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The First Debate Between Sheriff’s Candidates, Rikers Island & Solitary, San Diego Prosecutors Admit to Cheating, Raising $$ for the Sheriff’s Campaigns… & More

March 6th, 2014 by Celeste Fremon


The first of two debates between the seven men who each hope to be elected LA County sheriff will take place on Thursday, March 20, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 at the Mercado La Paloma, at 355 Grand Street, LA.

(There will be a second debate in the Santa Monica area on Thursday, April 24. Don’t worry. We’ll remind you as the date gets closer.)

The debates are organized and sponsored by the Southern California ACLU and others, and moderated by the League of Women voters.

(It could get crowded, so an RSVP online here is recommended.)

This is the first wide open election for LA County Sheriff in….well….a very, very long time. (The ACLU points out that more Catholic Popes have been selected in the last 80 years than there have been different LA sheriffs.)

We are therefore grateful for these debates that will allow LA County voters to become better informed about their choices.

Happily, all seven candidates have agreed to participate in the debates. This includes: Patrick Gomez, Jim Hellmold, Jim McDonnell, Bob Olmsted, Todd Rogers, Paul Tanaka, Lou Vince

Other debate sponsors are: Dignity Now, The Black Community & Labor Alliance, Justice Not Jails and The Los Angeles Regional Reentry Program


On any given day, around 100 teenagers may be found in solitary confinement at New York’s Riker’s Island. Because Rikers is a jail, not a prison, many of the 400 to 800 16 and 17 years housed inside its walls are there are awaiting trial and are only locked up because they can’t afford bail, writes Trey Bundy for the Center for Investigative Reporting.

CIR has put together an excellent and disturbing multimedia report on the use of solitary on teenagers at Rikers and how the practice stresses adolescents mentally and emotionally sometimes to breaking. Here’s a clip:

There’s not much inside “the box.” Cinder block walls rise up and close in. There’s a bunk, a sink, a toilet and a metal door with a small mesh window. Food comes through a slot. Sometimes, mice and roaches scamper through.

Teenagers kept in the box sometimes hallucinate and throw fits. They splash urine around or smear their blood and shit on the walls. The concrete room gets so hot in the summertime that the floor and walls sweat.

Ismael Nazario’s longest stretch in the box lasted four months. He paced a lot, talking to himself and choking back tears and rage. He tried to block out the screaming of the teenage boys in other jail cells in his unit, but he couldn’t. Sometimes, he would stand at the door of his tiny cell and yell.

“You just get angry with hearing people constantly hollering all day,” he says. “There’s so many people that have been in that cell and screamed on that same gate, it smells like a bunch of breath and drool.”

Nazario is one of hundreds of teenagers sent in recent years to solitary confinement at Rikers Island, the massive jail complex in the middle of New York City’s East River. Teenagers at Rikers call solitary confinement the box: 23 hours a day in a 6-by-8-foot cell.

“There came a time when I cried when I was on Rikers Island, in the box, when I was there by myself,” Nazario says. “There’s times, you know, sometimes you need a good cry.”


The Atlantic Monthly’s Andrew Cohen writes about a recent instance when prosecutors in San Diego admitted to cheating. This is a distinctly good news/bad news kind of story—since the admission was so appallingly unusual.

Here’s a clip:

The story of a prosecutor doing an honorable thing, a courageous thing, should not be a news story. It should happen every day. But too often prosecutors do not act honorably. Too often they make mistakes and do not admit them. Too often they cheat, at trial or afterward on appeal, in their zealous attempt to secure or to defend a conviction. And too often our nation’s judges are unable or unwilling to identify these instances to bring a measure of justice to the wrongfully convicted.

So the story of Laura Duffy, the prosecutor, and John Maloney, the wrongfully convicted man, is inspirational. Not because Duffy acted professionally throughout this case—she and her colleagues surely did not. Not because prosecutors promptly acknowledged their error and quickly moved to correct it—they didn’t. But because in the end they did do the right thing.

What we have here, then, is the public acknowledgment by a prosecutor that an injustice was done in a pending case. More than that, we have a glimmer of the process by which this reckoning occurred. This is no small thing. One longtime defense attorney, who has evaluated countless trials including many in which prosecutors engaged in the type of official misconduct we see here, emailed back “Holy Shit” when I wrote to him about the results of this case. That gives you a sense of how remarkable United States v. Maloney turned out to be….

Read the rest.


We know that the seven candidates are each engaged in the difficult but necessary task of fundraising for their respective campaigns.

Jim Hellmold had a big fundraiser on Feb 23 at the Pacific Palms Resort.

Paul Tanaka tweeted photos of volunteers working the phone banks at his headquarters, and hit the fundraising trail over the weekend.

Bob Olmsted is having a fundraiser on March 15.

Todd Rogers just had his fundraiser over the weekend.

Jim McDonnell has a high ticket event planned for tonight.

Pat Gomez asks you to call his campaign office to participate in one of his small private fundraisers.

Lou Vince has taken to social media to ask for donations.

AS OF LAST WEEK, HOWEVER, JIM MCDONNELL will get the benefit of a fundraising committee called an “Independent Expenditure Committee.”

As its name suggests, an Independent Expenditure Committee can’t raise money at the request of a campaign or candidate, or coordinate with a campaign committee.

But on its own, it can raise and spend money in behalf of a candidate. The IEC that has joined together for fundraising purposes in McDonnell’s behalf, includes such members as LA City Council persons Mitchell Englander, Herb Wesson, Nury Martinez, Felipe Fuentes, & Tom LaBonge, former LA mayor Richard Riordan, former chairs of both the Republican and Democratic party in California…plus Supervisor Don Knabe and others.

There may also be other IECs fund raising for other candidates. But this is the first one we’ve seen.

As the election heats up, there may be more.


Steven E. F. Brown of San Francisco Business Times writes about law professor Jonathan Simon’s claim that California’s eyes should be on NY. Here’s a clip:

Law professor Jonathan Simon at the University of California, Berkeley pointed to prison reforms in the Empire State as a model that should be followed here in the Golden State.

Simon, who teaches an undergraduate course on prisons, wrote on UC Berkeley’s official blog that although New York has a long history of “bad penal policy choices,” it also tends to fix those bad choices more quickly than other states, particularly California.

Even as California Gov. Jerry Brown spars with the federal government over court-ordered changes to the state’s prisons, which are badly overcrowded, New York has moved away from automatic sentencing that overfilled its prisons.

Here’s a link to Simon’s whole essay.

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40 Responses

  1. Lady in Red Says:

    Jim McDonnell will undoubtedly be your next Sheriff. Even Mr. Tanaka’s huge war chest, really isn’t evidence of a large voter turnout.

    You will see as we get closer to the primary, more evidence will be unveiled, more doubt and clearer information that the jail issue led to the top.

    I can make an absolute guarantee Mr. Tanaka may be influential in his run for the position, he won’t conquer his opponent.

    What is more troubling and still not verified, was Mr. Baca granted his Reserve credentials and is on as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff. If so, I am disappointed that Sheriff Scott has halted that. He has the power. Baca will continue to use his influence as a Reserve to alter the path of voting to his own preference and use the Bureau that oversees the Reserves to help in that endeavor.

    I would appreciate a valid and verifiable answer to my question whether he was accepted as a Reserve officer and if and who granted him a CCW.

    Thank you

  2. J.London Says:

    McDonnell will never be the sheriff!

  3. Generallhuthut Says:

    Don’t need no crystal ball to figure out what Paul’s going to say. He’ll reiterate numerous times about how he has 33 years on and can’t talk about nothing else because of the investigations. I’m going to start a new drinking game. We drink everytime Paul says “33 years” and “I can’t discuss”. I’m sure I’ll be out during his opening comments.

  4. Laugh It Up Now Funny Boy Says:

    I’ve noticed how eerily quiet these sites are since John came on board. Is it perhaps you might be found out and rolled up? Or is it because your “purse strings” have been lopped at the top and you are floating aimlessly like a homeless person in the La River.

    Either way, it’s good to see some fear in the anonymous crowd who gathers here to talk smack. Some has substance, but the majority of it is pure rhetoric and silliness from the tan and green. Hey red lady, you notice no one wants to tell you if baca is a reserve doing his dinner gigs like before. And J. London, McDonnell is going to be your boss. You can take that to the bank and deposit it into your 457 plan.


  5. LATBG Says:

    Lady in Red, you must be impressed by the political establishment rushing to anoint McDonnell as the next coming of Christ. Don’t forget this is the same crowd that sought Baca’s endorsement, year after year – not exactly looking out for the public’s best interest.

    I think the majority of voters will reject a carpetbagger looking to add another notch to his belt. They want someone honorable who understands the organization and can reform it. That’s a lot more than “fresh eyes” has to offer.

  6. Prophet Mo' Teff Says:

    How is candidate Olmstead going to compete with annointed consensus candidate macDonnell?

    My election analysis of 2 months ago needs only slight modification, but the basic prediction is getting played out before our eyes.

    Olmstead can’t develop any name recognition when every candidate is getting shut out in the cavalcade of retrospective feature stories from every local media outlet on “the downfall of Sheriff Baca”.

    The only candidate whose name gets repeated is Paul Tanaka. So does Tanaka have a chance – of course not.

    My speculation is that Tanaka’s candidacy is no longer by choice at this point, but rather under orders. Tanaka steals the media focus by playing the fool for the public’s entertainment, thus denying coverage to Olmstead and postponing the day when McDonnel finally speaks.

    Tanaka coveted the Office of Sheriff, that is true. But what we’re watching now is the equivalent of a man being forced to lick the toilet seat while the old gang laughs and jeers.
    The Tanaka circus is killing Olmstead’s chances and guaranteeing MacDonnel.

    Tanaka is completely owned, and he is getting leveraged hard to bray like a sheep by forces who want to guarantee McD.
    The pressure on Tanaka may come from the threat of prosecution involving Pandora’s Box, or he may be feeling a different pinch.

    Anyone with the slightest discrepancy on a personal income tax return in the last 3 filing years whose return was signed by Paul Tanaka as tax preparer can confess to fudging on the advice of Tanaka. That opens a crapstorm of inquiry with the IRS which likely gets his C.P.A. license suspended and will require an audit of all his tax prep work to save his C.P.A. from lifetime revokation.

  7. Prophet Mo' Teff Says:

    By the way, the election starts in just 8 weeks. Thats when absentee ballots go out. Whoever can frontload the absentee ballot returns is almost sure to win this one.

  8. Time to Clean House Says:

    It’s unfortunate but true. Tanaka is damaging the chances of anyone  with LASD ties. Voters paints rhe dept. with a broad brush. The questions I hear the most with Olmsted is why wait to retire to blow the whistle?   Also Tanaka as we all know still has many fans in key positions. If he could’nt stand up to Dan Cruz as his supervisor, how will he stand up to the left over Tanaka groupies?  The public of today outside LASD is more informed than in other elections of the past. If more federal indictments come before the elections, that may also have an unfavorable impact on current and former LASD employees who are candidates.

  9. J.London Says:

    Never happen!

  10. J.London Says:

    There has been only one pol, thus far, that has any validity and that pol shows Olmsted with the advantage. However, there is a long way to go! Please recall that Block also believed that his name recognition would pull him to the top. And a fool, by the name of Baca got in! Note that during the Block/Baca race there wasn’t a lot going on locally or nationally which is in stark contrast to what is going on in America today.

    There is no indication that the coming election(in November) will be dull neither on the local or national level. Add, there’s no indicant that anyone believes that the LASD election will be done with any candidate getting 50% of the vote. It would definitely be a surprise to all us experts on the line LOL

    Uninformed voters have a tendency to vote during presidential elections when things don’t matter. But, this coming election there are a lot of things that matter. Obamacare, the economy and local politics. In my lifetime there has never been so much information and talk about who will be the sheriff and everyone knows about Baca and his crimes. We all need to wait and see how this plays out!

    True, that since John Scott has come in the thugs have been quiet. I suggest that we add all the news and negative information about Tanaka to our suppositions. However, it’s not too late for those in the “grey area” to polish your star, clean up your soul and come back to the LASD family that will again be great!

  11. Radioactive Says:

    Prophet, you are spot on. Sorry J. London, McDonnell will be the candidate of choice. I’m not sure where you get the idea he won’t, but good sources play him all the way to Ramona Blvd

  12. The Past Says:

    Celeste, A big thank you for the candidates info and for the debate schedules. Also listened to you on the radio and found you very measured, knowledgeable and quite kind overall.
    As we are now approaching the real election contest, you’ll be pressed to keep the WLA comments within bounds. You can already see the macho BS starting and the civil discourse thinning. Hang tough and be will to delete a lot!

  13. J.London Says:

    There are no ‘good’ sources’ at Ramona!

  14. LATBG Says:

    McDonnell is going to be perceived differently depending on the voter’s geography. LAPD credentials don’t mean a whole lot in the land of tan and green. Remember that he endorsed Baca repeatedly and sat on his hands when Baca was testifying in front of the CCJV. That will come back to haunt him, just as the long list of Baca apologist endorsers will as well.

    For those who ask what Olmsted did before retiring, remember his position and authority was subordinate to both Baca and Tanaka. He exhausted his ability to sway their course of action, so I challenge any Monday-morning quarterback to state what THEY would have done in his place. Stepping outside the organization and going to the FBI is the next logical step. Imagine what unchecked corruption would have done without accountability.

    I look forward to reading the other candidates detailed plan of action. So far Olmsted stands head and shoulders above the others. His honest plan is comprehensive, realistic, and voters know he has the ability to carry it out – a true Pathway To Reform.

  15. IthacaBoomer Says:

    LATBG- “Olmstead was subordinate to both Baca and Tanaka.” Wow, that’s an incredible revelation there partner. Are footnotes required giving you credit for this cutting edge research? Your statement is damaging to your candidate because it adds up to nothing more than an excuse and reeks of fear and self-preservation. His next logical step would have been to stay active and blow his golden whistle. Retiring, becoming a Federal informant, and then trying to gain political office on the backs of deputies hardly sounds like a “logical step” and is nowhere near noble. We’re in agreement that Baca had issues, but this so-called corruption you’re bellowing about, do you care to define what it is? Last I checked a few new deputies got indicted because they moved an inmate around for his own safety. Hardly Al Capone. Complainers like you call nepotism, cronyism, good old boy networks, cigars smokers, etc. corruption. Please don’t tell me this about inmates and their care and safety. Most of the ones I’ve dealt with deserve an ass whooping. Jail is not where you go to get formally educated. Sherman Blocks and his daughter Barbara Persten, Jerry Harper and his family, Cavanaugh and his sons, Campbell and his wives, and the countless others who thrived under the Block system to this day collect the benefits on the 30th of each month. Where was Mr. Olmstead then? Oh I know, working special assignment after special assignment while he thrived under the Block spoilage system. It wasn’t until he got checked by Tanaka for his mismanagement of the Custody Division and inability to control his captains did he cry foul…after retirement I might add…! Sounds Illogical if you ask me. Where can I get a copy of his “Pathway to Prison” paper? Does the MCJ masseuse have autographed copies? BTW, how did Olmstead get around the procurement process on that one? Just curious because we can’t pick and choose the rules we want to abide by, right?

  16. LATBG Says:

    Boomer, I gave you a challenge to answer two simple questions and you failed to respond. You continue with your one-man parade bashing Olmsted, which is your right. Again, who do you endorse and why?

    Your failure to answer these two questions means only one thing: you have something to fear with Olmsted as sheriff.

  17. J.London Says:

    16: He’s a Tanaka groupee!

  18. IthacaBoomer Says:

    LATBG- You got me there. I am beyond scared to death at the notion of Olmstead as Sheriff. Anyone who proudly boasts about indicting deputies is pathological. And those are deputies “he” directly supervised. Do you realize how twisted that is? Please tell me why you support someone like that?? I’m baffled. I’ve previously stated he’s a non-factor because he is. But the psychosis of a person who sleeps peacefully while he jeopardizes the freedoms of our brothers scares the hell out of me. It’s beyond wrong!

  19. proud ole retiree Says:

    Boomer, Apparently you are unaware of the reasons behind Olmsted ted’s retiring. I’ll not say anymore about that., Because his reasons were very pesonal, private and honorable. Yes he is a friend as are many active LASD. I don’t live in L.A. County , so I will not even vote.

    it saddens me that some take cheap shots with out doing any due diligence . I think if you had done a little research, you would not have made the statement you did. if you knew his reasons and made the comment anyway , then I pity you for your heartlessness.

    Engage your brain before you “dump the clutch “. Give reasons ( short of slander ) to support your position . If you don;t, then don;t vilify him publicly and anonymously..

    I believe the permanent Sheriff, whoever that is will need and deserve the support of every Sw…….ing d..k on the Dept. Just as every member will deserve his.

  20. Huh! Says:

    @ithacaboomer: I can tell by your screen name, sarcasm disrespect, tough guy attitude (“talking” about inmates deserving “an ass whooping’) that you have probably never actually been in a fight, or you are probably the guy who jumps in and kicks someone when they are already down or handcuffed. One of the main things I learned from this job is, the tougher someone talks the bigger the coward!

    It’s unfortunate it would not be wise, for those of us still active, to identify ourselves on this site, but I am confident, that you probably never used an Ithaca, and you probably run around telling other people’s “war stories,” and make them your own.

    However, I think your idiotic rhetoric is great for this site because it shows everyone the kind of incompetence and arrogance that is consistent with most Tanaka supporters. You guys never say anything intelligent, nor do you guys ever come up with a good explanation why Tanaka has contradicted himself over and over again, has selective amnesia and is willing to talk, until he is backed into a corner, at which time, suddenly “it wouldn’t be proper to comment because of the ongoing investigation!”

    Keep the sarcasm coming “tough guy” it keeps reminding everyone why we don’t need Tanaka!

  21. YouGottaBeKidding!! Says:

    @IthacaBoomer just so you know partner, lots of us sit around and enjoy your comments and your fight. I know your really pissing off the Olmstead loyalist. We might not agree on the same candidate, but what you have to say is appreciated.

  22. I vote therefore I'm American Says:

    Actually Ithaca Boom Boom just reinforces the hiring standards the Department has shown over the many years.

    Have you ever heard of an LAPD tac officer being demoted for sharing test scores with females, just so they can get the passing quota?

    The hiring process is really nasty. Just go down to personnel one day, drink some coffee and watch all the applicants who are testing. You will leave with a twinge in your gut.

    On the other hand Ithaca is entertaining, some get too serious here like the retiree. It’s ok. This will not change the direction of LASD. Some of us need some light and entertaining reading daily. You should too John

  23. proud ole retiree Says:

    I don’t find any of this funny or entertaining!

  24. Investigative Mind Says:

    “Proud Ole Retiree’ I agree with you 100%, not funny at all.

  25. Ron E Says:

    So, Tall Paul is a Gold Sponsor for an upcoming poker tourney at Larry Flynts Hustler Casino. Great match up, Tall Paul and Larry Flynt

  26. I vote therefore I'm American Says:

    Then do one of two things. Leave this site or find a way to look at things with some humor. Funny, things haven’t changed even when you were on the Department….

  27. IthacaBoomer Says:

    Ole Retiree- I know why Olmstead retired and I do have the dignity and respect to leave it at that. But he should have stayed retired and kept his mouth shut. A lot of families would be much better off. Before your clutch slips again let’s agree to focus on what the man did after he retired. I’m confident that’s what I’ve done. So if it’s a bit too hot here for you I’d recommend Moon Mullins where you can get the latest “Round Up” chatter at a more manageable pace. The days of Pitchess, Block, and Baca are over. I’d ask you to keep that in the proper perspective for your own peace of mine. Other than to cast a vote I don’t see how you can contribute. Cherish your memories and attend reunions. My hat’s off to you for your service. Now please leave the heavy lifting to those of us who still have horsepower under our hoods. I wish you the best and may you break LACERA. Luv, Boomer.

  28. IthacaBoomer Says:

    Huh!- Did you refer to me as a coward because I said inmates should get their asses kicked once in a while? Find me one “real” deputy who doesn’t believe that to be true. “Trusty with a mop” was music to my ears. As for the screen name, I happen to enjoy the power of the equalizer “Deerslayer” if you know what I mean. I’m not into war stories because I don’t live in the past. But I may have thrown a boot or two, I can’t say for sure. But while you were taking long forms and filling out 180′s in one of the other regions, I was filling out booking slips down south. I know you hate that but that’s just the way it was. I always backed your play when you needed a flare, but you weren’t stepping foot in my radio car because you couldn’t be trusted. So from here on out please focus on the issues, you’re embarrassing yourself. Thank you, Boomer.

  29. Huh! Says:

    @ithacaboomer: I’m staying focused on the issues, and you are helping, thank you very much! The issue is that you Tanaka supporters are always talking tough, but it’s all talk. I know this for a fact! And, your talk and frame of mind is an embarrassment to the department and those of us who actually “worked, down south,” (as you choose to call it).

    If you were as tough as you claim, you wouldn’t need to bolster yourself, to try and convince yourself! Go back and read my last post. I never actually called you a coward, but if the shoe fits!

    Now back to the issues, this is my problem with you guys, you are not smart enough to do the job intelligently, so you have to try and bully people with your “wannabe” gang mentality, just like your idol who wants to run around preaching the “gray area!” Your average criminal isn’t really that intelligent, but apparently they’re smarter than you, if you have to work in the “gray area” to beat them.

  30. veritatem dies aperit Says:

    LATBG- I’m offended that you refer to IthacaBoomer as a “one-man band,” I’ve had Olmstead in a metaphoric headlock for some time. I’ve shone the light on the Olmstead sycophants that their dog has no chance. Now you’re all mad at me. You are all astonished (and insulted) that your knight in shining armor has a record that he must answer. I know the truth hurts, but why the thin skin? It’s only March and you’re imploding.

    Olmstead would finish fourth if the LASD was polled. Think about it, it’s true. His rejoicing at indictments has soured the jail deputies, and an embarassment to this uniform. The deputies need a positive message, and messenger. Not some crotchety retiree that got pushed around by Dan Cruz. Is he kidding?

    By the way, I see the government’s case crumbling. I can’t imagine any convictions because there’s plausible deniability on all fronts. Just my assessment of course.

    Now, Mr. LATBG, You seem to be a smart fellow. Do you really think the voting public knows what a “carpetbagger” is? 90% of deputies have never heard that term. Your statements about an educated elecorate is laughable. The public is more concerned with Miley Cyrus’ twerking, Snooki, Dancing with the Stars, The Kardashians, etc. This election is about name recognition, period.

    Olmstead Retread!

  31. yup Says:

    I must admit, the Tanaka train is getting bigger and bigger each week. I can’t believe how much passionate support he has from many well respected cops. It’s indisputable the guy is well liked by many and has alot of support. I guess people are now beginning to step out and feel more comfortable in backing his cause.

    It’s going to be a good race.

  32. leftAtTheBall Says:

    @IthacaBoomer- I understand what you are saying, but you also reveal your true thoughts.
    Most deputies would agree that sometimes violence is necessary to accomplish the job. And deputies love those that work hard.
    But your arrogance and ignorance is quick to follow. You close by making the most asinine and revealing statement “you can’t get in my car, because you can’t be trusted.”
    That is the attitude and type of law enforcement work that HAS to go. That is why we are where we are.
    I would put up my arrest stats, against most of those from the “South”. But even better, I would also put up the integrity and conviction rate of those cases. So to respond, I would back you up, and you would appreciate it, but before you got in my car, we would have a conversation on how people get arrested. We cannot have leaders who have your philosophy, that will result in the further demise of this department. I’m not endorsing anyone, but Mr. T and his policies have to go. While he runs for Sheriff, his people are defending their actions that he ordered (my opinion only).

  33. Frank Murphy Says:

    #28, ithaca, “you weren’t stepping foot in my radio car because you couldn’t be trusted”? Why was that? Because you’re not sharp enough to make arrests without working in the gray? Too much working backwards to formulate your reasonable suspicion? The only people that have any reason to fear informants are criminals. If you are smart enough to work above board you have nothing to fear.

    So many deputies fell because they drank the koolade believing they had to work backwards to make good arrests. I never did and never came up short.

    I too worked R2 as a line deputy. I have never bragged. Its good to have pride in your station. But some have to bragg too much because of deep insecurity.

  34. LATBG Says:

    Boomer and Veritatem, you two should get a room. Boomer has failed time and time to state who he supports and why, but by process of elimination we’ve concluded it’s Hellmold, the boy-wonder. And now Veritatem, you appear to have revealed your hero as well – Hellmold! Who else fits your flimsy “positive message and messenger” description?

    We know you both hate Olmsted to the point it’s an obsession. The more ink you devote to slamming him the more credible he is to everyone else. Not bad for a guy who polls “fourth” in your LASD universe. Even if that were the case, which it is not, that tiny little speck doesn’t make up 0.01% of the VOTING electorate of LA county. Oh yes, something about being an LA resident to vote. Who knew?

    You are right about name recognition. McDonnell has it, Olmsted has it, Tanaka has it (for the wrong reasons), and Rogers enjoyed it in Lakewood and Carson. Hellmold? His name popped up when Baca quit, out of his mouth. What both of you will probably hate, but will have to swallow like a bitter pill, is when all the major papers start rolling out their endorsements. It will boil down to McDonnell and Olmsted, the only two candidates who pass the credibility test. Connie Rice and Sweet Alice Harris can rally all the black vote they want for Jimmy (what pursuit?) Hellmold, it’s still only 8% of the total, assuming he gets 100% of it, which he won’t.

    Can’t wait for the debates, the REAL ones…

  35. LATBG Says:

    Yup, I have yet to find a well-respected cop that is passionate about Tanaka. In the negative sense, yes, as in he needs to get indicted. Keep drinking that koolaid…

  36. veritatem dies aperit Says:

    LATBG- If ItachaBoomer and I need a room, then you and your Olmstead mob need the whole motel.

  37. J.London Says:

    Boomer: We should keep quiet about crimes?? You are really messed up!!

  38. IthacaBoomer Says:

    London- Who ever said anything about keeping quiet about crimes? My position is clear. Man up and lead or go home. Just don’t go home and then try to lead. That’s all.

  39. LATBG Says:

    Boomer, that is a weak argument. You’re playing Monday morning quarterback again, but you have yet to say what could have been done differently when the command structure was compromised. Please entertain us all with your acumen…

  40. gmanwhistle Says:

    I laugh when I hear about Tanaka support. News flash….just the city of Los Angeles, the valley, and Long Beach voters could carry Mcdonnell alone. Get out and vote Los Angeles. Don’t let Deputies that are pro Tanaka convince you otherwise. Remember most deputies don’t live in Los Angeles County and should not be the voice for who is Sheriff. Another fact is most deputies supporting Tanaka are probably supporting him because they have been promised favor for promotion or some special assignment. I wish the Feds would hurry up and put this Tanaka guy to rest. A special thanks to Sheriff John Scott for keeping the pro Tanaka faction quiet and running scared. You don’t hear much from these cowards anymore and I am feeling once again proud to be a Deputy Sheriff. Remember Sheriff Pitches was an outsider from the F.B.I, Sheriff Mcdonnell would do the same good job.

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