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LASD Sgt. Says Colleague Pulled a Gun on Him, Was Shielded by Higher Ups

February 15th, 2012 by Celeste Fremon

Sergeant Mark Moffett, a 23-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, loved policing,
and had the good performance reviews to prove it.

Then about five years ago, he reportedly began to be taunted and harassed by another LASD sergeant named Timothy Cooper, who told Moffett that he didn’t have what it takes to be a “real deputy”—meaning he was not enough of a hard charger; he didn’t skate the edge.

[NOTE: The Times reported that, according to the district attorney's records, Cooper may have been a* had ties to the Vikings, "a deputy clique that in the 1990s was alleged to have brutalized minorities, falsely arrested suspects and engaged in wrongful shootings." Paul Tanaka was a member of the Vikings.

According to some of our sources, Cooper is a Regulator, another one of the gang-like deputy cliques like the now infamous 3000 Boys and 2000 Boys, and the Vikings before them, that have matching tattoos, flash hand signs, and take pride in policing very aggressively---in certain cases, some say, brutally. As both the Vikings and the newer Regulators originated in Lynwood, department sources have characterized the Regulators as an evolution of the older deputy clique.

For several years, Moffett did not report Cooper, even as news of their run ins and Cooper's reported swaggering threats made the rounds on the department's gossip telegraph.

Then one morning in 2009, inside the Compton Sheriff's station, Cooper pulled a gun on Moffett and pointed it at his head.

"I'm going to kill you," Moffett said Cooper mouthed at him. "I'm going to kill you."

According to Moffett, he had avoided reporting Cooper's harassment in the past. But this time he decided enough was enough.

The LA Times' Robert Faturechi and Jack Leonard have a report in Wednesday's paper on Moffet's allegations against Cooper, and on the response by the sheriff's department.

WitnessLA is also familiar with Moffett's story---and the department's response to it. We'll have more on this a bit later on.

In the meantime, here are some clips from the LA Times report:

....Moffett told authorities he pulled into the employee lot [at the Compton station] at 4:30 a.m. As he walked toward the station, he said, Cooper pulled up in a sheriff’s patrol SUV, revved the engine and smirked. Cooper then allegedly drove toward him slowly, stopping just a few feet short of striking Moffett.

“What are you going to do?” Moffett recalled saying. “Run me over?”

Cooper, he said, nodded his head and smiled.

Surveillance video shows the SUV proceeding at a steady pace and stopping within five feet of Moffett, the district attorney’s memo states.

Later, inside the station, Cooper walked by Moffett, unsnapped his holster, and again smiled and nodded. He was standing just behind another station supervisor when he brandished his gun.

That supervisor, Sgt. Douglas Iketani, told investigators that he believed Cooper pointed the gun in Moffett’s general direction.

Moffett told investigators that Cooper proceeded to close one eye as if he were aiming before allegedly mouthing his death threat, according to the prosecutor’s memo.

According to the Times report, although the original recommendation was for Cooper to be demoted, the executives on the department’s discipline committee instead opted for a 15-day suspension—a wrist-slap at best.

This same discipline committee has now been disbanded by Sheriff Baca who, as we reported last week, is taking a direct and active role in the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, which—since last Spring—was controlled by Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. [See Dangerous Jails, Part 4.]

The Times reports that Baca had this to say when asked about the departmental change and the Moffett/Cooper case.

“I’m not here to comment about what’s [happened] before,” he said. “I’m here to say improving the sheriff’s discipline process … cannot be delegated.”


The Times also reported:

The now-disbanded committee that determined Cooper’s punishment was typically composed of two assistant sheriffs, Marvin Cavanaugh and Cecil Rhambo, and the undersheriff, Paul Tanaka..

POST SCRIPT: Timothy Cooper is on the 2004 donations list for Paul Tanaka’s Mayoral Campaign. We did not see him on the 2008 or 2009 lists. We have yet to check the others.

EDITORS NOTE: Apologies to our non-LASD obsessed readers. We’ll have news on other topics again tomorrow.

* Note correction from earlier version.

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71 Responses

  1. Geo Says:

    I used to work with Mark years ago. What an outstanding guy! I always had the greatest respect for him as a person and a Deputy (now a Sgt.). I have heard flickers of rumors over the years of crap you have had to endure my friend and I am sorry to hear about them. Keep your family close to your heart because they are the most important people in our lives. Not this screwed up Department. May God bring you strength during these tough times and thank you for having the courage to share your story with us! Perhaps if more people would come forward with their stories of unjust treatment that the problems will finally begin to be solved. Stay strong and know that you have a lot of supporters out there!

  2. Train Has Derailed Says:

    For all of the people claiming this site is just a blog in your little circles,,,well the LA Times is now on to Tanaka and his mis-deeds. Great story on how Tanaka (viking) covered for another Viking (cooper) and the Sheriff finally neutered him a little taking a significant role (discipline) away from him. The house is cracking and about to crumble.

  3. Morning Buzz: Wednesday 2.15.12 | LA News Talk Radio Says:

    [...] Regulators, one of the gang-like cliques of deputies and top officials within the department. LAT, Witness LA Also: Another jailer has been arrested and linked to cocaine smuggling to inmates. [...]

  4. Neutral Says:

    Based on the story, Sgt. Cooper was investigated both criminally and administratively. The DA’s office obviously declined to file charges, but the administrative case must have concluded that he violated policies. What this is about is quibbling over the administrative penalty.

    First of all, Sgt. Cooper has a right to privacy regarding any personnel matters, so this shouldn’t even have been made public. Second, his penalty could have been discharge, demotion to deputy, a suspension up to 30 days, a punitive transfer, or a written reprimand. Management opted for a certain penalty, as they always have a right (and responsibility) to do. Again, this article is all about quibbling over the penalty. Does anybody think Sgt. Cooper will ever get promoted again with that permanent mark on his record? Be real.

    And no, I’m not a management apologist. If you think I’m agreeing with their choice of penalty, you’d be wrong. Hint: I’m a little to the right of Attila the Hun.

  5. Just in Says:

    During that period of time, Duran was a team Sergeant of a gang team assigned to Century Station. Duran, friend of Tanaka who donated money, is now the Captain at the Air Unit.

  6. Train has derailed Says:

    I’d like to retract my previous comment. Thank You

  7. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Train, I took it down as you requested.

  8. Nothing surprises me Says:

    This action should not surprise anyone. This story is yet another example of Paul Tanaka and his “anything goes” gang mentality. Tanaka and Mini-me Rhambo, cut the Compton Captain, the R-II Commander and R-II Chief’s legs off at the knee, They are the one who recommended the demotion and Tanaka said, “Not one of my boys,” and reduced this down to fifteen days.

    I have no doubt that Tanaka called Moffett a sniveling punk and said, “Why did this case even come to my desk?” But, as the Times article clearly indicates, Sheriff Baca just doesn’t have the backbone to criticize Tanaka, for anything. All he can do is promote him. I wonder if Cooper was a Jr. Member of the Cigar Club? This is all very pathetic.

  9. Kids First Says:

    Another Tanaka coverup of criminal behavior. I’ll bet Tanaka made a call to Cooley for a reject. When are the Feds going to do a Federal Grand Jury and indict all these guys. How can Baca disban this unethical committee and not give them discipline? Olmsted for Sheriff..

  10. Whole Story Says:

    There are many more facts to this story. Hopefully the entire version will soon be told. Sgt. Moffet went missing in actiion approximately 30 days after the alleged incident occurred. I
    was assigned to Compton Station when this happened. I was not a witness to the incident, but believe Sgt. Cooper is a good man. He was a very good field supervisor. Sergeant Moffet was reported missing by his wife and was later found in Las Vegas with another woman in a hotel room at the Stratosphere hotel. Las Vegas Metro PD can confirm this. Hes no angel.Witness LA, I emplore you to do some solid investigating of the facts. You’ve done a thorough job thus far on seceral LASD stories, please don’t take any shortcuts and report the whole story

  11. This may surprise you Says:

    Memo to nothing surprises me: Tim Cooper was an outstanding patrol deputy and investigator, not to mention sergeant. If you weren’t hiding behind the anonymity of this blog, you wouldn’t take pot shots at a man you know nothing about.

  12. Train Has Derailed Says:

    Celeste, you took my post down. It appears someone requested it to go down and u didn’t compare email address to verify it was me. Now it is down. What doeS that tell you of Tanaka’s people. Please check requests more closely. Thank you

  13. Whole Story Says:

    There are many more facts to this story. Hopefully the entire version will soon be told. Sgt. Moffet went missing in actiion approximately 30 days after the alleged incident occurred. I
    was assigned to Compton Station when this happened. I was not a witness to the incident, but believe Sgt. Cooper is a good man. He was a very good field supervisor. Sergeant Moffet was reported missing by his wife and was later found in Las Vegas with another woman in a hotel room at the Stratosphere hotel. Las Vegas Metro PD can confirm this. Hes no angel.Witness LA, I emplore you to do some solid investigating of the facts. You’ve done a thorough job thus far on seceral LASD stories, please don’t take any shortcuts and report the whole story

  14. Celeste Fremon Says:

    To the actual “Train has Derailed,” It’s back up. I’m glad you called my attention to it.

  15. tan/green Says:

    I find it interesting that this website thinks losing half of ur monthly salary is a “slap on the wrist.” If thats the case, how bout i slap a supervisor at the site on the wrist and he gives me a half of his/her monthly salary?

  16. Your Missing The Point Says:

    Whole Story, etc, I respectfully say you are missing the point. The Internal Affairs Bureau did an in-depth investigation. It is irrelevant about either party’s past, good/bad. To sustain the case, or make it Founded, there needs to be an element of evidence to support the charge. I have never disciplined any of my people unless there was factual evidence to support the charges and discipline. It doesn’t matter if Cooper was a good/bad deputy, if Moffett was MIA with one or ten women in Vegas or Monterey Park.

    Internal Affair Bureau investigations will focus on the allegation and the allegation only. I make decisions of Founded/Unfounded/Unresolved based on the facts of the case presented to me. If I determine, with council from others, that the facts substantiate a Founded case, THEN I can consider past performance and progressive discipline for the case at hand.

    I have not read this case (yet) but I can tell you, to make a finding of “Founded” and then recommend discipline of “Demotion” requires significant evidence. This is run through the entire chain of command before it is presented to Case Review. I cannot fathom for one moment a Captain, Commander and Chief “missed” something in the investigation package that the Case Review executives would pick up to justify a significant reduction of discipline, that is virtually impossible.

    I would venture to say, U/S Tanaka most likely unilaterally made a decision, against everyone’s input, to reduce this case to a “moderate discipline” case. He will never state his reasons why unless they were voiced in the Case Review session. Regardless of how shallow his reasoning may be, it would have taken at least one of the two attending A/S to concur as a “majority rules” for Case Review.

    Either Cooper did this or not, period. If he did, “Demotion” is a “gift.” But this is just they way Tanaka has operated since he was a sergeant. I would hope for the sake of this organization, one day, Tanaka will be put on the spot by a media organization and hammered with HIS past performance and decisions. And I wold love to see Sheriff Baca for once, be forced to justify all of Tanaka’s outrageous conduct and justify his continual promotions.

  17. Chuck Says:

    We need to get serious about our hiring process. We have and currently are promoting people ffrom the ca’s and so’s that are exhibiting the same us against them mentality that got us into this mess. We need to scrutinize some of the people we promote and extend employment to. Let’s hope class 388 and 389 be staffed now have people that believe in our core values. No more GED hires please.

  18. I agree Says:

    I completely agree with “Whole Story” on this one. There are some huge issues with Moffit’s allegations. In my opinion it’s all about him trying to get a settlement from the County. As “Whole Story” suggests, Celeste should take the time to really check into Moffit’s background and the things that have really occurred. As far as Geo #1 post goes, pull your head out of the sand (amongst other places)! Moffit is certainly not the victim that is being portrayed here.
    Anyone who has had the opportunity to work around Tim Cooper knows he’s all about being solid, dependable, hard working and fair!
    Do your homework Celeste, in the interest of what I’m sure you like to consider good journalism. So far, I haven’t seen it!

  19. No Bias Says:

    Whole Story,

    What does what you have posted about Moffets’ other issues have to do with Cooper pointing a gun at another employee? There are witnesses that saw this happen so whether Moffett is a good guy or not, that doesn’t take away the fact that Cooper pulled his gun and could’ve hurt someone.

  20. Train is Running Just Fine Says:

    Everyone knows the real story is much more watered down than what is portrayed here. The little vegas trip with female unknown speaks volumes about Moffett. That story went county wide when it happened. This train has not derailed, its actually running pretty damn good! crime is down, a lot of truly evil people are going to jail. It feels good knowing if you work hard, know the law, and use common sense, that our department executives (THE ONES BEING CRUCIFIED HERE) support you. This wasnt always the case under different commands. If you joined only to promote you are a fake. Your reward comes from knowing you helped a community be safer by doing proactive policework. Why try to tear down such a great department? im starting to think ex-inmates who hear deputies gossip in the jail are commenting here. This department will keep running just fine. The folks trying play interference to overcome thier jealousy, need to find a hobby. Im sure there are plif thats too hard, maybe you can drop some flowers by the gravesites of so many of our deputies who died in the line of duty. This is embarrassing. Get to work, or enjoy your retirement, but quit crying and lying on this blog.

  21. Whole Story Says:

    My apologies to the WLAN moderator. Here is an earlier post which had a personal attack in it. It has been removed and I ask that the post be approved.

    No Bias: Glad to hear youve secured a copy of the case file from IAB and know the veracity of all the witnesses and their statements. What you know is what you’ve read in the Times. It has everything to do with it. The allegations led to an investigation which led to a settlement. Countless cases are settled as parties want matters resolved so they can move on with their careers. A settlement is not an admission of guilt or an allocution. None of us know the facts in this case. But we do know Moffet’ts digging for gold in the proverbial deep pockets of the county. That this so called victim left his pregnant wife on 9 months and their 2 children while he ran off to Vegas without telling her. That MCB had to enlist the help of LV Metro to ping his phone only to find him in a hotel with a woman other than his wife. These are indisputable facts. Why does this matter? It’s the man’s character which is in doubt. The initial allegation and subsequent lawsuit are the added measure of the man. Lastly, ask yourself this, what deputy sheriff allows himself to be assaulted in an elevator as mentioned in the Times story. You cannot seriously buy that garbage.

  22. Read this stuff Says:

    Why are we paying the Keystone cops huge pensions while they are playing games at work? Go to to sign a pension reform petition. Limit current and future pensions for cops now.

  23. Chuck Says:

    Who cares if Moffett was with ton of women in Vegas. You don’t point your gun at any of you fellow deputies.

  24. sarge Says:

    Our policies must be only for line personnel, otherwise Mr. Tanaka has violated it for his persons that have donated to his political goals, even when the donars are not residents of Gardena but subbordinates of his with the Sheriff’s Dept. I guess promotions don’t count.
    “When in doubt about the possibilities of a conflict, employees should err on the side of caution and recuse themselves from the process.”


    Department employees, supervisors, and/or managers shall not author or review any professional document on behalf of a subordinate employee, within their direct chain of command, with whom a close, personal relationship exists. Close, personal relationships include family relationships (relatives), dating relationships, off-duty business associations, or other circumstances of an unusually personal nature.

    When in doubt about the possibilities of a conflict, employees should err on the side of caution and recuse themselves from the process.

    For purposes of this section, professional documents shall include administrative investigations, appraisals of promotability, annual employee performance evaluations, applications for coveted positions, or any other document which may have an impact on any significant aspect of the subordinate’s employment.

    Supervising employees who determine they have a described relationship conflict shall notify their own supervisor that a conflict exists. It is not required that the supervisor define the nature of such conflict.

    Revised 05/16/05


    Dear LASD brothers and sisters,
    Please forgive me if I may seem a bit sanctimonious. Regardless, I still think what I have to say is worth the while:
    When I began to share some of my knowledge and thoughts about the upper management’s abusive practices in the Department, my hopes were that I will help spur change. I have been reading the blog every day this past week and have seen the entries deteriorate into hateful and venomous remarks about people’s private lives, especially in this case of Cooper vs. Moffit. I then reread my entries and perhaps I had gone too far also.
    Many of us share a mutual respect in protecting the sanctity of certain things, two of which are our badge and our family and others’ families. If we became aware of another person’s (a co-worker’s) indiscretions, we never, ever would do anything to cause further pain for the innocents, i.e., the involved persons’ family members (in particular, their spouse and their children). I personally feel that the person who divulged the Vegas tryst went too far, as that bit of information may have been kept away from Mr. Moffit’s loved ones, especially if he has children and they are also reading this. I do not know either Mr. Cooper or Mr. Moffit, so at least I can’t be accused of taking sides.
    It was truly embarrassing to see Ms. Fremon having to shut down the blog in the last news story because the attacks got out of hand. It was even more embarrassing to sense the pettiness and the vindictiveness in the way the last writer wrote about Chief Abner and her director (I don’t care for the Chief’s lack of leadership either, mind you). I now bow my head in shame because I am seeing that we are turning into what started out as an opportunity to change the course of this ship into a mass feeding frenzy. In this website, the reporters appear to earnestly strive to create positive changes in society, as they speak on behalf of those treated unfairly or unjustly, and hopefully forcing those in the position of authority, power to change. However, we have made this into a dog fight. We tear at one another as every bit of news or information is thrown into the kennel like a piece of meat. We create our own yellow sensationalist journalism. The reporters need not be creative, they just recycle the news among various medium and then watch us turn ourselves into a sad comedy.
    As I am writing this, one of our LASD families has just sent their son, husband, father – Deputy Steven T. Baze – to eternal rest from terminal illness. Please take the time out to pray for his peace, reflect on what we can do FOR each other. Let’s work together to rebuild, instead of tear down further. I concede to giving Mr. Baca and his people the opportunity to clean up their act. I have faith that they feel some of the shame in reading about themselves. To the Sheriff especially, whether we like you or approve of your performance or not, you are still our leader and the magnitude of your position is no different from a father having the responsibility to lead his children on the right path. I am sure you would not want your loved ones to be treated wrongly, abused, neglected, taken advantage of, unrecognized for their hard work. I am sure you want to protect them from harm and from each other, and your deputies to be treated as you would want yourself to be treated. And most importantly, I am certain that you want to see the reflection of a righteous, proud, honest, giving and forgiving, and compassionate man the next time you look in the mirror. Don’t let your sons and daughters to suffer the sins of the father.
    Good luck to you all.

  26. Ronald Shimokaji Says:

    If a sworn officer pulls his gun inside a station, unless it was done to protect himself or fellow deputies, he should be severly dealt with. Sheriff Baca has a credibility problem that could very well affect publio safety and hamper law enforcement in the field. The decision should be reviewed by Sheriff Baca for further disciplinary action. If no further action is taken, I fear that the repercussions would be felt countywide.

  27. 10-33 Go Says:

    Totally agree with STILLPROUDOFTHEBADGE. In general, people post things via the anonymity of the Internet that they would never put their real name next to. We all know how gossipy and cliquey law enforcement is in general (not just LASD), so I’m cool with that and have leveraged that privilege here, too. But we shouldn’t allow ourselves, or each other, to descend into the kind of dark hearted savagery we battle every day on the streets. Just as we are above that, we are above the dark hearted comments that appear on most online message boards. Comments should be constructive; this is a public place, not the trunk of your radio car outside 7-11 at 3 in the morning.

    Deputy Steve Baze, a great guy, R.I.P.

  28. Just the truth please! Says:

    To all my concerned Brothers and Sisters, I think some people on this blog are stating things they heard and do not have first hand knowledge of. This blog and others concerning the Sheriff’s Department is a tough read for me since it not only tarnishes the badge, but it also puts us at war with each other.

    Speaking from first hand knowledge, I can tell you a few things. First of all I have had the experience of working with both Mark and Tim at Compton Station and other assignments. I really can’t say anything bad about either one of them. Mark and Tim were both a pleasure to work with, however I did know that they disliked each other which dated back to their previous assignment at Century Station.

    I just read the posts by “Whole Story” and what he stated about Mark in Las Vegas is far from the truth. First of all, Mark did take a road trip to Las Vegas and I was working at Compton Station when this happened. I heard that the Mark’s wife was concerned about her husband’s well being and contacted the department and her local law enforcement agency.

    The Captain of the Compton Station summoned his station detectives who responded and were able to “Ping” Mark’s cell phone in Las Vegas. Mark was located by Las Vegas Metro and detained. MCB never went to Las Vegas and I don’t know where the women in the hotel room came from. Fortunately Mark was “OK” and returned from Las Vegas the next day.

    That’s the story, no hot sauce or too much mustard on the hot dog.

    Let’s just let these guys handle their own business and hope one day we can have a department that we can continue to be proud of .

    Stay safe

  29. Commentator Says:

    Just the truth …..

    Thank you for stating the truth. I too have first hand knowledge and know what you have stated is the truth.

    Whole story …..

    It’s unfortunate that you think what you have typed is the truth and that it helps in anyway. Whether you believe it as truth or not is it even your business to air it on this blog?

  30. The Better to See You With Says:

    Require cameras in all police cars and police facilities and this behavior will stop:

    Proposal to install cameras in police cars gains momentum.

    In what feels like a rare in stance of consensus between concerned citizens, legislation may be moving forward to installing cameras in all police cars.

    Legislation proposed that will require cameras was referred to the Public Safety Committee for review. That review began last week. Brown is pushing for the legislation because he believes it will help eliminate bias and guesswork in the aftermath of questionable police incidents, and thereby help protect both police and the public from spurious allegations.

  31. Whole Story Says:

    Just the Truth Please – Reread comment #21.  You assert what was written in the prior post was “FAR FROM THE TRUTH”.  Have another looksie.
    Fact #1 - Moffet went to Las Vegas without telling his spouse, who was 9 months pregnant and was home with their 2 children.  This does not appear to be in dipute.  You may want to refer to it as a “road trip” call it what you will.
    Fact #2 – His spouse reported him as a missing to the local PD.  Maybe he forgot to tell here where he was headed for 3 days.  We’ve all amde that mistake in the past right, especially thse of us who are solid and caring family men, husband and fathers. 
    Fact #3 – Nowhere in the prior comment did it indicate MCB went to Vegas.  Here, let me help you “MCB had to enlist the help of LV Metro to ping his phone”.  CPT Station DB did in fact kick this case up to MCB.  Do your homework and stop trying to sugarcoat things. 
    Fact #4 – Sgt. Moffet’s and his phone and a woman other than the Mrs. were found in a room at the Stratosphere.  If you want to know where that part of the story came from, inquire with LVMPD and MCB.  Read into it what you will.  No mustard or hot sauce here, just facts. Youre spinning words around for what reason. 
    Lastly, to the Comentator, Ms. Fremon.  With all due respect to your last comment,  ” It’s unfortunate that you think what you have typed is the truth and that it helps in anyway. Whether you believe it as truth or not is it even your business to air it on this blog?  Well my dear, you created this mess.  For better or worse its a public forum.  Its everyone’s business now.  It is laughable when you, the moderator starts taking sides. Where is the unbiased neutrality.  There is no doubt as to what you believe.  Tell us, why are you unhappy? Is it becase Sgt. Cooper was not more severely disciplined and demoted?  He was disciplined and a settlement was reached.  Moffet is in a better place more suited for him, while still in Region II and is doing a good job at Lomita. 

  32. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Whole Story, just to be clear:

    I don’t make anonymous comments—ever. On the rare occasions I enter the comment thread my name is clearly attached.

    I have no opinion, or a side to take, regarding either of these Sergeants’ personal lives, nor their behavior—except as it pertains to the lawsuit filed by Sergeant Moffett, and the incidents that underlie it.

    The story above is about two things:

    1. What Sergeant Cooper did or did not do with regard to Sergeant Moffett, most specifically whether he pulled a gun inside Compton station, pointed it at Sergeant Moffitt and mouthed the words “I’m going to kill you”—plus the list of other events that allegedly led up to the reported incident in Compton station.

    2. The story also deals with how the department did and/or did not respond to the alleged gun pointing/threat making incident, and what implications this may or may not have regarding the department’s disciplinary system.

    That’s it.

    In truth, although we had been researching this story, and have quite a bit of information, and various documents, we’d not posted it because we were not finished with our reporting and fact checking, and also because frankly there are other LASD stories that, right now, are taking up our reporting time, so this was on a rear burner. However, when the LA Times published their version of the Moffett/Cooper story, it would have been inappropriate not to note it and add some commentary—which I did. It’s a story that deserves to be reported well, and since the LAT has begun with it, we may cede it to them, as they’re doing a fine job. (Or we may write about it more as we research further. I’m not sure yet.)

    All that said, I hope for the rest of this thread, everyone will stay away from personal attacks—even though the topic is clearly emotional as many of you consider one or both men friends and valued colleagues. I don’t want this thread to devolve to the point that I stop approving comments, as we value what you all have to say.

    In any case, I hope that clears things up.

    A good night to all.

  33. Kevin Says:

    “If you weren’t hiding behind the anonymity of this blog, you wouldn’t take pot shots at a man you know nothing about.”

    Says someone “hiding behind the anonymity of this blog”.

  34. Scruffy Says:


    What about a sworn deputy (Mark Cooper) who sports a Viking gang tattoo on his ankle (does not deny)? According to Federal Judge Terry Hatter, the Lynwood Vikings are a, “Group of Lynwood area deputies who are members of a neo-nazi,white supremacist gang.” How’s that for a character reference?

    For U/S and admitted tattooed Viking member Paul Tanaka,that’s all he needs to know. Fellow gang member Cooper gets a pass.

    Cooper I don’t know. I’m just very familiar with the carnage left in the wake of the Vikings in the communities of Lynwood, Compton and Watts.

    Mark Moffett I do know. They don’t make deputies any better than Mark. An outstanding performance record, US Marine reserve,devout Christian, dedicated and loving father and husband.

    But there you go, good cops seem to be the ones shoved out of their careers leaving LASD the hands of criminals like Copper and Tanaka.

  35. Henry Garcia Gonzalez Says:

    Imagine the abuses that go on everyday if sheriffs feel they have the immunity to put a gun to a co workers head and say “im gona kill you.”? This guy probably sexually harrasses women during traffic stops. He and his fellow “vikings” are no different from rapists. Hear me out, a rapist is more concerned with the power and fear he is able to extract from his victim, not the actual sex. A cop also loves feeling like a big man when he strips someone of their pride and dignity because of his power.
    Ive personally made cops look stupid, and boy do they get enraged, they were unable to intimidate me.

  36. Levy Brown Says:

    Celeste is doing a great job reporting on these issues — thank you!

    The shooting amongst ICE agents yesterday is the EXACT and DIRECT reason this story needed to be published. We need to expose what kind of discipline the LASD hands out for childish acts done by supposed PROFESSIONALS that are running this department. What if Sgt Cooper would have pulled that trigger killing Sgt Moffit? Then we would be going to a funeral (in the line of duty funeral — which costs lots of money and brings in people from far away places) and Sgt. Cooper would be in prison.


    If I was at work and challenged another employee to a fight I am violating the workplace violence policy. I thought the department was big on this now? If not, they should start looking at it again. Kinda hard though, when the Sheriff gets on the nightly news and says “these deputies need to man-up and take care of themselves” as he said ON TV to ABC7 when they interviewed him about the Montebello Christmas fight. I guess the workplace violence policy isn’t too important anymore. Hmmm.

    Don’t say one thing and then do the other.

  37. Hear me out, please Says:

    Celeste and Matt, thank you for your great reporting and for allowing this format. I have followed these postings as well as the posting for all of the other LASD stories.

    THE issue for LASD is FAILED LEADERSHIP and CORRUPTION. Folks, this back and forth about Cooper being a great guy and Moffit not, is so childish. The one and only question to ask and answer is did Cooper point his gun at Moffit and mouth a threat, period. If that was in fact the case, as someone posted earlier a demotion would have been a true gift. I would have opted for termination. Did Cooper do it? Yes he did. End of story. So please, this “circle the wagons” and support an inked up bully (Cooper) is beneath all true professionals. There is absolutely no excuse for this outrageous conduct. If this act were committed by a probationer deputy, would it be accepted? Absolutely not. He/She would have been fired on the spot. So please, do not try and justify or excuse this stupid conduct and say Cooper is a great street cop, so lets forget all of this. Or because Mofit may have gone to Vegas with a female not his wife, so therefor it was Okay for Cooper to 417 him and say “I’m going to kill you.” Grow up, your “Cooper justification” comments should not even be posted.

    Now, back to the issue at hand. The LASD Command Staff and leadership has been in a downward spiral ever since Baca took office. Like it or not, the primary cause of our organization’s leadership failure must be placed squarely on the shoulders of the grand puppet master, Paul Tanaka. He and he alone is and has been the root of ALL evil within LASD. All of Matt’s stories, the jails, the “donations,” the pay for play, the “my boys get a pass,” the Cigar Club, on and on and on are ALL true. You are in denial if you say not. Now we have a prima facia case of Viking/Regulator (same thing) favoritism with the Cooper case. Where does it end? Wherever Paul Tanaka wants it to. HE is the ultimate example of a bully if I’ve ever seen one. I won’t bother of all the examples, Matt’s stories and these postings are filled with specific examples. His screaming, MF staff, favoritism, his Viking tattoo, his gang mentality, his pay for play promotions and job assignments, his vindictiveness and untold examples of destroying good people and their careers is well documented. He is a pathetic person AND he is the Undersheriff for God’s sake.

    Now that brings me to my second point. Who do I ultimately blame? Sheriff Baca. Baca has been an enabler for ALL of Tanaka’s deeds. Baca has had no less than six major executives march into his office and lay out Tanaka’s ongoing and unethical conduct. Baca could not bring himself to say anything more than, “Well, geez. I will talk to Paul.” All six executives in total disbelief of Baca’s response, quit, right on the spot.

    This is NOT about LASD. We are all proud of the institution. This is ALL about the unrestricted and unethical carnage that has administered by Paul Tanaka while Baca hides his head in the sand. Do you think LAPD rank and file were proud about Rampart? Hell no, they were embarrassed and rightfully so. Everyone knew what was going on in Rampart before the scandal broke. They had their own Viking mentality, anything goes. Dirty shooting, no problem. Need a gun to plant? No problem, let me check my war bag. Supervisors and managers (just like Tanaka) were completely aware of everything, we a part of it. “Leave my guys alone, they are hard workers.” History showed the world how one element of a bunch of thugs and bullies all but ruined the great reputation of LAPD. Well folks, Custody Division and many other patterns yet to be told, will be our Rampart. And it is coming folks, we all know it. Another Arco Narco type of is brewing and yet to be told.

    So to the hard working folks like myself who don’t smoke cigars, don’t donate to a tyrant’s war chest of a city you don’t live in, who do not subscribe to the “what ever I do, Paul will clean me up,” to all of my friends who just come to work and try our best,,,,,,, hang in there. Know that we have ALL been failed by Baca. In a couple of years, there will be a new Sheriff and he/she is going to clean house, if the Feds don’t make the first move.

    One last thing because I have to get ready for PM’s, to all of those people, of ALL ranks, who ARE playing the Tanaka game I ask you this. Take a very long hard look at yourself in the mirror at home when you are alone. Take a long hard look at your kids, your wife and then take another long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Then ask yourself if you are really proud of what you are doing? Or are you playing the ghetto game, “I’m gonna get mines?” Shame on you because we know who you are. And you know we know. You only feel good when you are around other alike thinkers. But when you are around us, you know what you really are and you know what you are doing. And deep down inside, you are ashamed.

    Thank you Celeste for the voice. Man that felt good. Stick to the facts folks.

  38. LAFORII (Laughing at Region II) Says:

    To Train is Running Just Fine and his/her fellow Koolaid drinkers: I’m sorry you have enmeshed your careers completely with the Tanaka crowd and you may suffer for it. For those who are using this site to post real info and not personal attacks, please keep it coming. Not only are you informing your coworkers, you are helping to inform the electorate.

    For those keeping the score that actually counts, it’s the voters of Los Angeles County who will decide the future of this Department in 2014, maybe even sooner if the fourth floor implodes. There are too many people in this forum who think the future lies in the hands of the guy with the little man complex. I’m only interested in what LA voters think, not deputies living in Simi Valley and Chino Hills. Last time I checked, there’s a world of difference in opinion between the two parties, and only one counts.

    ALADS and PPOA can play a part, but will they? Their past history means they will retreat to a corner and suck their collective thumbs. They have a big chance to be a game changer in this upcoming election for SHERIFF, are you listening Hayhurst and Moriguchi? We’re happy for you that you want to impact the BOS races, but this one is more important for your members, don’t forget that.

    Change is coming soon, folks, we will clean house!

  39. When did...... Says:

    Does anybody know when Cooper actually got disciplined?

  40. Dirty Dealings Says:

    Hear me out please:

    Outstanding synposis of the current state of affairs within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Time to stop beating a dead horse and move on to new topics, which I am sure will be revealing themselves shortly.

  41. PPOA does nothing Says:

    I just received and read the February edition of Star and Shield. Talk about an enabler, you should read the President’s Message titled, “Jails, The Blame Game.” What a pathetic and weak response. “Lets not be hasty, lets not overreact, no one is to blame, geez, we hope the Sheriff starts to get serious about managing the organization. It is not anyone’s fault. It isn’t the fault of any MCJ sergeants or lieutenants.” Pathetic.

    Hey Moriguchi, where have you been when Tanaka has been taking good people out of their assignments and sending them to the cornfields? Where has PPOA been during the Pay for Play promotion process? If this were LAPD, they would be taking out full page ads in the Times exposing ALL of the corruption going on and demanding executives be held to the same standards as everyone else. How about doing your job or resign and allow someone who isn’t connected to protect the membership. You are just as much to blame as all of the other people with their head in the sand.

  42. Ryan Conrad Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding? A prank? Is it really gone the crapper that bad that the sheriff’s department actually feels we’ll accept this nonsense? If “Joe Citizen” pulled a gun and aimed it at the head of an on-duty Sheriff’s Sergeant, they’d most likely be shot dead. If “Joe Citizen” pulled and aimed said handgun at another citizen or co-worker they’d be fired and locked up for terrorist threats…so I guess, why didn’t the DA file? Selective enforcement?
    Why are law enforcement personnel exempt from those laws that would end with our deaths, incarceration or jail? Sad

  43. Juan S. Rodriguez Says:

    Celeste, Thank you for your blog, you are doing a great community service.

    However, it’s obvious some of these individuals have a problem with Mr. Tanaka and our Sheriff. Amazing! Mr. Tanaka was instrumental in making my home town a safer city. Lynwood was a wreck for many years, and now it’s the safest it’s been! Go figure? Mr. Tanaka and his staff have allowed me to be safe in my community. I was a Lynwood H.S. graduate in 1988 and the city was VIOLENT back then. I remember my dad calling the police and the officers receiving a gun shot victim call as they took our stolen car report. It was depressing. So much so, that my family wanted to move.

    Even through the crime ridden times, we always had positive experiences with the Lynwood Sheriff. Now, 24 years later, it’s a pretty nice place to live and raise a family. As a Hispanic American who prides himself on hard work and character, I commend the LASD, including Mr. Tanka, for making my town a better place.

    Thank you.

  44. Just in Says:

    Mr. Rodriguez, did you know that Lynwood and Compton received a significant amount of patrol services without any financial charges to those contract cities. COPS Teams, along with other suppression teams were routinely deployed for free, even though these cities should had been, and should be required to pay for the additional services. Where did these extra deputies come from, they were stripped from a number of other stations. Due to the reduced staffing, the deputies who worked those other stations had to carry an excessive work load. The deputies who police your communtiy can feel satisfied that Lynwoood is a safer place. But it was also on the backs of many deputies assigned to many stations, and at the price of reduced policing of unincorporated communities. So, Mr Tanaka took assets from other stations which those communities pay for, and sent them to Lynwood and Compton, which are contract cities and should be paying, but he provided these assets for free. Is that comendable.

  45. Eric Says:

    To Ronnie Williams, oops I mean “LAFORII” and followers: Perhaps you can more effectively entice LASD staff and voters to follow you by announcing your proposed command lineup. The likes of Willie Miller, Steve Roller, Larry Landreth, Bill Martin, Sonia Carol, and with a little luck maybe Joaquin Herran and Mario Barron could come out of “medical” retirement to “keep deputies in line.”

    Take note I didn’t need to write anything disrespectful as you have done toward Baca, Tanaka and others. Names and reputations speak for themselves. Slander is not necessary.

    CELESTE, how much longer can you really claim you’re “just objectively acting on inside information.” If you possess any common sense and journalistic integrity you would find most of this is simply disgruntled employees. Yes, as with any large agency there are incidents of misconduct and poor performance at all levels and it appears Baca is taking action. Find some real news. Your “insiders” don’t seem too concerned there’s alot of parolees being released into the community. That is the real threat to public safety. Hope I don’t get edited out.

  46. Scruffy Says:

    Looks like Baca and Tanaka have rolled out their propaganda and apologist boyz.

    First of all, crime is down across the country, not just Century’s turf. Actually, if you do your research, stats show officer involved shootings by LASD deputies of unarmed civilians is on the rise, while crime is down in the communities they patrol. That says a lot.

    I’ve lived and worked in Lynwood and for every person that praises LASD, I know fifty who have no respect for them at all due to the actions of their abusive deputies. Not all of them, just those who have no respect for and routinely violate the rights of those they “serve” malign all who wear the same uniform. That’s just the way it is. Good deputies don’t go along with false police reports, false arrests, and perjured testimony involving assaults and unlawful shootings.

    So as per usual, what happens when light is shined on darkness, the abusers attack the messenger. Celeste is providing the first real public airing of a taxpayer funded institution where the insane are running the asylum.

    Witness LA’s unique brand of journalism provides a forum where LASD personnel and folks from the community can share their experiences, knowledge, fears and solutions. Is the LA Times also being manipulated by “disgruntled employees?” I can see why all of this is a threat to those with ink on their ankles and gun-shot residue on their hands.

    Deputies like Mark Moffett and those stepping up to expose the crimes deputies commit are heroes. Baca, Tanaka and those cronies that shield them should all be facing Rico (organized crime)charges. Deputies who are part of this failed administration should get off the public payroll and take a long walk – while they still can.

  47. LAFORII (Laughing at Region II) Says:

    To Juan S. Rodriguez, or shall we call you by your initials JR, just as the Tanaka glee club refers to each other by initials, PT, RT, EP, et al? I doubt the residents of Lynwood could pick Tanaka out of a six pack, much less attribute the drop in crime, which has been nationwide, to him in particular. Your curious articulation of Tanaka, and the absence of any credit towards Baca indicates you are part of the glee club’s paid staff and campaign contributors.

    Eric, or whoever you claim to be, are you upset you got “outted” by the release of the donor lists? So sad, too bad. No need to worry, the next administration will NOT be shaking down employees of the organization for campaign contributions and other shenanigans.

    And for the record, I find the actions of Ronnie Williams as contemptable and unethical as those of Baca and Tanaka. To figure out who is worse we would have to go to instant replay, and realize the man on top takes the cake.

    Regarding your claims of “disrespect,” I have no idea what you are referring to. I make no apologies for pointing out the obvious, and if that is “disrespectful” in your view, well stand by ’cause you’re gonna love whats coming!

  48. Ray Says:

    Eric – Nothing is objective on this web site. Look at the comments in the L.A. Times on this same story. 95 percent are not cops. Witness LA is blocking all non-cop insider comments on this page. Only cop insiders get posted. It is all a fraud. Wit LA is getting paid by certain cops to run these stories. I would like to see a list of Wit LA contributors to these cop stories. No legit publication accepts money from involved people for stories.

  49. Celeste Fremon Says:

    Okay, everybody, we’ve again had some light mud-throwing from both sides, in these last few comments (Eric and LAFORII), lets dial back the personal attacks. Thank you.

    As for “Ray,” I’m not blocking non-law enforcement commenters, I’m blocking you personally because, with occasional exceptions (which I let through), using a variety of names, you simply rant on about how all law enforcement officers are thugs and/or scum—and variations on that theme. [See Rules for Commenting, #3].

    As for WitnessLA’s funding: WLA has always been grant funded by various nonprofit foundations. It accepts no individual donations whatsoever None, zero, zip.

    The only other form of funding is for Matt Fleischer’s two series’—Follow the Gang Money, in 2010, and the current Dangerous Jails series, parts 1-4, both of which are funded through a partnership with Spot.Us, which engages in “crowd-funding.” If you’d like to know how that works, it’s very public and if you follow the link below, you’ll know exactly as much as I know about the funding streams that made those series possible.

  50. ? Says:

    Laughing at Region II, really. Your blog name says it all. Your previous insane blogs reek of a serious disdain for Region II, that’s a lot of men and women you openly hate. Your hate sounds extremely irrational and off topic at times. You must be a bitter employee (or ex) to group together a large group of hard working men and women and express such disdain. You words are extremely hypocritcal when you are allegedly defending other regions in the department against the “dregs” of society from Region II. Contiually slamming Region II serves no purpose in your argument and is offensive to those deputies taking criminals to jail everyday in that region. I don’t know you, nor do I care to. I don’t need to hear one’s alleged background and experiences to prove a point of view. I could say I’m Elmer Jay Fudd millionaire behind the protection of my blog. I find your words hurtful to the memory of the deputy sheriffs from Region II killed in the line of duty. I have known some of these men and been to their funuerals. I find your words hurtful to persons with Region II experience that have helped out deputies that have passed away from cancer, and their continued to provide help to the surviving families. And that includes deputies from other regions. You have proven yourself a simpleton (starting with your blog name) and unable to argue your point in a clear mature manner. Read your previous blogs and do some research and the very large group of law enforcement professionals whose honor you discredit. It’s okay to work Region II and be proud of the station you work for. It dosen’t make you any less of a person, just as working for anyother region dosen’t.

  51. Top of the Mountain Says:

    Hi Celeste, your doing a great service for us honest and hardworking LASD members. Will you be posting the next donor list soon. Thanks again.

  52. Just in Says:

    Until Tanaka came into power we trashed talked another region when we knew our friend worked that other region. Some of us have had the opportunity to work all three regions, and guess what, we all do the same work. Some stations handle more calls, but are less political. Some deal with more politics, but have less calls. I’ve worked both and they all have their challenges. Yes, Region II deputies are hard working deputies, but so are the Region I and III deputies. Roll up to AV and try to keep up with the pace. Go to Lakewood and deal with all the crazy politics. When Tanaka came into power, he claimed region II as his kingdom. This is when the division between the deputies became real. Some of us have worked through more then one Sheriff and we have seen the typical Department politics for many years. What goes on now is a dangerous issue that has become an epidemic. When Tanaka was the Assistant Sheriff, he would meet with the classroom of new Sergeants attending super school. He would tell them “if you haven’t worked Region II, don’t bother applying for any Region II jobs”. This is a man who has created division and contempt among the deputies and supervisors of our Department. Baca, he was the weak and timid soul that stayed out of the arena.

  53. Eliot Ness Says:

    I love this website. I have become addicted. It is fantastic to have a place where all of this can be aired out. I am glad that the “west side” region II boys show their true colors in their posts. Even when airing their view anonymously, they cannot resist flavoring it with their form of “west side” bravado. Why is it that the police officers that primarily work in an area of social and economic repression automatically believe that they are better than the rest? Do you really believe that the area makes the cop rather than the cop makes the cop? If that were the case, there would be a lawsuit filed immediately requiring equal access to this magical area of region II so that all could benefit. What would fuel your bravado then? So many current and past problems with the LASD can be traced back to this dysfunctional group of “west side” boys and their tattooed ankles. So many lawsuits. So many bad shootings. So many bad arrests. Yes – you lead the department on D.A. rejected cases. You should all be so proud. The rest of us are so embarrassed. Paul did one right thing; he finally got rid of that stupid tattoo. The rest of you should get a clue. To the rest of the thinking world, it just makes you appear to be closer to the so called street thugs that you claim to work above. In psychology, there is a hierarchy of needs referred to as “Maslow’s Triangle”. The sense of “belonging” is part of all of our basic needs. You tattooed folks are just a bit needier that the rest of us. Then, for one to be emotionally unbalanced as to point a gun at another player on the same team is over the top. This is one sick individual. I certainly hope that Cooper was referred to Employee Support Services for some psychological follow up after his 15 days off.

  54. FYI Says:

    According to a “very, very close” friend of Tanaka, he never did get rid of his Viking tattoo. He still proudly wears it for all of its glory and deep meaning.

  55. Joe Says:

    How good is it for morale when we still hear nothing from the 4th floor? Where’s the Sheriff? Obviously his head is still buried deep in the sand except for when he peeks out to make these promotions. John Clark to IA why? He isn’t a stellar Captain. In fact I have known him to lie just to save his own a$$.

  56. Coyote Waits Says:

    Clark was likely moved due to earlier posts and reports of him being transferred out of MCJ after trying to break up deputy cliques. Now it’s “put up or shut up” time. Baca also now has 2 commanders and a chief report directly to him on discipline matters, bypassing the U/S and A/S levels. Changes are happening, but there’s no official “word” as to why. And no words at all from the U/S on any of this. Meanwhile, the whistleblower lawsuit is moving forward with depositions and the FBI is asking more questions. The Sheriff likes Chinese culture, and by their definition, is living in “interesting” times. Oh, and breaking campaign laws that he warns line personnel every year about at election time.

  57. Paul Says:

    Morale is bad. Every week we have a story in the media. We have two deputies out of Marina Del Rey station being charged with crimes against children, employees charged with bringing drugs into the jails, people who think its okay to pull a gun on your coworker, and who knows what’s next. One can only hope someone gets hold of the department fast. However, the damage is going to take years to fix and correct the culture of deputy against deputy,region against region,and the code of silence that protects bad behavior. Can we all remember our core values and why we wanted to be deputies?

  58. So I heard Says:

    It has been reported Nunez was rolled up from IAB after a very short stay because of the way he has been “directing” case to look when the investigation is completed. He also had his hands into the Cooper case recommending a “Unresolved” as opposed to the obvious “Founded” for the 417 charge. Nunez has been making wholesale personnel changes at IAB at the direction of Tanaka. Baca blew a gasket and rolled up Nunez to TST (how does it feel? Just hold on Nunez, I’m sure Tanaka will throw you a life line any day now. Or perhaps an anchor). Clark was sent to IAB by Baca to clean it up and restore some sense of fairness. Don’t be surprised if Clark makes Commander sometime in the future. Clark had a long talk with Baca and laid out Tanaka for what he is and what he did to him. Karma. The FBI and Witness LA are aware of all these changes. I’m sure we will hear more in future reports.

  59. Let's Wait and See Says:

    Mannis was removed because Tanaka couldn’t have his way. Then newly Gooden (previous Tanaka aide) was placed at IAB. He almost lasted a year, then Nunez was placed by Tanaka before the recent implosion. Now Clark has been placed by the Sheriff. The problem with this is that IAB and ICIB are heavy with investigators that were placed there by Tanaka and are still there so will Clark be able to effect any positive change? We will see I guess.

  60. OG Says:

    Ladies and gentleman, I realize that Tanaka and others have divided the LASD and created a have and have not system that has hampered and destroyed careers, and that will be addressed by the Board of Supervisors, the FBI, and/or the people of Los Angeles County. What is said here will have no impact on the outcome of the LASD, but the fact that a lot of you are concerned gives the LASD hope.

    But, I see a trend here where some of you are using this forum that Celeste has created to malign people that I suspect you have no firsthand knowledge about. It is obvious that some of you are harboring grudges against some individuals for real or imagined grievances and a lot of those people are no longer on the LASD payroll. In others, I sense hate, dislike, prejudice, and bigotry.

    For those of you that have the above issues, this is a safe place for you to spew your salcious personal comments and to continue your rumor mongering. In my 36years, I have never seen so much hate between people that wear the same uniform and have taken the same oath. I evaluate people by there intestinal fortitude and their courage to say whatever they have to say to people, ” face to face “.

    I love that Celeste has created this forum, but the one bad thing is that it has given voice to the punks and cowards to pontificate without any repercussions, about people that they don’t have any firsthand knowledge of.

    To Celeste, why don’t you have a meeting at a location of your choosing, and invite all of us, so those that have such strong opinions can air them in front of everyone else. If money is a factor, I will gladly donate and I know others that would also. I’m sure some of you would come, but I also know that most of you wouldn’t.


  61. LAFORII (Lauging at Region II) Says:

    First of all, OG, you make very good points. I think the opportunity to see people face to face will occur in the very near future with the upcoming election cycle. I would hope when the dust settles everyone remembers what brought us to this profession in the first place, and we have to work together to better this organization.

    The anonymous “?” guy seems to have a bone to pick with my postings and name. I won’t bother to answer him/her point by point, but I will note the obvious: The name is in reference to a few individuals, such as LAB (Laughing at Burnouts) who made a disturbing diatribe against the other Regions of the Department, and somehow sought to justify the divisions created by Tanaka because they “deserved” special consideration. It should be noted “?” was okay with LAB’s posting, and he appears to have missed the SARCASM of the name LAFORII.

    Everyone knows, at least I hope, that there are great, good, average, and below average cops in all three regions. The Department needs honest, hard-working, intelligent folks in every high-profile assignment and leadership position, without exception. We cannot afford to have unqualified, but highly connected, individuals whose loyalty lies only with Tanaka in these positions. The impact on the Department’s effectiveness AND reputation is devastating.

    The damage both Baca and Tanaka have inflicted on the organization most of us have devoted our entire adult life to is appalling. Equally disturbing are those who try to rationalize their behavior. I can only hope cooler, ethical heads will prevail and help usher in a new administration and a new chapter in our history.

  62. Stevie Mack Says:

    For starters, this story makes me sick. Secondly, some of these comments make me want to puke as bad, like those posted by Mr. “Whole Story” himself. I guess, if I cheat on my wife or I get out of whack in Vegas, that gives you the right — as a police officer — to pull a gun on me. What a joke.

    I happen to know Mark Moffett, not professionally, but personally. He is as stand up a guy as you are going to meet, so if he said it happened, I assure you it did, but that is not the point. What is the point is that Sgt. Cooper is a scrub — the worst kind. A wannabe gangster who thinks he is above the law. Just go as the DA what they would do to me if I pulled a gun on someone else in the workplace.

    What makes this the worst is that the police blow this kind of thing off all the time. So, in the spirit of fair play, I am going to personally go down to the Federal Building and talk to the FBI. Then, I am going to personally make sure Sgt. Cooper knows that, while his superiors don’t give a damn about justice, the general public does …… as a result, he will be held accountable and we will get every watchdog in the country on his department, and his staff, until justice is served.

    And one other thing — make sure Sgt, Cooper knows I am not standing behind any fake name on the Internet. That’s my name, and I look forward to bringing every legal means on top of the Shefiff’s department until they rid us of boneheads like this guy ……..

  63. Stevie Mack Says:

    And one other thing, just in case there is any confusion. The accusations against Sgt Moffett in this blog about him being with another woman in Las Vegas is total nonsense. It is perpetuated by guys who want to stand by Cooper and discredit Moffett. Again, what a joke. I live in Vegas, and comments like those made by some of these guys are simply not true, and I checked with friends at LVMPD too. So, when you decided you want to stand up for a guy who committed multiple felonies while on duty in Compton, at least get your facts straight so your argument is, somehow, perceived as credible. In the mean time, I will ask only one question ………. if Cooper pulled a gun on any of his co-workers, how is it he still has a badge? A badge that he clearly does not respect, and a badge that — from the sounds of the things in this blog — he discredits on a regular basis by going to work.

  64. Had to happen Says:

    RegionII deputies deserve all the accolades they get. They work hard in the toughest areas patrolled by the Sheriff’s dept. I’d put them up against any cops in the nation and bet that they are the best.
    It is appalling that this crap has risen to the level it has. And why? Because you have a few current/former FORII deps./supes/execs who openly voice their disdain for the other regions. And a few people from other regions that are pissed off at them and want PAYBACK.
    If these few FORII dudes would go about their jobs humbly and professionally, instead of constantly telling everybody just how much better they are than the rest of the Sheriff’s dept. this shit wouldn’t be happening, because the dept. wouldn’t be divided like it is.
    It seems some people, even some in high places, never learn the difference between confidence and arrogance. They feel the need to belittle others in order to make themselves shine brighter.
    Those people shouldn’t be shocked when those who they have belittled aren’t in their corner when trouble comes knocking. Hell, they shouldn’t even be surprised if those they have belittled try and cause the trouble.
    You say they are jealous. Maybe they are. If they are, do you really think they aren’t going to try and screw you when you throw it in their face every chance you get?

    Come on. If anybody knows, you FORII guys know PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s so very sad and tragic that people who are supposed to be on the same team are sharpshooting, backstabbing and badmouthing each other.
    But it’s not surprising. Not in the least.
    This kind of bullshit had to happen eventually under the current atmosphere of the dept.
    It could have all been avoided if the FEW who bred the animosity behaved like the majority of the FORII people, with quiet professionalism and HUMILITY.
    When you have a few players saying “We’re superstars” and then making fun of the other players, this is the locker room/clubhouse you end up with.
    When your players can’t get along, you won’t do well.

    Those of you badmouthing FORII people need to knock that shit off. MOST of them are outstanding cops, as a whole, the best there is. You know it. Everybody knows it. Quit being petty and saying that isn’t the case just because a FEW of them have pissed you off.

    For you FORII people feeling superior and making snide remarks about the rest of the dept., you need to knock that shit off. You’re acting like cocky assholes and breeding contempt among your fellow dept. members. They and everybody else know that FORII is the toughest place to work. It doesn’t give you a pass to be condescending to people. If you choose to do that, prepare yourself for a career full of the same bullshit that is happening now. The people you belittle/screw over will seek the oppurtunity to pay you back.
    That’s life.

    It’s no disgrace to make mistakes, but it IS a disgrace not to learn from them.

  65. roger ourique Says:

    mark hang in there, the truth always comes out, the problem here is the upper brass bunch of lyers, love to take advantage of others, non ethical, taking bribes and woory about what and how can they benifit them selves.

  66. Wyatt Earp Says:

    After speaking to someone I know and trust, Mark was not with a woman in Las Vegas and he left after he had a service weapon pointed at him by a fellow employee.

  67. 779 Says:

    Without taking anybody’s side, if you go to the website, there is a collection of articles and court filings about the LASD, including this matter. That particular website is decidedly anti-law enforcement,to say the least. It is interesting, however, to read the court documents filed in this case. It would appear that the grievances and concerns of the plaintiff go far beyond one individual, and that there were an awful lot of people and procedures he just didn’t get along with, going back a number of years. It definitely expands upon just what was reported here and in the LA Times. Check it out and judge for yourself.

  68. ML Says:

    I appreciate this web site because it gives retired deputies a chance to input their opinions. I think that the deputy culture has really changed and I am concerned. First of all, this same incident occured at the Marina Del Rey
    station in the 1990s where a disgruntled deputy became enraged at the watch deputy over receiving calls. An arguement ensued which lead to some threats being made towards the watch deputy. the enraged deputy pulled his service revolver and pointed it in the direction of the watch deputy. the deputy was immediatly releaved of duty and is no longer a deputy sheriff. This new protection of friends inspite of the rules and regulations creats corruption within the department.The problem is that the top brass has allowed the problem to persist by not putting a stop to it. I hate to say it, but when the brass has the same mentallity sa the rule breaking deputies than it destroys the credibility of all good and upstanding deputies within the core of the organization. A good deputy is respected when a criminal or a citzen in the cummunity can see he is good and honest. but when a deputy becomes like the people he is arresting they lose respect for him in the cummunity. I never allowed myself to become criminal minded and to represent the same behavior as the gansters I was arresting. Gangsters attact and kill each other because they are all gansters get it. Gansters respect law enforcement officers who act like professional law enforcement officers because the officer is not a ganster. the officer represent what is right everyone respect what is right. They may not want to go to jail but they know
    you are just doing your job. all rightousness is rewarded forever and unrightousness last for a short time and then it´s over payback time..

  69. ML Says:

    Also I have read this entire blogg and I heard one deputy name calling another deputy as soft. Lets get it right no one is solf who follow the rules of morality and human dignity. Standing alone inspite of adverisity is a honour when you are standing up for what is right. You are trusted with a badge and gun to protect and serve the people. peer pressure to mistreat people you have power over is wrong and going alone with it make you weak and solf. standing up against evil and wrong doings makes you strong ask JESUS CHRIST. Changing evil into good is anti-Christ. and that is who the 3000 boys and vikings are all about. All the bullys in the department are trying to currupt the system. There is no good old boys in tan and green never have been just a team of deputies defending the weaker people of our comunity. please excuse the spelling errors havent written in a long time but you get what i am saying.

  70. » Blog Archive » WitnessLA on Warren Olney’s Which Way LA? Discussing Jump Out Boys Planned Firing, Deputy Gangs in General, and More Says:

    [...] instance, there is the matter of Sergeant Timothy Cooper who allegedly pulled a gun on Sergeant Mark Moffett, pointed it at his head inside the Compton [...]

  71. Outside looking in Says:

    You all sound like a bunch of overgrown baby’s!!

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