Grassroots Reporters Wanted

We hope you’ll become more than merely readers and commenters. We hope you’ll be grassroots reporters. That’s what the Justice/Injustice Alerts section is about.

Tell us what’s going wrong in your community, your city, your state. What’s going right? Dig up the stories no one else is covering. Investigate. Instigate. Raise your voice. Scream. Point fingers. Give praise, if praise is deserved.

Get involved. Get the word out.

Eventually, you’ll be able to post directly in this Justice/Injustice Alerts section. In the meantime—send us tips ands stories you’d like to see posted via e-mail. Tell us and the rest of the world what’s up!


  • To submit a post for Justice/Injustice Alerts: alerts@witnessla.com

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    • Hi Celeste,
      Love your website and I’m sure it will be very successful. Through this site, I’ll be able to read the stories and articles that you write and if I miss anything, I’ll be able to get the miossing piece through the archive. Keep up the good work.


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