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Bill Aims to Bar Jails Contracting with ICE from Receiving Funds for Expansion

Taylor Walker
Written by Taylor Walker

On Monday, the California Senate passed SB 630, a bill that aims to block local jails from accessing state funds for jail expansions and improvements if those jails are leasing out their beds—whether to the federal government for immigrant detention, or to other public or private lessees.

“California doesn’t need to pay for federal ICE beds,” said Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), who authored the bill.

And any local jails receiving state funding for renovations or expansion would have to guarantee that the space would not be contracted out for at least 10 years. Jails would only be able to lease their space to other counties or to the state during those 10 years.

“Using our limited jail capacity to cooperate with ICE erodes community trust in law enforcement and local government,” said Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia. “Senate Bill 630 helps counties maintain community trust.”

Contra Costa’s Sheriff (who is also Vice President of the CA Sheriff’s Association) David Livingston, disagrees. Local “sheriffs have applied for state funding to build jail facilities that have mental health treatment, rehabilitation services,” Livingston said on KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning.

Livingston says that he and his fellow sheriffs are not “focusing on immigration, but when you start taking money away from taxpayers because we happen to assist ICE by renting excess bed space, there’s a problem with that.”

The bill must now make its way through the Assembly.


  • I would expect nothing less from a State Senator from Berkeley. Funny how the term ILLEGAL means nothing in Commifornia.
    Heaven forbid if we do cooperate with the Federal Gov’t to remove these law breaking illegals.
    I’m all for not raiding houses to round up people in this Country who have not committed any crimes other than being here illegal, as long as they have submitted paperwork to become legal residences. It makes no sense that some have been here for many years and have not tried learning the language or to become legal.
    I know many people that came here the right way with the proper paperwork. That is the only way to do it.
    And before I get bashed that we are a Country of immigrants, all those immigrants came through the legal way and assimilated into the American way of life. The immigrants that come here now do not want to learn our language or our culture. They want to live in their own community with their own language and customs.
    My thought is if you want to live in America than become Americans first and foremost. You left your own Country behind for a reason so why are they trying to change America into the Country they just left.

  • Timmy-

    You are absolutely correct. I am certain that as a Native American you are very upset at what has become of your country with all of these immigrants. First the white man comes with diseases and steals your land, then the brown man comes and works for the white man, who takes more of your land, and then the yellow man comes to work for the white man building railroads to takes more of your land. God damn immigrants. You are Native American, aren’t you Timmy? I assume you are Native American. I think Timmy is Navajo for Man with Red Neck that Pulls Shit Out Of His Ass and Soars Like a Crow from the Southern Skies.

    In case you were not aware, Timmy, before WWI there were no “illegal” immigrants. Not because those Italian, Pollacks, Germans, Jews, etc did not come here “illegally,” but because that term was not even used. Prior to around WWI, there were no such things as green cards, quotas, visas. Hell, aside from a few periods during war, the federal government did not even require or issue passports. If you could walk, werent sick and had a few dollars in your pocket, you could walk right in. Can you believe that, Timmy. So, “all of those immigrants (I’m sure you mean white immigrants) came through the legal way,” is pulling shit out of your ass. And by “assimilated into the American way of life” you probably mean they were white – the Italians, Irish, Germans, etc.

    I’m sure you would have sent those Japs to camps, had you been around during WWII. Maybe your Pappy was in support of it. Or, turn back those Jewish refugees. Maybe your Ma was for it. The same arguments you make about the “illegals” today are the ones made about all of the other immigrants. Maybe if you stop watching Alex Jones’ rants and pick up a book, you may learn something, Timmy.

  • Timmy,
    Don’t read too many books Timmy. It’s gets depressing. You’ll learn that there isn’t a country on earth that hasn’t been fought over. You’ll learn that the Mexicans tried to exterminate the Apaches, Navajoes and other indigenous peoples—-you know, the “Native Mexicans”.

    • Nice gloss over. Many countries have been fought over.

      Most have been civil wars fought over between original inhabitants of a particular land.

      Fought over and taken over are opposite ends of the spectrum. Go figure.

  • Tim,
    Seriously dude, if you read a lot of books it will truly fuck up your whole day if you went to college. Especially if you majored in political science. Just read the select books that your poly-sci professors recommended. That way you can be truly misinformed due to only being given partial information, which leads you to incorrect analysis which manifests in a world view that has nothing to do with the actual history of certain countries. You’ll end up being one of those pendejos who act real fucking intellectual, educated and arrogant. You know, one of those pseudo intellectuals who can’t wait to remind everybody how well read you are by frequently saying things like: “Pick up a book”.
    BEWARE, don’t pick up too many books, or you’ll learn you’re not near as fucking informed or intelligent as you thought you were. Your ego will suffer dramatically. Just keep on thinking you’re the smartest fucking guy in every room you walk into. That will feed your ego. Consequently your self esteem will be off the charts.
    But it all hinges on you ONLY taking the word of your poly-sci professors as the gospel, and ONLY reading the books they recommend.

  • Timothy, be careful not to read books that have Alternative Truths. There are NO ALTERNATIVES to truth, as Christopher Columbus DID NOT discover America. Should you pick up a book void of alternative truths, the book and the movie “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” will expose the trickery and treacherous acts of those not native to America.

    • Everybody should read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Dee Brown was a fantastic western historian and author. I’m not suggesting that Native Americans weren’t fucked over. Nobody in their right mind would. Try to see the forest past the trees professor. You might want to read a few other books. You might have a slight paradigm shift. You might realize it’s as far from a black and white issue as is possible.
      Whatever you do, don’t let Hollywood shape your perspective on the topic like most people do. You saw Dances With Wolves like everybody else. If you were a full blood Pawnee you would be screaming at the end of the movie: “Why did they make us the bad guys, the villains”? Lol.
      Here’s a couple of books for suggested reading professor.
      Shadows At Dawn—by Karl Jacoby
      Blood And Thunder—by Hampron Sides
      Bloody Knife: Custer’s Favorite Scout—by Ben Innis
      You might be surprised at how a few of your preconceived notions were shaped due to being given limited information. Maybe not. Either way, you will definitely be better informed to offer your opinions on the subject of Native Americans and their relationships with the white man.
      The question nobody ever stops to ask themselves is this: Why was it so easy to get Indians from other tribes to scout for the white man?
      The answer is painfully obvious. Because other tribes were trying to exterminate them. They were traditional enemies long before the Europeans showed up. Before the evil white man showed up, it wasn’t exactly utopia in the west for every red man. The weaker tribes were getting fucked over by other red men LONG before the first Thanksgiving dinner.
      Oh shit, I’m rambling and being long winded again. I’ll quit now.
      Thanks for having this class professor. Thanks for “Teaching” me!

      • One last thing. Here’s a fact. The white man wasn’t the only one who slaughtered and took land from indians due to greed and prejudice.
        Ask the Arikara, Mandan, Hidatsa, Kickapoo, Crow, Pawnee, Yaqui, Shoshone, Ute, Zuni, Tohono O’odham and the Pima, among thousands of other tribes.

        You see professor, it’s a problem with the homo sapien species. It’s not just prevalent in the Caucasoid race of the species. It’s what the species does. It’s not more prevalent in any one race of the species than any other. It’s POLITICS and EGO that leads one to conclude that. Not logic. Not history. Not facts. There never has been peace on earth, and there never will be. It’s populated by the homo sapien, who fuck over and conquer the weaker of the species. It’s what WE do.
        All of us professor. Even your ancestors. Otherwise you most likely wouldn’t be here to conduct your class.

  • Alternative Truths huh? Think you’re going to find a lot of truths here about what’s really going on about crime and cops in America that the site loves to speak on? Anyone who thinks Native Americans didn’t get shafted by the newcomers is seriously stupid. That same stupidity goes right to the core of anyone who refuses to read up on “Alternative Truths” the left hates put out by authors like Heather McDonald and books like White Girl Bleed A Lot and Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Keep them eyes closed to the facts in those books cause it might sting a bit when you learn what’s really going on round here.

    • @ Surefire: Opinions and responses vary, depending on the topic. Many LEO’S of all ranks, nationalities and departments along with those who are retired make WLA what it is. I sense much angst and anger from you concerning the host of this site. Your beef?

  • I doubt many have been here longer than I have. I never cared for people who tell one side of a story. I never cared for people who are supporters of gang members, not one little bit. Celeste knows this, I even asked her about that, years ago, why she was so willing to take a gangster’s side in an issue so often in disputes with cops, she said, ” it’s a long story.” Just that and nothing else.

    Don’t need anything else to count me as being on the “other side” but there’s others. I don’t hate Celeste or anything like that but I think she cares very little about cop or public safety based on her stances, obviously some of her fans as well, and she should let rebuttal type pieces be posted if someone wants to submit one. Make for better debate wouldn’t it?

    Everyone thinks I’m angry, that’s silly, just always been a direct type person, how it is.

    • Thanks for your candid response. And yes, you’re correct…..there is more than one side to every story.

      We’re all shaped differently by life experiences. Again thanks for expressing your view.

  • @surefire – Sounds like someone did not love you when you were a kid. Since when does Celeste or anyone else have to care about cops. Start your own blog. Better yet, join the Tea Party blog. I think you mistaken a demand from the public for you (cops) to do your job, period. To do it in a way that adheres to the logo on side of your car, in a way that protects and SERVES. For god’s sake you are getting paid for it. You are not a volunteer. And, you get paid well, better than those with similar duties in the private sector. If someone breaks the law, arrest him or her, don’t smack him around. Don’t stop people because they have saggy pant or you “think” they are up to no good. If you respond to call, be respectful. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from the kid at McDonalds – “May I help you, sir” can go a long way.

  • Where does it say anywhere I can’t post my comments here because your cop hating ass doesn’t like them troll? How do you know how I do my job, you have no idea. By the way, I have a blog but it deals with something other than cops or politics, a hobby of mine. Oh I was plenty loved and still am and why do I scare you so much CF? Oh wait, a White guy speaking up and not afraid to tell the truth just irritates the hell out of racists like you. To serve the public is one thing, you want cops to be subservient to them and that certainly isn’t how I work. Deal with it.

  • Funny stuff guys…..and gals…..almost spilled my coffee. C’mon CF you are as white as I am. Can I be the poor Hispanic who made it out of the ghetto this week and you be the racist white man that keeps your people down.

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