he is at. And if you happen to know one of the his many drivers, then you are really in luck. Once there just watch all the other suck up execs. You will see plenty. Then, just simply do what they do. Big Jim will get to know your face and soon he will know your name. Even if you have not had a stellar past, don’t worry about it. (hell look who he has promoted already). You will get the nod soon.

  • Santa’s helpers were heretofore unable to decipher additional conversation held by U/S Tyler and Chief Mannis due to background noise. They were compelled to submit their recording to the FBI’s “third party” for additional help in clarifying what took place beyond what was previously reported. In exchange for a “nice” rating on December 25th, the “third party” was able unravel the conversation as follows:

    sound of music playing

    Mannis: I’ve put one some background music just in case someone is listening. I have to do that on occasion because of my position as head of ICIB and I think that maybe someone might want to hear what is going on in here. Anyway, I want to talk to you about something that is really hush-hush. I shouldn’t be talking to you, but we are such old friends and there is no one else I can really talk to.

    Tyler: I hope its not personal because I’ve got my own issues……….

    Mannnis: No, no, the Sheriff called me in to his office the other day and swore me to secrecy. But when you mentioned that using a bear in a unit logo being a no-no, I figure you must know what I’m about to tell you.

    Tyler: I was just saying that male bears eat their offspring and are killers so…..

    Mannis: So, you don’t know? Well, I guess I’ve gone this far.

    Tyler: I’d tell youuuuuuu.

    Mannis: Oh Neal, you have such a way about you. Ok! Here it is. The Sheriff is concerned about the bear on our badge and patch. He said it could be viewed as being offensive. And as smart as you are, you hit on it on your own. It IS a symbol of killing and IS an animal to be feared. This is not something that we should be projecting. The Sheriff pointed out the shield of the LAPD which has the city hall on it. Nothing to be feared. A symbol of civic pride. The same with the Boston police badge, the center has sailing ships in Boston harbor. Benign, civic pride that sort of thing. Our star – a killer beast. See the difference? See where he’s coming from?? He brings new eyes to the LASD. That’s why he was elected. An “outsider” with a different vision for our future.

    Tyler: But don’t all sheriff departments have a bear on their badges and patches? Maybe we should turn up the music.

    sound of giggles

    Mannis: Well, the Sheriff pointed out the patch of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. They have an arrowhead instead of a bear. He says we don’t need a bear, just because a bear is the state animal. But he did point out that the arrowhead is certainly racist, but that’s their problem. Anyway, he said he was on a little trip up north a month or so ago and up near Gorman saw the wild flowers growing along I5. He said he and his wife thought how beautiful they were and that started him thinking…

    Tyler: They were! I went up there and have this new camera. It’s an Hasselblad H4D with a 200MS! I set up just off hightway 138 and hiked up to….

    Mannis: You can show me the photos later. Anyway, those flowers got the Sheriff thinking. Why do we need to have the state animal on the star and patch? There is no mandate. Why not something that depicts the area and represents the state as well. So why not the state flower? He told me the Massachusetts state flower was the Epigaea repens or Trailing-Arbutus. I told him I’ve never heard of it. He laughed and said it’s also known as the Mayflower and asked me if I knew what the Californian state flower was. Do you know?

    Tyler: The Sunflower?

    Mannis: Silly boy! The Poppy. He said he had to look it up – as if I didn’t know he had to. He probably dosen’t know that the bear on our badge is a grizzly!

    Tyler: Yeah, he probably thought it was Smokey The Bear.

    sound of laughter

    Mannis: I DO need to turn up the music!

    sound of laughter

    Mannis: Anyway, he says the Poppy would be a wonderful symbol of peace and tranquility. Maybe not civic pride but it does depict something scenic right here in Los Angeles County and is the state’s flower.

    Tyler: Not to be a cynic, but the Poppy in LA County looks like crap for about 340 days a year.

    Mannis: Neal, I’m telling you this to get you on board. Don’t your remember Bill Stonich’s mantra “Whatever the Sheriff wants”?

    Tyler: Yeah, and look where it got us.

  • At least Tom Angel “Man Up” and fell on his sword today. Can’t say that for too msny others.

  • We all need to Read the Bible, and practice it! We are so critical. Look in the mirror!
    We have all made racist jokes and forwarded them to other employees.

    Be Kind and compassionate to one another, Forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

  • When they start going through those emails, the blood bath will really start. I hope they start with the Custody Execs. first. There are going to be a lot of retirements. Maybe some county texts as well.

  • @LATBG- Let’s take a walk down memory lane since you decided to write about “revisionist history.” Here’s a little quote from you a while back:
    18. LATBG Says: November 4th, 2013 at 9:14 pm
    “Please, okay, we got the part where you think your spine is bigger than everyone else’s, but you still haven’t answered the question: Then what? Retire on principle? Baca’s still laughing about that one…”
    I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Are you still mocking the one you believe may have retired from Baca/ Tanaka’s corrupt regime based on principle? 2. Do you think Baca is still laughing? Please answer these two questions if you plan to have any credibility left on these blogs. And I’m not trying to be confrontational. I want a serious answer from you without ego. And it’s ok to retract statements, admit they were wrong, or give credit where credit is due. You don’t always have to be right.
    And Celeste, please don’t censure this. They’re legitimate questions. Peace.

  • I don’t know why so many are quick to give a pass to folks in “high places” who set the “tone”, policy and high standards of an organization but fail to follow them. I’m sure we all did things we regret in the past, but one hopes you are intelligent enough not to repeat those same mistakes over and over again and the benefits of “age, experience and WISDOM” make you think twice before doing boneheaded things. The phrase “I’m sorry” is not the “cure-all”, “clean slate maker”, “all is forgiven” get outta jail card many seem to think it is. Accountability is the mantra at LASD. Let’s just hope it’s applied fairly and across the board at all levels. Mr. Angel and Mr. Rothen’s were allowed to leave on their terms and avoid discipline…I guess that’s a pipe dream of course.

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