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Early news: 8:39 p.m.: 5.0 centered close to Inglewood and Lennox:

News at USGS.

Didn’t feel too much in Topanga, but was on the phone with a friend in Long Beach
who had the furniture and glassware rattling and swaying impressively. Cut off the phone.

The wires say Cal Tech says 4.7

Okay, the news will tell you the rest.


  • It was 5.0 and alot of people Twittered on the quake
    didn’t feel it cause live in Norcal

  • In Redondo Beach:

    Very impressive and quite scary. Sounded like a train directly above us, or a gigantic jackhammer “jackhammering” the house. There was no roll effect except for during the aftershocks that began directly after, and which I felt for quite some time. Those had a rolling feel to them, but the earhquake felt like a direct jackhammer up and down kind of movement like a giant grabbed hold of the house and was furiously shaking it in anger. Pretty violently, actually! Everything moved, even the largest, heavy pieces of furniture. Things fell off of surfaces all over–one cracked item and one broken clock to show for it. I was thrown off the bed by it, and the ceiling fan in the bedroom was broken and is now hanging low and at an angle (dust came from around it during the event like it was wanting to collapse out of the ceiling altogether). All is well except some hurt ego that I actually screamed during it! lol Thank goodness it wasn’t as bad as it felt.

  • Oh, and yeah…both cell phone and landline down for about an hour after. Internet fine. Cable T.V. acting strange, and still acting a little strange.

  • In Santa Monica felt it for a long time, but no damage. But at my parents’ house in Lakewood, stuff fell off the shelves, and their water heater was damaged.

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