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Late in Posting

January 28th, 2010 by Celeste Fremon


Crazy busy this morning. Back soon.

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  1. Ronnie Katz Says:

    Cats know looking adorable after misbehaving negates their crime!

  2. Ronnie Katz Says:

    Cats have nifty ways of inflicting revenge. 4 on each paw.

  3. Woody Says:

    To tie in to a recent post, what’s Obama doing about this? (Not that Bill Clinton has a complaint.)

    The recession has seen the street price of oral sex, the most common service, plummet from $60 last fall to $20 today. “Full service” involving intercourse has dropped from $150 to $80.

  4. Bernie alway$ win$ Says:

    Republicans are angry because male prostitutes haven’t lowered their prices. Rob just said that. He’s playing x box. Every now and then he cracks a funny. Though I’d share.

  5. Canadian Citizen Says:


    We don’t need your president butting his nose into the price of our hookers in Toronto.–recession-means-tough-times-for-sex-workers

  6. Where's The Money ? Says:

    I wonder if the cat could use his laptop computer to help LAUSD and the L.A. balance their budgets.


    “Oops! The sea of red ink engulfing the Los Angeles Unified School District budget is turning into an ocean of scarlet.

    The district was expecting to face a $470 million dollar deficit next year. But this is now ballooning into a potentially $670 million dollar shortfall.”

  7. Bernie alway$ win$ Says:

    The Los Angeles economy mirrors the rest of the country. People who dial in on local fiscal politics are either bored to death or have some kind of stake in the outcome politically. It might be the single most boring form of journalism there is, next to the crime blotter. A city with with a ghetto about the size of New Hampshire, and there’s crime. You don’t say? Again, same thing. Bored to death, or have some kind of political stake in it all.

  8. Ronnie Katz Says:

    Catatonic (n) – Italian beverage most preferred by cats.
    Kudos for keeping that cat lean.

  9. Ronnie Katz Says:

    Cataract: Rack for punishing bad puddy tats.

  10. StillNoScript Says:

    Bernie and Robbie T sure have been spending alot of time together. Rob loves those x-cons and Bernie must have swithced teams already cuz I know I rather be spending my time with a lady rather than a 30 something basement dweller that plays xbox all day.

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