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Fourth World Medical Relief Comes to LA…& More

August 12th, 2009 by Celeste Fremon





Remote Area Medical Care is a nonprofit that used to airlift medical relief
to isolated regions of the Amazon. A couple of years ago, RAM began doing 60 percent of its work in rural America because, said the organization’s founder, the need in rural US is just so great.

Starting Tuesday, in case you aren’t already aware, Rural Medical Care went a step further and decided to do some desperately needed urban clinics. Los Angeles is one of their first and they are providing a free medical and dental clinic at the LA Forum for a week.

KPCC’s Patricia Nazarrio was there on Tuesday as thousands of LA residents
, who otherwise couldn’t afford care, lined up., many for most of the night. But still there were too many to be treated.

The Daily Breeze also has a good story on the clinic, reporting that people came from both San Diego and Santa Barbara counties

[ RAM founder, Sam Brock] said although health care reform has become a hot-button issue, RAM quietly continues its work of helping people.

“An infected tooth can’t wait while Congress debates health care reform,” Brock said. “We’re taking care of people who need help now.”

Yet, while an expected 10,000 of our fellow Californians sorely in need of medical and/or dental care will stand in lines hour after hour in the hope of getting just a bit of that needed care, the national television news channels have devoted an obscene amount of time talking about the complete and unconscionable falsehood about “death panels”—as if it was an actual topic for discussion instead of dismissing it for what it is: the most deliberate and cynical kind of lie.

The disconnect is getting a bit hard to take.



One more article that is worth your time is by Ari Bloomekatz for the LA Times about how the LAMP Community, one of Skid Row’s most respected housing providers for the area’s homeless, seemed to have failed to see when drugs were being dealt regularly out of Lamp Lodge, a facility for the mentally ill homeless run by LAMP. The dealing, Ari reports, ultimately led to a double homicide inside the Lodge when fighting over drug selling turf suddenly escalated.

Bloomekatz is very even-handed in his presentation of the issue, going for complexity rather than a sensational, black and white story.

He writes: “The case underscores the difficulty of keeping even “safe zones” free of narcotics activities in such a drug-plagued area, despite efforts by the LAPD in recent years to crack down on skid row crime.”

“One of the questions that we do have to ask is how a narcotics dealer and a hit man ended up meeting inside of a room inside the Lamp Lodge that was actually supposed to be a secure facility for mentally ill people,” said Capt. Blake Chow.

Yep. Despite LAMPs excellent work on Skid Row, we definitely need to be asking those questions.

Okay, now back to Alan.

PS: I learned yesterday that Alex Sanchez bail hearing has been put off until October.


Photo by Robert Casillas for the Daily Breeze

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33 Responses

  1. Marc Cooper » Blog Archive » Facelift! And a Few Observations Says:

    [...] * Disproportionate Response: So how many people, in total, do you think (to date) have actually disrupted one of these health care town halls by screaming at the top of their lungs, threatening to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrant-President, or complained that Jewish people control the Federal Reserve? I mean, really, how many? Five hundred? A thousand? Three thousand? I would bet the number is no higher. Now, ask yourself. How much of the news focus have they received compared to the hundreds of thousands, really the millions, who protested the run-up to the war in Iraq?  Would you say the proportion is anywhere near reality? [...]

  2. Woody Says:

    “An infected tooth can’t wait while Congress debates health care reform.”

    But, an infected tooth seems to come after booze, drugs, cigarettes, tv’s, and any and all waste that people CHOOSE to buy first. We don’t have a problem with health care. We have a problem with stupid people and their personal choices.

    Yes, an infected tooth can and should wait while Congress debates, because the financial health and security of our nation weighs in the balance.

    Don’t be suckered in by slogans to avoid a necessary debate.

  3. don quixote Says:

    “The disconnect is getting a bit hard to take.”

    Yes it is Celeste, and if one pays attention this disconnect becomes more obvious and separated every day that goes by.
    You have the press and TV people, rabid for more astro-turfer news, reporting and filming the same white conservative senior citizens, yelling the same slogans and right wing mantras at the top of their lungs at these small town hall meetings, and it’s referred to in the media as a popular movement, a ground swell of resentment from the heartland, oh yeah, the heartland, they love that term.

    Meanwhile you have thousands of people lined up for hours for the opportunity to even see a doctor for medical problems. Hardly a word or mention in the press.
    Why aren’t they reporting from any of the emergency rooms in the County General Hospitals of the nation, where one can talk to people in these packed full, miserable places, talk to People who have been waiting many hours or days to get medical attention while being dealt with like inmates at a prison by overworked and understaffed clerks, nurses, interns, and security officers.
    That’s were the press should be reporting from, evidence of just how third or fourth world our country’s health care system has become.
    A disconnect indeed Celeste.

  4. Woody Says:

    Race matters to liberals when they can smear someone by calling them “white.”

  5. don quixote Says:

    If they were black or brown or Asian, I would call it like I see it (no disconnect here!), but the truth is that what is shown on TV news is a lot of people shouting out the same tired, hysterical, paranoid, right wing slogans. And those shouting and sloganeering people are mainly white, conservative, senior citizens, who are also probably on Medicare or a VA hospital program.

    Tell it like it is! And that’s what the TV coverage should be reporting

  6. Woody Says:

    DQ, the press over-reports the townhall events simply because they are trying to use whatever bad press they can provide along with name calling in hopes of turning the nation against those who expect their Congressmen to actually read and understand the socialized medicine bill before they vote on it. The left-wing media isn’t distracting from the health care debate. It’s trying to help your side!

    But, the Democrata are overplaying their hand and people are seeing through them.

    Here are some reading assignments for you from various sources, but mainly Boortz, who is white.

    Gallup poll finds that independents are more sympathetic to town hall protestors’ views by a 2-1 margin

    RASMUSSEN POLL: Obama Approval Rating Falls to New Low: 47 %…

    But during her town hall meeting a woman stands up and starts to explain why she is opposed to the Democrat healthcare plan. While the woman is speaking, Sheila Jackson Lee actually answers her cell phone. Yes, she gets out her cell phone while a constituent is making a statement during this town hall. Unbelievable. Even the crowd thinks it is unbelievably rude. This is like saying to the constituent “Blab all you want. I’m not interested in your opinion, I have a call to take here.’

    Looks like Senator Brown tried to hide a town hall meeting from the public. The goal here was to make sure the unions knew when and where the meeting would be, but to misdirect anyone who might oppose government-run health care.

    People are opposed to a policy objective.
    The policy objective is being proposed by a black person
    People are racists

    Oh and by the way, the people who attended that town hall with Arlen Specter were an “almost entirely white and irritable crowd,” according to the New York Times.

    The press is eager to report on every incident of violence or harsh rhetoric at any event protesting ObamaCare. What was the standard, thought, when those violent words and actions were aimed at George W. Bush. Answer: Largely ignored.

    You need a photo ID to attend a Democrat healthcare town hall, but you don’t need a photo ID to vote the Democrat into office. Interesting.

    Barack Obama says that he has never supported a single-payer system. Does he seriously think we are that stupid? There are videos of him saying so.

  7. Woody Says:

    (Re-posted comment from below)

    Woody: reg, I don’t have to prove or care about U.S. health care superiority. I just have to concern myself about whether or not I’m happy with MY health care.

    reg: Woody – your happiness is the last thing on any list of what I could possibly care about.


    Right! And, that’s how it should be, you heartless person. You care about your own needs and I care about my own. Then we make our choices that are best for us individually and everyone is happy! Just don’t tell me what I HAVE to do or how MY money needs to be spent.

    I care about other people and help them, but I don’t want to express my care by being forced to give to YOUR causes, and you’re crazy to judge me based upon what YOU think should be done versus how I want to give.

    How many people have YOU led to Christ lately? How many people with no money have you given your cars to? How many people have you encouraged to become independent rather than slaves to the Democratic masters? If none, then maybe it’s you who is a “selfish, ignorant b**s***d.” (There you go with your name calling again.)

    This is stupid to continue to comment on this here when the discussion has moved further up. I’ll post this comment above for that purpose.

  8. reg Says:

    You really do have a pathological need to get attention, don’t you Troll-Boy ? Childish doesn’t even begin to describe the absurdity of your antics.

  9. reg Says:

    This is ridiculous, but here’s what an honest adult (yeah, I know…) would have framed as the disagreement at hand

    Woody: I don’t have to prove or care about U.S. health care superiority. I just have to concern myself about whether or not I’m happy with MY health care.

    Me: “you’re admitting that you don’t really care about the health care reform issues as social policy or in terms of comparative effectiveness of systems. It’s just about you. I happen to be very happy with my health insurance as well. But I’m not a selfish, ignorant bastard – a veritable slime machine of racism and bigotry – posing as a “Christian” – so the effectiveness and breadth of coverage that we get for an exorbitant cost structure that dwarfs most other countries with better systems concerns me.”

    The point, of course, is that not only is Woody demonstrably incompetent in his assertions and arguments, but he has by his own admission removed himself from any serious policy discussion to such issues as what happened the last time he banged his hand and ran to the doctor. Since Woody raised the dangers of masturbation in some silly earlier comment, I would suggest that he at least shut the door when he does it, because that’s all his steady stream of drivel in these threads amounts to. Maybe that’s how he hurt his hand. It’s my guess he’s saving it all in a jar somewhere so he can remind himself of his superior powers.

  10. don quixote Says:

    C’mon Woody, are you now complaining that the “press” over-reports on the town hall meetings? And that all the screaming, hysterics, bad manners, illogical thought process’s, ect;ect; is some kind of planned reverse propaganda ploy?
    That the “left wing media”, “Obama’s people”, and these astro-turfers are somehow in cahoots to show the country the irrational, ill mannered, white senior citizens, so as to turn opinion towards supporting a Universal Health Care Plan? Are you really saying that it’s a plot? Another step in the worldwide Commie Conspiracy?

    Hey Woody, what Left Wing media? The LA Times? Fox News? CNN? Clear Channel Radio, that has right wing Limbaugh clones screeching with the same whining, humorless humor, with that suffering and plaintive voice, on every radio station around the clock anywhere you happen to be in the country? Gimme a break man!

    And Woody please! Independent voters? Sheeeeit anyone knows that the majority of “Independent voters” are just conservatives who are too ashamed after the Bush/Cheney era to call themselves Republicans.

    And one more thing on your Woody quote Woody,

    “What was the standard, thought, when those violent words and actions were aimed at George W. Bush. Answer: Largely ignored.”

    F”"”"king George Bush and Cheney never had town hall meetings that I can recall, unless it was in a locked down American Legion Hall in Blancajente, Alabama somewhere, or speaking to a hand picked private audience made up of Military personnel on an aircraft carrier or a military base and off limits to everyone else.
    Hell I seem to recall anyone with a complaint or a protest of the Bush/Cheney regime being segregated to some caged in “Protest Area” about a mile from where Bush/Cheney were speaking.

  11. Woody Says:

    Still can’t beat me facts, huh, reg?

    As reg fights logic and truth with personal attacks, so do others on the Left, who even eat their own kind.

    Salon: Obama’s healthcare horrorHeads should roll — beginning with Nancy Pelosi’s! By Camille Paglia

    From a commenter to the article:

    C**tzilla Paglia is under the delusion that she
    Is one of the straight boys. No, Camille, you are not. You are a self-hater with a platform, and you do damage. I cannot tell you how much I personally detest you, you animated piece of garbage.

    Nice. Typical of those who want “free” health care no matter what it takes. Maybe that was reg, too. The style looks familiar.

    - – -

    Also, why hasn’t anyone from the news pointed out that the road show by Rural Medical Care is really a giant publicity stunt for ObamaCare? You guys are just mad because it’s only getting attention from left-wing public radio and liberal bloggers.

    I like the way that the interview starts out. It foretells the system that Obama offers.

    Patricia Nazario: At the doctor’s office it might be take a number and have a seat. But outside the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers, it was stand in line, take a number… and wait

    Patient 1: I was in line at what? 3:30 in the morning.

    Nazario: What’s your number?

    Patient 1: 901.

    Patient 2: Yeah, I been here since midnight. Some people been here since 9 o’clock, last night.

    Nazario: Did you bring blankets and a pillow and a chair?

    Patient 2: Yes, I did.

    Charles Jackson: I came here at 4:30 this morning.

    Nazario: That’s Charles Jackson. He pulled number 1,260 out of the 1,500 slips volunteers distributed for the first day of treatments.

    And, you just thought that the post office lines were bad.

    Give it up, guys. You’re simply grabbing for money and power. Compassion is way down the list of your concerns.

    It’s like the death counts in the Mideast. You were all “compassionate” when you kept up your hourly death updates under Bush, really for political gain, but that’s all disappeared despite the rising deaths in Afghanistan.

    Celeste may be compassionate, but most of you behind Obama’s plan or either stupid, greedy for others to pay your bills, or after control of the American public and system. And, I thought that the Republicans were stupid for blowing their opportunities to make this nation better. The Democrats are out-doing them in tons.

    - – -

    Sorry, reg. You should have skipped this.

  12. Woody Says:

    Hmmm. The blockquote should have ended right before the post office comment.

  13. reg Says:

    It’s interesting that the KPCC website stories now not only include wingnut commentary but admonishments to me that I shouldn’t read them. And I thought “nothing reg says matters, ever!”

  14. Woody Says:

    reg: by his own admission removed himself from any serious policy discussion to such issues

    Not really, not after Obama has been caught on video saying that he wants a single-payer, government controlled health care system that dictates his “no-options option” to private citizens and that whatever they say and whatever they want doesn’t matter. How’s that for his compassion?

    BTW, reg, aren’t you a little embarrassed about revealing your fantasies of me and the essence of my natural fluids?

  15. Woody Says:

    Look, my motivations and your motivations are not that important. What needs to be recognized is that this bill for the government takeover of medicine is a disaster and needs to be reworked or scrapped.

  16. Woody Says:

    I’m done here.

  17. Xavier Xenophobe Says:

    Damn those gavacho senior citizens, they hate mexicans, and are are using this issue to stir the vitriol against mexicans who want free health care at the rich gavachos expense !!!

    Can you feel the press just spreading the vitriol of the gavachos !!

  18. Travis Tea Says:

    I believe in Whirled Peas, Woody. Your done here, go take a fart-a-roo and visit the kitchen, pal, you’ve earned it.

  19. Travis Tea Says:

    Xavier Xenophobe, vitreous humor is in the eye of the beholder. Go take a nap-a-roo, your dull.

  20. Travis Tea Says:

    I’m done here.

  21. Xavier Xenophobe Says:

    Travis Tea has his chones in a bunch,he should enjoy a Ramos Gin Fizz and not get so worked up over the angry old white people. We know Travis Tea and his friends will never be done here. jejeje

  22. Conchita Says:


    That is a very funny comment, I hurt my gut laughing. lol lol

  23. Gava Joe Says:

    ^^^^^I know these guys. I can have them whacked for a price.

  24. Celeste fremon Says:

    Gava Joe, for the most part I believe that whacking is a bit severe as a way of controlling the comments section. (Not that I don’t appreciate the offer.)

  25. Gava Joe Says:

    No problem. You’re the boss.

  26. Albirdia Tuggle Says:

    Kinda hard to be graceful when your stomping an eyeball. Wack em all Joe, and let CNN sort it out. Obey Celeste or die!

  27. stirring the pot Says:
    Tuesday, August 11, 2009
    Tony Rafael suggested:
    “Let’s do something radical. Let’s get some private funding (for Tony Cardenas and Maxine Waters bill H.R. 3526 – to professionalize gang intervention) from Tom Hayden, Bill Gates, Ed Asner, The Ford Foundation, The Annenberg Trust, The Pacifica Foundation and other activist groups. Let them create the model, fund it and run it. If they can make it work, I’d have no objection to matching private money with taxpayer money.

  28. Hiroshi Says:

    I never post under different names, I will not respond to the Internet trolls who hate old white people !!!!

    The Internet trolls are facists and ect, thier words are full of vitriol !!!

    My abuelita taught to respect all people, I will share my abuelita stories with all you lucky folks.

  29. Wally Sucks Says:

    August 13th, 2009 at 7:06 pm
    Tuesday, August 11, 2009
    Tony Rafael suggested:

    Oh Wally’s out of the witness protection program I see. He must be getting ready to write a new book if he’s posting new material. I admit I clicked once out of curiousity, but that’s all he’s getting from me. I refuse to contribute to his wallet after bailing out on his blog for a year. That whole blog was just a ruse for info for that sorry ass Mexican Mafia book.

  30. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Albirdia, so I’m guessing I probably shouldn’t use that line with my students when they get rowdy. Nah, probably not.

  31. Albirdia Tuggle Says:

    Forgive me Celeste, I was being ironic. I agree with you and Joe, whacking keeps people out of your hair.

  32. Herbert Wolfeschlaegelsteinhausenbergerhaufstedt Says:

    Wally has got a lot of guts coming back, after what he pulled. Shame on him. He’s lucky I don’t cast him out or smite him or something.

  33. Gava Joe Says:

    #29 is not only a literary critic, but also a serious student of social programs. His misinformation as regards the amounts of “hits” In The Hat receives related to some revenue is just as skewed as his other input. Unfortunately this blog is stuck with his obscure insight. Much like a parasite he’ll “feed” off the host until her audience tars and feathers his smarmy arse. Get a real job Rob.

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