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A Little Bit of Bob to Cheer Your Day

December 22nd, 2009 by Celeste Fremon

And if you’re not cheered by a single playing. Then, heck. Play it again!

(Go, Bob.)

FYI: Mr. Zimmerman is donating all proceeds from this album, Christmas in the Heart, to charities for the homeless and hungry in the United States, Britain and 80 countries in need.

Now, then, once you’ve seen Bob bouncing about in the hat and the silly wig, you should play this one, which is quite lovely:

And this one is, if anything, better.

Go, Bob. (Again.)

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  1. reg Says:

    More Happy Holidays…

    A little late, but what the hell.

    Also this is a keeper from Tom Waits:

    Another classic courtesy of Waits, Paul Auster and Harvey Keitel:

  2. reg Says:

    oops – I put up too many links and it got stuck. some good stuff tho.

  3. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Thanks for the great links, Reg.

    The song on the Tom Waits video, in particular, is so gorgeous. Geeze, he was young then.

    (And, obviously, as you can see, I too like the odd—and oddly wonderful—Dylan Christmas album.)

  4. RobThomas Says:

    I like to show all religions a little love this time of year. Well, except Christians. I don’t show them any love, ever. Under any circumstances. But here’s some Hanukkah greetings.

  5. RobThomas Says:

  6. RobThomas Says:

  7. Celeste Fremon Says:

    “Well, except Christians. I don’t show them any love, ever. Under any circumstances.”

    Uh, that’s a little extreme, Rob.

  8. reg Says:

    I believe that Tom Waits “Hooker” song is based on a Bukowski poem, but I’ve never actually seen the poem.

  9. reg Says:

    The long-awaited Leonard Cohen Christmas album – still just a single, but quite a lovely duet (scroll about halfway down for mp3):

  10. reg Says:

    And the perennial favorite:

  11. reg Says:

    The thing I love about the Dylan Christmas album is – “Must Be Santa” video aside – the lack of irony. He just did a straight-ahead Christmas album and obviously loves the songs. I’m playing it a lot – along with that great Chieftans Christmas album and the Louis Armstrong, James Brown, Phil Spector (Darlene Love, and Dean Martin Christmas albums, which are evergreens IMHO.

  12. reg Says:

    Then there was this…Garrison Keillor showing Bill O’Reilly how it’s done by true contrarians in the big leagues.,0,225627.story

  13. WTF Says:

    I need to remind Rob Thomas the Christian Hater about the powerful visage of the Virgen de Guadalupe which is such a part of the Mexican and Mexican American culture, whether one is Roman Catholic or not.

    The poor Indio Juan Diego whose culture was being destroyed by the European invasion of the “New World”, who was being re-educated by his new masters as a pagan idolator of false gods and a heathen whose place on the new social roster was at the bottom, it must have been a near schizophrenic experience for the native Americans until La Virgen de Guadalupe appeared and became the patroness of the downt-rodden, hard working, honest and exploited Mexicans.

    Even Emiliano Zapata carried Flags bearing the Virgen de Guadalupe during the Mexican Revolution, surely an Internet revolutinary be nore understanding of Christians.

  14. Woody Says:

    After I made a joke about Dylan’s Christmas album being so terrible, my kids wandered around the house playing “It Must Be Christmas” on a Mac. Other than that song, the rest of the album is as memorable as Brian Wilson’s Christmas album.

  15. reg Says:

    Rob Thomas should be very, very careful who he messes with…

  16. Celeste Fremon Says:

    In no particular order.

    ****I LOVE the Toby Keith/Colbert video you have up at Beautiful Horizons. I forgot all about that.

    ***A point beautifully made, WTF. (As a matter of fact, I have the Virgin of Guadelupe in various guises all over my house And one statue in the garden. Three of them were drawn by prisoners. I treasure each one because they signify….

    ***Oh, would that there were a Leonard Cohen Christmas album.

    ***I’m going to download some Brian Wilson right now.

    ***The GK column is a total keeper.

  17. Drinking with Tony Says:

    Large dog humps lady.

  18. Drinking with Tony Says:

    One more lad’s.

  19. Celeste Fremon Says:

    And, of course, the Darlene Love is the BEST. I had to get a friend to do a bit torrent download for me as I couldn’t get it from iTunes. (At least last time I tried.) Very annoying. But thankfully I now have it burned on multiple Christmas CDs and my trusty iPod mix.

  20. WTF Says:

    I guess Drinking Tony must be very bored in New Mexico, and is now searching videos of ass sniffing dogs, instead of stalking Woody and Sure Fire. lol

  21. Gava Joe Says:

    I missed the real humor in those ass-sniffing dog clips. Noticed that the background dialogue was Spanish, so maybe the essence of the comedy is lost in translation, a different take or frame of reference maybe? A lot like that Mexican wrestling or that Cantiflas character? One man’s plain stupid is another man’s hilarity. Peace

  22. reg Says:

    Here’s more Bob with a lovely video…no tongues in no cheeks.

    Now I gotta go rip up pretty paper…

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