Friday, December 9, 2016
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Finishing a Project…..and Eagles

May 20th, 2010 by Celeste Fremon

Posting later today.

In the meantime, watch the eagles of Hornby Island on the real time eagle cam here. They’re wildly cool. The baby is now a lot bigger than the creature in the photo. And very hungry.

And speaking of creatures, a blanket of oil has begun to reach Louisiana’s wetlands, affecting hundreds of species. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal reports.

Back soon.

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Warning: Construction Zone

January 27th, 2009 by Celeste Fremon

Today WitnessLA is being migrated from one host to another that better serves our needs so please forgive any strange tech glitches over the next 24-hours.


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Blogging the Absurd

August 7th, 2008 by Celeste Fremon


While we’re on the subject of extremely smart journalism students,
ZACH SIRE, one of my former literary journalism students at UC Irvine has started a blog called Sire Says that you must bookmark immediately. Why? Because Zach has a wonderfully intelligent, soulful, entirely quirky and creatively absurdest voice as he comments on…well, whatever he feels like.

In his non-blogging time, Zach is a gifted nonfiction writer whom I believe you’re bound to hear from in the future.

But, in the meantime, like many writers these days, he blogs. In Zach’s case, he blogs about “the absurdities that everyone else is too busy to notice.”

For instance, in the past few days he has commented on:

1. The new operation Deport Yourself plan (okay, they call it something else) that ICE has come up with to allow immigrants without criminal records to “self deport.”

2. A truly strange job ad on Craig’s List.

3. Why George Bush is not Batman.

4. Those unbelievably annoying “CAPTCHAS.”

5. The occasional serious issue, like this one.

6. And the very weird reasons that Floridians call 911.

There is also a lot on American Apparel, Cindy McCain, grammar, and….resumes.

Anyway, check it out.

(And for WLA’s conservative readers: Yes, yes, I admit it, you’re right, so you don’t need to say it: Zach, like his former professor, is part of the liberal media cabal. Yet, if you keep reading you’ll note that he throws many of his satiric darts with bi-partisan abandon.)

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