Obama, Hilda Solis…and Maybe Gloria Romero? We hope?


What a terrific choice Brack obama made selecting California Congresswoman Hida Solis,
for labor secretary!

Herold Meyerson has a good column on Solis in this morning’s LA Times.

And here’s the La Opinion editorial on the Solis pick.

Then, without even taking two breaths, State Senator Gloria Romero announced she will “very agressively” seek to replace Solis in the latter’s vacated congressional seat.

Now THAT is a good idea!


  • A fine post by you Celeste and a great pick for President Obama and the USA. Hilda Solis has a proven track record of hard work, sacrifice, and we will finally have a pro-labor head of the Dept of Labor (been many many years).

    My hats off to President Elect Obama who has really put together a cabinet that instills confidence and is representative of all the people, this in contrast to the Bush/Cheney “Goodfella’s”, who represented their wealthy 1%er economic class to the detriment of the people of the United States.
    And I’m hoping that Sen Gloria Romero does step up and replace Rep. Solis in Congress, she is another great representative and fighter for the working class.

    After years of anti union, supply side, economic blundering by the laissez fair Capitalist Robber Barons, it looks like the Working class may be ready to step up and reorganize.

    Hilda Solis as the new Secretary of Labor is certainly a good starting point.

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