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LA Officials Campaign for Measure H, a Quarter-Cent Tax to Fund Homeless Services

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

On Monday, Los Angeles County Supervisors, along with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and other local officials, kicked off a campaign urging LA County voters to approve Measure H, a quarter-cent sales tax increase that would go toward preventing homelessness, helping currently homeless residents move into affordable housing, and offering important services to newly the newly housed.

The tax will be on the upcoming March 7 ballot.

The LA Daily News’ Susan Abram has more on the campaign and the ballot measure, which aims to bring in approximately $350 million each year to combat the county’s homelessness crisis.

“From Pomona to Palisades, from Palmdale to (San) Pedro, we have too many unhoused Angelenos,” Mayor Garcetti said during a news conference. “It is unacceptable in Los Angeles. It is unforgivable if we do nothing about it.”


  • It wouldn’t bother me so much with these tax increases if the money actually went to the causes they were intended for. Look at almost every time there is an election there is a tax increase or bond measure for schools. Are the voters that ignorant that they have forgotten they already voted for schools the last 5 elections and they all passed.
    The more they tax, the more committees and agencies they need to administer the funds which in turn means the money is spent on everything except the original cause. STOP giving away our tax money and start spending it on the CITIZENS that need it.

  • Here we go again, more taxes for what. The bureaucrats want more money again and the only way they can handle any problem is by raising taxes. This mans more new government lackeys that will get high salaries for managing our tax dollars. The people of L.A. voted to float a one billion dollar bond for the homeless and now they want more money in the form of raising the sales tax for the homeless again. I am tired of my taxes getting raised and there is no accountability of how it it gets used except for the city and county to create new departments to pander to a group of people like the homeless who will not be affected in most cases. I know the taxpayer will forget how this bond money will be spent, but I would like to see an accounting of those funds in a couple of years. I would like to see some investigation on who receives the salaries from these bond or taxes like, for instance The Mayor’s friend Wendy Gruel. This issue never came up in the L.A. Times at all. I hope someone will do this investigation.

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