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The killing of Ahmaud Arbery highlights the danger of jogging while black

WLA Guest
Written by WLA Guest

By Rashawn Ray, The Conversation

Unsteady cellphone footage follows a jogger – an apparently young, black man – as he approaches and attempts to run around a white pickup truck parked in the middle of a suburban road. Moments later he lies dead on the ground.

The killing of Ahmaud Arbery took place on Feb. 23, after the 25-year-old was confronted by Gregory McMichael, a 64-year-old former police officer and investigator for the Brunswick, Georgia district attorney’s office, and his 34-year-old son, Travis. It took 10 weeks to gain widespread attention with the circulation of video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> footage on social media, prompting revulsion and calls for justice.

Gregory and Travis McMichael were both taken into custody on May 7 on charges of murder and aggravated assault.

Death in suburbia

But the killing of Arbery by people with links to law enforcement raises important questions over why it took so long to make arrests in the case and the so-called blue wall of silence that extends from law enforcement agencies to prosecutor’s offices and courtrooms.

But there is a separate question that needs to be asked: Why do these incidents seem to occur in certain types of neighborhoods? Satilla Shores, where Arbery was killed by the McMichaels, is predominately white and suburban. It evokes memories of the killings of Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Ferrell, Renisha McBride and Tamir Rice.

As a sociologist and public health scholar, I have studied physical activity and how it varies by race and social class. I know that the exact behaviors that are encouraged to extend life for all are the exact ones that can end the life of men like Ahmaud – in short, jogging while black can be deadly.

In 2017, I published a study on physical activity – focusing on where and how people exercise, and breaking this down by race and gender. I surveyed nearly 500 middle-class black and white professionals around the United States. The research also included in-depth interviews, focus groups and observations of public spaces in cities with varying racial and class compositions including Oakland and Rancho Cucamonga, California; Brentwood, Tennessee; Bowie, Maryland; and Forest Park, Ohio.

I found that race and place significantly inform where people engage in physical activity: White men, white women and black women living in predominately white areas were significantly more likely to engage in physical activity in their neighborhoods. Black men living in predominately white neighborhoods, however, were far less likely to engage in physical activity in the areas surrounding their own homes.

Good neighbors?

Black men I interviewed who had jogged in white neighborhoods where they lived reported incidents of the police being called on them, neighbors scurrying to the other side of the street as they approached, receiving disgruntled looks and seeing the shutting of screen doors as they passed. Similar experiences have been documented in public places like stores, restaurants and coffee shops.

Black men are often criminalized in public spaces – that means they are perceived as potential threats and predators. Consequently, their blackness is weaponized. Moreover, black men’s physical bodies are viewed as potential weapons that could invoke bodily harm, even when they are not holding anything in their hands or attacking. In fact, black people are 3.5 times more likely than white people to be killed by police in situations where they are not attacking nor have a weapon.

My research highlights that the social psychology of criminalization – the inability to separate concepts of criminality from a person’s identity or role in society – is important here. Often, physical features such as skin tone are used to guide attitudes, emotions and behaviors that can influence interactions between people of different races and lead to oversimplified generalizations about a person’s character. For black men, this means that negative perceptions about their propensity to commit crime, emotional stability, aggressiveness and strength can be used as justification for others to enact physical force upon them.

Signaling or survival?

Some black men attempt to make themselves less threatening. When it comes to jogging in white neighborhoods, some of the black men I spoke to wore alumnus T-shirts, carried I.D., waved and smiled at neighbors, and ran in well-lit, populated areas.

This is hardly surprising. Black men do this at work by thinking consciously about their attire, tone and pitch of voice, and behavioral mannerisms. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, many black men are going to great lengths to reduce criminalization by staying in the house, wearing colorful masks and even forgoing masks altogether.

Sociologists call it a signaling process. Black men call it survival.

An irony in the case of Ahmaud Arbery is that it has set in motion a campaign that could see more black men putting on their running shoes. The #IRunWithMaud social media campaign is encouraging people to jog 2.23 miles – a reference to the date on which Arbery was killed.

Rashawn Ray is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland.

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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  • As a white man I do the same when jogging through black neighborhoods. Well lit, preferably daytime, although I avoid waving or speaking. Different tactic but same concern. Although statistically, I am much more likely to be a victim of a violent crime during my jog.

    So what’s your point author?

  • Really LOL? Anyone can say anything on line without having facts. With that being said, I highly doubt your story.

  • Anyone can say anything online????
    Mind blowing revelation!
    However, black on black and black on white crime are still much more frequent occurrences than white on black.
    Nothing mind blowing about that.

  • There you go with playing the victim and the race card, so have at it.

    No apologies for bursting your bubble.

  • Let’s take race out of this equation for a moment, shall we?

    A “jogger” took a detour and rooted around a house under construction for a few minutes. This is on video and is not in dispute.

    A neighbor witnessed this and the suspects became aware of the incident, which may have constituted a misdemeanor at most.

    The jogger started leaving the area.

    The suspects armed themselves with a shotgun. The elder of the two was a retired police officer/DA investigator. He should reasonably have been aware of his state’s laws.

    The suspects drove their truck toward the jogger and attempted to get him to stop. They displayed no police uniforms or ID.

    The jogger engaged in a physical altercation with one of the suspects and was subsequently shot twice by him (retired cop).

    Neither of the suspects called police prior to their pursuit of the suspect.

    The case was sent outside the jurisdiction to avoid the appearance of conflict, as the main suspect had worked for that DA’s office. Murder charges have been filed.

    In the meantime, race baiters are working overtime to sow discontent among the black community. Charges have been filed and a trial will ensue.

    The suspects were identified at the outset and were well known in the jurisdiction. Ten weeks to conduct an investigation, decide to recuse the local DA’s office, refer the case out, and the other jurisdiction making the decision to file murder charges is not an unreasonable amount of time.

    Alternately, if the suspects had been arrested immediately, they would likely have bonded out, and the chain of events listed above would have ensued just the same. Everybody has to understand that arrests are not made to punish suspects; rather, they are made to bring the suspects before the bar of justice. That has been done.

  • Now do the story the national media is saying nothing about that took place in Bear, Delaware on Friday morning. Where a Black man, Sheldon Francis, dressed in body armor armed with multiple weapons shot to death an elderly White husband and wife in their 80’s at the Veteran’s Cemetery. Thankfully the police killed him or possibly he took his own life, there was an exchange of gunfire, but his social media posts show he was upset about about the killing of Arbery.

    Are the White elderly not worthy of mention on this site, on Yahoo, Cnn or MSNBC. When I first searched their sites I found no mention of this cold blooded murder. I only found it on Fox and certain Law Enforcement sites. Why is that that they don’t count to the people on the liberal side of our nation?

  • When the conversation is backed by inconvenient facts that shift the narrative away from where you want it it’s easy to just call someone racist, point, and yell.
    Stats are not racist. Facts do not lie. If you really want to see the world for how it is you have to be open to the idea you may be wrong. That’s difficult for people who have spent their life being told they’re victims by people who can only wield power by convincing others they are worthy of achieving more. Liberal agenda…nothing is your fault, success isn’t earned or deserved, and when in doubt just be loud.

  • Great article by Guest Editor Rayshawn Ray. Exposure is the key to facts, no doubt.

    Behavior and actions of this nature are more commonplace than what typical Americans know.

  • Because you are a sjw white boy avoiding every black areas ever ? ofc you doubt it.
    Same shit for me and i’m arab, jogging in black areas is very risky.

  • LOL, is correct, he should be concerned. For hundreds of years, white people have been mistreated by black people. They were enslaved by black people, and when freed by Lincoln, they suffered under jim crow. Even as recent as a few decades ago, white people still couldn’t buy homes in black neihborhoods, they were discriminated by black. Hell, up until recently, police departments in white neighborhoods were all black.

    What is funnier is that LOL claims to jog in black neighborhoods. That is funny. I bet LOL is scared shitless of a black man, or even a shadow. Even funnier is that he eats off the government trough and he considers himself successful. You have or had a security guard job that requires a high school education. At best, you spent years sitting on your ass in a fancy security guard car driving around, and your union gets you cushy pay and pension, and you are successful. Surely, even you want your kids to aspire to more.

  • No person should be killed unnecessarily, not even criminals. However, the crooked democrats are jumping into this story like they always do, to fan the flames of hate, racial division to advance their twisted ideology. Although the case is still under review and investigation, the accused are already in jail because of politics, not because their right to due process was followed. Ironically, the people demanding justice for the deceased are the same lynching the accused. Here is additional information the author does not mention. The truth is not fully known yet.

  • How many times have we seen this scenario play out? A COMPLETELY innocent, unarmed black man murdered by EVIL, racist white cops (or retired cops), only to find out the “victim” isn’t so innocent at all. In this case, why use a mugshot (and it IS out there) when you can use a HS pic of Arbery from 8 years ago? 5 years probation for taking a gun to school, obstructing an officer and a shoplifting conviction. Does ANYONE really believe Arbery was just looking around to see how the construction was going?

    Anyone wonder why a camera was inside a house under construction? A lot more is gonna come out on this (as usual) and I predict the two idiots who thought it was a good idea to make an armed citizens arrest for a possible PROPERTY CRIME, will be convicted of manslaughter (if not found completely innocent). Unfortunately for them, they’re the look like poster boys for Billy Bob and Billy Bob Jr.

    I also see (many more) scenarios where other races are victimized by blacks and there’s little or NO outrage:

  • @ LOL
    Funny how you guys and guys like you want to discredit and water down reality.

    Can you accept anything outside of your knowledge or realm without one upmanship?

  • All true. So much injustice.
    The sad thing though is that I never owned a slave. No black man alive today was a slave.
    Although the liberals treat everyone like slaves and remind them the world isn’t fair to them. That’s how they retain power. If people actually realize they don’t need the government and liberals to live…the party would die.
    I don’t jog in black neighborhoods. Why not? Because I can jog in neighborhoods that reduce the chances of being a victim. Truth.
    Sad part is that most blacks would rather jog in any neighborhood other than their own. Their chances of being victimized by each other is vastly greater than being attacked by a white man.

    But that doesn’t sell and I really don’t care.
    Of course I want my kids to do better than me. Every parent should wish the same. Sadly, I don’t wish them to be a professional athlete or rapper though. How racist of me.

  • @cf…you jumped into this narrative like flies on shit. Two thoughts come to mind:
    1.) You are a racist bastard
    2.) You portray yourself as a victim, when in fact you enjoy fanning the flames of racism.

    Once again, if you are going to disparage and or besmirch others for their opinions, maybe you should proofread the ignorant shit you post (i.e., “You have or had a security guard job that requires a high school education.”)

    Further, some of the lame ass comments you make, (i.e., “Even funnier is that he eats off the government trough and he considers himself successful. “) are not only ignorant, they define your introverted, self-absorbed, pitiful, uneducated self.

    Could it be that you are projecting your inefficiencies / inadequacies onto others? Could it be that you are eating off the government trough by accepting AFDC (a.k.a. welfare)?

    Regardless of what people’s livelihood may be, security guard, Walmart greeter, collecting recyclables etc., I have more respect for these people because they are earning an honest living.

    WTF do you do? Sit on your lazy, ignorant, uneducated, welfare receiving ass and spread your racist comments on blogs such as this one. If you cannot comment on the topic at hand, either because you have no knowledge or experience, then STFU!!

  • @Temple & Broadway…this is a tactic of the Left. They cannot speak on intellectually, fact based articles. The Left would rather play on people’s emotions, which would garner much more attention. Look at the writer’s name, that should explain it all.

  • You’re pretty sick, nothing funny in what you say. I never see you make an actual point about anything. Simply full of bigotry and hate every day. My neighborhood couldn’t be more mixed, run through it almost nightly. A Black neighborhood would be fine to run through as well. You generalize, nothing more, and my last female partner could have tossed you around and talked more shit than you while doing it. She was a beast. You old bitter racists with a computer are so easy to spot. One other obvious thing, you’re scared to death of cops.

  • I think we all have to settle down, and let the Gerogia Bureau of Investigations do their job.

  • “Let’s take race out of this equation for a moment, shall we”


    Now that you’ve said your piece let’s put race back into the discussion.

    Georgia, where this incident took place, is located in the Deep South where Jim Crow laws were vigorously enforced until about 1967, when the “Colored Only” signs started coming down at department store drinking fountains, waiting rooms, and wherever else people might congregate.

    The reason those signs started coming down is because the 101st Airborne Division sent an Infantry Battle Group (the 327th, to be specific) into Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce a Federal court order against that city’s segregated schools.

    A Republican President did that, by the way.

    Thereafter, succeeding U.S. Presidents were not afraid to use force–usually in the form of U.S. Marshals–to dismantle the Deep South’s Jim Crow enforcement apparatus.

    But, in the minds of too many Southerners, the “Colored Only” signs are still up.

  • Truly spoken!

    As I heard a Judge question individuals who speculated during a trial, “Were you there?”

  • LOL, I’m sure you were not a slave holder, but you still benefit from it. Perhaps not as much as your daddy, but you did. Not too long ago a black man was relegated to certain schools, could not get a loan, including one from the government or one earned from fighting overseas, could not buy a home, could not join a union, could not get the better paying jobs, etc. All those things gave white folk an advantage that is still paying dividends today. Do not fool yourself.

    And, it is not racist of you to say you do not what your kid to be an athlete or musician, but what you said and what you meant is racist. Surely, you mean a basketball player or football player, sports dominated by black athlete, not golf and tennis. You could have said country music yokel with a mullet, and trailer trash signing pop songs like Opps, I did it again or Toxic, or whatever they were called. But no, you had to point out rappers.

    Fat Rolman, who gets emotional? Relax. Someone on the heavy side with high blood pressure should not be getting upset. Relax. There can be honor in all work, and, yes, everyone wants their kids to accomplish more. That was not my point to LOL. LOL made a statement about certain people’s, black I presume, attitude toward success. All I meant is that if you were a badge, you should not flatter yourself. If you are LASD, you patrolling cages for years and then sit on your ass in a car driving around. If you are LAPD, same crap but you skip the cages. This is not rocket science, and no more deserving of nice pay and pension than the Walmart security guard. You talk about handouts, but you are receiving one if your LEO. Nowhere in the private sector could you make what you do for what you do. That is all. Do you disagree?

    Fife, you forgot to mention how your best friend is black. I am sure your female, or any partner, would talk shit. You are good at it, so long as there are no video cameras around.

    LASD Apostle, yes, given the picture and the mugshot, you are correct, the portly ex officer needed to get his son to chase him down and shoot him. Got forbid someone go through the computer of the next hero that dies in the line of duty (security guard work). What would we find? You do not justify the act by what you find later. You justify it by what you know at the time you do it. And, the difference between this and any crime by a black man on a white man is that the black man gets the full weight of the state on his ass immediately. No one waits weeks to figure out if the brother did anything wrong and then bounce the case around. No, its the other way around, you arrest him and then you figure out for what. There is no waiting for a video to leak.

    On one thing I may agree with you, what the hell was that brother thinking running in a white neighborhood in Alabama. Did he not see Deliverance? I see someone that looks like they could be on Duck Dynasty and I am out of there before sundown.

    For all you high holly rollers remember John 8:32, I think, the truth shall set you free. Embrace your racism. As James Brown said, say it loud, I’m racist and I’m proud. Well, it may not have been James Brown. Let us move on to the next shooting.

  • Another narrative collapse. More rage from the ex reserve towards the guys who wouldn’t take him seriously when he wanted so desperately to be a “real” cop. Now cf (real initials gj) you can move on, you are dismissed.

  • @cf….once again, our grammatically incorrect, run on sentences along with dangling modifiers and presuppositions, categorize you as a R Tard.

    I am not heavy, nor do I have high blood pressure. However, I do consider myself in fit condition. Further, there are positions within the private sector where I could make as much as or more than an LEO. This is the beauty of an education. Something you may be in need of or at least some remedial English courses. Peace out foo!

  • CF you continue to be a slave as a choice. It’s easier to sit and bitch about the past than to dig down and work toward a better future.
    You are a slave to a false narrative the left continues to wrap around blacks. I was very intentional to point out rapper and I was referring to basketball and football because it’s 100% truth. Stop beating around the bush. My view of black culture is 100% defined by the images propagated by the black community. You want to change how people view culture, it needs to come from within. Fortunately, I make my own opinions based off personal experiences.
    Some are great and some are bad.
    The issue isn’t me.
    The issue is you. Change what you put out to the works and the world will view you different. Keep putting out the same old shit and nothing changes. You can keep bitching about injustice and slavery.
    Boo hoo.
    Guess what, nobody cares. Put your head down and start working for a better future.
    Or don’t.
    Again, nobody cares.

  • Many Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and those of Latino heritage similarly view white culture by the reality demonstrated by their superiority complex and actions of trickery from politics to police work.

    They too, base their opinions on everyday personal experiences as soon as they walk out of their homes

    No need for a history lesson which still resonates today.

    God forbid if your daughter gets pregnant by a rapper or your wife leaves you for a black NBA player. A 72 hour observation will eventually put you on suicide watch.

  • You never walked on property undergoing construction (be it day or night) that wasn’t yours?

  • Fat Rolman – Thank you for clarifying that. In that case you would be above average among your colleagues in law enforcement. Most, as you know, could not do as well in the private sector as they do in law enforcement. The private sector no longer has strong unions to extract greater pay. And, most officers with 10 or more years on the force are overweight. I am happy for you.

    LOL, is your view of white culture (is there such a thing?) defined by the images propagated by the white community on the media? Are they all coming out of trailers like Britney Spears, wanna-be blacks like Eminem, rednecks like the cast of Duck Dynasty, or idiots like Donald Trump? How about high holy roller, snake handlers talking gibberish, or in tongues as they call it? Or do you only look to the media to make up your opinion about black people? No doubt you know no black people.

    Lady Kong, come up and say Hi sometime. It would be my pleasure. Even “real” cops aren’t real cops. You watch too much Dragnet, Adam-12, TJ Hooker, or is it Tommy these days. Thank you for your service, hero.

  • Well aware of the stereotypical behavior of white trash, bible thumping, right wing, fill in the blank….the difference is I know they’re trash and don’t make excuses for their behavior. Also don’t prop up their behavior and aspire for my kids to achieve that level of “success.”
    You’re probably used to people backing down when you raise your tone and challenge them…call them racist, watch them cower.
    Not happening but, by all means, keep trying. You’re loads of entertainment during this dull period in time.

  • My best friend is White, so what. Come up with something new, you’re a tired old man who has nothing to offer here. Why do you even post?

  • Stings don’t it gj ? they just wouldn’t let you in the club, what you wouldn’t have given, probably even gave freely, “hell hath no fury” eh?

  • @Dose
    Very pointed and concise over view of the incident…Thank you for removing the emotion and addressing facts..

  • I love how people (regardless of race) downplay this video of him on the construction site as no big deal. If it is him and had he no been shot, people would be pissed that someone was on there property. Just cause he didn’t take anything doesn’t mean anything. Maybe it’s cause he didn’t find anything he saw as valuable.

    Meanwhile in Compton 2 African American on African American murders last week. Why aren’t we up in arms about all deaths. Humans are so opportunistic! They see dollar signs then justice!

  • Many of the “facts” stated by Dose are wrong based on publicly known evidence.

  • CF: Some facts to consider: Mr. Arbery had a criminal history. He was seen on the property of the home owner. He chose to try and take away the firearm from one of the neighbors. Had he complied and waited for the police he would most likely still be alive to sue the aforementioned neighbors. Instead he gave them the right to defend themselves and use deadly force. Bad decisions by everybody involved.

  • LOL, dont worry, I am not trying to bully you. Relax. I actually enjoy the exchange with my LEO friends. The difference, LOL, is that you fixate on the brothers but I never read your comments about white criminals, white trash, white anything. The only time you mention them is as a victims of big black men.

    Newsfeed, no one would have been pissed. No one would even know about it. The difference between the hill billies shooting the brother in Alabama and the murders in Compton is that the one in comptom will get the full weight of the law on his ass. No questions – will get arrested and prosecuted. The hill billies, get the benefit of the doubt and were not even arrested. And, my redneck brethren downplay it, trying to justify it after the fact. And, do not be so ignorant – “just because he didnt take anything doesnt mean anything?” Is that the standard you apply to your uniformed brethren when someone makes a complaint against them.

    Lady Kong, please come and say hi. You know me and I would like the pleasure of meeting you. Do not be shy, or scared. Who knows, I may be your token minority friend.

  • @CF Speak for yourself. I like my property and my belongings. Someone entering my home or property is a violation in so many levels. But that’s good we agree to disagree.

    Justice in Compton. Ha that’s laughable, although there maybe some that get caught there have been countless of unsolved murders. Fuck those families right! You can have your opinion but make sure it’s justice first, not opportunity!

  • Minority? You talking about your Jewish side? Calling yourself a minority may be factually true but what your trying to insinuate is untruthful. The way you present yourself on Facebook is as a goofy wanna be redneck, living in the Pacific Northwest. The whitest of the white. Both you and your alter ego are annoying attention seeking clowns. So, no thanks

  • CF I can see why it sounds like you were tossed on your ass as a reserve. Guess what…entering a structure with intent to commit theft or any felony is a crime. So the fact he didn’t take anything is actually irrelevant as a starter. So yes, that is the standard.
    There’s bad people in every job, hell, Catholic priests seem to have built an empire touching little boys.
    Doctors make mistakes and patients die.
    Teachers don’t care and students suffer.
    Construction workers make a mistake and destroy a water line.
    Cops see a cell phone and shoot.

    The difference is entirely intent. Had you known that you’d probably still get to play cop twice a month.

  • You win for showing everyone how NOT to get picked for any jury duty.

    I applaud you while laughing my ass off!

  • “Entering a structure with intent to commit theft or any felony is a crime”

    You need to research your penal code.

    The most a person will get with entering and without taking anything from a unoccupied framed construction site and without coercion from guys like you is trespassing.
    Of course that’s only speculation because the victim is dead and not charged with anything.

    See something, say something by calling the police if no imminent life is in danger. The two yahoo’s (Billy & Bubba) did not do that.

    No different from the Dallas Police Officer feigning stupidity instead of having a righteous reason ( probable cause for on duty cops) for killing her neighbor.

    On the same card, the dueling banjo duo will get manslaughter charges not murder as you should already know.

    Actually no one ever knows in the good ol’ South.

    Cops see a cell phone,shiny belt buckle or shiny coin and shoot. Ok. if you say so…

  • LOL

    “Entering a structure with intent to commit theft or any felony is a crime.”


    Tell us: exactly how did you adduce intent here?

    Nothing was ever stolen from the structure and the lawyer for the owner of the structure is quoted by the Associated Press as believing that Arbery stopped at the structure for a drink of water; working water faucets are located front & rear of the structure.

    The lawyer for the structure’s owner.

    The AP story can be Googled for FULL particulars.

  • NOTE: For those who have trouble with Google searches the best search words here are

    AP: Arbery security video

  • R U Serious Man…..who GAF if he was a criminal. Who GAF if he was on the property of another. If someone comes at you with a gun are you gonna just stand there and get shot, wait for the police GTFOH man.

    Complied, complied……yes sir masta I’ll sit right here.

    To think a lot of you fellas on here suit up everyday, or once suited up. It’s a damn shame this is still the world we live in.

  • Bandwagon, do you wear a hood when you type your racist nonsense? Surely you jest? Really? Some rednecks chase and block in a brother and he should wait for the cops? I feel about you like Lady Kong and Fat Rolman feel about me, you are beyond hope. I hope these fine southern specimens don’t get thrown into the general population when they go to prison. They won’t be blocking any brothers there, even if they try. They’re going to squeal in there.

    LOL, how do you deduce intent? Are you psychic? Maybe your redneck benefit of the doubt kicking in? Or, do you assume all black men have criminal intent? Those 6 months at the academy gave you a false sense of intellect like it did with my friend Fat Rolman.

    Celeste, do you really not find these comments racist and more offensive than my calling my uniformed friends Porcine?

  • Editor’s note:

    Dear “CF,”

    To be honest, I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t gone over the comments carefully. But, I will tonight.

    So, a friendly warning to anyone whose comments are skating the line, or blasting over it, deletions will happen without warning.

    Otherizing helps exactly nobody. Ever.

    In the meantime, stay safe. Be kind.


  • Basically every cf (real initials gj) comment is an exercise in “otherizing”, so take that with a grain of salt. Guess it depends on who’s getting otherized.

  • Huh….I never intended to figure out the dead guy’s intent. My point was intent has everything to do criminal law. Sure he was getting a drink…these aren’t my pants either.

  • Ladies and Gentleman, we have a troll among us and you all know who that is. The troll thrives on your responses to his/her incendiary and racist comments, which is why I stopped responded to them. I truly feel the troll is developmentally and cognitively impaired OR just someone with a low IQ. I also pointed out to Celeste the troll’s use of overtly racist comments, but because the insults were against whites, my complaint was ignored.

    As many of you know, there’s only one group of people we can insult in today’s society with impunity. That group (according to the left) is responsible for almost all of society’s problems beginning with slavery and now with a privilege that doesn’t exist.

    Arbery’s case is just one of MANY that have taken place and will continue to happen until certain groups of people make better choices in life. Until then, they’ll forever blame every other possibility for what happens to them, except their own decisions and behavior.

  • On the other hand, Witness la can be so predictable and boring with yet another “gay and lesbian teens of color over represented in youth authority camps” story that arguing with “cf” can at least offer some entertainment. He also serves a purpose.

    How many times has Witness la had to be reminded to live up to their own rules and censor “cf” comments? (Often dragging their feet until cf got so bad they finally had to do something) I’m sure Witness la sees themselves as unbiased and fair, but how Celeste has dealt with “cf” shows otherwise.

    Some commenters appear to be “cops of color” always interesting to see their point of view, along with the resentments and hostility. Especially when cf is going after the white boys.

    Cf has exposed a lot about himself over the years. People like him literally cant help themselves. I know my case is circumstantial but I’m really pretty sure I know who he is, an ex LASD reserve. I say let the idiot rant, and keep the comments coming.

  • Black people are 3.5 times more likely to be shot by a cop because they are 97.5 times more likely to attack and kill the cop than a white person.

  • That comment sounds like you are pre staging the deletion of every comment you don’t agree with. Truth hurts sometimes. It’s sad that someone who states facts can be labeled racist simply because someone else doesn’t like stayed facts.

  • After the worldwide exposure of Rodney King being assaulted by LAPD, I see why Blacks would rather fight than put up with a one sided outcome.

    From here to eternity, those days are over.

  • CF/And 1: No…my hood is in the dry cleaners as we speak and I can’t get to any of our meetings due to the coronavirus…but that’s another story….well lets see…he fought with the aforementioned individuals…a jury will decide if he was defending himself or escalated the situation resulting in the legal use of deadly force…we all know when a white guy shoots a black person its a result of racism right? And when a black person shoots a white guy its just a robbery gone bad…bad childhood…systematic racism etc….lets just wait and see what the jury decides shall we….I wonder how many miles her run a week?

  • Angeleno: Yep…poor old Rodney just minding his own business when the LAPD pulled him over and beat him for no apparent reason…wait…didn’t the other two in the car comply with the lawful orders of the police and were not harmed etc…hmmm. Yep does not fit into the typical cop beat a black man for no reason we will not mention that part of the story!

  • And 1: Yep…I guess it was better to fight with those folks and end up dead versus not giving them a reason to shoot him….yes…who gives a shit if a a guy had a previous criminal history and was just minding his own business on someone else’s property…..unless its your property!

  • I personally heard two true Rednecks state that it did not take all that to handle Rodney King.
    The lies and attempted coverup is what sent Sgt Koon and his boys to the Penitentiary.

    You scary boys from the burbs live in fear.

    On another note, remember the horseman in the San Berdo mountains who was kicked and beat on live cameras? Why? Because he made the deputies look stupid and it shook their pride when the helicopteror and patrol cars could not catch the horse 🙂

  • Angeleno: Wow I guess your right All us cops are racist and cowards. Just curious how many times a night do u put your life on the line for someone u don’t know. I will wait for ur reply.

  • By the way I have worked in Compton and South Los Angeles. Why the hell would I want to live there? I have a choice where I live and I prefer the burbs thank you. You might consider moving. It might change ur out look on life and offer a different perspective. Unless you prefer living in crime ridden neighborhoods and having ur kids attend LAUSD schools. It’s all about choice my friend

  • Thanks for protecting the great city of Compton, my uncle owns 3 properties there that he’s had for over 25 years. He suited up everyday for 30 years n chose to continue to live in Compton.

    So it’s a choice for some and not an option for others to leave the situation they were born into.

  • Temple and Broadway,

    I did reverse the shooter – it was junior who fired the shotgun and killed the Arbery, which is not a major issue when suspects act in concert to commit crimes, as both are equally responsible. I’m not sure what else you take issue with.

    More behind-the-scenes information has come out to indicate that there was undue influence put on the police not to make an arrest by a DA’s office. This, as well as the entire chain of events, is under investigation by the GBI. That investigation will determine if there was an attempt to “sweep” the case under the rug. This is the kind of nonsense that goes on, especially in smaller jurisdiction where everybody knows or is related to everybody else, thus the DA’s recusal decision.

    To blindly assume that the suspects “lynched” Arbery based solely on his race is as presumptuous as assuming that Arbery was a criminal because he was black; however, it is damning that dad, being a retired cop and DA investigator, would think it’s appropriate for them to try to detain Arbery for a possible property crime.

    This case is typical of complicated issues – we know only fragments of what actually happened, as reported in the news media.

  • Your spin is textbook with stereotypes. I never said or implied that all cops are racists and cowards.

    I’m not the hater of law enforcement officers that you paint me to be.

    Ask yourself how you felt about witnessing acts of cowardice and racism when you patrolled SLA & CPT with other personnel and units.

    Yes, there are quite a handful that are, as you very well know if your blinders are up.

    As far as putting my life on the line (days & nights) for those who I don’t know, chances are they’re more than yours.

    Read through the lines.

  • BTW, It’s bad enough for officers to deal with gangsters, idiots and felony law breakers and then have to deal with trouble makers within the ranks.

    More paperwork and division because of it, especially coming from a supervisory position.

  • Angeleno: yes….perhaps you are right…I may have read to much into it when you said it should not have taken more than two cops to handle Rodney and us scary boys live in the burbs…..sorry but your comments kinda sound like typical anti-police stereotypes…..maybe its just me…I don’t know.

  • And 1. When I worked Compton I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Many of the neighborhoods were very nice with well kept yards. I found the older generation extremely polite and respectful with law enforcement. What I did not enjoy was the fear the citizens of Compton live in. They are caught between a rock and a hard spot. If they witness a crime (gang related) they are putting their lives in danger by cooperating with the police. It is a very real threat! I also found that if a gang member lived on your block their house and yard were not well maintained and made the whole block look like crap. Yes…I agree some of us have deal with the environment we grow up in…but we all still have choices….

  • Angeleno: Thank you for your service! I was a supervisor also….I’m not going to say there are not cowards or bigotry within law enforcement…I’m quite sure there are as within any organization or group….I’m also quite sure there is racism and bigotry on the other end of the social spectrum. There is enough bigotry and ignorance to go around on all side of the race equation….I will say the vast majority of the officers I worked with and supervised were good well meaning people working in a very challenging environment.

  • Bandwagon:
    Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent concerning bad cops and mind you it’s only a few, not all.

    I hate the cancer within every neighborhood including the black on black crime and tipped scales in the system

    Bad segment in every race and yes it’s more prevalent among blacks especially in uneven socio economic areas.

    Concerning the Arbery Case, for a fair judicial outcome the speculation and guessed motives of the deceased should stop along without the rush to judgment and having due process for the defendants.

    Emotional feelings and aspects on all pros and cons.

    Stereotypes and ill feeling plague both the deceased and the defendants as well as the supporters of all involved.


  • @Bandwagon, IDK where you come from but the streets I grew up in where the same for us all. I look at the elite 10……”Rising basketball stars” so close to Compton if you threw a rock from the Compton swap meet it would land in our field “you get me”, all no fathers in the home, all single mothers trying to provide and nurture individuals into men…..while gangs ran rampant, drugs rampant and all we had was hoop’n……basketball for some of you who don’t know the slang.

    When practice was over, we all had to walk home from where that rock landed. We’d start out the 10, and by the the time we crossed the old sheriff sub station it was 2, there’s a lot you had to push through sometimes to get there.

    Of that 10, there aren’t many left of us that aren’t in prison or dead, we all all started out on King street, we all started out hoop’n in the local gym, Hustler Jr High “now u know”, but life ain’t the same for everybody.

    Choices aren’t the same for everybody, options aren’t the same for everybody, for some it is all they know. Of the elite 10, 1 is dead, 2 are in prison for life, 3 have been to prison numerous times, 2 are in Le, the remaining 4 iDk what became of them.

    So when people say you have options and you choose, it’s a factor for some and not all. It’s a case by case situation. I know many people who have come out of COMPTON and bee successful, there are millionaires out of Compton, their are successful folks that make it out of Watts n South Central LA who are not rappers and Ball Players to who ever made that ignorant ass comment in this post.

    And to that person I say, I bet your son or daughter wants to be a ball player or a rapper, I guarantee your son or daughter sings a toon, picks up a ball wish they could someday be as good as………it’s ok, it’s fine.

    Because I also guarantee that there is a kid who wants to also be free and not scared to go for a run and not get killed.

    I tell you all this, I made it from the hood, I did I still go there all the time, I made it out because not only did I have the boots to lift myself out the hood, I acquired the boot straps needed to run, not everyone in the hood has the right individuals to show them how to acquire the necessary tools to get out and this the fall victim.

    I like witness LA because you get to see what your “twitter finger ass” colleagues “ really feel about you, but hell we say that everyday and the department condones the BS…… I’ve said before if everyone was dealt a even playing field, we’d all be winners. But that is not this America and as long as a black man can’t knock on a mans door or go for a run in America the playing field will never be even.

    Life’s choices, opinions and opportunities aren’t the same for everyone……Just cause you grew up in the hood on the same street had the same circumstances and graduated from the same school in the same city as your neighbor, don’t make your situation the same.

    So the world need to stop with the BS,

    Idgaf what this young man did, was gonna do, it was not to these ISIOTS “yes idiots” I’ll tell them to their damn face idiot……they did not have the right to hunt him down and kill him.

    Call the police, follow him………….if some one idk pulls a gun out on me when I’m out running in my suburban neighborhood Imma run, ditch dodge and try and get away as well.

    But the story would read, he had a doctorate degree, a family, gave back to the poor, a deacon at his church………but wait he was a Deputy Out For His Normal 6 Mile Run Training 4 B2V.

    Would it matter, should it matter. If this individual was White I wouldn’t be typing this message write now, race out of place will always be an issue. Might as well hang the “No Colored” signs back up up cause the shit still exist even for those who followed the rules and made it, all the rules followed and you still receive no back up while 10-8……….like I always say on this bored, don’t talk about shit when you haven’t walked a day in “that mans shoes”.

    Each situation is different, Judge it case by case. This right right here is straight wrong and for the individuals on here that see otherwise, I will pray for you all.

    I’m still SMH at the person who mentioned rappers n ball players……..if you got kids I wonder who your kids favorite artist or sports player is. I wish nothing but the best for them, I’m sure their emulating a famous rapper or ball player, but not you. No LOL

    This was tragic and unfortunate how many of you in LE try to justify this, guess when I’m out on my B2V runs I will carry my strap and hope I’m fast enough while I stroll through a house looking for ideas on my next build to my 5 house.

    PS I don’t care about grammar n errors, I finished school 20 years ago.

  • Black on black crime, not sure if you know…..but that term came up in the 1970’s by a man named Warner Sanders from an article he wrote. No other crime is depicted that way of any other race and all races commit crimes agains each other.

    But it’s Ok, keep the BS going and please don’t kill me before B2V 2021 or I serve these divorce papers on your partner who continues to beat his wife.

  • And 1: Life is still about choices. Blacks are not the only individuals in our society who may be limited by their environment and social economic status. Plenty of poor white kids out there among others. Yes it will be a great day when a black man can go for a run without being shot. It will also be a great day when a white man can walk down Imperial Blvd without being jacked. I think we still have a long way to go.

  • Regarding choices…many of them are made with ones eyes wide open and with a look to the outcome and consequences. I wish when my grandfather left the south during WWII and moved to Los Angeles he would have been afforded more freedom and opportunity than he had been afforded in the de-facto segregated south. He was able to find work but due to long standing de-jure segregation practiced in Southern California he was basically “steered, guided, strong-armed” if you will into those areas that had been relegated for Black folks to live in. These areas typically saw the least amount of property appreciation and generational wealth creation as a result. Let’s not talk about those areas that had “CC&R’s” that legally “codefied” a who could buy and live in certain communities. His choices were clearly limited. There was no cross burning or racial epitaphs scrawled on walls or garage doors but instead a more sublime form of racism that is still alive and well across this state and entire country.

    Choices…not everyone is afforded the same catalog of choices from which to order from.

  • And 1, I also look forward to the day blacks aren’t discriminated against, because that’ll means we ALL will live in a SAFER society, but have you ever wondered WHY people are afraid to answer the door when a black person is on the other side? Or why people walk to the other side of the street when they see a black person approaching? Is it really racism? Or could it be that they’re aware of crime statistics that show, by a WIDE margin, blacks are disproportionately responsible for it?

    As a dog lover, am I to be criticized for being careful around a pit bull? Should I just ignore FACTS about the breed, pretend they’re JUST LIKE other breeds and walk my poodle (or other foo foo dog) or child right up to one on the street because I don’t want to appear anti-pit bull? Please.

    “As for interracial violence generally, blacks disproportionately commit it. Between 2012 and 2015, there were 631,830 violent interracial victimizations, excluding homicide, between blacks and whites, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    Blacks, who make up 13 percent of the US population, committed 85.5 percent of those victimizations, or 540,360 felonious assaults on whites, while whites, 61 percent of the population, committed 14.4 percent, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks.

    Regarding threats to blacks from the police: A police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.”

    As for bullshit you might wanna try limiting yours…people may be stupid, but they aren’t THAT stupid. Society may SAY everyone’s the same, but it’s hard to ignore factual data and hard NOT to see what groups are disproportionately filling our jails and jails in OTHER countries.

  • What makes you think that BLM represents and is the spokesman for Blacks?
    Newsflash – neither were the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael
    Jordan, Ice Cube, and the never ending list that you attache to Blacks.

    The predominant propaganda of ignorance combined with fear is evident and spread by you and those who don’t know any better.

    You comment often as the all knowing Wizard having all information on Black People and Sheriff Villanueva.
    Surely something terrible happened to you by the above mentioned.

    With all of your knowledge and inside information, you can come up with a antidote and vaccine for Covid 19.

  • B from A, I can’t think of any prominent black leaders that denounce BLM, can you? What, from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics is “ignorance?” Or are the facts just…uncomfortable for you? I get it….I’m Latino and the numbers aren’t much better for us….but I accept them and choose not to live in denial, blaming everyone/thing else.

    As for your other points, when you don’t have a fact-based argument, people often resort to ad hominen attacks (might have to look that up).

  • You are so correct.
    Only those who experienced it can recognize it.
    So easy for others not in that position to speak on it.

  • And 1. Apostle makes a lot of good points. I think poverty is the main issue here and lit affects all races. Poverty is color blind. Will putting more money in the inner city for schools and jobs be the answer. IDK. The problems that plague blacks in the inner city plague people of all races that suffer poverty. No jobs and a lack of education. It’s still comes down to choices in life. Choice to be a good parent. Choice to teach your kids values. Poverty is not an excuse to break the law or cry racism because life is a struggle.

  • Boo hoo cry me a River. Your feelings hurt? Maybe because there is truth to what I said. Life is about choices. Perhaps those ignorant ass fools you grew up with made some poor ones? Maybe?
    Or maybe if their ignorant ass dads didn’t make bad decisions and become dead beat dads they’d have the guidance they needed to stay on this side of the ground or out of jail. No?
    Choices. If people made it out of Compton without catching a pass or rapping then maybe they made some good choices along the way?
    As it stands I read this incident as wanna be NFL football player, didn’t make it, no realistic game plan for life, turns to crime, now is dead. Sure some rednecks blasted him and they’re trash too. Poor decisions along the way…see my point?
    Thanks for playing.

  • Been all over this country.
    Trash comes in all different colors.
    I’ve recognized mine and call it what it is. I don’t justify their trashy ignorant behavior.
    Your bleeding heart spills gallons but doesn’t heal anything.

  • Why, this CAN’T be Ahmaud Arbery! Not that fine young man who was merely jogging through a racist white neighborhood and stopping to check local construction methods and a sip of water.

    The rumors (ok…convictions) of his taking a gun to school, obstructing officers and shoplifting are nonsense also! I mean, just LOOK at his (high school) pic in a tuxedo that WitnessLA posted….he was on his way to becoming a fine member of society…a doctor or a lawyer perhaps. Maybe he has a twin brother….

    And 1, Brother from Another….care to comment?

  • …but a view that you will never have “access” to what others take for granted and sense of no way out can lead to a twisted fatalistic view of ones place in society. Why did poor southern whites feel most threatened by blacks in the south? Two groups competing for the same scraps causes people to do crazy things. However, it wasn’t a fair scrap if you will as one side could always rely on the real “ace race card” which was white societal privilege.

    I agree that poverty and bleak opportunities shouldn’t lead to people acting like uncivilized barbarians but this story plays out around the world day after day. Here, race is an easy long-standing divider, in other countries it may be religion, ethnicity, skin color, language or other difference. This is why many folks coming to this country from all over the world so easily fall into the comfort of creating their home away home ebclsves and perpetuating their engrained racist ideals or adopting the ones of their new home country.

    The real fight is to try and be fair in your treatment of others and resist the human prediliction for prejudice and bias.

    A dream I’m sure I will never see realised in my life time.

  • LASD Apostle…

    I guess Witness LA and Defense Attorneys all take plays from same playbook…..

    It reminds me of the photos the media bombarded the world with after the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson Missouri. An mere innocent, baby faced young man who had just robbed a convenience store, assaulted the store owner and later assaulted a police officer.

    Pretty sleazy….

  • Wanna be NFL player…check
    Just falling into the park…check
    Believe I’m the winner of this game

  • LASD Apostle, thanks for posting the video of the young man sitting in HIS car in a PUBLIC park doing nothing when two uniformed redneck, hillbillies with badges pull up and start harassing him. P1 (btw, the P is not for police) starts throwing the F word when the young man demands to know why he is being harassed and walks up to P1. P1, perhaps aware he is on video and no doubt a little afraid of a black man that talks back, becomes a bit more docile and differential when the black man walks up to him demanding to know why the F*^* they are harassing him.

    I am not sure what your point is, other than Ps harass black men in parked cars and that one needs throw a F$%^&^ back at a P when a P starts throwing the F-word at you. Or that redneck Ps are a step above keystone kops. The Redneck P says, “I tried to tase him”.. “I didnt realize you had already searched him…” Idiots. Lord help us if these are the “heroes” in the south protecting folk. But, thanks for sharing it. I think you should share it with black youth so that they know how to address a P with a little too much time on his hand and a chip on his shoulders. As the young man says, “I ain’t got shit on me why the fuck are you fucking with me?!” I love it.

    BTW, thank you for letting us know you are Latino. Uncle Tom and Steppin’ Fetchin were black. What is your point?

    Bandwagon, it is just you. Not everyone hates cops, many do, and for good reason. But, you see boogie men and cop haters everywhere. If you harass someone in his car in a public park, they certainly have good reason to repeat the lyrics of Easy E and NWA to you. You think too much of yourself and your job. Its a job, a security guard gig, not a profession. Do not get too high on your horse. I am idiot and I know it. Contrary to Lady Kong’s claim I’m not not that big of an idiot to want to be a P or a reserve. I do not want to be a guard at Walmart or in a black and white.

    Thank you, heroes, for all the black people you harass.

  • Hey cf (gj) policing in America isn’t perfect, but the vast majority want it and are more than willing to pay for it. Politicians don’t run on disbanding police departments.

    America isn’t like Israel, where Palestinians are hurled into ghettos, and the Israeli army routinely fires machine guns and rockets into their neighborhoods. No matter how much you overdramatize individual law enforcement incidents in the US the whole picture isn’t all that bad. Why don’t you channel your energies into joining a bds movement against Israel?

  • Conspiracy, what’s amazing is that they use the same old playbook over and over, hoping for a different outcome, but when the facts are presented to a jury, the evil, racist cops (or in this case, former cops) are almost always vindicated.

    These two schmucks will likely be found innocent and then the blacks (and guilt ridden whites) will march or riot…..

    Then….repeat….with the next black “victim.”

  • Oh CF: my favorite troll. My white brother cop who pretends to be a person of color ( non white). Always good to hear from u! How is retirement? Thought I saw u working security at Walmart the other day. By the way you have way too much time on your hands!

  • Ex reserve, which explains all the anger regarding pay and retirement benefits. Poor little guy was never asked to join the club and has never gotten over it.

  • WHAT?? You mean there’s MORE video of police racism against Armed Robbery, I mean Ahmaud Arbery??

    Wait….those look like POCs (police officers of color) in the video. HOW can this be?

    I’m SURE the media will run these videos on a continuous loop as they have his untimely, but inevitable, death. What a shame…I understand he was pursuing a career as an astrophysicist.

    And 1….Brother from Another? Nothing? WitnessLA? No comment?

  • You say “WHAT?? You mean there’s MORE video of…Armed Robbery….”

    The video/commentary says “shoplifting.”

    The Black Complaint: falsified facts in arrest reports.

    Armed Robbery is a Felony; shoplifting is generally a misdemeanor.

    In your mind it is O.K. to accuse somebody of committing a Felony when in point of fact it was a misdemeanor that was committed.

    Another valid Black complaint.

  • Rakkasan… was a play on words that sound similar or “assonance”….his name and a crime. Nothing more.

    You see, “Ahmaud Arbery” and “Shoplifting” sound nothing like each other.

    I hope most people got it…

  • What state did this happen in? He was young it would appear? Armed Robbery doesn’t always mean “having a gun” literally pointed to your head and laws do have some variability from state to state. In times past, even in far-left afield California criminal statutes had more bite before the legislature ran amoke in terms of creative law re-interpretstuon and basically watered everything down to a misdemeanor.

  • Bandwagon, your favorite? Thanks. I am flattered. If you see me working at Walmart, please come by and introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid like Lady Kong. She professes to know me yet plays coy and will not say hello. If it makes you feel safer, wear your uniform, if it still fits, and badge so that you can feel safe. Who knows, we might become friends and invite each other to our respective homes for dinner. Is your home made of straw, sticks or bricks?

    LASD Asspostle, thanks for the link. The last sentence is “The outcome of the shoplifting arrest is not clear.” Can you share what happened? Did they find the 65″ TV? The brother looks fairly fit, so not sure where he hid the 65″ TV. Your ilk on the other had can pack a lot of junk in the trunk. Those donuts add to the girth. And, what happened to innocent until proven guilty as you demand when a potbellied uniform officer gets suspected or arrested for wrongdoing? As the saying goes, what is good for the piglet should be good for the gander.

    Finally, did you gentlemen see the following. It appears that the coronavirus is more dangerous than the job itself:

    I hope you gentlemen wear masks and aren’t some of those right wing hillbillies that aren’t going to let the government tell them to wear a mask because this is America, home of free and land of the brave. Wear your mask and stay safe. This site is more interesting with you around.

    Now gentlemen, its been fun but lets move on. We gave Celeste her 100 comments on this post, which should move her up on the SEO metrics. So, dat’s all folks.

  • @ Rakkasan:
    As you already know, many people have too much free time on their hand.

    WLA unabashedly allows most comments with no holds barred falling under every category imaginable.

    The days of civil conversation are usually in the rear view mirror.

  • @LASD Apostle, I don’t give a damn what he did in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020……they had no damn business hunting him down and killing him.

    If you believe this hunting and killing was justifiable. It’s a sad fate for the community your policing.

    I’ll pray for you my brotha.

    Stay Blessed, I’m being dispatched to make sure a few unarmed men of color aren’t being harassed while playing in a park after dark.

    I will continue to pray for this world, cause we all truly need it.

  • It’s just a matter of time before it happens again….the SAME play, different actors. Another black male will get caught slippin and, instead of just cooperating, they’ll resist and be either verbally or physically assaultive (or both). The white cops (black cops don’t get NEARLY the media play) will do what they have to do OR over react and another “innocent” black guy will die.

    Cue the media, the wailing mother or (rarely) father, the (dated) high school or Pop Warner photo and BLM demonstrations.

    Then…as usual, the drip, drip, drip of the “victim’s” background, criminal history, video of past encounters, etc. begin to emerge.

    Some time later when the media has moved on to the next example of “racial injustice,” the DA refuses to file on the officers (because they did what they were supposed to do) OR a jury, after hearing the facts, find the cops innocent. There ARE exceptions, of course, because cops are human and screw up….but that’s the rare exception.

  • The hostility gj, you know calling people names isn’t an argument, it just makes you look desperate and angry. But seeing how your so interested in social justice, you must first tell us what you’re doing to help out with the bds movement regarding Israel. Only then will you be dismissed and allowed to move on.

  • “There ARE exceptions, of course, because cops are human and screwup…but that’s the rare exception.”

    Ay, there’s the problem: you say that KNOWING about LASD misconduct.

    Take, for example, the Kolts Commission Report published roundabout 1992.

    That Report can be Googled & read in its entirety (Kolts Commission Report) so I won’t go into it here except to note the the retired judge who chaired the Commission, James G. Kolts, was also the trial judge in this case

    where two Firestone deputies in the span of one year shot & killed a total SIX burglars in “fear for their lives.”

    Six in one year, all in separate incidents.

    One of the Deputies went to State Prison for murder when it was discovered that the burglar’s gun belonged to the Deputy who shot him; more on THAT can be Googled “Shaffer v. Field,” which is an appellate Court’s examination of the incident.

    The other Deputy–remember: they were close friends, shared a locker at Firestone Station & were room mates at home–went into the D.E.A. & led the Donald P. Scott raid; that, too, can be Googled, so I won’t go into it much here, except to say that Donald P. Scott was a multi-millionaire who lived out in the Ventura County boondocks just over the L.A. County line. His home was raided for drugs by the D.E.A., he was shot & killed during the raid by the raiding party, which was composed mostly of LASD Deputies, and the outcome of the raid?

    No drugs were found.

    Nothing. Zilch.

    Google it: Donald P. Scott.

    Fast forward to 2016, when the entire top command of the LASD gets sent to Federal Prison for basically nurturing the misconduct noted in the 1992 Kolts Commission Report, whose chairman, don’t forget, was the trial judge in a 1968 on-duty murder perpetrated by an LASD Deputy.

    2016-1968=48 years.

    And during that time Gee you didn’t see anything untoward.

    Yeah, right.

  • On the other hand if that’s all you have over the last 48 years, it doesn’t seem that bad. I mean compared to other law enforcement agencies like the FBI for example.

  • @ Rak: Exactly and well stated.

    Thank God that many of us who were sworn and rose through the ranks can see the shit tornados that appear online.

  • Six burglars killed, you say? Sounds to me (and probably a LOT of people) that if you don’t wanna get shot, you probably shouldn’t indulge in inherently dangerous activities.

    Rakkasan, thanks for the reminder, but that’s why I said it’s “rare”…..not “unheard of.”

  • Donald P. Scott. Google his story.

    All he was doing was living out in the Ventura County boondocks surrounded by a National Forest.

    What happens in the ghetto doesn’t stay in the ghetto

  • @CF- You’ve never seen him talk about white criminals, white trash, white anything? That’s because no media will ever put out a story about a white criminal doing anything. Those dont get much attention. Way to be a slave to the media cf.

  • “…If that’s all you have over the last 48 years….”

    That’s the tip of the iceberg; more below the surface, out of sight.

  • Now surfacing from the iceberg and no longer hiding out of sight is the arrest of the 3rd suspect in the Armaud Arbery murder.

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vic Reynolds stated
    ” I can tell you if we believed he was (only) a witness we would have not arrested him”

    The South will rise again, this time with Justice.

  • “Suspects were identified at the outset and were well known in the jurisdiction”

    “Alternately, if the suspects had been arrested immediately, they would likely have bonded out”

    So, why bother arresting any murder suspect if they are likely to bond out? Really? Unless the suspect or suspects are ______?______, pick your ignorant and racist potion and insert here.


  • Funny how you and your other screen name “Ownership” share the same words from previous posts on Rappers and Black Athletes. You are Busted!

    Go ahead and enlighten us by telling all that “Ownership” is your twin brother.

    You’re definitely not a Detective. LMAO!

  • Another example of police racism with a COMPLETELY cooperative citizen (and his family).

    This is happening more and more often and black leaders are remaining silent. If they weren’t cowards, they would tell ALL their constituents of color this:

    If you are contacted by the police, COOPERATE. Film if you like, but DO NOT obstruct or resist what they ask you to do…EVEN IF you feel it’s violating your rights or illegal. DO NOT give them a reason to use force.

    In most cases, unless you’re committing a misdemeanor or felony, you’ll get a citation…nothing more.

    IF you think the cop did something wrong, contact the agency immediately after the contact. If they don’t take care of it, contact an attorney with the recording of the incident. It really IS that simple.

    If you’re looking to bait officers into the next national news incident with a hefty civil judgement in your favor, be aware it COULD escalate into an incident which you don’t survive and don’t collect.

  • Rakkasan, “DJ Williams” has LOTS of stories of misconduct and NO corroboration. Not ONE piece of evidence (like a video or recording) or witness to back up his stories. SO MANY stories that you have to wonder why it took him/her 7 years of seeing all this injustice (most of it NOT reported) before he decided to leave.

    Sounds like a disgruntled ex-deputy who wasn’t cut out for the job. I saw MANY like him/her who left the Department for various reasons.

  • According to his Facebook post he was in the LASD for seven and one half years or thereabouts & was granted a lifetime retirement after a LACERA hearing. The details of these hearings are never made public unlike, say, Civil Service Commission hearings, but he would have to prove his case to a hearing officer, and a result from a LACERA retirement hearing can be appealed by either side all the way up the appellate ladder to either the State or U.S. Supreme Court.

    It would appear that since he was granted his retirement he proved his case to the hearing officer, and he is now making his case public.

    He is, indeed, “a disgruntled ex-deputy,” but it looks like he has valid reasons for being disgruntled.

  • Lifetime retirement? Uh…permit me to doubt. Again…another story. Is is true? I realize everything on Facebook IS ALWAYS true, but maybe, just maybe, it’s not.

    Even if this was all true….you’re kinda saying (about blacks being disproportionately responsible for crime), “Oh YEAH, well, what about YOU?” Which may have worked in 2nd grade, but isn’t effective as an argument as adults.

  • Why do white people always use the term “Black Leader” when describing blacks and then offer their two cents on what they should do. Typical!

    Typical passage from worn and tattered page which is consistent in their old ass textbook. Incredible!

  • D.J. Williams was a “Stand Up” Deputy who put in “real police” (deputy) work.

    I live in Diamond Bar and I observed some of his stops when I was enroute to and from my own Station when he was assigned to Walnut Station.

    He was stocky and muscular so I see why none of his accusers could only get in groups to confront him.

    The good deputies of LASD are in the majority but we all know that LASD does have cowards, morally and physically within the ranks.

  • @ LASD Apostle,

    Interesting that you doubt Deputy William’s writing about his experience inside LASD and then simply write him off a disgruntled ex-deputy.

    Pandora’s Box was the tip of the iceberg for LASD which was an eye opener for those who had no clue.

  • According to his Facebook entry D.J. Williams did his military time in the USMC, whose basic military training is the toughest of any of the services–Google You-Tube videos on that.

    He regards his USMC experience in a positive light; his LASD experience…?

    The comparison is telling.

  • @ Rakkasan,
    To you and all others who served in the United States Military, thank you for your service.
    Those who never served will never know or even imagine.

    I tip my hat to the veterans who went into law enforcement and a special wink to the Marines & Soldiers.

  • True or not– the point is being made that as a black man, you face discrimination for no other reason that being black. I think all cops blue wall of silence has always been about getting away with crime–that white POS looked at everyone knowing he would get away with it, bc he is white cop– so the only good cop is a tattle tale cop–a whistle blower–I don’t trust, we no longer accept blue wall of silence, and time for a change–revolution time. Notice how white people want peaceful resolution, really where was the peaceful arrest of a man that was not a threat. Maybe feeling a little threatened just because you are white–just might be the medicine white people need. Its time to change, its time to stop, the point is its different because of your skin color.

  • “It’s time to change.”


    What kind of change do you want to see?

    What would it look like?


  • Change would look like equality, freedom, justice, life, liberty, opportunity for all. It would have no color, no race, no social economic division. Change would look like my sons son would not have to live in fear because the color of his skin. That’s what change would look like to me.

    Everyone has their own story no matter where you come from, but some of us have a story of fear beyond the neighborhoods we come from.

    SMH this is where we are in America today folks and it’s sad.

  • We all have opportunity the problem is the some people don’t want to take the opportunity to they yes want to smoke and drink all day

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