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WitnessLA is Taking a Christmas Break – Back January 4

December 17th, 2012 by Celeste Fremon

As longtime WLA readers know, we usually put up a string of Christmas videos at this juncture,
and invite suggestions of additional musical items from anyone who cares to give them. But, given the events in Newtown, I don’t yet have the heart for the usual fare. Thus I settled on theses offerings from Mr. Springsteen, Mr. Haggard and Mr. Crosby.

If there’s important news on one of the topics we’re following the most closely,
we’ll show up and alert you. So check in from time to time.

And 2013, we have new stories in the works on the LASD, on LA County juvenile probation, and lots, lots more.

In the meantime, may your holidays be filled with friends, family and much warmth.

And may we find a productive national conversation out of these sad days of December 2012.


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2 Responses

  1. J.London Says:

    Remember why we celebrate CHRISTMAS in the first place. Good will toward others. I know this is hard. When you get back be a little more open to the ‘other view’ so things can get done such as; a better plan for realignment. LOL I will pray for Jesus to bless you and the family.

    Take Care

  2. jim hitchcock Says:

    Happiest of Holidays to a rather spectacular writer!

    Ah, heck, take out the qualifier :)

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