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NEW CANDIDATE: Long Beach PD Chief Jim McDonnell Has Jumped into the Race for Sheriff

January 13th, 2014 by Celeste Fremon

Long beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell
announced Monday afternoon that he has jumped into the race for the office Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Although entering late, with Sheriff Baca out of the running he is expected to be a formidable candidate.

(Although nobody and nothing is a sure thing in this fluid race.)

For those unfamiliar with him, McDonnell has served as the head of the Long Beach PD since 2010. Prior to coming to LB, he served on the Los Angeles Police Department for 29 years, eventually holding the rank of Assistant Chief under Chief Bill Bratton. McDonnell was short-listed for the position of LAPD chief twice, once during the process that ultimately led to the selection of Bratton.

(It was McDonnell’s 100-page plan for reorganizing the department that was one of the main roadmaps that Bratton used when he took the reins of the LAPD in 2002)

The second time McDonnell was a runner up was in 2009 when Charlie Beck was the ultimate selection.

[Here's a link to WLA's coverage of that selection process.]

McDonnell was one of seven commissioners who served on the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence.

After an exploratory period in the spring of 2013, Chief McDonnell announced in June of last year that that he would not be running for the office of sheriff after all.

“I was torn for a long time,” he told me back then. “I’d find myself thinking about it in the middle of the night.” But although he was really tempted, he said, he took a hard look at what this kind of campaign and fundraising necessities would do to his ability to do the job he already has, namely heading the Long Beach Police Department, and also what the combination of present job and election would do to his family life, and decided against it.

More recently, however, McDonnell began to reconsider. Then, reportedly, when Sheriff Baca announced that he was pulling out of the race, McDonnell resolved to enter it. By the end of Friday of last week, he met with Baca’s long time campaign consultant, Parke Skelton, and his partners Steve Barkan and Mike Shimpock. This past weekend, word began to drift out that McDonnell’s entry was now a done deal.

Campaign watchers are already criticizing McDonnell for waiting to get into the race. Whether the voters of Los Angeles County will care about the timing or not remains to be seen.


The candidates that McDonnell will face in the race include former LASD commander and department whistleblower, Bob Olmsted, who is respected by many of the rank and file and whose testimony before the jail commission was considered to be very significant. Olmsted is represented by veteran campaign consultant, John Shallman, a heavy hitter who ran City Attorney Mike Feuer’s campaign, and who has upped Olmsted’s media presence—and his name recognition—considerably, making him a strong candidate and the leading counterpoint to Baca when the sheriff was still in the race.

Former LASD undersheriff Paul Tanaka is also in the race and, prior to McDonnell’s entry, has the most name recognition in the field, much of it laden with controversy. He is, however, considered to have a healthy war chest, which will be handy, come TV ad time.

LASD’s Pat Gomez, who has run for the position twice before, and has successfully sued the department for workplace retaliation, is another candidate, along with the LAPD’s Lou Vince, whose twitter commentary has been a smart and lively presence in social media—namely Twitter (@Vince4Sheriff)—since the race began.

Most recently, LASD Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers announced his candidacy last Tuesday after Baca’s retirement announcement. That same day, Assistant Sheriff Jim Hellmold said he too was considering a run, but was undecided. (Sheriff Baca gave both Hellmold and Rogers his backing near the end of his Tuesday press conference.)

Hellmold is reportedly planning to announce his candidacy later this week and is rumored to have already made good use of Baca’s fundraising connections.

(More on those two as their campaigns heat up.)

Right now, according to the statement announcing McDonnell’s entry, his candidacy is being endorsed by a list of well-known local figures, including the following.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck
LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey
Former LA DA Steve Cooley
LA City Attorney Mike Feuer
Former California Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg
Former LA Police Commission President Rick Caruso
Former CA Attorney General John Van de Kamp
Congressmember Tony Cardinas
State Senator Ted Lieu
LAPD Deputy Chief Terry Hara

It looks to be an interesting race.

Among the decisions that LA voters are going to have to make is whether they think an insider or an outsider is best suited to clean up the considerable mess that it the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

In the coming days, we will assuredly look at both perspectives.

In the meantime, here’s what Olmsted had to say on Monday afternoon about McDonnell’s entry into the field:

“The only thing I didn’t hear in Jim McDonnell’s announcement was ‘thank you’ for my efforts to take out Lee Baca; creating the environment for political opportunists like McDonnell to run. I’m proud to have worked with federal authorities to expose corruption in the Sheriff’s department and taking a stand when no one else, including McDonnell, would do so. I am disappointed that McDonnell’s first decision as a candidate is to hire Lee Baca’s political team of advisors. LA County voters can’t afford to put another politician into the Sheriff’s office. We need a tough, independent law enforcement professional with the courage to stand up against corruption and to fight for our taxpayers and our most vulnerable citizens–not the politicians.”

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55 Responses

  1. LATBG Says:

    McDonnell, is it safe for you now to run? I’m sure that black uniform hides the yellow stripe down your back, but it will see through in tan and green.

    For all the LASD candidates, your life just got a little more interesting…

  2. GPA_UTL Says:

    Johnny-come-lately, in when the heat is off and the field is weaker. Not impressed.

  3. J.London Says:

    Is there anyone out there after looking at the list of crooked politicians on this guys list cause you to vote for McBaca? Come on state your case! This is exactly what we don’t want is another in the back pocket politicians sheriff. We just got rid of one!!!

  4. Coach Says:

    Jim McDonnell is an excellent candidate, a fabulous person, and would do a great job. The City of Long Beach’s loss would be the county’s gain. I think it’s time for fresh leadership.

  5. Blue Knight Says:

    Jim McDonnell will take LASO off the internet and the L.A. Times and into police work. Paying for your promotions and assignments just came to an end. All the old brass better starting looking for work. None of them will survive. He will come in with his own management team.

  6. Cognistator Says:

    Another top rung in the LAPD’s career ladder: if you can’t make Chief, then you can try for Sheriff.


  7. TrueNorth Says:

    Seeing all the comments over the past several days has inspired me to post… If you all think this race couldn’t get more intersting, well, guess again… The next few days will be very telling. Will another candidate enter the race, not as a candidate, but perhaps as a detractor? Will someone sell-out their LASD bretheren for the “dark horse?” Or, will people really begin to see this whole debacle for what it is? Everyone is feeding into this frenzy with their insidious comments, not realizing the damage they are doing. Pitting brothers and sisters of this fine profession against each other. Am I the only one who sees it? LASD, LAPD, doesn’t matter. You all better wake up soon, before we all end up in the same oven, cooking together! Seems to me as if many are blinded by their own ambitious egos! Be careful what you with for… And who you support…

  8. Something to think about Says:

    The  voting public’s  attention to the dept. continues to grow with the focus on hiring problems, the 18 arrested  last month, the cost of  legal settlements and reports of employee misconduct outside of the problems in the jails. If Baca or Tanaka, are indicted  by the Feds, it will diminish the chances of Rogers and others within the Dept.  to be Sheriff. Voters may not trust those with ties to them to  put the dept. back on track. 

    Even with Olmsted, he will face the  some tough  questions.  If you knew of Captain Cruz’s lax supervision and bad behavior of deputies why didn’t you open internal affairs investigations into the matter after Baca and  Tanaka failed to listen to you? That would have gotten their attention. You were a Commander, Cruz was just a Captain.

     Instead  we have Deputies and administrators that behave with no accountability. How many other agencies  or workplaces fire people for a lot  of these acts listed in these reports? The  door is  wide open for the public to view  Jim McDonnell as  an outsider with who will  come in and hold people accountable.

  9. Investigations.LA Says: brings us the best hot off the press news updates, it is rather enjoyable to see such equilibrium with such mass amount of stories. Investigations.LA agrees, not so sure L.A.S.D. needs someone from the outside the department. Bob Olmstead is our pick! Why? Well, when it comes right down to it…Bob is a cops cop..and we believe L.A.S.D. just needs to get back to the basics of police work..and they will be back in biz as usual..

  10. Curious_Minds_Want_To_Know Says:

    What will ALADS do? Who are they going to support, or are they secretly backing someone without a vote of the membership? Just wondering……

  11. IthacaBoomer Says:

    “Olmstead Instead” of leading his subordinates down the right path while a commander, waited until he was retired to call the FBI from the comforts of his lazy boy. He now has the illustrious reputation of getting 18 deputies indicted (quite an achievement). If you’re into that then he’s your man. Just not my cup of tea.

  12. YouGottaBeKidding!! Says:

    @Blue Kight! Go away, there are a few good candidates, including in my opinion McDonnell. But stop talking about LAPD!! Everyone laughs when LAPD and police work are used in the same sentence! Ill take our mess over your micromanaged F-Troop and day!! We will be just fine…..

  13. LATBG Says:

    IthacaBoomer, I thought the US Attorney indicted the 18, not Olmsted. I may be wrong, but it wasn’t it their ACTIONS that got them indicted? Did you bother excoriating Tanaka for getting them indicted? Your comments sound suspiciously like Tanaka’s crowd, and I guess your cup of tea is to support corruption and look the other way, just what the voting public wants!

    Somethingtothinkabout, commanders don’t open IA investigations, those can only be done by division chiefs. In this case it would have been Dennis Burns.

    Now to recalibrate the race: McDonnell is instantly a frontrunner due to his high name recognition and political establishment support.

    Olmsted is the other frontrunner who has acquired name recognition and can claim the mantle of reformer.

    Tanaka is just well, Tanaka, on borrowed time waiting for the hammer to drop. He has support within the ranks he bought off, but they are going to be distraught very soon.

    Rogers the Reformer is going to be short on cash to sell the voter the idea he is a reformer.

    Hellmold has been bragging that he has a friend with a million bucks to burn on his behalf, but that won’t do him any good. The silly grin of his standing behind Baca says it all, not to mention the lack of qualifications.

    Gomez, not sure what his game plan was because he hasn’t done anything since announcing. His last name won’t hurt on a crowded ballot, but it won’t get him over the top – spoiler at best.

    Vince, nice kid, good social media, but it takes a lot more than that to win an election as weird as this one.

    Bottom line: Unless LASD employees like the idea of being led by a former LAPD executive, we should “unite the clans” and get behind Olmsted, the only LASD alternative who can overcome the McDonnell political establishment machine.

    If we fail to do so, we are deserving of a hostile takeover.

  14. J.London Says:

    Think and Ithaca: Just proves the point that Mcbaca isn’t the guy for the job. If either of you were up to task you would know Olmsted did demand investigations and the stonewalling by Baca/Tanaka eventually caused the Jail Commission hearings! Please pay attention! Name just ONE TIME where Mcbaca (or MsDonnell if you prefer) ever in his entire career ever did ANYTHING similar to Olmsted or Gomez?? Go ahead I’m waiting to have my mind changed! From the posts I read only three. Is that your case? McDonnell is way too much like his buddy Baca! Had McDonnell had any stones he would have stepped up when he had the chance. But, instead McDonnell cowed down to Baca! And that is inexcusable! Explain why McDonnel didn’t step up?
    McDonnell stated before he bowed to Baca that raising a million dollars was too much and issues with his family. Well, aren’t those issues still there? The only difference is that Baca has gone! You must be a detective as not to see that! LOL
    Your statements have no arguments and your arguments have no foundation to support a conclusion!

  15. Sic Sychophant Says:

    Let’s face it folks, a new day is about to dawn on this department. We asked for change and now its staring us in the face. Now the hardcore sychophants are pissing their pants. It will all work out in the end. Unfortunately, probably not the way we want it. You can spin your wheels all you want with your spin on why your daddy should be sheriff. Bottom line is the voting public will make that selection, more than likely based on what they see and hear on the propaganda box. As for me, I’ll continue to focus on what I signed up for and still love doing–making communities safe.

  16. Coyote Waits Says:

    McDonnell was put in the LB office by their Mayor, because he promised not to complain about the Mayor’s 20% cut to the PD budget. He needs the Sheriff job, because with the Mayor termed out, he no longer has cover in LB. LBPD has been having their own problems with questionable shootings, force, and morale. Ask the line guys. As far as the “outsider” issue goes, do you really want a Sheriff that was up to his eyeballs in Rampart?

  17. CSN83 Says:

    Baca still has not taken responsibility for any of his blunders. He has blamed most of his problems on following poor advice or he just wasn’t advised. Why are those who didn’t do their job still working in those positions ?
    If I was the BOS I would run like hell from anyone he suggests would make a good interim Sheriff or Sheriff and especially anyone he gives his war chest to. For me McDonnell should have stepped up to run much earlier if he really cared about being Sheriff.

  18. MediaMogul Says:

    If the Long Beach newspapers had put a spotlight on McDonnell and his dysfunctional, murderous department, instead of writing happy crap in their newspaper war, there is no way in hell anyone would support him. Want more deputies killing civilians? Vote McDonnell. Want LAPD running all law enforcement in the county? Vote McDonnell. Otherwise ignore the high-profile endorsements and go with a real reformer.

  19. times awasting Says:

    Not until Tall Paul is indicted will our Department be able to finally come together. He and his cronies have been running it into the ground, and anybody with any knowledge knows that. He has left a path of destruction and promoted his followers into positions far above their skill level. We all know that JH and his next in command EV are running the show. The Sheriff continues to amaze us all with each and every decision he makes. It is unfortunate that not one person on the 4th floor had the decency to try and stop it. To think what our department could possibly look like in a year or two scares the heck out of me. I can only hope that Bob Olmsted gets the support he needs.

  20. Just an Observation Says:

    It’s sure nice of all these candidates to jump in after Olmsted did the icebreaking for them. No Olmsted, no Baca resignation. Now that the coast is clear all these others want to come out and play. Nice!
    Still, for all McDonnell’s nice endorsement from his friends from the city, the only real endorsements that matter at the moment are the ones from four kings and queen.
    If the Sups. appoint McDonnell as intermim Sheriff, which they are completely entitled to do, it may be game, set and match against all the other candidates. For all the histrionics kicked around by LASD employees past and present on this site, the average voter who bothers to show up in June still views the LASD with a yawn. They will be happy to let the supervisors make their decision for them. The question is, will they or will they stay out of it and let this be a real race?

  21. Sherlock Homie Says:

    #20, you hit the nail on the head! I couldn’t have said it better.

  22. Blue Knight Says:

    There seems to be a lot of nervous execs on this blog now that Jim McDonnell is the frontrunner in this race. You should be nervous. The LAPD machine that will come with him will clean out all former execs. Paying a donation to get a promotion won’t happen again. Want to go to a special assignment, your donation will no longer get you there. Don’t like your supervisor, a donation won’t get you around him. LASO meet 21st century policing.

  23. Jack Dawson Says:

    Blue Knight,

    I am all for depending the honor of LAPD. In fact, I agree with a lot things you have said. Up to the “pay to play” portion of your soap box speech.

    Getting elected requires money, money requires arrangements, arrangements are favors that are not always black and white.

    I like McDonnell, but he is not Christ returned to save mankind or the Sheriff’s Department. He will be a great Sheriff, but he has to get elected first.

    That means he will have to live with the ghosts of his past. We all got them, and he would tell you he is a human too. So that’s why it is important to raise MONEY to shape the message…. Welcome to politics in the 21st Century.

  24. 10-23 Says:

    That means windows up in the black and white, and let the sarge take your handle when it gets too hairy!

  25. Jack Dawson Says:

    I should learn how to spell “defending”, and also remind us all about a key point about this upcoming election:

    McDonnell was smart to wait. He let Olmstead bleed Baca out and chum the waters for donors. Nobody has 5 Million Dollars to flush on a bad investment. No Baca means the money might be well spent. Oh yea, Long Beach is in Los Angeles County where people can actually vote for the Sheriff. I would not throw away that name ID either in one of largest cities in America.

    The only rule in politics is WIN! In 2015, it will be Jim/Bob who?!?

    Who lost the Super Bowl last year? The 49′ers but I had to think about a minute.

  26. What a joke Says:

    Does not one member of the BOS have the stones to tell Baca:
    Leroy, we don’t have any faith in anyone you recommend. You yourself have stated that the people you chose to be the Assistant Sheriffs and Undersheriff either lied to you or kept you in the dark about what was going on. Yet you want us to follow your recommendation on who the interim sheriff should be? Sorry. Isn’t going to happen. If the claims you have madevare true, you obviously lack the ability to accurately evaluate the people you promoted to those positions. Now you have the gall to make a recommendation to us for the position of interim sheriff? Think about it Leroy.

  27. LMFAO Says:

    Blue Knight – Why don’t you call it a night! You’ve proven to be a blithering idiot and an embarrassment to yourself. You assume everyone on this blog are executives??? Really??? Good grief !!!

    What’s it gonna cost for you to go away ????

  28. What the heck Says:

    @blue knight, when you mention LAPD machine , are you referring to writing reports indoors where it’s safe?

  29. J.London Says:

    BS McDonnell isn’t the frontrunner of anything! Got any proof? Oh yes and who cleaned up the LAPD? After two of the worst riots in or nation’s history started by whom? Remember “Gorillas in the mist” Blue Knight? I thought McDonnell was the LBPD chief? And who was the LAPD chief that ruined LBPD and went off stress? You know when the LASD had to come in and patrol two of the city’s districts. Then Sherman Block told the city to start over and the LASD would turn over the city back to LBPD!
    And how is it honorable that McDonnell has already promised Terri a job if he’s elected? Was that to keep Teri out of the race? Yup, SOS by a politician’s COP!

  30. Curious_Minds_Want_To_Know Says:

    Can you imagine taking a lunch break without having the responsibility of responding to calls for service, finish writing reports before going back in service, and only taking priority calls when you feel like it, bring it on McDonnell. Lets change the Sheriff’s Department into LAPD. Bring on your LAPD cronies and do it the LAPD way. Show us how to do police work.

    Ok, back to reality. The Sheriff’s Department, deputies and the citizens of Los Angeles County don’t need you or any of the other, how was it put, “Johnny come-latelies” to get this department’s administration back on track. Baca and his administration knocked this department off tract, everyone knows that. But deputy sheriff’s continue to do their job with honor everyday with all of this non-sense going on.

    I’ve read everyones posts here for a long time, and see how the department is divided because of how it has been run in the recent years. It’s time for a change, but we don’t need an outsider to do it.

    Olmsted for Sheriff!!!!!!

  31. 10-33_Go Says:

    Blue Knight is just stirring the pot. Pay him no mind.

  32. getagrip Says:

    Blue Knight — time to get into the 21st Century… It’s LASD, and has been for quite some time. Your LASO reference makes you appear as dated as all that other LAPD crap.

  33. SkyIsFalling Says:

    Blue Knight… you’re clearly a troll. Or oblivious to what LAPD’s service level really is. LAPD’s worst areas are worse than LASD’s. LAPD’s BEST areas are worse than LASD’s. And that’s even with LAPD’s tendency to not take reports or document crimes.

    The issues that have been brought forth have been a lack of leadership on the fourth floor, and issues primarily at MCJ.

    Patrol has been relatively free of scandal, especially considered to LAPD stories of late.

    The people living in LASD’s jurisdiction generally are pretty happy with the level of service they are getting. And our areas are nicer. I’d rather take my chances walking on the streets of Compton and Lennox than take a stroll through South Central. Just stand at the jurisdictional boundaries. Look at LAPD’s side and then look at LASD’s side.

    The last thing our department needs is to go to a style of policing where nobody goes to jail, no crimes get documented, the general citizenry disrespects and loathes us, and people call 9-1-1 to only get an automated message saying all the dispatchers are busy.

  34. SkyIsFalling Says:

    And thanks McDonnell. When you had the chance to throw your hat in the ring before Baca resigned, you declined. You had the opportunity to show some courage and some backbone, but you decided “I probably won’t win, so why bother?”

    Olmsted stood up and did something. He’s hit the campaign trail despite not having the fundraising and political connections. He was going to run against Baca when everyone assumed Baca would run for re-election and the chances of defeating an incumbent weren’t great. Why? Because it was the right thing to do.

    I’d love to see Olmsted and Rogers work together on a campaign. I have nothing but respect for Rogers and I’ve never heard anyone who worked with Olmsted have anything negative to say about him. I think between the two, LASD could earn back our good reputation.

  35. AmericanDreamer Says:

    Might as well let the LAPD guy take over.

    In the last couple of years they’ve been conditioning all new deputies to “always ask for a Sgt” just like the LAPD.

    It’s like someone predicted that we would eventually become like the boys in blue.

  36. Honest Joe Says:

    Its funny to hear everyone talking about how Olmsted went to the FBI and how he calls himself a reformer. Patrick Gomez Did it back in 2002 through 2004 calling out the problems in the LASD to the media and the FBI. He payed for it by being retaliated against by Baca and A/S Waldie. Capt Masse ran against Baca in 2004 and had his CCW pulled. Lt Lieva ran at the same time and got freeway therapy. Patrick Gomez sued and won his case. Did Olmsted step up then. I think not. So I think the real reformer will be Patrick Gomez. Its a tough battle but if the media wants head lines In the future and wants to see LASD command structure heads roll they know who will do it.

  37. Stinkin badges Says:

    Bob Olmsted is the only candidate with the knowledge and intestinal fortitude to clean up LASD! He knows who all of Tanaka’s mindless followers are and will deal with them accordingly. More than likely, the Tanaka cronies will check out on their own terms. Thank God for great county retirements.

    Remember, Olmsted stood up when most good men took two steps back. Tyranny is the product when good men do nothing. And Olmsted not only stood up but took on the Tanaka machine head on. He had the stones to point out the manipulative puppet master Tall Paul was solely responsible for. The corruption, this blog, deputies beating other deputies, division amongst the ranks, favoritism, cronyism, the indictments, the Sheriff’s retirement and hopefully his own indictment god willing. Thank Bob Olmsted for Paul’s indictment if and when it is served up.

    We are Sheriffs. We will survive this and thrive again. I know this as we are adaptable and resilient. We just need to be lead correctly and the ship will be just fine.

    LATBG hit it on the head. We need to fix our family with Bob Olmsted, who will without a doubt hand out some long overdue spankings. No LAPD!

  38. Time to Clean House Says:

    The Board  of Supervisors  interview four people today for the interim sheriff. According to this article Jim McDonnell was not one of them and active candidates will not be a choice for them.

  39. Blue Knight Says:

    24,27,28, 33 – It is not a service issue or comparison. It is an integrity issue. When you started paying for promotions and assignments and discussing in on the web you set yourself up to get taken over by an outsider. Jim McDonnell got himself on the jail commission, did his homework and set up the take over. It is a done deal. It will hurt at first, but you will thank him in the long run.

  40. Nancy Drew Says:

    Todd, please take action. We are watching.

  41. Celeste Fremon Says:


    Okay, this has gone far enough. Blue Knight is not LAPD at all. He/she is a ringer—a longtime LASD commenter who goes by different names and personalities. (He has been known to even occasionally create two personalities who then fight with themselves.)

    He’s been baiting y’all into—for lack of a better way to put it—an extremely juvenile brand of set tripping.

    And while I’m on the topic, that idiocy that Blue Knight was spouting about Chief Beck hiring family members is utter poppycock. Yes, he has family on the force, namely his two kids. And they were sworn well before he was selected as chief. (Plus his dad and sister were on the force and he met his wife when she was on the LASD and working intake at Sybil Brand.**)

    Let’s get back on track, please.


    PS: Sky is Falling, I deleted your comment. It was creepy.

    **I originally wrote that Cindy Beck working at the LAPD when she met her husband to be, but she was in fact a member of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. (Remembered the story but forgot some of the salient details.)

  42. Had nothing coming Says:

    Becky’s wife was LASD. FYI

  43. just a cop Says:

    Blue knight, ask Reginald Denny how quickly the Blue Machine came to his rescue!!

  44. Bandwagon Says:

    Blue Knight: You should throw your hat into the run for Sheriff. The Department not only lacks a sense of humor, but imagination as well.
    I would like to read some of your arrest reports!

  45. Huh! Says:

    McDonnell has an impressive list of supporters, but what he lacks is the support of anyone who intimately knows how to take LASD back to where we use to be. Not even he has that expertise. He worked the majority of his career for a department that has been over supervised for at least 25 to 30 yrs. We have that problem now. When you’re over supervised people do what they have to do to become a supervisor. And, ultimately the k stabbing people in power get too big for their britches and make bad decisions.

    Bob Olmsted knows how to do good old fashioned police work. Train your people well, trust them, make them loyal to you, so that they will be unwilling to disappoint you. Just like raising a child. If you do it right, Deputies don’t need a supervisor looking over their shoulder anymore than your child needs you to go to school with them.

  46. Celeste Fremon Says:


    #42. Right you are. Thanks for the correction. (My faulty memory playing tricks.) Thanks again.

  47. Cognistator Says:

    Who woulda thunk that the LASD Organizational Chart would ever become a fun read?

    After McDonnell becomes Sheriff.

  48. Leftattheball Says:

    Wow McDonnell throws his hat in the ring, and gathers all his campaign team from Mr. Baca! Anyone else wonder if he is a cop or a politician?
    I’m not endorsing anyone, just pointing something out that is extremely concerning. Baca was focused on himself, and politics. He called himself a reformer. He did reform the department, but alas it was not in line with what most of us considered a “Department.”
    So by future of “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck,” I hope everyone looks at the duck and takes it to the nearest lake, cause we have had enough quacks on the fourth floor.
    Definitely not supporting McDonnell. He made a huge statement with his “team.”

  49. Wild Turkey Says:

    Very strong rumors abound that a fresh set of indictments is coming tomorrow morning (Thurs 11/16). I can only hope.


    For those of you who like to be called out by Celeste for multiple posts and screen names, may I suggest
    It moves your IP address to over 57000 locations. Small fee per month, if you’re inclined to be the alter ego. On the other hand, What are all the FOS’s, special reserves and civilian clicks that controlled the Department? Aint gonna happen anytime soon. I can’t wait for the change. Boy will new revelations come to light. I see a huge reorganization of those units that fostered this nonsense and the staff that new of things and protected themselves under Baca’s regime. You know who you are. Perhaps you need to re-think your careers, both civilian and sworn.


    I guess if no indictments occur tomm, then one more poster’s credibility is diminished

  52. Wild Turkey Says:

    You do realize, FTF, that you and I have consistently espoused the same views, and appear to be on the same side on these issues, and you just bashed me for no reason? I’m reporting what I’m hearing from my sources, which incidentally happen to be well placed on the 4th floor and at the federal building.

    And you did what, for why? Because it made you feel better about yourself?

  53. Wild Turkey Says:

    Since you’ve made this into a kids game, what happens if there are indictments tomorrow? Can you subject yourself to some kind of public embarrassment for running your mouth?

  54. leftAtTheBall Says:

    %Wild Turkey- What happened? No indictments.


    FYI, it is 45 minutes past the 5pm quit work time for federal employees. The only thing on TV is the fire. I haven’t seen anyone getting booked or warrants or nothing. Mr. Turkey? Who was your informant on this? Mr. Whitmore?

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