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LA Times’ Sheriff Stories, Lower Recidivism Rate for Kids on In-Home Probation vs. Probation Camp…and More

April 16th, 2014 by Taylor Walker


The LA Times has two worthwhile sheriff’s department-related stories we don’t want you to miss:


Since he replaced Lee Baca in February, Sheriff John Scott has made significant adjustments to the scandal-plagued Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. One of Scott’s first acts as sheriff was to turn the controversial members-only smoking patio into an open barbecue space for all LASD employees. It was a symbolic move.

Since then, Scott has dismissed seemingly politically-placed field deputies and reserve deputies, and bolstered the department’s hiring requirements and academy, among other changes.

The LA Times’ Cindy Chang takes a look at how (interim) Sheriff Scott has started the task of turning the department in a new direction. Here’s a clip:

Soon after taking office, Scott got rid of the four politically connected field deputies who drew six-figure salaries and answered directly to Baca.

Recently, his housecleaning extended to some volunteer reserve deputies who carry badges and, in some cases, guns. About 40 of the department’s roughly 800 reserves have been let go, officials said. The reserve program came under scrutiny several times during Baca’s tenure, often over allegations of politically connected people being given special treatment to become reserves.

In 2010, a state report found that the department gave reserve badges to people who flunked mandatory law enforcement tests. As a result, 99 reserves were stripped of their badges.

One of the reserve deputies who recently was asked to resign was Gary Nalbandian, a Glendora auto shop owner and Baca fundraiser. Nalbandian made headlines in 2006 when as head of Baca’s homeland security support advisory board, he distributed official-looking photo identification to 48 local business owners and political donors who made up the group.

In a letter to The Times, Nalbandian said he was being forced out because he is not supporting the candidacy of two sheriff’s captains seeking to replace Baca. “It is my strong belief that I was politically targeted,” he wrote.

Scott did not say why he pushed Nalbandian out. But in describing several of his moves, Scott argued that he was trying to take the politics out of the department.

“There were a lot of people brought into this department for political reasons,” he said.

Scott is both an insider and an outsider, a 36-year department veteran who retired in 2005, then became undersheriff in Orange County. After Baca resigned, the Board of Supervisors brought Scott, 66, back to lead the troubled agency until the winner of a seven-man election takes over at the end of the year.

Nearly three months into his tenure, Scott has ruffled a few feathers but is generally winning praise as he treads the line between not doing enough and doing too much.


The LA Times’ Abbey Sewell has an excellent profile on Patrisse Cullors, an activist against the “culture of violence” in LA County Jails. Spurred on by her brother and father’s encounters with the LASD and jail system, Cullors formed the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in LA Jails. The advocacy group has kept meaningful pressure on the LA County Board of Supervisors to establish civilian oversight.

Here are some clips:

Outside the bunker-like county jail complex, bail bondsmen hover by the visitors’ entrance, thrusting fliers at potential customers as they file in to see husbands, sons and friends. Along the sidewalk, taxi drivers hustle for fares among newly released inmates who pace about, dialing cellphones, reconnecting and searching for rides.

A young woman with a short shock of dreadlocks atop a mostly shaved head set off by chunky gold earrings joins them. She has a brisk walk, a broad smile — and a clipboard.

Patrisse Cullors, self-described “freedom fighter, fashionista, wife of Harriet Tubman,” comes to the jail complex regularly in search of recruits to her 18-month-old campaign to upend what she contends is a culture of violence among deputies inside the walls.


Cullors and a small group of fellow activists have helped gain new respect and momentum in the halls of power for a once-floundering idea: creating a civilian commission to oversee the troubled L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

For more than a year, Cullors’ Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in L.A. Jails has applied steady pressure on the county Board of Supervisors, in part by trying to organize a large and unlikely bloc of county voters — former jail inmates. The coalition hopes it can become a constituency with clout in the June election to replace former Sheriff Lee Baca, who unexpectedly stepped down in January.

His department had been under scrutiny by media and advocates for years over alleged abuses in the county jails. A federal investigation led to criminal charges against 18 current and former sheriff’s deputies late last year.

County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, who has pushed for civilian oversight of the department, lent support to Cullors’ effort from the start. But others are skeptical of setting up a commission with no legal power over the elected sheriff.

“They have a legitimate point of view, a point of view that I actually agree with,” Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said. “Where we have a parting of ways is, doing what they want to do is not going to accomplish what they want to accomplish.”

Still, Cullors’ group made sure the issue stayed on the supervisors’ radar — in part by recruiting dozens of former inmates to call Yaroslavsky’s office.

Miriam Krinsky, executive director of the board-appointed blue ribbon commission that studied jail violence in 2012, appreciates the group’s efforts:

“The constant drumbeat that they were able to sound underscored for everyone on the commission the importance of the work we were doing.”


Kids who are sentenced to in-home probation are far less likely to re-offend than kids sentenced to time in probation camps, according to a paper published in Social Work Research, by scholars Joseph Ryan (University of Michigan), Laura Abrams (UCLA), and Hui Huang (Florida International University). Using data predominantly from the LA Department of Child and Family Services and the LA County Dept. of Probation between 2003-2009, the paper’s authors found that kids in probation camps and group homes were more 2.12 and 1.28 times more likely to re-offend than kids serving probation at home, respectively.

Alexandra Raphel of Journalists’ Resource has a helpful summary of the paper, which is stuck behind a paywall. Here are the key findings:

Rates of re-offending varied significantly relative to youths’ punishment and treatment: “Compared with in-home probation, the likelihood of recidivism was 2.12 times greater for youths assigned to probation camp and 1.28 times greater for youths assigned to group homes.”

“Within the first year only, 13% of youths assigned to in-home probation experienced a subsequent arrest. Twice as many (26%) probation camp youths and 17% of group-home youths experienced a subsequent arrest within the same time period.”

“At five years, 39% of in-home probation cases, 47% of group-home placements, and 65% of probation camp placements were associated with a new offense.”

“Male youths are significantly more likely to recidivate [re-offend] as compared with female youths, and African American youths are significantly more likely to recidivate as compared with both Hispanic and white youths.”

However, “African American and Hispanic youths were more likely to receive placement in either a probation camp or group-home setting as compared with white youths adjudicated for a similar offense.”

Certain family-related factors were correlated with negative outcomes: “The risk of recidivism was 1.36 times greater for youths with an open child welfare case.”


In anticipation of the forthcoming recommendations by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection, the LA County DA’s office has been hearteningly proactive, requesting the hiring of three paralegals and an attorney to the office that manages the Electronic Suspected Child Abuse Reporting System (E-SCARS). This software, a crucial inter-agency (DCFS, LASD, DA, LAPD, etc.) database for reporting child abuse, is currently underfunded and under-utilized.

Daniel Heimpel has the story in his publication, the Chronicle of Social Change. Here are some clips:

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has asked the county’s chief executive to pay for three paralegals and an attorney to beef up the underfunded unit that oversees electronic tracking of suspected child abuse.

The request suggests that officials are anticipating increased costs and accountability for electronic reporting, which is expected to be one of many recommendations offered by the county’s Blue Ribbon Commission at the end of the week.

The allocation, which was not included as a line item in CEO William Fujioka’s recommended budget released on April 15, would be used “to create a unit within the Department’s Family Violence Division to more efficiently and accurately comply with its duty to audit Suspected Child Abuse Reports (SCARS) cross-reporting in the County, as recommended by the Board-approved Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection.”


Since being launched in 2009, the system – which provides a database for all child abuse allegations and the disposition of follow up investigations – has been administered by one full-time and one part-time employee in the district attorney’s Family Violence Division.

There has been no money to pay for software updates. Further, there has been little capacity to ensure that DCFS, the district attorney, the Sheriff’s Department and the county’s 45 other law enforcement agencies were acting on the child abuse reports coming into their computer terminals.

ESCARS “can tell the operator how long it took law enforcement to open a SCAR [child abuse report] and close it,” [Commissioner Dan] Scott said. “We saw huge discrepancies.”

Scott pointed to the percentage of calls of suspected child abuse that wound up being charged as crimes. At some agencies, “six to seven percent turned into crimes, while at other agencies the number was around 30 percent. There is something wrong there.”

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62 Responses

  1. quality control Says:

    Take the politics out of ALADS and that house will be clean. ALADS is a mirror of LASD. That mirror will soon crack. The Feds got the ball rolling and it has not stopped. Mirror Mirror on the wall………..

  2. Time to Clean House Says:

    Chester Chong should be a another reserve to be relieved with John’s  housecleaning, if he hasn’t already been removed.

  3. IthacaBoomer Says:

    As soon as Scott showed Nalbandian the door Bob Olmstead was there to welcome him. Now he’s gathering Armenian cash. The interesting thing is how #1 Olmstead supporter LATBG spent the latter part of last year hammering Nalbandian on this site for his dealings with Baca. I can’t help but wonder how the Olmstead camp justifies this character joining their ranks. I guess it’s called “politics” or perhaps the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy? Boom.

  4. Time to Clean House Says:

    Mr. Nalbanian has shown over time he expects favors for him and his donors. 
    How many of on the fourth floor did Baca have go to Nalbanian’s Homeland Security meetings in some Glendale restaurant?   I  heard K.H.  attended a  quite few of these events, only to have Nalbanian   and his cronies force some unqualified canidates  for D.S.T. down his  throat.  I’m all for cultural diversity, but build bridges with people in the community that have better reputations than  these guys. Very disappointed.

  5. J.London Says:

    3 BS

  6. LATBG Says:

    Shall we go into detail Boomer on all of the insider cash that is funding the Tanaka campaign? How about pay to play? Maybe Kavanaugh’s about face from Tanaka to Hellmold suits your fancy better?

    Come talk to me when Relativity Media and the Galpin Ford group outdoes Nalbanian…

  7. Time to Clean House Says:

    We are know what a headache  Gary and his group  has been over the years. He should have been gone in 2006 with his I.d.  card fiasco. Baca and Waldie let him off the hook. For Bob to say at 5:14  on the you tube video he wants more people in the dept. like Gary. Come on Bob. You’re smarter than this.     As far as his side kick  in the video Bedros  Hajian , this guy’s got a burglary conviction and past bouts with cocaine addiction. He admits in his own words  to  arrests for fighting, but  either lied or talked his way out of doing jail time.  He’s also know for angering the jewish community by denying the holocaust occurred.  Don’t know who told Bob it was a good idea to hook up with these cartoon characters, but he should have ignored their calls, like the other candidates did.

  8. No Vikings Says:

    Who is this boomer goof

  9. Same dance different tune Says:

    I guess it’s okay to take from the same person you raked over the coals when it’s your guy doing the taking. Two wrongs don’t make it right for Olmstead to do the same.

  10. CrackerJack Says:

    I’m afraid Olmsted’s need for money is forcing him to do this. If he doesn’t have enough money to run a good campaign and expose the public to the evil Tanaka, then all of his good intentions really won’t matter.

    However, if it was wrong for BANAKA to associate with these shady characters, then it is wrong for Olmsted to do it. Olmsted made a bad decision in doing this.

    Boom Boom, Pink Owl, James Carter et. al. are dumping dirt on Olmsted and the rest of the candidates, on behalf of their dear leader of the three ringed circus, Tanaka.

    Every effective totalitarian regime needs a propaganda machine.

  11. Wow Says:

    I’m very disappointed in Bob Olmsted. He is now Paying for Playing. What next Bob?


  12. IthacaBoomer Says:

    @NoViking- This Boomer goof is the keel on this previously “one-sided propaganda machine.” Prior to my arrival this site was listing frightfully to one side for an unqualified candidate for Sheriff. I have proven to be the balancer necessary to guide us smoothly into port. My job is to expose malfeasances such as accepting money from unsavory characters. Neither Searchlight or anyone else has a spotlight brighter than mine. Every clown who has stepped into the ring with me has left swollen. My advice is for you to crawl back into your dayshift traffic car, cover your belly with the towel in the trunk, and avoid the salsa drips from your breakfast burrito dripping on your already soiled uniform shirt. As for your screen name, you’re right, “No Viking” would ever allow your type in the club. It’s a membership based on “trust.” Boomer!

  13. GeneralHutHut Says:

    Apparently someone hurt Boomer’s feelings. Did someone not return your I’m a badass because I saw a dude toss dope nod back at you this morning?

  14. Huh! Says:

    @Ithacaboomer: I might actually be impressed with some of your BS if you weren’t hiding behind a screen name, but I’m sure you have to or everyone would know that you’re all talk!

    And before you spout off at me about everyone using anonymous names take note of the fact that you are the only one who continuously acts like your the greatest Cop that ever lived. If you had any real experience you would have also noticed that those who talk the most have done the least. However, I will say, you are entertaining!

  15. J.London Says:

    12. Stop the kool-aid

  16. LATBG Says:

    Boomer, you have spent all your time talking about everything BUT your candidate. Please, again, entertain us on who YOU support and why.


  17. Oh Well Says:

    Everybody Boomer? You’ve swole up everybody? What’s the matter? You punch drunk after our last bout? Post concussion syndrome? Early onset dementia from me going all upside your melon so often?
    I’m not in Olmsted’s corner. I’m not getting advice from his trainer. You can’t land your haymakers on me because I don’t leave you any openings. I don’t get emotional in the ring. I fight a tactical fight. I wait for you and the others to throw some wild ass punches like a “swimmer” (yeah, look it up or ask somebody who is a true pugilist what a “swimmer” is). Where our debates are concerned, to use a boxing metaphor, you swim like a third grader at summer camp.
    Then I drop you with the truth. You can run your pie hole. You can get on your bicycle. You can wind up with the bolo to thrill the crowd. Shuffle it up brother. You might look like a champ against the tomato cans and the ham and eggers, but when you have to enter the ring with a contender your flaw is exposed.
    If you get rid of that flaw, the only one that stands in your way of moving up in the rankings, you just might bloody me up. But up until now, you haven’t been able to rid yourself of that flaw. What’s your fatal flaw in the ring of debate about the sheriff’s candidates? You’re a fan of a certain candidate. Fan, of course, is just short for fanatic.
    Hit the gym and work on the intellectual honesty bag. You’ve got it down where machismo, sarcasm and humor are concerned. But your intellectual honesty is sorely lacking.
    I will give you this brother, you are damn sure entertaining!
    You have potential. But you better drop your bad ring habits if you ever want a shot at the title.

  18. Boomer Fan Says:

    Boomer rocks

  19. SkyIsFalling Says:

    Thank God Boomer is around to help us see the way, the light that is Tanaka.

  20. The Past Says:

    Celeste, I know you have expressed the frustration with the lack of action or Federal statements about the status of Paul Tanaka & Lee Baca. Both seem to be claiming they are not targets of the FBI investigation. Lee Baca has specifically stated that & Paul Tanaka implies it. As evidenced by the many blogs there is sharp skepticism or suspicion of the pace & unknown direction of the obstruction case by the US Attorney Mr. Briotte. In light of your considerable talent as an investigative reporter & writing ability perhaps you could comment on the lack of comment by the local media, TV & print, about the unease surrounding this case. As with the years of lax scrutiny of Lee Baca, is the lack of reporting a continuation of this pattern? Why is Mr. Briotte exempted from informing the public of the real status of the case, such as is it subject to review by the US AG or his staff? Is Lee Baca or Paul Tanaka subject of the investigation? For me the secrecy foil in this case represents the very essence of Federal politics & should be openly questioned.

  21. Oh Well Says:

    Oh well. I guess those of you who told me I was wrong about Olmsted now have so much egg on your face it looks like an omelette. It appears, with this latest revelation, that he is proving me right. He’s got his political junkie baggage too. He now has to carry the title of political junkie like the rest of the big five. Olmsted, Tanaka, Rogers, Hellmold and McDonnell.
    It’s beyond entertaining to watch you guys argue about who’s made the worst moves and who’s a political whore and who’s not.
    For Christ sakes, Rogers and Tanaka were mayors. Lmao. Hellmold couldn’t have kissed Baca’s ass any more if he had Mick Jagger’s lips. Then there’s that whole progressive democrat thing of his. Olmsted hops in the sack with Nalbandian. McDonnell is for sale to the John with the best gig.
    It’s hilarious to watch you guys try and justify your man’s behavior and then call out the others.
    You guys all need a serious come to Jesus moment. You’re making yourselves look silly, naive and foolish.
    On second thought, nevermind. Keep it up. Like I said, it’s beyond entertaining.

  22. Frank Murphy Says:

    Ithacaboomer, your a legend in your own mind……you really have no bearing in the conversation.

  23. Jack Dawson Says:


    You are my hero. I would love to be your bookman in that radio car of trust. The problem is there is not enough room for you, me, and that ego of yours.

    Would you mind if I just jump in your backseat and let you show me how it’s really done? In fact, we don’t need a department, stations, or shifts because you are single handily doing it for everyone.

    I just grabbed my jock, brushed my brocha, spit on the floor, and put my salty danners for another great day on R2 PMs. Maybe I will be on your containment today bro since the rest of us ain’t got it like that.

    The guy that wins every fight has never been in one. I learn more from my enemies and the worse ass whoopings I have gotten over the years than from my brothers who picked me up and said let’s try it another way next time…. True enemies and better friends are the sign of person who has confidence enough in their opinions to see them through.

    Mine were settled in 4 stories, compounds, piss circles, helo pads, cowboy bars near the 60, and anywhere in between in the Southland. I also have resolved them by saying I was wrong and shaking hands.

    Whatever fade you are offering, I’m taking. Just get ready to know we are both going to loose something.

  24. Time to Clean House Says:

    As much as I hate to give him any credit , Tanaka did have a genius move in campaign fundraising. In Feb 2013 while undersheriff,  he had an appeared in Variety on behalf of the dept. Varity is the most read trade magazine in the entertainment magazine.  Space is usually bought to appear on it’s pages.

    The result today, he gets fundraisers with the likes of Cindy Crawford Rande Gerber, and Bruce Jenner.  Kavanaugh of Relativity Media was on board early, but realized with the federal investigations his money  might be better with a candidate under less scrutiny. I wonder what the dept. paid for  this spot  in variety. At any rate another case of Tanaka using the dept. for his personal agenda.

  25. LATBG Says:

    Oh Well, there are five known candidates and two unknown candidates vying for two runoff spots. The sheriff is going to be one of them, live with it. Olmsted remains the best of the crowd for the reason that sets him apart from the other four: why he is in the race.

    McDonnell, Tanaka, Rogers, and Hellmold are all it in because of ambition, pure and simple. They have/had three or four stars on their collars, and now they want a fifth. It’s in their nature as slick politicians. Say what you want about Olmsted, but he’s honest and pragmatic, challenging Baca when it counted. I don’t think we will see a reserve chief Nalbanian again, and that is with Olmsted as sheriff. He remains a prominent member of his community and he is not accused of a crime, not a convicted felon, and has no business interests with the county.

    Olmsted is raising money the hard way, grass-roots style, without millionaires or billionaires bankrolling his campaign. And guess what, he doesn’t play pay to play, never did on the department and won’t leading the department either.

  26. veritatem dies aperit Says:

    Boomer has not only snagged your lunch, he rode off with your ladies too.

    @LATBG: Do you feel like an idiot yet? Your boy is a fraud and he was exposed. ["Gary (Nalbandian)is my "go-to" guy." Bob Olmstead, March 29, 2014]

    Did you hear that flush? What for it…That was “Mustache Bob’s” campaign. Olmtead Retread!

    The sycophant Olmstead people that has dominated this site have been kicked in the nuts.

    Olstead Retread…

    “We could have 100 indictments, we could have 1,000 indictments, at the end of all of this, I’m going to be standing.” [Todd Rogers, January 16, 2014].

  27. IthacaBoomer Says:

    @LATBG- Was that you I saw contorting in the cirque du soleil show in Vegas a couple weeks ago? Back in October, when Nalbanian was in bed with Baca he was as nefarious as they come. Now that he hopped in bed with B.O. you write, “He (Nalbandian) remains a prominent member of his community and he is not accused of a crime, not a convicted felon, and has no business interests with the county.” Is that a flip flop, about-face, reversal, turnabout, U-turn, change, changeover, switch, turnaround, change of course, change of heart, second thoughts, switchover, or turn-around? Exactly how do you define that in the political world? I’m curious. Rifle Slug Boom!!!!!

  28. Oh Well Says:

    You’re going to take Boomer on? Would you like me to dial 911 now? Notify your next of kin? What’s got in to you Jack? Are you too stupid to see what a totally righteous R2 ass kicking machine Boomer is?
    Aren’t you scared?
    Nice knowing you Jack.
    Ok, but seriously, I’ve got $100 on you Jack. I was just messing with you to loosen you up with a good laugh before you school Boomer like it’s his first day of Kindergarten.

    Take it easy on him Jack. Don’t humiliate him too bad. I don’t want him to stop talking his shit. What are we going to laugh at and be entertained by if you bust him up so bad he never opens his mouth again? Don’t knock his dick stiff. Just touch him up enough to embarrass him a little bit and let him deal with the humiliation that Celeste had to stop it.

  29. Bobbi Says:

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  30. Oh Well Says:

    Gotta give credit where credit is due. In the ring of public debate, #27 is true artistry. Challk another one up for Boomer.
    You should have just kicked back in your recliner with a bag of frozen peas over your eye after reality about your man smacked you right in the face. But no, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t leave well enough alone. That emotional attachment of yours to your guy causes you to expose yourself to a complete ass whipping by saying things like you did in #25. Boomer stepped up for the job.

    As far as your statement “The sheriff is going to be one of them, live with it” .

    Uh, yeah, ok. No problem. I can live with it. It’s reality. I accept it. I did from the get go.
    How are you doing with your new reality? The reality that your man has some issues that will make you look like a fool if you trumpet him as a pure as snow, ultra ethical, above reproach candidate? Having a little trouble living with that are we? Too emotionally attached to your man to not try and defend him? Or is it your ego won’t allow you to admit you were wrong? Is that why you try to defend the indefensable, in the process opening yourself up like a Foster Farms chicken in #25?

    When it comes to “living with” things, I’ll take it from here. Thanks but no thanks for the advice. I’ll try to muddle through on my own.

  31. LATBG Says:

    Veritatem and Boomer, please note how your favorite candidates, who you always avoid plugging for, are not saying one iota about any of this. You two are rolling around like you found the second shooter on the grassy knoll. Let me know how that works out for you…

  32. Time to Clean House Says:

    We won’t be reading  anymore investigative articles from the L.A. Times Robert Fatracchi. He’s moved up near silicon valley  and is now the Times technology reporter. Thanks for exposing Baca and others many shenanigans. 

  33. Oh Well Says:

    And now of course you have Veritatem jumping in on the jumpin on of LATBG with a few quotes of a couple candidates. Of course he forgot a couple quotes from another candidate. Let’s play a game Veritatem. We’ll call it Who said it?

    “I’m not a politician, I’m a crime fighter”…..and……”I’m the only progressive democrat in the race”.

    Need a clue? Ok. Here goes. It’s a medical miracle the guy who said it hasn’t had to undergo hip replacement surgery due to his vigorous humping of Leroy Baca’s leg for the last decade or so.

    Need a further clue? It’s the same guy that looked like a bobble head doll nodding at every word that came out of his guru’s mouth during the retirement press conference.

    Still in the dark?

    I’ll answer it for you. My guess is you’re not exactly enjoying this game.
    It’s your guy Veritatem. The guy you want to be the next sheriff. A guy that has worshipped Baca for the last umpteen years while sitting back and watching Baca make the LASD a laughing stock. It’s none other than Jimmy Hellmold.

    Really Veritatem? Seriously? You want us to take you seriously when you’re supporting the young protege of the guy who brought us to where we are? You’re stumping for a guy that was willing to worship an obviously delusional, unethical sheriff for all those years?

    And yet you can’t wait to jump in on the jumpin on of LATBG. No wonder you support Hellmold. You’re as big a hypocrite as he is.

  34. LATBG Says:

    Paul Tanaka, the only Republican candidate in the contest, was soundly rejected when he solicited the endorsement of the Republican Party of LA County (RPLAC), garnering only 36% of the vote. In part, here is why from a member:

    From: Judi Neal
    Date: April 18, 2014 at 7:32:40 PDT
    To: undisclosed-recipients:;
    Subject: Fwd: Responsibility

    FYI My lastest letter to members.

    Dear Members,

    What a person does and says while the whole world is watching is one thing. The true measure of character and ethics is what a person does when they think no one is watching. The excess force and abuse that has occurred in our jail system has brought shame onto Los Angeles. Physical violence and abuse goes against our most basic principles as Americans, and against the spirit of tolerance and equal justice prized by all Angelenos. Physical abuse under the color of authority is exponentially more offensive, and serves to tear down the very fabric of a free and open society. Public safety is a most basic human right. We should be able to leave our homes without fear of crime or violence. Unfortunately we have allowed a culture to develop where many Angelenos are not only afraid of crime, but they are also afraid of abuse and mistreatment from those hired to protect them from crime. This cannot and will not be allowed to continue. This injustice is not a Republican or a Democrat issue, it is an issue that affects all Americans.

    A citizen’s commission on Jail Violence was convened. Many wise and trusted citizens served on this commission, which was guided by the most knowledgeable and prestigious legal firms in Los Angeles. The commission determined that excessive force against detained and or restrained inmates not only occurred, it is a pervasive part of the culture at the jails run by the LASD. The commission determined that Undersheriff Paul Tanaka not only failed to prevent this abuse, he was actively involved in the culture that allowed it. Please read the excerpts from the commission report below.

    In Los Angeles we are often faced with a choice between what is right politically and what is simply right. When we choose the former, we create the very atmosphere of cronyism and corruption that disenfranchises our people and that has become a hallmark of politics in Los Angeles.

    As elected Republican officials we have a duty to keep our own house in order and to police our own. We must hold our own leaders to a high standard if we are to regain the public trust and enhance the integrity of our Party. We all know that Democrats don’t like to be held accountable, and that passing the blame is part of their culture. Let it not be ours. Paul Tanaka may be a Republican, but he is not worthy of our support given his own actions and his own refusal to be held accountable.

    Please read the truth for yourself below, and this Saturday let’s come together and vote, not for what is right politically, but for what is simply right for the people we’ve been elected to serve. Please vote to withhold the endorsement from disgraced Undersheriff Paul Tanaka.

    This is the Citizens Commission on Jail Violence. Read pages 64 to 76.

    This is the audio of Paul Tanaka’s testimony on July 27, 2012 excerpt #2

    And finally excerpts from:

    Report of the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence – Executive Summary

    The troubling role of Undersheriff Tanaka cannot be ignored. Not only did he fail to identify and correct problems in the jails, he exacerbated them. The Commission learned about his ill-advised statements and decisions from a wide array of witnesses and sources. Over the course of several years, the Undersheriff encouraged deputies to push the legal boundaries of law enforcement activities and created an environment that discouraged accountability for misconduct. His repeated statements that deputies should work in an undefined “grey” area contributed to a perception by some deputies that they could use excessive force in the jails and that their aggressive behavior would not result in discipline. The Undersheriff also made numerous statements disparaging the Internal Affairs Bureau (“IAB”) and the disciplinary process — remarks that undermined the authority of IAB and the ability of Department supervisors to control or remediate inappropriate deputy behavior.

    Undersheriff Tanaka specifically derailed efforts to address excessive force in MCJ when he vetoed a job rotation plan in 2006. After the plan was announced, he held a meeting with deputies without the knowledge or presence of supervisors, and in a subsequent meeting berated supervisors who attempted to hold deputies accountable for their conduct. These actions undermined the authority of supervisors, resulted in a breakdown in the chain of command, and perpetuated an environment of aggressive deputy conduct.

    The Undersheriff (Tanaka) has made statements and engaged in conduct that are inconsistent with the Department’s Core Values and that have undermined the authority of IAB and supervisors to address deputy misconduct.

    Campaign contributions accepted by Tanaka from many Department employees furthered perceptions of patronage and favoritism in promotion and assignment decisions.

    What we do on Saturday will say a lot about who we are ethically and morally.

    Respectfully Submitted, (For the last time)

    Judi Neal

  35. Oh Well Says:

    veritatem dies aperit Says:
    March 28th, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    @Oh Well: Who counseled the Sheriff when he knew it was time for him to go?

    Oh well. Here we are again Veritatem. Tell us who it was. Go ahead and tell us how your boy Leather Lips the leg humper counselled Baca and told him it was time to retire. Please enlighten us all as to how Leather Lips finessed Baca into retirement. You thought if you layed low for a while I’d forget? Here’s your chance to step up and show everybody how a R2 deputy doesn’t back up when asked a tough question. We’re waiting. You said it. Man up big dog. Man up!!!!!

  36. Time to Clean House Says:

    LATBG what is your job in the Olmstead Campaign office? At least put a link to where you got this email, because it differs from what’s on republican web sites.

  37. Time to Clean House Says:

    Oh by the way who is Judi Neal supporting? Check out her comments on Feb. 28th at 9:10 P.M.

  38. yup Says:

    Paul Tanaka recently received the endorsement of a prominent State wide Republican Woman Alliance group. One of many to soon be announced. Good luck all!—Maggie-Campbell–Political-Endorsements-Election-2014.html?soid=1111292723091&aid=xdEFLTI7loU

  39. J.London Says:

    LATBG: That’s a great post and should have been front page news or headline-online. What we do in June will impact our society more than any other decision in recent memory.

    As Tanaka’s campaign continues to slide into the abyss I wonder how Paul’s testimony in the upcoming trials in Federal court will play out. Also, six (6) of the candidates will likely be called to testify. What a show that will be!

    Hemmold doesn’t know that he is being played for a patsy. For those who don’t know Baca has lost all control and is in total fear (rightfully so) of being indicted and convicted. That fear has led Baca to repeatedly call his old reserve buddies (up to twenty times) to give money to Hemmold because “Hemmold won’t win!” Why? Baca’s goal is to take away any resources that can get Olmsted elected. Baca (in his bizarro world) believes his strategy will get McDonnell elected and Baca will rely heavily on the past friendship between McDonnell and Baca to stop any local investigation and eventual prosecution of Baca! Now! How’s that for five shades of stupid?

    Olmsted has already said that Baca’s fourteen (14) year of horror will be investigated and will force the DA to prosecute.

    Had I not got this right from the person involved I may have doubted it!

  40. LATBG Says:

    Yup, “prominent State wide Republican Woman Alliance group?” From what I can tell, it’s a one woman show, perennial candidate Maggie Campbell. A nice group, I’m sure, but it looks like they hold their meetings in a phone booth…

    Good luck with that Yup!

  41. Cognistator Says:

    #32: That is absolutely interesting about LAT’s Robert Faturechi. Do you have a link?

  42. Wow Says:

    Today, retired Undersheriff Paul Tanaka announced the support of President and Founder of the Imagen Foundation, Helen Hernandez. The Imagen Foundation was created to encourage positive portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment industry and to reward those whose productions elevate the image and status of all Latinos.

    “Paul Tanaka has proven himself to be a strong advocate for the Latino community having dedicated much of his career to promoting community-based programs such as VIDA, Vital Intervention and Directional Alternatives, which directs our youth away from gang membership and into more productive outlets,” said Hernandez. “Paul, and his wife Valerie, uniquely understand the issues facing the Latino and Asian American communities having been raised in their rich cultures and vibrant communities. I am happy to support Paul and am confident he will be an exceptional Sheriff.”

    Helen Hernandez is the founder of The Imagen Foundation. Prior to establishing the Imagen Foundation, Ms. Hernandez was the Vice President of Public Affairs for Norman Lear and Jerry Perenchio’s Embassy Communications (presently Sony Pictures Entertainment). Acting as this major television production company’s local and national liaison, she was most instrumental in developing and supervising various corporate programs that enhanced the company’s reputation in the national community for socially and culturally sensitive programming. In addition, Helen was formerly on the MALDEF Board and the Dolores Huerta Foundation Board, as well as Chaired the California Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

  43. Cognistator Says:

    #34: Good post!!! The notion of “Doing the right thing when no one is watching” is from C.S. Lewis and is particularly apt in this upcoming Sheriff’s election. It is especially noteworthy that a high Republican official finds a Sheriff’s candidate lacking in this important character trait.

  44. J.London Says:

    42: What’s your point?

  45. LATBG Says:

    Wow, I wonder if all the Latino victims of Tanaka’s working the “grey” and jailhouse abuse share Helen’s enthusiasm with his candidacy?

    I will give Helen this, however: Paul has dedicated most of his career to promoting something – himself. By the way Wow, that post has been up since the 11th of April, not quite “today.” I think you meant by “today” is the day we need to recycle old news to counter the really, really, bad news coming out of the RPLAC.

  46. Wow Says:

    Tanaka is also supported by many well known and influential Democrats. Isadore Hall is one of many more to come…. Good luck all!

    Retired Undersheriff Paul Tanaka officially announced the support of Assemblyman Isadore Hall, III, who currently represents California’s 64th Assembly District. In addition to raising over $648,000 in his race for Los Angeles County Sheriff, more than twice his closest opponent, Tanaka has also received overwhelming support from several California County Sheriffs, LASD Captains and Los Angeles County Police Chiefs.

    “I am honored to add my name to the growing list of elected officials supporting Paul Tanaka for Sheriff of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,” said Assemblyman Hall. “Paul has always demonstrated the highest level of integrity while serving the residents of Los Angeles County. His unique ability to unify our community is noteworthy and is certainly a characteristic that’s needed as the next Sheriff of the Los Angeles County Sheriff ‘s Department. He is a proven and respected leader in our community and I know he would make the needed changes in our County’s Sheriff Department.”

    “I’m truly humbled to have the support of Assemblyman Isadore Hall,” said Tanaka. “As a strong advocate for public safety, Assemblyman Hall has proven himself to be a true leader in improving our communities by his efforts as a legislator as well as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff. I am honored to have him in my corner.”

    Assembly Member Isadore Hall, III was first elected to the State Assembly in November 2008 to represent Compton, North Long Beach, Paramount, Rancho Dominguez, South Los Angeles, Watts and Willowbrook. Hall currently serves as Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization. Hall began his career of public service in 2001 when he served as President of the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees. Prior to his election to the Assembly, Hall served six years on the Compton City Council where he successfully worked to increase business development and create jobs throughout the city. Hall is also a Reserve Deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

  47. moi Says:

    Robert Faturechi ‏@RobertFaturechi 5:06 PM – 1 Apr 2014
    there’s a new sheriff (reporter) in town. I’ll be helping out for a couple more weeks, but @cindychangLA is now covering LASD.

    Robert Faturechi ‏@RobertFaturechi · Apr 14
    some personal news: after 4 years covering the L.A. Sheriff’s Department, I’m starting my new beat covering technology this week.

  48. Investigative Mind Says:

    All I know is when this Pandora’s Box trial starts in three weeks, it is going to get UGLY!!! Federal Court is no joke and how all this plays out will be tragic for many civilian/sworn employees as well as the public.

  49. Wow Says:

    Even California Sheriff’s are endorsing Paul Tanaka. From what we hear, many more to come..

    Former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka announced the support of Tuolumne County Sheriff James Mele in his bid for Sheriff of Los Angeles County. This endorsement follows that of several other County Sheriffs including Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown, Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman and Napa County Sheriff John Robertson.

    “I’m privileged to have the support of Tuolumne County Sheriff James Mele,” said Paul Tanaka. “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department needs a leader who will provide direction that is clear, consistent and sensible. They must also be someone who is engaged in daily activities and is motivated to get the job done. Together, I believe we can change public safety in Los Angeles County for the better.”

  50. J.London Says:

    48: Regardless of the outcome the financial and emotional damage done to the families and deputies will be devastating. Lets say (for the sake of argument) they are acquitted. Whose to say the Feds won’t retry the deps on other charges? And if found guilty the money for an appeal will crush them.

    All thanks to Lee Baca and Paul Tanaka! We have all met some pretty spineless people in our business but Baca and Tanaka are the worst. What manner of men allows others to go to the fed penn for them?


  51. Oh Well Says:

    When did this “close personal relationship” between Baca and Hellmold begin? Exactly at what point did Leather Lips become a “trusted confident” of Leroy? When Baca was promoting Leather Lips up through the ranks, did Leather Lips walk around with ear plugs and a blindfold? When Leather Lips was at SEB, Century and all of his other primo assignments, where everybody openly talked about how Tanaka was running the show and most folks openly laughed at Baca, called him crazy, etc., did Leather Lips not see or hear it? People have been openly mocking Baca for years.
    If Leather Lips wasn’t aware of it, what does that say about his perception? If he was aware of it yet didn’t tell Baca about it, what does that say about his honesty and loyalty to his “close” friend?

    Leather Lips is either far, FAR too naive to be the sheriff, or he’s far, FAR too slimy to be the sheriff.

    You make the call.

  52. yup Says:

    Paul Tanaka – For All the Right Reasons

    As a twenty-seven year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I have been very fortunate and blessed with an outstanding career thanks to a lot of outstanding people that have helped me especially one in particular; his name is Paul Tanaka and is the retired undersheriff for the Sheriff’s Department.

    We all go through personal strife and for me it was seventeen years into my career. With the tragic death of my parent and what seemed to be a certain end to my career due to my discontentment, I was on my way out of the Department. With one last chance I had a final meeting with then Chief Paul Tanaka who I had never met before. Sitting down with Paul Tanaka and discussing my situation with him saved me as an employee but most of all as a human being. That day and meeting with Paul Tanaka, I was given a second chance in my career and in life. Paul Tanaka took the time to hear my concerns not as a Chief to employee but as one human being to another, which is all but gone in today’s business world.

    Ten years later I am still employed and happy. Paul Tanaka saw me for who I was before my troubles and had the wisdom to see who I would be and who I am today. With the vast number of employees Paul Tanaka always said hello to me and asked how I was doing. Being the number two man with the nation’s number one law enforcement agency and still taking the time to say hello and interested in how I am doing, speaks volumes as to the type of Sheriff he would be a human being first, then the Sheriff.

    I emailed Undersheriff Paul Tanaka on his last day with the Sheriff’s Department. It was a busy day and I thought it was too late in the day for him to read my message. I wrote in life we stumble and most of the time we can pick ourselves up dust ourselves off and keep moving forward but there are times when we cannot. During that time in my life I was fortunate that you were there to help pick me up, dust me off and keep me moving forward. Paul Tanaka called me that day, his last day to talk to me. I was blown away that even on his last day he took the time to call me. Am I a Paul Tanaka supporter? You better believe it. For all the right reasons Paul Tanaka treated me with dignity and as a human being. Will Paul Tanaka be an outstanding Sheriff? Yes he will, for all the right reasons.

    George Joseph – LA County Sheriff’s Department

  53. Thanks a lot Says:

    “Wow”, what are you, a walking talking campaign slogan? Spare us the propaganda……you blow so much smoke you could fill an auditorium! Every time I read your stuff……all I read is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah……Tanaka is god, blah, blah, blah. Next you will tell us is that “christ himself” endorsed Tanaka……ENOUGH!!! Link your BS with facts, or knock it off…..we are ALL sick of hearing it!!

  54. LATBG Says:

    George Joseph, please tell us all how Tanaka’s involvement with Pandora’s box will make the Department a better place for all. For all the “right reasons” has Tanaka bothered helping the indicted who only followed his orders? What kind of leadership is that, or you just don’t give a rat’s ass because Tanaka saved your hide?

    Yup and Wow, hilarious how you two are recycling all of Paul’s old endorsements for a second round. My favorite quote: “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department needs a leader who will provide direction that is clear, consistent and sensible.”

    You got two out of three Paul! You were a “leader,” namely the undersheriff, and you provided direction that was clear and consistent. Unfortunately for you and the entire County of Los Angeles, your direction was not just wrong but CRIMINAL! There is nothing “sensible” about 21 employees indicted following your explicit and/or implicit orders.

    The only sensible thing for you to do is quit the race, and retire in disgrace. Given your fundraising prowess, maybe you should start raising funds for the families of all those employees whose careers you destroyed. Time to put your talents to use Paul for someone other than yourself!

  55. J.London Says:

    52: What’s your point?

  56. Huh! Says:

    What I find interesting is, for every “heart warming” story someone tells about PT, you could find 10 or more stories about people’s careers he and his cronies ruined. Not because he called people out for being lazy or incompetent, as they would have you believe, but because they didn’t kiss his or is people butts, and because those people were in fact “very competent” with strong character and integrity, they were viewed as a threat.

    My hope now is that these very strong people band together to finally send PT and “his” people a clear message by showing him the (closed) door.

  57. CrackerJack Says:

    Toulomme County Sheriff….really? Is the sheriff Andy, Opie, Goober or Aunt Bea?

  58. Tina C. Says:

    George Joseph, you are one of the many people PT has manipulated lo these many years. You sound like there isn’t much you wouldn’t do FOR HIM. Had he asked you for favor (guaranteed not an ethical or moral one), you probably would have done it FOR HIM and wound up in the same sinking ship so many others find themselves on, their lives completely destroyed. Do you think he would have your back then? Guess again…

  59. Cognistator Says:

    #55: He’s reading from the KGB disinformation handbook.

  60. Investigative Mind Says:

    Switching gears, anyone read the L.A Times article published earlier today regarding two former deputies arrested for planting evidence and perjury of two suspects at a marijuana dispensary in 2011. Another one to add to the list of corruption considering a federal trial just around the corner.

    From the posts above regarding LEADERSHIP, who were these two deputies supervisors and what unit were they assigned during this time?

  61. Huh! Says:

    I also think it’s interesting that “George Joseph” fails to mention he is “not” a Deputy! So, how much of PT’s missteps actually affected him!

  62. Time to Clean House Says:

    41 here’s the link.

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