Today Is #GivingNewsDay & WitnessLA Needs Your Help!

Celeste Fremon
Written by Celeste Fremon

Today is #GivingTuesday — or #GivingNewsDay as nonprofit newsrooms across America are now calling the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It is the once-a-year opportunity to support nonprofit news organizations like WitnessLA that help to preserve our shared democracy.

Today, and every day until December 31, 2020, your donation will be doubled by the wonderful people at NewsMatch — meaning anything you give will have twice the impact!

The independent work we do here at WitnessLA — and in our newsletter The California Justice Report — is beholden to no advertisers, no corporate overlords, and we still choose not to go behind a paywall.

Although WitnessLA is small, we are fearless and, as most of you know, our work has repeatedly made a difference — and continues to win journalism awards for doing so.

Yet our independence also means we rely on people like you to help us uncover facts, probe wrongdoing, and illuminate solutions in the world of justice and injustice — in Los Angeles and beyond.

So today we are asking for your support.

You can donate by clicking on the link here — which will take you to our NewsMatch site, which will automatically double your donations.

Anything helps. $10, $20, $50, $100 … $1000. Every dollar you send will help us hire additional reporters and writers, for expanded reporting, investigations, and investigative series.

Your donation is, of course, tax deductible.

As we said, any size donation truly helps!

AND any donation made between now and the end of the year helps TWICE as much.

With gratitude,

Celeste Fremon, Founder/Editor, WitnessLA

Taylor Walker, Assistant Editor/Editor California Justice Report

Through our fiscal sponsors at Community Partners, WitnessLA is a 501(c)3 organization, which means your contribution is, of course, tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

PS: If you’d prefer to send a check, send it to:
WitnessLA c/o Community Partners
1000 N. Alameda St., Suite 240
Los Angeles, CA 90012  USA

Make the check payable to “Community Partners FOR WitnessLA.”
For your records, our fiscal sponsor’s tax ID number is: 95-4302067.

Thank you in advance.

Your support means the world.


  • Interesting that I saw one of your benefactors is the Ford Foundation. This foundation was started by Henry Ford. He was a fan of Hitler and brutally anti-union. Interestingly he bought a local paper and used it to push his political agenda at the time. He also used it to publish some incredibly anti-Semitic articles.

    He purchased a “Newspaper” to push his views while maintaining the veneer of legitimacy. The Ford Foundations views seemed to have shifted but the strategy for gaining influence seems to have stayed the same.

  • You know, I love to support worthwhile organizations who contribute to the well being of my fellow human being, as well as being non-partisan in their viewpoints as to who they serve or for what purpose.

    However, from what I have seen lately with the drive by media (partisan politics)and its associated outlets, coupled with no real investigative journalism with facts, while pushing a partisan narrative, has disenfranchised me, while also made me to not trust the media and its associates.

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