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OCCUPY AMAZON: Customer “Reviews” get Peppery and Political

As you will easily discern, the above video documents the troubling and now iconic event that took place at UC Davis on Friday, November 18.

In response, today, Tuesday November 22, an “event” of a digital nature occurred in one of Amazon’s product commentary streams.

To see what I’m talking about follow this link. And do so immediately, I tell you!

A guy named @PhillipAnderson says he started the whole thing. I have not verified this, but it it IS true….Go Phillip.

(Be sure to read the comments on the comments.)


  • This product could put the Maglite 5-cell out of business.

    Seriously, is Neil Young reaching for a tuning fork somewhere?

  • Go Amazon!

    Loved the university chancellor – walk of silent shame to her car, with thousands of silent students lining the way.

    Note: Ron Paul (who supports OWS) is in the lead (25%) in one Iowa poll which also includes Democrats and Independents. He is leading by 4%.

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