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“I can’t fire Sheriff Baca, but you can…” Supervisor Gloria Molina Speaks Out

August 10th, 2013 by Celeste Fremon

Normally we don’t post on the weekend,
but there are times when issues can’t wait. This is one of them.

For those of you who have not already seen Saturday morning’s LA Times op ed by LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina, you should tune in immediately.

In it, Molina reaches out directly to the votors of LA County and urges them—us—in very clear terms not to reelect Sheriff Lee Baca. Period. Full stop.

She also calls for a strong challenger to step up.

Molina—along with Zev Yaroslavsky—is termed out in 2014, which may have helped to free her to go all in with her statement about Baca, and her opinion that he should be replaced. Even so, it’s an unusually forthright move for any politician to make.

Here’s how Molina’s essay begins:

I’m extremely troubled that despite copious evidence of a county Sheriff’s Department in serious managerial disarray, not one challenger has stepped forward to rescue it.

As a Los Angeles County supervisor, I can’t fire Sheriff Lee Baca. Only the voters can. But I do oversee lawsuit payouts — most against his department. Each time I approve a legal settlement arising from misuse of force by sheriff’s deputies, another arises. Details vary, but what stay the same are bad management and zero accountability.

For years, Baca has circled the globe attending events while apparently neglecting certain duties at home. Serious responsibilities — like curbing jail violence and ensuring consistent deputy patrol in unincorporated neighborhoods — fell by the wayside. His lack of responsiveness indicates that not only has he failed at his mission, but he feels he never had a problem to begin with….

Click here for the rest.

And, remember, this comes on the heels of Sunday’s LA Times editorial, which we wrote about here.

Then there was Baca’s reply and the exchange about all of the above on Which Way LA?

We’ll have more on this and related issues next week….and then there will be the mystery candidate’s announcement. So stay tuned.

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80 Responses

  1. James Carter Says:

    It’s getting deeper and deeper…..since Baca took office he has shown little tolate nothing regarding leadership, he has squandered his opportunity to lead this great department…..needless to say, since he took office it was the beginning of the pu$$ification of this department…..Baca do the right thing for a change …..finesse yourself into retirement……

  2. No Says:

    Don’t get so excited you soil your adult diapers old white guys. Gloria Molina has zero credibility and never has supported you or the department. You should hear her comments about you in private. Vote for whoever you choose, but don’t use her as some sort of leader that will sway any votes without a free handout involved. By the way, why don’t you ask who Bratton supports. At least he has some law enforcement credentials.

  3. Facts matter Says:

    Celeste, This is HUGE! The momentum against Baca and his corrupt regime is just starting. His inability to LEAD a once great agency is now coming to roost.










    and more to come I’m sure.

    ABB 2014

  4. Reform Says:

    It’s about time. She will now open the flood gates against Baca. 16 years of nothing. True reform is needed and it WILL NOT involve Baca! I hear his campaign fundraising is struggling too. I wonder why? Who would want their hard earned money going to waste.

    2014 is looking GOOD!

    Baca, step down and enjoy your retirement.

  5. Lesser evil Says:

    # 2-

    You may not like her, but she has ALOT of influence amongst the Hispanic community. Her voice will put a gaping hole through the SS Baca, which is already sinking. I wonder what other political figure will speak out against Baca. Time will tell and looking forward to it. By the way, I heard the feed back from his Long Beach Rotary appearance was a complete DEBACLE!

    We need a NEW Sheriff in 2014!!

  6. DS B1 Says:

    He has lost all confidence from the Deputy Sheriffs he leads. I see a vote of no confidence in the near future.

  7. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    Well lets give Supervisor Molina credit.. She has figured it out. And it only took her 15 years. Kudos to you Ms. Molina. Enjoy those MENSA meetings upon your retirement.

  8. Stuff Says:

    Lesser, we know you and your Tanaka camp does not like her and guess what she does not like the Tanaka camp either!!

  9. J. London Says:

    It´a a great move by Molina and perhaps the beginning of the end for Baca and the thugs! The Baca supporters are fewer and fewer. It seems that there is no more kool-aid! Regardless if one likes Molina or not is not important. The question is; does Molina have influence? Yeah she does!!!

  10. No Says:

    #5 Lesser evil – Stick to your community. She has zero influence in our community when it relates to law enforcement. Her time passed 10 to 15 years ago. She currently is not even sought for city council endorsements. Bratton has far move influence as a law enforcement official in the Latino community, even though he is white. Like it or not, Baca has overwhelming support in the Latino community. No one will beat him in that block of voters.

  11. Train Has Derailed Says:

    I have not posted in a long time but enjoy reading the posts. However, this statement is huge by Molina. I personally don’t like her and she is basically a miserable person who treats everyone with contempt. What is significant is that the unwritten code in LA County Politics is that NEVER does an incumbent ever go against another incumbent. That is why we have life-long regimes as Sheriff and BOS. Molina, albeit is termed out, has thrown the first volley and many more will follow. The politicians have started to break ranks and this will continue.

    Here is the bottom line folks: Baca has had 16 years and it has progressively gotten worse. We have fired almost 70 people this year and are settling lawsuits every week because County Counsel knows they cant afford to take anything to trial under the current administration and history of abuse and mis-conduct. Someone from County Counsel joked with me that he was considering gong into private practice and make a fortune off the County. It was a joke, but alot of truth in it.

    They are numerous employee lawsuits for retaliation and the mis-deeds of Tanaka and Baca. Two Captains have active lawsuits against Baca and both were promoted to Commander within a few weeks of each other. We hope they don’t sell out for their Star and continue with their suits to expose Baca even further. If their lawsuits are not VALID why would they get promoted. Hush money.

    Baca’s failures have a documented history back to when he first took office. There has been numerous reserve scandals, badges for dollars, interference in other jurisdictions and a host of political mis-steps. Google a number of different words with Baca and all of these come up.

    In most recent times it seems a large number of executives have crashed and burned. I don’t want to mention names but in the history of this and last century, there have never been this many executives leave in disgrace. It is and has killed the morale in the Department. Baca is so clueless to so many things going on that it is embarrassing. He talks a good game in a speech to the Republican women’s club, but never follows through on any of it.

    Baca never managed Tanaka and that was part of his problem. He only got rid of Tanaka when he saw him as a political liability. Tanaka did a number of good things on this Department, but his ego and bullishness diluted his overall long term effectiveness. Tanaka was in total control for about 5 years and because of this, some young men will be going to prison.

    Indictments are coming my friends. If anyone tells you who, or how many they are talking out their ass. One thing that shocked me was when the U.S. Attorney met with the Times editorial board. I have been on a Fed task force and they never say anything until after the arrests and then limited. U.S. Attorney promised the investigation will end by years end and in so many words, said there would be indictments.

    Baca can and will not weather a lot of indictments. If they indict 3-5 employees we will spin it and it will play as a few bad apples. We cooperated and the Sheriff does not tolerate this behavior,,,, etc etc and he will be safe at home plate.

    If we have 30-50 indictments, it will be a systemic failure of the Department because that many will include brass. I dont know if Tanaka or Baca has exposure, but you have to believe at least one of them does with all you read coupled with personal knowledge and what you hear in the halls.

    I have no idea who may run and dont think other posts do either. However, I cant believe Baca will enter the election un-contetsted of a formidable foe or two. What scares me the most is the apathetic voting public who looks at the Ballot and checks the incumbent.

    When Whitmore reads this hopefully he will include it in the posts the Sheriff reads. Sheriff, if you truly love this Department then please step down. The board will never give you, US, the money we need to do our job as long as you are in office. You have had a good run. Take the money and as you always say, “Do the right thing”

  12. Lesser evil Says:


    Enjoy that thought, we will see. Your boy Baca is in BIG trouble and it only rolls down hill from here. As far as being in the Tanaka Camp, think what you want. I don’t know the guy but would prefer him to be Sheriff than Al Capone Lee Baca. I’ve also heard he has a good support base. I’m glad Mrs. Molina stepped up and spoke out. Its a fact she has big influence within the Hispanic community. If you don’t like it…. too bad!

    I’m looking forward to a new Sheriff. If its Sheriff Tanaka, then great! As long as Baca is out and good change occurs.

    Anyone But Baca!

  13. Facts matter Says:

    Gloria Molina has no influence over the Hispanic community? Oh.. Ok. Neither does a fake Hispanic named Leroy. The man can’t even speak Spanish.

    He’s done. lol

  14. Pink Owl White Swan Says:

    Baca’s campaign donors who are legit business folks won’t throw good money at Baca.

    Baca can want to run all he wants. With no money, he’ll be lucky if he lasts a month once the others announce and start hammering away at Baca.

  15. Pink Owl White Swan Says:

    Olmstead, heard your the SECRET Candidate!

    Also hear you have a tattoo from Firestone!!!

    More to come on you Bobby

  16. Breaking News Says:

    Pink Owl, I can tell you factually, Olmsted does NOT have a Firestone tattoo. He has NO ink on his body. But thanks for asking.

    Please stick to the issues, not humbug personal attacks. We are all adults here.

  17. Lesser evil Says:

    Olmstead is a Pirate? Hmmm?

    Pirates vs Vikings, with a bit of Moonbeam shining on them. Sounds like a science fiction movie. Should be a great election. The battle of the LASD cliques! Bob Olmstead has some pretty good skeletons in his closet too. Should be interesting!

    Anyone But Baca!

  18. Reform Says:

    The tattoo is really a non issue, especially the old Viking and Firestone tats. They’re harmless. What I want to know is: Who will take care of the issues? No doubt it will either be Tanaka or Olmstead. Baca is way too old and very ineffective.

    Sheriff Tamaka or Sheriff Olmstead sound good to me. But I still lean more towards Tanaka.

    2014 is looking better every day!

  19. Enough Already Says:

    Dear God, Pink Owl, the stench of desperation just wafts off you. So you throw out a not-so-veiled threat to expose, what exactly, unsavory details about a candidate who hasn’t even declared yet because you’re afraid he will stand a chance of beating your hero Tanaka?
    Jesus, you’re embarrassing not only yourself but the rest of us. Let’s throttle back a bit and at least wait to hear he’s actually running before trying to slander him, ok?
    If it turns out he declares, then go ahead with the mud-slinging, if you must. I’m guessing based on this post that you won’t be able to help yourself.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoy reading articles here on WLA. It seems they no more than most about LASD. My thoughts on Baca,well I agree with most that it should be anybody but Baca. Unfortunately many comments here have hit the nail right on the head. The citizens will not research enough or investigate when it comes to the vote.

    Molina is a joke and I am Hispanic, 1st generation born here in East Los Angeles, but she has zero credibility. Molina herself has failed and probably neglected plenty of her own duties. Now she wants to stand up for what’s right, are you kidding. If she cared so much she should have done this along time ago.

    Overall LASD needs a leader. Someone with Law Enforcement background and good management skills. Baca is clearly not the best candidate, but if no one runs who the people vote for?

    Lastly, I think what most don’t realize is that even if Tanaka doesn’t run, and he will, he has laid his foundation deep in LASD. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future with the elections, investigations, and “pending” indictments. To should prove to be very entertaining.

  21. J.London Says:

    That would be great news if it was Olmsted! We will have to see!!

  22. Facts matter Says:

    Pink Owl, we hope what you say is true. Olmstead’s presence in the Sheriffs race is going to stir the pot even more. I love it! I don’t think him or Tanaka having station Tattoos is a big deal either. I call them police fraternities that were proud of the stations they worked. Simple.

    Those who have made an issue or labeled them “Deputy Cliques” are way off base. The ones in the custody environment may have gone to far and have taken away from camaraderie,inclusiveness and pride. Hopefully that is remedied in the near future.

    Having Olmstead and Tanaka in the race would be a great thing. Both of them would make excellent Sheriff’s. Good luck to all and remember:

    Anyone But Baca 2014!

  23. CrackerJack Says:

    Fiction, Pinkie, Peanut Farmer, and Deputy BS1 are all Tanaka leg humpers…..We need Tanaka like a dog needs fleas…….We know what it is like having Tanaka as Sheriff, he has been the de facto Sheriff for the past 4 or 5 years. Because of Baca and Mr. T, the Feds are investigating the Dept., and half of the Dept. is investigating the other half……..I know you’ll say I’m a Baca supporter because I dare to criticize your dear leader, Mr. T. When a third legitimate candidate is announced, these same folks will begin to throw out dirt and propaganda against that person. Everybody can see through your BS.

    Banaka 2014………NOT

  24. Stuff Says:

    #19 Tanakas Viking tattoo wasn’t a “Police Fraternity” tattoo just to set the record straight for you.

  25. Stuff Says:

    I meant #22

  26. Lesser evil Says:

    I agree, the old Firestone, Lennox and Lynwood Tattoos are just police fraternities that mean no harm. I’m sure, like anything, some may have made those tattoos look bad by their singular actions . In fact, I think even the recently promoted Commander Pat Maxwell has a station tattoo. Even Education Based Incarceration Captain Bournman has a station tattoo. What’s the big deal?

    The focus is one thing: The Sheriff needs to go. 2014 will bring a new era to LASD. I am looking forward to Tanaka and/or Olmstead running for Sheriff. Either one would be better than Baca. Although, overall, I would prefer Tanaka. Also, I hear Gloria Molina is not the only Supervisor who is gonna speak against out Baca, several others are going to follow. Can’t wait!

  27. LATBG Says:

    I’ve been gone from these pages for a while but it looks like the Tanaka
    Koolaid drinkers just can’t let go. What part of Tanaka is a corrupt piece of shit
    Don’t they understand? These cigar coin holders need to give up their visions of merit less
    Career advancement. Lord knows the voters don’t want and neither do honest department

    I know the real challenger well and I will support his efforts 100%.

  28. CSN83 Says:

    It seems that the general consensus of folks on here is a definite “ABB” (anybody but Baca). I believe we should allow the candidates, whoever they might be, to state their vision, position(s), and plan of action. We are stronger united than divided. No matter what, we need to ensure Baca is out. That is how political games are played. Concessions are made; deals are sealed with a handshake; and with any luck, the right person will be in place at the end of the race. There are people who aren’t thought of highly on a personal level, but can they get the job done? This is how it works in the corporate world…. You might not like the person, but they are the right person for the job & show you just that. I am hopeful our next Sheriff is just that — the right person for the job!

  29. Jack Dawson Says:

    Gents, “three or more people under a common sign or symbol” sound familiar??? This could define a frat, but they rarely kill people and/or take people to jail. It is the perception that those tattoos are projecting that is the problem.

    Call it a crap book or communist propaganda or even toilet paper, but people know about “Firestone Syndrome”. Show me the printed evidence outlining MR. T or the Lynwood Vikings doing something for people other than themselves and I will be quiet…. then I will show you a few multi-million dollar lawsuits outlining murder and 245 under color of authority.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, Baca will continue to fiddle while LASD burns. Way to go boss, we are all so apathetic and desensitized nothing else matters.

    The only thing that will save us from this is his biological clock. Our luck is the quack will live to be 100.

  30. No Says:

    The least of Olmsted’s problems is a tattoo. He was asleep at the switch as the captain of CJ. After he was promoted to commander and things started to heat up he found Jesus. Where are any unit level investigations he started as a captain? Even if they are unfounded, where are they? There are none. He was too busy running around Vegas when he should have been at home.

  31. Interested Observer Says:

    This is another interesting article from the LA Times:,0,401303.story

    Another allegation that had many in a frenzy when first aired, yet quietly falls apart when the evidence fails to materialize.
    # We’ve heard allegations of theft of resources from the unincorporated communities from Supv. Molina: Audits found nothing to support that allegation.
    # Allegations of theft and bogus contracts at Aero Bureau: Audits found nothing to support those allegations.
    # ACLU proclaimed eyewitness accounts and testimonials of numerous instances of assaults on inmates: Nothing found to support those allegation through several independant investigations.

    I know there have been many more but I can’t recall them all right now. The one constant theme is that the allegations get lots of press and attention when lodge, yet they all seem to fall apart when they need to be proven with facts and evidence.

  32. Celeste Fremon Says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE: To the handful of commenters who repeatedly try to post comments with not so subtle overtones that are:

    1. racist
    2. homophobic
    3. creepily sexualized personal attacks
    4. generally vile and hateful toward any person or group with whom you disagree

    Be advised, I have stopped tossing your comments in the trash, and have started labeling them SPAM, which means, if you keep it up, my spam assassin will automatically block anything from your IP.

    So stop wasting my time and your own.

  33. Pink Owl White Swan Says:

    Hey Enough Already – OK, your right the Tattoo issue is the least that will come out when he, Olmstead announces his candidacy.

  34. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    It seems some Tanaka devotees want us to believe everybody is a pos except Tanaka. Imagine this scenario. They go after Olmsted with everything they’ve got. The mudslinging is effective. The voters of LA County listen to them and won’t vote for Olmstead. But they also think Tanaka has too much baggage. We can thank Pink and those like him for Looney Tunes being reelected if that scenario comes to pass.
    Gawd I pray that scenario doesn’t come true.
    Pink Owl, you could randomly pick 10 deputies on the LASD and all 10 of them would be a better sheriff than Baca. Tanaka isn’t the only one who would be a better sheriff than Baca. Get real. Any sane individual who realizes what the sheriff’s job is and is willing to make running the LASD as a law enforcement organization his or her top priority is a better option than Baca as the sheriff. Everybody, including you, knows it. Take a long, hard look in the mirror and try to dispute that. Tanaka isn’t the end all be all hope for the LASD. He might be the only way you can keep your juice card, but he isn’t the only person who would be a better sheriff

  35. Facts matter Says:


    It’s nice hearing from you again. I must admit, I enjoy reading your posts. Even though we probably don’t see eye to eye on certain issues; I still respect your straight talk.


    I agree, tattoos are kind of a tradition in the LASD and are relatively harmless. What I don’t like are the “Thug Like” mentalities out there with some. I personally do not think Tanaka holds this mentality. In fact, I know it’s quite the opposite and he truly cares for the deputies who do the job.

    I hope to see Tanaka or Olmstead come out soon. These two will be the top candidates for sure.

    Anyone But Baca 2014!

  36. 10-29Henry Says:

    Pink Owl-

    Behave like an adult.

    And guys… “fraternities”? Seriously? Whatever the tattooed groups used to be, I’ll tell you what they are now. Gangs. Gangs. Gangs. I have seen it in action with my own two eyes. Maybe they are emulating greatness and getting it wrong, but that doesn’t change what they are now. Not what they were. We live in the present, so let’s act like it.

  37. Time to Clean House Says:

    Remember when Leroy angrily stated “I’m to Blame.”  There was also this exchange. “If you’re to blame, how do we hold you accountable?” The Sheriff replied, “Don’t elect me!”  Paul’s repeated phrase “I don’t remember.”   Considering the fact the testimony was recorded both by audio and video, it’s a powerful campaign tool to show voters who theses guys really are in their own words. Tanaka also has his interview with ABC’ s David Ono, where he acknowledged the alleged hiding of an inmate from the FBI. I noticed KFI’s John and Ken have started to pick up some of the stories about the  dept. They scared  Mike Carona into attempting to  move his trial telling the judge ” KFI hosts JOHN AND KEN would make a fair trial in Southern California impossible.”  One hundred million  dollars paid out in lawsuits over the last three years, pay  to play with Baca’s  $97,850  and Tanaka’s $108,311 in employee campaign contributions,alleged deputy gangs, deputies and civilian employees arrested and convicted of serious crimes, and possible federal indictments. Sorry  Baca and Tanaka supporters, there is way too much  negative information  for voters to consider either  of these two. This is Los Angeles County, not a small uneducated area in a underdeveloped country. Pat, Lou, and the mystery candidate, It’s time to clean house!


  38. Pink Owl White Swan Says:

    Globetrotting – Any TEN Dep’s that you want to pick would NEVER be able to raise just the initial funds for the campaign of $2.5 milliom, won’t have the elected official platform and experience.

    I am sure its going to cost a heck of a lot more than the capped amount of $2.5 million.

    Which of those 10 Dep’s can say they’ve done what Tanaka has already done for instance, bring the department into the black from his first year in a position to do so, bring a city scheduled for financial bankruptcy into financial solvency and brought that city’ crime rate way down. He stopped WITCH HUNT investigations etc…

    And hey for what its worth, I don’t need a JUICE card. Never did. When I was on the department, I couldn’t even tell you how much I made. Pay was inconsequential!!! Gettin that BAD Guy was the reward for most of us!

    The only game (JUICE) I have in this fight is to not be Embarrassed to say that I “used to work” for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

    I think your the one who wants / needs that JUICE card!!!

    Be ready to run into your crack like a roach when the lights get turned on!

    Tanaka for Sheriff!

  39. Pink Owl White Swan Says:

    BO (Bobby Olmstead) Hows that (DISCREET)fund raising and information gathering goin???

  40. Lesser evil Says:


    I don’t think pink owl is out of line. It seems like he has some good information to share about the LASD. I encorage him/her to continue and expose whatever corruption this Baca regime has in its closet.

  41. J.London Says:

    C: Could you please add no comments about someone’s religious beliefs and/or convictions? Unless any of the restrictions you posted show that they negatively impact a candidate’s performance.

    Regardless if one does or does not go to church (normally) is not germane to the conversation.

    Lastly, we all need to ask; if tattoo’s are harmless then why does one need to commit a crime against the community to get one?

  42. Insider Looking Out Says:

    Glo Mo is no fan of ours, but what her comments and the Times editorial point toward is a growing movement outside the Department to ease the Sheriff out. Whether we are current or former LASD, our discontent with Baca or Tanaka is irrelevant to the 2014 election. Unless the electorate can be stirred to vote for change and not simply rubberstamp Lee again because he is the incumbent we can shout back and forth at each other on this forum until we are hoarse and it will make no difference. We need more outsiders with credibility in the eyes of voters (sadly, this means people like Molina), to come out and wake up the masses to what we have known and endured for years.

  43. James Carter Says:

    With Gloria Molina giving her vote of no-confidence to Baca, how soon til Yaraslovski, Ridley-Thomas, Knabe and Antonovich give their votes of no-confidence. I’m sure ALADS members will also have a vote of no-confidence as would POPA members. It’s only a matter of time.

  44. Eyeswideopen Says:

    #23: Thank you for expressing my thoughts exactly! Tanaka’s arrogance and short sightedness caused a lot of his problems, can you imagine him as sheriff? God forbid.

  45. Eyeswideopen Says:

    Those tatoos did mean something and it was not just a “good old boys” tattoo like the ones individuals wear today.

  46. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    Pink, you’re all over the place. I NEVER (lol) said that 10 deps could raise the money. The statement was made (obvious to most I’m sure) hypothetically. Sorry you had trouble figuring that out. And the way you took off on that statement, you make it sound like in your opinion the most important prerequisite to be sheriff is the ability to raise money. Jesus H, Pink, really?
    My point was/is that the LASD is full of people who would be a better sheriff than Baca. Not 10 guys that would be great fundraisers lol. I’ll try to go a l I t t l e. s l o w e r for you in the future.
    As for your. “be ready to run” comment? I won’t be running anywhere pal, for any reason. I personally think Tanaka would be a fine sheriff. It’s Tanaka devotees like you who have done more damage to the mans chances of being sheriff than any of these so called “scandals”. Your arrogance and your incessant need to demean people and act like a juvenile fucking asshole do nothing but alienate people. Your sarcastic and not so veiled threats/insinuations are the stuff of dirty politics. Get enough slaps like you popping off with that bullshit, and people begin to think: “Wow, if these are Tanaka’s people I don’t think much of him”. You want to help him become sheriff? Keep your mouth shut until you can learn not to create enemies for the guy you are trying to help.

  47. Gentleman Bill Says:

    Celeste – Hope your monitoring this Globetrotting person!!!

    I’d say he’s kinda vile with all the curse words to Pink!!!

  48. Prophet Mo' Teff Says:

    What can be said about Gloria Molina except that she has been actively complicit along with the other members of the B.O.S., past and present, in validating Sheriff Baca’s authority, consolidating his power and perpetuating his reign.

    If Lee Baca has given lip service to the B.O.S., then they have demonstrated a healthy appetite for lip service from L.D.B.
    For years on end, Molina and her colleagues routinely approved requests from the Sheriff for reimbursement of special expenditures which carry the indicators of error, or fraud.
    In October or November of 2009, Molina and Co. requested a response from Sheriff Baca to questions about their policy on post-booking release of arrestees from substations during late night hours. The request specifically involved the case of Mitrice Richardson and her disappearance following release from the Sheriff’s Malibu/Lost Hills substation in September 2009.
    A reply was delivered written on the Sheriff’s stationary and signed by the Sheriff which provided a timeline for the interaction between his deputies and Ms. Richardson which was, prima facie, mutually exclusive of being truthful if the arrest reports were to be considered truthful. Either Baca’s version of events was lying or the arrest reports were lying or both were lying, but they could not both be accurate. Yet Molina and crew accept the lies written on white bond without a peep.

    Molina bellyaches about signing off on settlement after settlement as Sheriff Baca’s chickens come to roost draining the County coffers.

    Can Supervisor Molina name the person who forces her to vote taxpayers money to settle these civil suits out-of-court?
    Steve Whitmore always teases us with the promise of hearing “the whole story” or “the other side of the story” when the Sheriff and his accusers get to trial.

    Molina and crew almost always play the role of party-poopers by voting expenditures for pre-trial settlement. Gloria Molina never allows “the other side of the story” to be told.

    One case stands out as particularly questionable. That is the civil suit for harassment claimed by a Sheriff Dept. employee who had previously challenged incumbent Sheriff Baca as a candidate in the election.
    The county defended the lawsuit through the first months of 2010. They allowed the case to continue until the filing period to challenge Baca had closed. Then they voted $950,000 of taxpayer money to settle the suit, thus preventing it from proceeding to trial right before election day.

    Gloria Molina is a politician. She is responsible for Baca’s tenure by preventing airing of L.D.B’s dirty laundry. From time to time, she allows him to store a hamperful of dirty drawers under the desk in her office.

    If Gloria Molina wants to discuss how the LASD has suffered under L.D.B.’s direction. Then roughhousing in the custody division, or hiding the F.B.I.s informant from contact, or misallocation of patrol resources between unincorporated county zones and contract communities don’t represent the true urgency of the need for turnover at the top.

    The real tragedy of Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, is the destruction from bottom to top of an operational civil service meritocracy and its conversion to a through and through crony escalator system.

    The real tragedy is when we(the Sheriff dept and the residents of Los Angeles County) are given a gift of one of the most outstanding recruits to come through the Academy training program, a young deputy who scores 100% in the physical, 100% in the cognitive, 100% in the moral/ethical/leadership attributes and L.D.B.’s department takes under six weeks to traumatize and spit out Deputy Josh Sather from any desire to serve in the LASD and almost ruins him from pursuing his goal of a career in law enforcement.
    Meanwhile, cronies contact Sheriff Baca through the backchannel and someone’s nephew who failed the qualifying exam gets jumped to the top of the hire list. That is the tragedy of Baca’s rule over the Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept.

    We know what’s really going with Supervisor Molina’s pronouncements – power politic’s. The supervisors are concerned that Baca may be vulnerable at the polls next year. Molina sees the window of opportunity shrinking in which Baca resigns and the supes appoint their own new Sheriff with enough time left to establish him/herself as the incumbent to win election outright. Thats all that I give Molina credit for – nothing more and nothing less.

  49. Celeste Fremon Says:


    Gentleman Bill, I agree that Globetrotting could dial it back a bit with the cursing, and a whole bunch of people could take it down a notch, at times, in terms of personal attacks—including Pink.

    But the vile comments I’m talking about are of a different ilk altogether. That’s why with rare, anomalous exceptions, they don’t get through.

  50. Prophet Mo' Teff Says:

    I must give my apology to Supervisor Molina. My criticism about the Gomez harassment lawsuit was unwarranted because my information was erroneous. The lawsuit against Sheriff Baca did proceed to a jury trial and the Board of Supervisor’s voted approval of a settlement consistent with the juries verdict in favor of the plaintiff and their award of damages.

  51. True North Says:

    Globetrotting: although I have agreed with some of your points in the past, I feel your attack against Pink Owl was unwarranted in this instance. I interpreted his response a little differently and I do believe he adequately expressed his point. Each of us is well entitled to our own opinion and we may all may disagree on certain points, but approaching anyone with a condescending, demeaning tone serves no one, especially the one throwing out the insults. Your point really gets lost when you go off the rails using profane language and exhibit vile behavior.

    I agree with your point regarding certain supporters of executives, and such, throwing out the executives’ names in attempts of intimidating people to get their way or to defend their actions. But, we all know people seem to have done that since the beginning of time, often unbeknownst to the name holder. This has happened, and continues to happen, all too often in the LASD. It is immature and unprofessional to do so.

    I think we can all agree that it is imperative change happens. Just keep an open mind and do your homework when the time comes to support a candidate. Don’t forget, we are stronger together than we ever will be apart.

  52. Investigative Mind Says:

    #31. Some allegations are true, but when evidence gets destroyed like audio/video/emails you have a big problem. Just within the last month I sat in a meeting at SHB and let me tell you, hearing items destroyed is not a good thing and some high ups are NOT HAPPY about it.

    I don’t know about Aero, but I know for a fact some things have disappeared…..pretty scary. I was just happy I was not the one to deliver the message.

  53. Interested Observer Says:

    Inv Mind, could you be anymore vague? How about some factual evidence or details? So far all we keep hearing are sensationalized horror stories of corruption or abuse yet nothing is proven after the hyperbole settles down.

  54. Lesser evil Says:

    I think there will be a lot of stuff coming out during the election that will solidify the demise of Bacas political career. Like I said, I hope Paul Tanaka comes out soon and sets the record straight. I also hope Celeste could solicit an interview with him and get his side of all this “Smack Talk.” Regardless, the sheriff must go for 2014!

    Olmstead, you also have my support! Good luck to both of these men!

  55. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    Direct quotes from Pink Owl

    “More to come on you Bobby”

    “Be ready to run into your crack like a cockroach when the lights come on”

    Gentlemen Bill, True North

    If I offended your delicate sensibilities responding to the above statements that Pink made, so be it.
    I didn’t get the ball rolling, he did. And I responded in a way that I thought he would understand. He obviously isn’t worried about offending anybody with his veiled threats and his less than flattering characterization of those he disagrees with. You want civil debate, take it up with him. I’m ready to debate like a gentlemen. But I can mix it up with the best of em. I let the situation dictate the way I choose to express myself. You want it toned down? Like I said, take it up with him.
    Enough said.

  56. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    Gentleman Bill, True North,
    Special attn. to #’s 16, 19 and 36.
    They tried to get Pink to dial it back. He obviously didn’t get it.
    So I took it up (well, really down lol) a notch to HIS level, hoping he would get it. Some people don’t understand suggestions, even strong ones. Some people don’t care if they offend others with their statements. Some people want to bulldoze their way thru a discussion or debate. That crapola doesn’t work with me.

  57. Lesser evil Says:


    Sorry, I don’t see it. Pink seems to know alot of inside info that is interesting to all of us. Tanaka was taking a hit several months back and no one was complaining. Maybe it’s because they all got their promotions (Hush money or as they like to call it, “Pay to Play.”)

    Pink, whatever you know, please continue to divulge. Although, I would recommend you tone it down for the sake of being a team player.

    ABB 2014!

  58. Robert Chang Says:

    #48 has the right idea… this is all a game to appoint a BOS pawn to control the LASO.

  59. Investigative Mind Says:

    #53. Me keeping it “Vague”…is smart and good for now.

  60. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    Lesser Evil,
    Pink does seem to have a lot of knowledge. He makes some very valid points in #38 and I agree with him on those points. Tanaka has done some wonderful things for the LASD and for Gardena. I’m not debating him about the benefits or the drawbacks of Tanaka being the sheriff. I simply asserted that there are other people who would be a better sheriff than Baca. That it’s not a “Tanaka or nobody” scenario in my opinion. Also, if you can’t see that # 16, 19 and 36 were trying to get him to tone it down, with all due respect, you’re not looking very hard. I simply want Baca out.

    True North,
    Point taken.

    I’m not your enemy. I’t's not my desire to get in a mudslinging contest with you. I apologize if I crossed the line. I hope we can discuss the issues like adults from this point forward.

  61. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    True North,
    I meant point taken re: your # 51. You are correct.

  62. Facts matter Says:

    Let’s keep it on point. The Sheriff has been asked by the LA Times and Gloria Molina not to run in 2014. This is big news and it only promotes more political figures to come forward. This is opening the flood gates to the growing opposition against the Sheriff.

    Tanaka or Olmstead for Sheriff!

    Anybody But Baca 2014

  63. Reform Says:

    Mr. Tanaka, I don’t know where you are at or if you really are going to run for Sheriff. But if you do, please know that you have an army of folks ready to mobilize. We need you to make this department great again.

    Please help LASD!

  64. CSN83 Says:

    From the looks of all these comments we all need to calm down. Know matter who throws their hat in the race someone is going to have a complaint about them. I suppose we should consider if one of us were going to run what would be said about what we did or did not do when we had a choice that went side ways. Anyone remember having choir practice and comments made about area partners screwing up calls? With experience comes knowledge and hopefully who ever runs have learned from their mistakes.

    Maybe we just need to consider in the long run who would be able to guide the department out of this hell hole. Put personal feelings aside and become part of the solution . With new support from the BOS and Times we should be getting together as unified front against the current regime.

    Why don’t we give who ever runs a chance to state their platform and then decide who to support. We are going into serious times and we need to as a whole unify.

  65. Bandwagon Says:

    I would like to express a couple of thoughts regarding Mr. Tanaka’s qualifications for Sheriff. First the man “earned” his ink as a sergeant. Only person I know on the Department to have done so. In my opinion, he was too busy “being one of the boys” to “earn” his stripes as a sergeant.

    Second, the man is vindictive and his exploits are legendary. Do you really want a person for Sheriff who does not have enough character to allow for different opinions or disagreement. A real leader can admit his failures and accept the disagreement of others.

    Just my opinion. I am sure the “cigar club members” will a different view on my comments.

  66. J.London Says:

    Tanka will NEVER be the sheriff!!

  67. Huh! Says:

    @”Bandwagon,” well said and a good clean mature characterization of what Tanaka has become, without the juvenile mud slinging. And I also believe that a good leader/Exec can admit when his wrong.

  68. Stuff Says:

    Bandwagon, you are spot on! Tanaka was too busy trying to be one of the boys as a sergeant and never lead anyone under his watch but was lead by those he was supposed to lead. Earning his ink is laughable in regards to Tanaka, he threw a couple of rounds down range on an unarmed Korean kid at the end of a pursuit and covered his ass, which lead the weak to believe he was a “good dude”. In this day and age Tanaka himself would have signed off on 30 days on the bricks or a termination for that incident. Tanaka will have to answer the tough questions if he runs, and I will be front/center asking the questions in the audience when he decides to come out of Protective Custody!!

  69. James Carter Says:

    Tanaka for Sheriff 2014…….

  70. Investigative Mind Says:

    Great….a recent L.A. Times article out this evening regarding an M-16 missing from L.A.S.D. personnel. What next?

  71. Facts matter Says:

    What is happening to LASD? Mismanagement galore with a M16 missing. I’m sure the public feels safe…ABB 2014

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has misplaced one of its M-16 rifles, officials said Tuesday.

    In an internal email sent to department supervisors Friday, Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers said the weapon’s disappearance was “embarrassing” and urged supervisors “to turn over EVERY rock to find this missing rifle.”

    Department spokesman Steve Whitmore could not immediately say when the rifle was misplaced but noted that the department has been suspended by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services from receiving excess federal property because of the incident.

    “I can’t emphasize enough what a big deal it is when we lose an assault weapon, especially one entrusted to us through” the Office of Emergency Services, the email said.

    “It’s wrong. It’s embarrassing,” Whitmore told The Times on Tuesday. “How could this have happened? Honestly, we don’t know.”

    Supervisors have been ordered to ask every department commander if they have seen the rifle, to check every vehicle and unattended locker and to document everything. Officials have the rifle’s serial number but because it’s an excess weapon given by the government, it wasn’t tracked as “acutely” as other weapons, Whitmore said.

    “Every nook and cranny at the station must be searched,” Rogers wrote.

    Whitmore said the department is drawing up new policies to ensure that it doesn’t lose any more weapons. Every time a person handles a weapon, it will be documented, he said.

    “We need to get significantly better at this,” he said.

    He then added, “We will find it.”

  72. Lesser evil Says:

    Lets show the government agencies that have lost faith in LASD and its leadership. Feel free to add to the growing list.

    Office of Emergency Services
    US Attorney
    Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

    We need a new Sheriff in 2014.

    Paul Tanaka or any other candidate will do. Please save the LASD.

  73. DS B1 Says:


    Enough is enough. Deputy Sheriffs and community members are ready to mobilize. Good change is coming for our agency and county residents. Stay tuned.

  74. Reform Says:

    We need true leadership that is willing to make tough decisions for the benefit of LASO. Even if it means pissing some disgruntled people off. Sometimes tough decisions do that, and Paul Tanaka was willing to. He may have not been SOMES favorite, but who would expect a manager to be liked by all. In fact, he always stressed not to be a “Sweet Heart” supervisor and NOT make decisions based on “What’s going to make you liked or popular.”

    He did the exact opposite and told supervisors to support Deputy Sheriffs in doing GOOD and hold those accountable for wrongs or weak work ethics. He also told supervisors to hold each other accountable for their work. Paul Tanka didn’t want excuses..he wanted results. Because of that mentality, some balked. When all is said and done, the general public will be educated on who Paul Tanaka really is:

    A leader with a kind heart who tried to do what was best for the organization….not himself.

    Paul Tanaka for Sheriff!

  75. Getagrip Says:

    Ta-NOT-Ka! He is NOT a leader. He is NOT what the department needs. He will NOT generate broad appeal. He will NOT be sheriff of LA County.

  76. clever Says:

    At the risk of piling on, Getagrip, your post is brilliant. Ta-NOT-ka! That says it all in one master stroke. Thanks.

  77. Reform Says:



    Paul Tanaka for Sheriff!

  78. Pink Owl White Swan Says:

    Globetrotting – No need for any apology. If you knew me, you’d know that my feelings weren’t hurt!

    However, I do appreciate the apology.

    Thank you.

    Now lets work together to show that BACA had his reign and unfortunately he’s 100% not competent to lead a law enforcement agency like LASD!!!

    We used to be able to enforce the laws and enforce our constitution of the United States.

    BACA uses dollars dedicated for law enforcement, to the EDUCATING of law breakers. Didn’t these folks already use up their fair share of tax dollars when they should have been going to PUBLIC school to get their education.

  79. Bandwagon Says:

    Facts Matter:

    Missing M-16. Reminds me of the missing det cord from a training exercise
    by TSB in 2007 at Union Station. The interesting thing is during the first few hours of the search, the missing item was C4 plastic explosives, not det cord.
    Somehow it magically transformed into det cord once the item could not be located. Obviously, missing det cord would not have the same impact (politically) as missing explosives. Food for thought.

  80. No More Globetrotting? Says:

    No sweat. However, I too appreciate the thought.

    You’re welcome.

    I’m in 100% agreement with #78. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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