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LA County Sheriff’s Deputies Union Will Not Endorse a Candidate Until After the Primary

March 17th, 2014 by Celeste Fremon

We have learned from multiple sources inside the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs
, the powerful union that represents LASD’s deputies, that they will not be endorsing any candidate for the sheriff’s race until after the primary election in June.

The importance of an endorsement by the deputies’ union—which is commonly known as ALADS—goes well beyond the vote of confidence that an endorsement conveys. In most cases, it also means that the chosen candidate also receives a sizable campaign donation.

And how large a donation are we talking about?

According to sources close to the endorsement process, a candidate for public office—especially a candidate for the office of Los Angeles County Sheriff—could potentially receive between $1 million to $2.5 million for his or her campaign coffers.

In other words, ALADS could plunk down a pile of cash big enough to be a game changer.

The endorsement process for the office of sheriff began on February 19 at a special ALADS forum where six out of the seven candidates for the LASD’s top job gave their pitches and fielded questions.

After the forum, the deputies had just under two weeks to cast their ballots for the candidate they thought the union ought to support.

In order to trigger an automatic endorsement, one candidate has to get at least 50 percent of the rank-and-file’s vote.

For some years it was thought that undersheriff Paul Tanaka was nearly a lock for the ALADS endorsement, along with a healthy chunk of their campaign money. [Here is WLA's coverage on the issue of Tanaka an the union money.]

But when on March 10, the ALADS Political Endorsement Committee tabulated the the 890 votes cast by union members, no single candidate received the needed 50 percent.

(Only about 12 percent of the more than 7200 deputy membership usually votes.)

Some committee members were surprised to find that department outsider Long Beach police chief Jim McDonnell took first place in the straw poll, especially considering that Paul Tanaka had produced such a large and enthusiastic group of supporters at the candidates’ forum, and seemed to be lobbying the hardest for the campaign money.

The details of the vote count was as follows:

Jim McDonnell – 203
Paul Tanaka – 184
Bob Olmsted – 168
Todd Rogers – 163
Jim Hellmold – 144
Pat Gomez – 26
Lou Vince – 2

Even without a majority, the endorsement committee could conceivably have voted to give an endorsement anyway—to whomever they deemed the best choice, (subject to approval of the ALADS board of directors). But the committee members decided not to do so.


Meanwhile, in related news, a power struggle among the union’s board members has resulted in ALADS’ board president being replaced four times in the past week or so. (It may be five times by the time you read this. We’re losing count.)

This game of musical chairs among union executives was first reported by the LA Times last week, after the union issued an announcement stating that the board had removed ALADS president, Armando Macias, because Macias had not attended the requisite number of a certain kind of union meetings, as required in the ALADS’ by-laws.

But then Macias, who had replaced, former ALADS president, Floyd Hayhurst, evidently arrived at a meeting mid-week and declared that he was indeed the legal president and proceeded to run the meeting.

On Friday, however, the Macias-ousting part of the board issued another statement announcing that yet another board member, Don Steck, was taking over as the interim president.

Then on Sunday the Macias supporters among the seven-person board released a new statement saying that Macias was the legal president, and would remain in office.

That spin of the merry-go-round is very unlikely to be the last, sources tell us.

We only mention the matter because there has reportedly been some speculation among ALADS members that one or the other of these factions might be hoping to steer a large portion of the ALADS campaign endorsement money to the candidate of their choice, despite last week’s decision by the union’s Political Endorsement Committee. When it comes to endorsements, the board makes the final decision.

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47 Responses

  1. Duran Duran Says:

    Something definitely stinks at ALADS. My official /unofficial pol at aero bureau had just about everyone voting during the last Captian’s evaluation. The then captain Louie Duran was universally hated , people were waiting all year to vote and comment on Louie and his gang. We all know what happened next, poof, ALADS made it all go away. I hope things are better at ALADS because it sure looked like they were in the tank for Tanaka. Just about every picture of the Tanaka gang witness LA posts has Louie and his henchman Casey sporting their Tanaka t shirts , supporting their benefactor who always took care of them.

  2. gmanwhistle Says:

    ALADS members beware…..Floyd Hayhurst, former ALADS President, has sold his sole to the Tanaka camp. He is brokering a back yard deal and has promised a millioin dollars to Tanakas campaign. Floyd was the same guy who gave Ridley Thomas one Milllionnnn dollars of your union dues for his campaign…..Ask yourselves what did that get us.

  3. Investigative Mind Says:

    I found it disappointing when Captain rating last year vanished. Not just Aero Bureau members were unhappy.

  4. Eyeswideopen Says:

    890 voted out of a membership of 7,200? No wonder we have politicians involved in graft and corruption. When the voter does not care enough about his JOB to vote, then those individuals deserves whatever kind of leadership they get. I have nothing but contempt for such stupidity!

  5. gmanwhistle Says:

    ALADS members get involved now, otherwise Floyd Hayhurst and the old regime of Board of Directors will continue manipulate your association. Hayhurst wants that big dollar directors job that was vacated by Remige. Vice President Bruce Nance needs your support in ousting Floyd Hayhurst and the bufoons he supported on the Board of Directors.

  6. GeneralHutHut Says:

    I think most deps see ALADS for what they really are and pay dues as a type of retainer for a lawyer. That’s it.

  7. Nobodies fool Says:

    Looks like some of you have your info mixed up. Macias a board director was supposedly ousted for not attending some rep meetings.. he’s not a rep..he’s a a board member-he does not have to attend rep meetings based on legal evidence.. he has to attend board meetings… this is an attempt by Floyd H to take control of the board and install himself as a highly paid Executive Director to fill Steve Remiges’ shoes… None which has to do with whose the next Sheriff…money is the root of all evil!!!

  8. LATBG Says:

    The poll numbers are interesting, in that it suggests the eventual failure of the McDonnell campaign. Right now he is riding high because the LASD vote is split many ways, and the general voting public will have a similar result. It won’t get him over the 50% mark against a united LASD candidate, and that will most likely be Olmsted. Tanaka’s t-shirt shock troops will eventually realize their efforts only assist McDonnell – he wants to face Tanaka in a runoff. His second choice would be Hellmold, followed by Rogers. McDonnell’s death sentence is facing Olmsted, and he knows it.

    Now is the moment of truth, and ALADS has already taken the first step to ensure their irrelevance. By not addressing the efforts of Tanaka in manipulating their board of directors, they have tainted the process, perhaps irreparably. It will take a healthy, functional group of unions to offset the big political interests that want McDonnell in a bad way, and it’s not because they are interested in the community’s or agency’s welfare.

  9. The Bear Goes Everywhere Says:

    LATBG (#8) is living in a fantasy land and his analysis is entirely backward. I don’t think any of us expected McDonnell to get the most support from the ALADS group, whatever its response rate. I support McDonnell but assumed, as an outsider, he’d have been toward the end of the pack. That McDonnell got the most votes from an organization that is much more familiar with his opponents, where has has zero constituency or allies, and despite I’m sure tremendous vote-pushing by the Tanaka, Hellmold and Rogers folks, is a testament to the strength of the McDonnell campaign and the desire for change from the outgoing/current department establishment. Moreover, the low response rate should tell us something pretty pathetic about deputies’ likelihood to actually vote for anyone. And of course another question is how many Olmsted and Tanaka supporters even live in the County of Los Angeles and are eligible to vote. Each of these factors also support McDonnell, who has significant support the City.

    It’s a very bizarre leap of logic to assume that in a runoff, the votes that went to other candidates automatically go to McDonnell’s opponent or are split evenly between them. Nobody would would pick Rogers or Hellmold or Gomez or Olmsted or Vince would, if their candidate lost, suddenly move over to Team Tanaka. I think the most likely shifts would be FROM a losing Tanaka to Hellmold, Rogers and McDonnell. If it’s McDonnell vs. Tanaka in the general, I think it’s far more likely the other five candidates’ supporters shift to McDonnell than to The Prince. And while I respect Olmsted’s standing tall when it counted, I just do not see him having the money (which translates into mailers and get-out-the-vote efforts) and broad-based political support that McDonnell will have countywide. However I entirely agree that McDonnell would prefer a runoff against Tanaka, since the contrast couldn’t be more stark and the repudiation of the old regime more definitive.

    Whoever wins, I think we all owe Bob Olmsted a debt of gratitude for getting us to this point. But the field has changed a lot since last summer and I don’t think standing tall two years ago necessarily means he’s the best leader to take us into the next 20 years. I think all the candidates have to make that case. Specific recommendations and plans are helpful, but really just for the first 90 days or so. Beyond that, I think you need to look at resumes and past actions over years. And while Olmsted stood up, I think McDonnell’s experience and actions (including on the CCJV) are the best of the lot.

    #6 General Hut is totally right. Most deputies only support ALADS as a legal retainer service. Their drama is mildly intriguing, but would probably just depress us if we knew too much more about it. Who knows why they need so many leaders–presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, directors, executive directors, court jesters and more. With so many titles, I’m sure there’s a TON of waste going on.

  10. yup Says:

    The top two contenders are Tanaka and McDonnell. These two will be battling it out in November.

    Tanaka vs McDonnell 2014!

    Should be a great election…stay tuned!

  11. Jack Dawson Says:,0,4546267.story#axzz2wHDkiomE

    What is ALADS doing for this young man or the other gentlemen following orders?

    Spare us the OSJ BS and recognize they were following orders regardless of where they worked.

    You bitching line guys could be faced by one of these dear leader dilemmas…. What would you say to PT if the cruiser pulled up and made you an offer you couldn’t refuse?

    Then to tell the feds he wasn’t going to wear a wire?!? That took a spine and wasn’t smart if he were trying to save himself.

    I take the comments by his attorney to mean he told them to stick the wire where the sun don’t shine. Say what you want about Mr. Sexton, but we now know he doesn’t walk around with the hot mic.

  12. The Past Says:

    For those who don’t want an outsider (McDonnell) the possible answer is straight forward. The LASD alumnus and present members running need to sit the same room and decide who has the best chance. Of course Tanaka need not participate( who among us thinks he would anyway?) but the others should at least make the effort. One of you should try to host that meeting with the requirement of checking egos at the door.
    The ALADS state of affairs should alarm you as it represents how far LASD has fallen. A union that would front for Tanaka, allow the very open lawlessness of the past executives isn’t a real representative of most of the deputies I’ve come to know & love.
    Irrespective of who the next Sheriff is, when are the good forces that represent the true soul of the deputies going to stand up and seize the day, where is the true Semper Fi?
    Also if McDonnell should win the election, ALADS as it now behaves will only further alienate the public and political leaders. The ALADS leadership mirrors the ethical standards and effectiveness of the BACA years and his anointed super-executives. Perhaps a new union is in order corresponding to the need for a better future.

  13. Huh! Says:

    @Nobodies Fool: apparently you are! I checked around and finally was able to access the Bylaws, which state something to the affect of, a Director who is seeking re-election has to follow the same criteria of that as a Unit Representative who is running for Director, which is attending 75 percent of the meetings for the two years, prior to the election. I believe I saw somewhere that Mr. Macias attended less than 50 percent. Sounds like he was lucky to have lasted this long!

    Of course it’s more entertaining for people to spin it into a conspiracy.

  14. interested party Says:

    Most Jail Deputies don’t understand how ALADS doesn’t give a flying crap about them.

    Weird how a lot of concern is about the jails but you OG’s are causing most of the problems. You guys sit on your high horse and actually have cost the department more money than the young Deputies.

    You guys make me sick as you have done the same or worse but it was acceptable back in the Day.

    I’ll give you this…Maybe you didn’t have clicks that had no problem beating the shit out of other Deputies but everything else you had no problem with.

    You old school guys that are all high and mighty drove drunk, You beat/threatened wife/girlfriend, You shot your gun into the air like an idiot, and You got off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Look in the mirror Boy’s.

    County counsel if your reading this, remember this quote “Our Judge will take care of it” You Fucking Scumbags should be indicted like the 21 Deputies and if I can help it you will be along with the Judge.

  15. IthacaBoomer Says:

    So who’s breaking news now? BoomerLA. I called it last night. The whole caper was a sham. The vote means nothing. The 203 burnouts who voted for McDonnell are nothing more than bitter, disgruntled, most likely lazy deputies who never amounted to much. They desperately want change to rid the Department of people who know their real story. But I must admit it blows me away to think ALADS will give a million or two to a candidate. And to think guys like Macias and Hayhurst control the coffers. Scary!

  16. IthacaBoomer Says:

    @Huh! I’ll be respectful and gently call you out. But I must ask, are you still standing by the ignorant post below? Perhaps I’m closer to the action than you thought.

    Huh! Says:
    March 16th, 2014 at 7:10 pm
    @ithacaboomer: Are you a Unit Representative, if not, quit spreading your BS. I have, in fact, done my home work and learned the reason Mr. Macias was asked to leave was because he did not meet the requirement to be a Director. Call it what you will, but it appears he shot himself in the foot.

  17. Investigative Mind Says:

    This mess is just getting worse. I received my ballot in the mail on February 26th for who I wanted to be the next Sheriff. I laughed when ballots needed to be in less than two weeks. I mean really?

    Thank God I was driving to the airport the next day for my vacation and then I return back home to this disaster all over the L.A Times.

    Oh, please get rid of J. Urbach if he is still working over there at ALADS.

  18. The Bear Goes Everywhere Says:

    IthacaBoomer: You’re wrong. The deps who voted for McDonnell are people who voted for a leader from outside the organization, because they’re embarrassed what Tanaka and his sycophants have wrought. I’m neither bitter nor disgruntled nor lazy, and I probably throw down better stats than you–but, either way, lazy people don’t tend to vote, particularly in big numbers.

    What some outsiders may not get about your screen name, I’m sure the rest of us do: it’s a reference to the Ithaca 37 shotgun the LASD used for the last 60-some-odd years. Over the past few years we modernized to the Remington 870; but, as evidenced by your screen name, you’re living in and yearning for the past–in a time the department is moving (has moved?) away from. Boom boom, boom all you want, but it’s a time we’re putting behind us.
    You know, for all of Mr. Tanaka’s blathering on about the importance of holding people accountable for their actions (to which you also allude), there’s a pretty absurd lack of self awareness in that Mr. Tanaka was fired (“finessed”) by Sheriff Baca and is held personally responsible for the department’s plight by the Board of Supervisors, the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence, pretty much all of Los Angeles media and a significant portion of the Department. In short, it seems everyone is trying to hold Mr. Tanaka to the standard he professes to hold others to … while 20 deputies remain under indictment largely for actions he ordered.

    Undersheriff Tanaka is in the past … and Candidate Tanaka is a ghost. And nobody cares about ALADS, except if they answer the phone when you need a lawyer and who they ultimately endorse, hopefully following the lead of their members.

  19. okie dokie Says:

    Blah blah blah

  20. LATBG Says:

    Thebeargoesnowhere, speaking of fantasy land, you give a lot of stock on a result that is split five ways for an outsider to benefit from. Add up all the LASD votes if you will and you will see McDonnell is NOT the preferred candidate from within the organization. And if you bothered looking into the matter further, you would have realized the poll was designed specifically to NOT generate a result they would be forced to act on. The majority of department members have already learned to ignore anything disseminated by ALADS.

    Speaking of the CCJV, Olmsted’s efforts there were far more significant than McDonnell’s posturing courtesy of Don Knabe. WHen both Baca and Tanaka were on the stand, he strangely decided to sit on his hands and had others ask the hard questions – not the true mettle of the courageous reformer we need…

  21. J.London Says:

    Okie dokie: I agree with you! re Bear comments BLAH BLAH BLAH

  22. Mutual Assured Destruction Says:

    What happened to the day of men being made of steel and ships made of wood?The Sheriff’s Department has truly changed from an organization where thinkers and workers spoke their minds without fear from above to a department where fear of retaliation and being a follower is the norm.

    Promises of promotion, backroom deals, political bloodletting, feel good programs, pay to play, jail deputies being assaulted for no reason other than inmates knowing there’s no penalty for it, crime fighting taking a back seat, infighting, psychologists weighing in on coveted position promotions and association scandals have become status quo.

    I’m guessing the average taxpayer would be pleased if his/her law enforcemet tax dollars went to educating the youth, fighting crime, warehousing offenders, maintaining security in the courts and an occasional sincer smile or wave from the local Deputy Sheriff. Guessing again, I further believe the taxpayer doesn’t want to fund smoking patios, exclusive luncheons, expensive office furniture and non training or crime fighting related travel.

    I’m hoping educated taxpayers cast their votes and changes are made.

  23. Two guns Says:

    @ # 9. You are correct about the nepotism at ALADS, especially with the last president Hayhurst, daughter working there.

  24. InterestedParty Says:

    In the interest of not wanting to be confused with another similarly named commenter’s inflammatory hyperbole, count me out of spanking “old school guys” and “OGs” who beat their girlfriends and drive drunk. :)

  25. Huh! Says:

    @ithacaboomer: go back and do some research, start by reading my post to “Nobodies Fool,” and then come back so we can address the ignorance issue!

  26. Remington870 Says:

    You Olmsted guys are funny!!!! you know how everyone knows you guys are a bunch of retired guys and Alex Villanueva? Your never up with the times. When the ALADS debate occurred no one posted for days. Why? because no one knows any deputies. So why don’t you guys enjoy life and get ready for the next retirement bash.

  27. IthacaBoomer Says:

    Wow, I’ve witnessed a change in wind direction on this site. When I was first granted “equalizer” status here there were tons of whistles blowing in unison with impunity. Once I plugged their whistle holes with common sense debate, they immediately went under ground. Now the burnouts, lazy, amounted to nothing McDonnell fans seem to be dominating the forum. It’s typical of the squeaky, bitter, angry wheels to come out with a vengeance. They were motivated enough to send back an ALADS vote but never enough to step into the triangle of Region II, fill out a booking slip, study for a promotional exam, educate themselves, or do anything worth writing about. Now they whine and cheer for the supposed front runner/outsider who can’t muster up anything more intelligent than, “I plan to lend fresh eyes to the problem.” What a joke. Every one of you McDonnell punks should submit your papers at LACERA and go home. You never had any business being deputies in the first place, weren’t trusted in patrol, and will never be trusted by true street cops who are doing the real work in the night. No matter how hard you try you’ll never destroy the spirit of the true street coppers. You clowns talking about how those days are gone better wake up. While you bellow your nonsense, the ground continues to swell. But don’t worry yourself, while you eat breakfast burritos and fast food lunches during dayshift, the street coppers will continue to pick up the slack on PMs and EMs. That’s what Region II does. No sweat, we got it!!

  28. AmericanDreamer Says:


    Funny you mention this…because the latest thing going around is to put up for vote the closed shop issue. This being done custody deps.

    We figured…we are paying dues to have ALASD throw a couple of events and bbqs a year (that none of the custody deps attend), to receive The Dispatcher with everyone barking but not amounting to nothing, and to see ALADS sit quietly while the 8th floor implement the most absurd and incoherent set of policy changes for custody in the last 10 years. Forget legal standing, is all about looking good. You got hurt? no problem, we’ll take you to HealthWorks or retire you.

    If we’re gonna pay a retainer, might as well pay LASPA. At least we get a real attorney out of it.

    So keep your ears open. After this ALADS debacle, the closed-shop thing will probably be the next hot topic.

  29. leftAtTheBall Says:

    @Ithaca- Dude put down the juice, and step away from the bright lights. Instead of standing in a mirror and admiring how bitching you are, remember there are other deputies at other stations (Shocking news for you I know) that go to work everyday and night doing the Lords work.
    Unlike you, and some of your RII bitching buddies, they don’t go around with a puffed out chest, rambling on about how awesome they are. Most of us can tell an RII person right away, and for those that can’t, don’t worry they will remind you in the first minute of conversation.
    There is a certain attribute to being humble, it allows people to come together and resolve issues.
    Your arrogance is helping to further divide this department.
    I can’t get pass the “you weren’t trusted in patrol” and will never be trusted by true street cops, WTF is that?
    What exactly are you doing in RII that requires deps to be trusted? Finding dope on the “debri free ground?” PLEASE!
    You want to play, come on up to the high desert we can show a good time AND do more than write three pages on a report.

  30. leftAtTheBall Says:

    And before I get blasted for comparing all of RII deputies in the same car as Ithaca, not my intent. I have met some OUSTANDING RII deputies in my time. Good hard working folks who do the Lords work everyday. Just like the street, its the 10% of the population that make the other 90% look bad.


    Hey Duran Duran, I agree. Louie’s yearly eval would have taken him to the top of the class in poorly rated captains. That’s a fact.

    He brought in his own fingerlings, put them in ops spots and Patrol ships and wow, what happened? IA’s galore, pissed off employees, and Ex SEB dudes that is(are) not liked by even their former peers. How do you like that mindset.

    Then Louie worked on his rotor rating on county time, gas, and equipment so he could retire with that huge bump in take home retirement pay.

    Well with PEPRA and him getting rolled up, he ain’t getting nuttin but a retirement spot as his last assignment. Hope your career was a sweet one Louie. You ruined it for a lot of us while you were dancing the waltz with Tanaka and Baca

  32. Pauly Says:

    Mc Donnell is your next Sheriff. For those of you with careers, I would talk to your LAPD counterpart friends and learn his style. Period.

    I see de-centralizing of certain support units including Reserves at station levels and disbanding the unit that supposedly had big oversight of them.

    Budgeting will go back to the station levels.

    I see better upfront patrol support and less bloat at the Lieutenant level including civilian directors. You will have more watch commanders and less actors. Some policies relaxed, but other tightened, we have some of the most restrictive and paper producing policies now.

    You will much better helicopter coverage, but I anticipate Air 5 will be scaled back even more as County Fire ramps up their capabilities to operate 24/7 which they already do.

    Patrol stations are going to like him. No one likes change from and outsider, but look at your options. Do you agree?

  33. Boomer is super bitchin' Says:

    Boomer, I just love your posts. You truly explain why a once proud orginization is now laughed at in LE circles. If a guy needs to know exactly why the department is in the shape it’s in, all he needs to do is read your posts. The more you post, the more obvious it becomes why dysfunction, infighting, bad mouthing and animus between dept. members has become the norm. Your attitude of superiority drips from your posts. Your posts make it clear to even the biggest dullard that the only cops who are worthy of respect are the ones who worked RII, and then only the PM and EM crews. Everybody else is a “punk”.
    You did a stint in RII bro. Beat your chest! Speak on it! Let everybody know who the ONLY real street coppers are. Everybody loves to hear your bragodocio. You’re a gunslingin hookin and bookin ass kickin crime fighter. YOU DA MAN!!! There’s no doubt about it. That’s why the “punks” should defer to you on all issues, opinions and problems surrounding the department and the direction it should go.
    That’s truly, how did you put it? “Common sense debate”.

  34. 10-23 Says:

    What has ALADS done about the force prevention policy? How about the recalcitrant inmate policy aka the stand around with your **** in your hands while you wait for a sergeant to tell you what to do with it policy? The inmates are literally running the asylum in custody, and it is exactly what the 8th floor wants. No deputy wants to risk catching a case before going out to patrol, so they pretend they don’t hear that inmate threatening to hurt the deputy when said inmate gets released. They walk away when an inmate makes an overt attempt to square up with a deputy. In fact, they allow themselves to be punked by inmates and give them an extra burrito they’ve been cussing at them for or more phone time when other inmates are locked down because if they don’t, once the sergeant goes 97, the sergeant will do it. What kind of deputies will this type of environment create? How will these deputies react when things get real on patrol? If this reality sounds horrifying to some of the OG’s, imagine having to report to your UOA everyday knowing that you are on the losing side of the war being waged right now. I highly doubt an outsider will understand how custody facilities should be managed. Someone with a working knowledge of the department needs to take charge and point LASD back in the right direction. ALADS seems to have forgotten its original mission, the rest of us shouldn’t. Vote LASD.

  35. Stuff Says:

    Folks, you can’t take Ithacaboomer seriously. I worked the “ghetto” stations that Ithaca boasts about and EVERY person that spewed that chest thumping nonsense was AWAYS the weakest, most frightened Deputy that was assigned there. One must realize that Ithaca is a pale, 120 pound goofball sitting on his computer in a dim lit studio apartment in nothing but underwear he hasn’t changed in 5 days clacking away on his keyboard to get a rise out of people with his posts!

  36. Searchlight Says:

    10-23, isn’t the Force Prevention Policy something that “The Crime Fighter” is touting as his? Think before you decide who you “really” want to support, listen to your heart. Who are the candidates (plural) who got us all into this mess and who is the candidate who will really get us out? I sure as hell don’t want to hear any of my people “Requesting Code 7.”

  37. LATBG Says:

    Pauly, ol’ “fresh eyes” McDonnell hasn’t demonstrated at all why he should be sheriff. He’s got the political establishment support, but so did Baca. How did that work out?

    Before he goes measuring curtains there’s a thing called elections first – a primary and then a runoff in November. When he loses, he will have wished that he took the high road and challenged Baca instead of bowing down to him.

  38. Huh! Says:

    @ithacaboomer: not only are you an embarrassment to the Department, but to yourself as well. You are typical of someone who is hiding in anonymity.

    I’ll admit we have all gotten a little fired up about the issues at hand, but I think you definitely hold the title of biggest BSer and most entertaining.

    As far as me requesting we discuss the ignorance thing, I think you continue to answer all of our questions about your ignorance.

  39. On The Patch Says:

    @ Pauly,if that is true about what you profess that Mc Donnell will do, I will jump ship and join his team, however, he is going to have to clean the house, and I mean clear the deck.

  40. Mutual Assured Destruction Says:

    Ithica, we’re all very proud of you, but it’s really not that serious. You can take your hand away from your fanny pack and slow your roll. Your computer monitor or smart phone or laptop is not a threat. Your status as the end all, be all crusher of crime is evidenced by the bruising behind your shoulders. All that atta-boy back patting you do for yourself must score you plenty of points with someone. Afterall, even a broken clock is right twice a day. The vibration you hear when you walk the streets is not caused by the footsteps of the stampede running in fear. Instead it seems to be your sister’s battery operated friend you have lodged between your teeth with your last post. You’re only as good as your last arrest there tough guy.

  41. Boomer is super bitchin' Says:

    Boomer really knows how to inspire people. I’m quite sure Baca would be proud of the obvious leader Boomer has become. The question is, where or who did Boomer learn his style of communication with his fellow deputy from? Was it Dale Carnegie, the Deputy Leadership Institute, Hulk Hogan,, Don Rickles or Louie Duran? Tough to figure. I can’t call it.

  42. just a cop Says:

    Boomer, your embarrassing the hard working deputies that work(ed) region 2. We all know that if you have to tell us how much of a badass you are, your probably not doing real police work. I learned to be pro-active and to do police work the right way. I worked with guys like you that walked around the station with the dope or gun you recovered in plain view so everyone could see what you did. I respected the hard working deputies that did there job the right way and did not walk around pumping their chest. We drove long distances to work, backed our fellow station brothers and sisters, and any other station or law enforcement agency that needed help, and never expected any special recognition. Im sure you never heard, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

  43. Celeste Fremon Says:


    Please dial back the personal attacks on a single commenter. You’ve made your point.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


  44. Cognistator Says:

    Meanwhile, up in Sonoma County, north of the Golden Gate bridge, this is what is happening in the CHP:

  45. truth serum Says:

    ALADS is comprised of cronies & phonies from way back. Keep your ears and eyes open. The hammer will drop shortly. I’ll be the first to post….I TOLD YOU SO! You will connect the dots and color the characters with shades of “Grey”.Money trail, Endorsements, Canidates, and mass exodus to LASPA. Keep your eyes on “You know Who” still sliming,around like a cancerous snake. Hint: Fool Hardy!

  46. Don't smoke cigars Says:

    #42 – just a cop – Very well said, man. I have always tried to “Speak softly and carry a big stick”, while doing 20+ years of patrol everywhere in the county ,(Region I and II). It served me well…

  47. real deal Says:

    (#34) Hey 10-23……….you are the grand prize winner for telling the truth!

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