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Andrew Breitbart: Goodbye to an Inspired Troublemaker

March 1st, 2012 by Celeste Fremon

LA author, blogger, provocateur Andrew Breitbart died Thursday morning. He was 43.

He was what Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan called a worthy opponent, the media landscape will be less interesting in his absence.

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed has a good gathering of tributes and obits—from both sides of the fence.

The photo of Breitbart is taken from the cover of his book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!.

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6 Responses

  1. Woody Says:

    They missed this one:

    Rolling Stone on Breitbart: He’s Dead. Good!

    Matt Taibi, who delusionally lists himself among the ranks of ‘journalist’ and ‘political writer’ took things way too far today, posting a blog entry on the Rolling Stone site which is, in a word – abhorrent. ….

    ‘So Andrew Breitbart is dead. Here’s what I have to say to that, and I’m sure Breitbart himself would have respected this reaction: Good! F*** him. I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead.’

  2. Miles Says:

    Taibbi’s awesome.

  3. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Woody, I think abhorrent about sums things up.

    Taibi’s a very talented reporter. As a human being, it looks like he could use some work.

  4. Bill Says:

    There’s an internet version of the following that has been attributed to Mark Twain, but it was actually Clarence Darrrow:

    “All men have an emotion to kill; when they strongly dislike someone they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction.”

    I will not miss Andrew . . . and yes, God’s not finihsed with me yet. I know I need some work.

  5. BEGRUNT Says:

    Stay classy there Miles!

  6. Miles Says:

    Breitbart gave a bizarre speech to a right wing interest group recently where he talked of actually killing liberals, starting some kind of revolution. I guess this was brought on by a couple of journos spreading a rumor that he was a closet case. He was really high strung. In that nasty game of politics, you have to have a sense of humor. I think he took it all way too seriously and the stress got to him. I’m betting there’s some pills and alcohol involved, but of course my belief is that these things are a symptom not a root cause.

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