Dear LA Times: WTF? Tim Rutten?

I missed this news although LA Observed had it on Wednesday afternoon. Amid a group of new layoffs at the LA Times, veteran columnist Tim Rutten has been….ankled, as they say in Variety.

What a truly stupid move on the part of the Times. Rutten has been—and remains—a valuable, vibrant and deeply insightful voice at the paper on so many matters.

I cannot imagine what the LA Times is thinking. Who’s next, Steve Lopez?


  • I completely agree! Rutten was one of the most insightful columnists in any paper anywhere in the US. And a voice we need now more than ever with the cacophony we are now witnessing with the tea party know-nothings and all the rest.

    Time to rethink priorities at the LA Times.

  • I agree with Kevin Patrick. Over time, I’ve written several emails to Tim Rutten and he has responded to several of them. Some of his work is simply outstanding! He should not remain voiceless–and those with voices are going to make some mistakes.
    In passing, the loss of Mark Heisler is also disappointing since in my opinion he is by far the most knowledgeable LA Times writer when it comes to the NBA.

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