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FBI Asked Indicted Deputy To Wear A Wire With His Father….& Baca

March 18th, 2014 by Celeste Fremon

According to information contained new documents
filed Monday by the attorneys of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy James Sexton, FBI agents reportedly asked Sexton to wear a wire with the idea that the son should secretly record conversations with his father, Ted Sexton, who was just about to join the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as Lee Baca’s Assistant Sheriff in charge of Homeland Security. The feds also reportedly hoped that Sexton would record Baca.]

According to a declaration filed by one of Sexton’s attorneys, Alabama-based Mays Jemison, the feds asked James Sexton to do the secret recording on November 16, 2012. FBI agents asked him again on November 28.

The purpose of the proposed “wire” wearing was reportedly to investigate then-sheriff Lee Baca. (A source reports that another department member was also asked to wear a wire with Baca, but that, after the department member agreed, the operation was called off. Sexton never agreed to the wire.)

James Sexton, if you’ll remember, is one of seven department members indicted for participating in the hiding of FBI informant Anthony Brown.

He is also reportedly the only one of the seven who contacted the FBI before they contacted him and appeared to consistently cooperate with the FBI over approximately three dozen contacts with agents. (It was only when he was asked to secretly record his father, that Sexton drew the line.)

According to documents filed this past week, Sexton was repeatedly assured that he was not the target of the investigation.

The filings offer this july 2012 conversation between Sexton and an FBI agent named Patrick Hampel, whom Sexton contacted.

Deputy Sexton:

I am not a source. Please keep that in mind when you or your friends call me.
Special Agent Hampel:

I’m well aware of that. And so is my friend. No one is trying to recruit you. We are genuinely concerned for your safety. That’s all, bro. Please don’t think this was ever about the case, more like she found out some stuff that makes her think you are in jeopardy. She’s a good person and so is Dalton [her partner]. I’ve drank, played vball, hung out with both of them, and I trust them like I trust you. They know we are friends and are trying to do the right thing by me; ie warning my friend who may need some help. Seriously, bro, there’s no ulterior motive here.

More on all this soon.

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8 Responses

  1. Searchlight Says:

    I think folks are going to be mighty surprised who “was” wearing a wire during this time frame. Stand-by to stand-by.

  2. Investigative Mind Says:

    My thoughts exactly re: who has been wearing wires.

  3. Jack Dawson Says:

    I love that the FBI acknowledges possible “danger” and still indicts him.

    Way to go Bro….

  4. Wild Turkey Says:

    I am deeply saddened by the FBI and US Attorney’s lack of interest in pursuing any measure of meaningful justice. The US Attorney is still asserting by way of their lack of further indictments that they are comfortable with the fabricated narrative; a narrative that asks us to believe that the highest ranking decision makers who ordered Anthony Brown hidden from the FBI were two Lieutenants. PLEASE!

    This is like arresting the Watergate burglars and trying to act as if no one ordered the break in. Everyone with a brain knows that orders came from SHB and Custody headquarters. When is the US Attorney going to actually do their job, and do something about it, instead of mauling deputies who came forward, like James Sexton, Mike Rathbun and Bob Olmsted?

  5. Wild Turkey Says:

    To clarify my last, I am not saying the feds have lashed out at Rathbun and Olmsted. Looking back on my post the wording made it seem that way. I’m just baffled by James Sexton’s indictment and the stalling of indictments at the rank of Lt.

  6. Cognistator Says:

    Folks: A story on this from Tuscaloosa County, Alabama:

    By now the Sextons will undoubtedly have one thought uppermost in their minds:


    That’s a word that originated in the U.S. Army in WWII, and can be Googled for those of who don’t know what it means.

  7. jim hitchcock Says:

    Goes quite well with SNAFU :)

  8. Vance. FBINA 1982 Says:

    I am very concerned that the Bureau apparently is ok with prosecuting the deps
    Who trusted and were loyal to their leaders and not the rouge leaders.

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