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LA’s Foster Kids v. DCFS v. LA Times Reporting

February 8th, 2010 by Celeste Fremon


Okay, first the LA Times
ran an article last Friday titled, “L.A. County will no longer strive to reunite families.”

Like many who at least nominally follow foster care issues, I read the startling headline and the article that followed with a sinking heart.

Reporter Garrett Therolf wrote:

The decision is the most significant of several reforms made by the department after a series of high-profile child deaths last year, some of which involved the department putting too much faith in its ability to rehabilitate families. In 2009, The Times reported that reunifications led to some children’s further injuries and even deaths. Isabel Garcia, for instance, starved to death two months after child-welfare officials deemed that she, her five siblings and their parents were all doing well.

And then Therolf went on to name the other recent cases in which inadequate oversight and poor decisions on the part of social workers, meant that no one intervened when red flags indicated a child was in danger at the hands of his or her family—with hideously tragic results.

But, although the LA Times and others had reported the deaths as a series that suggested a trend, experts in the field noted that, despite ghastly nature of the high profile tragedies, there was no sudden rash of such incidents. According to what DCFS Director Trish Ploehn told the Daily News last week, the number of deaths fluctuates within a fairly close range from year to year. In 2009 there were 17 deaths, higher than the 14 of 2008, but lower than the 20 that occurred in 1998 and 1999 when DCFS was snatching many more children into its care.

[UPDATE: In a chat today, Garrett Therolf rightly reminded me that, due to a difference in the way the deaths are now reported, the 2009 figures and the 1999 figures are not really comparing apples to apples, making the already complex topic still harder to assess.]

However, press-fueled public hysteria and political pressure being what it is, many worried that LA County, rather than analyze the details of its actual systemic failures, would instead go for the politically expedient broad strokes. The agency would be quicker to take kids away unnecessarily from their parents and would make it harder for imperfect, but essentially decent parents to get their kids back when they have made some needed corrections.

The results would be another kind of slow motion tragedy in which kids may not die, but nor do they thrive.

Nevermind that, as the National Coalition for child Protection Reform points out, study after study has indicated that in most cases, kids do much better with their families, even if those families are far from ideal.

Back in September, The Daily News printed a warning that the feverish focus on those awful deaths was creating a panic among Foster Care officials and that bad policy could result.

And now that bad policy seemed to have come to pass.


After the LA Times article ran, DCFS Director Trish Ploehn contacted foster care watchdog, Richard Wexler, to state that she and the agency were not abandoning family reunification at all, and that she never said any such thing to the Times.

(DCFS also sent out a press release to that effect.)

AT WHICH POINT…The Times appeared removed its initial headline and replaced it thusly….

AT WHICH POINT watchdog Wexler reported that the Times had evidently backed off of its claim that DCFS was going to push less for family reunification.

AT WHICH POINT….the LA Times Garrett Therolf (
who is generally a very good reporter) contacted Wexler and told him that the Times may have changed its headline (because the headline person was bad, bad, bad and got things wrong) but that Ploehn had said what she said, and the Times wasn’t backing off its story once teensy bit.

AT WHICH POINT ….I lost track of the argument.

Unfortunately one point has become obscured by these several days of the Times and DCFS parsing who meant what: Abuse can take place at both ends of the spectrum. Every week parents come before the LA County Supervisors and plead for help in getting their children back from the foster care system. Most of the time nothing comes of it.

I hear from some of those parents on a regular basis. Right now, I don’t have the staff to investigate their cases. (I intend to begin to change all that later on this year.)

But the LA Times, despite its staff cuts, does have the capacity to at least look into some of these troubling stories of kids yanked into the trauma that is foster care for reasons that are filmsy at best. Mr. Therolf has demonstrated in the past, that he is more than talented enough to do it. {Check out his story on the county’s unnerving computerized system for evaluating whether a child should be removed from a home.)

Let us hope he can persuade his editors to allow him to investigate some of the individual cases that show the other sad end of the DCFS continuum.

Such coverage would provide a much needed balance to the horror stories that are still threatening to drive the County into a child-snatching panic.

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  2. Swami Squad Says:

    Unless you work with DCFS and daily basis, one cannot truly appreciate how farged up they really are.

    Children, our world’s most precious asset, yet we treat them horribly in LA and beyond.

    With the rotten school systems and with DCFS.

    Sad indeed.

  3. Woody Says:

    Wait! Everyone on the left is telling me that government is the solution to our problems.

  4. Robert James Patterson Says:

    My child was ILLEGALLY abducted by the Ms. Denise Sherman of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services! On Dec. 24th of 2008 Ms. Sherman called my house from a DCFS cell phone, as it stated LA County DCFS right on the caller ID. She called that morning to speak with Mr. Ruben D. Carvajal, a friend I was allowing to stay at my place as he had just come back to town and was looking for a place of his own. It was early, before 10:00am and she spoke to Ruben on the phone in Hebrew or Yiddish. I questioned him concerning the call, he told me not to worry as this is the woman that “HELPS HIM BRING HIS CHILDREN INTO THE COUNTRY FROM CHILE EVERY YEAR”. He also told me that I would be meeting her soon as she called to “SCORE SOME WEED”. My son was over at a friends house where we had planned on spending Christmas eve, Ms. Sherman came over to my house. Me, my wife, Ms. Sherman and Mr. Carvajal piled into the truck that his mother was renting for him as he cannot due to the fact that he cannot get a drivers license due to multiple DUIs. We went to Reseda Discount Caregivers, she handed money to Mr. Carvajal who went into Reseda Discount Caregivers and purchased an eighth of marijuana with his medical recommendation and gave it to Ms. Denise Sherman upon his return to the truck. He was only supposed to stay a few weeks, but it turned into a few months. He became drunk and belligerent and was causing undo hardship upon the family. Finally, one night, he exposed himself in front of both myself and my wife(child was at aunts house on this night) and I told him to get the hell out of my house and to not come back. I started getting phone calls from him threatening to kidnap my child. “I will kidnap your child and I will do it legally. I will have him taken into Foster Care and I will gain custody and you will never see your son again.” Feb. 18th came, I had forgotten all about Ms. Sherman at this point, and a lady from Los Angeles County DCFS was at my door to investigate a complaint. She told me that if I did not let her in, that she would be back with the police to force her way in. I was anxious to let here in anyway, forgetting our previous, short, encounter and hopeful for getting Mr. Carvajal in trouble for false reports. She told us about how they could help us as a family and called a TDM. On the 25th of Feb. 2009 we had a TDM. The facilitator was agitated, saying that he did not know why we were here. She tried to destroy both of us, but failed. They told her that she did NOT have grounds to remove the child. They suggested counseling and we agreed and signed off on a case plan that our son was to remain in the home. Within 5 of her working days, she cancelled to appointments with the family (I have phone records showing me contacting her). On March 4th, I had a long conversation on the phone with her concerning what steps I could take to be a better father. I interrupted her and she snapped at me. After I got of the phone with her, I remembered her as I had interrupted her that day(the 24th of Dec.) in the truck and she snapped at me exactly the same. I called and asked for her super, but he was off on that day, so I spoke to the shift supervisor, Ms. Sonia Polain and I told her that I new the worker from other outside associations. She told me that she was going to advise her that she was removed from the case and that she would call me back. I am not for sure who called how back, but we spoke and she advised me that Ms. Sherman had been removed from the case. The next day, Ms. Sherman went to Hesby Oaks school and abducted my son, which released him to a business card! No warrant, no court order, but a friggin’ business card! They drug us into court with nothing, but it is THEIR COURT, built to protect THEM and to cover up their wrong doings! The public defender refused to use the big book of evidence we had against them, refused to get a court order to get the record of the incoming calls on the 24th and committed perjury by omission. The judge practiced medicine from the bench and despite my wife’s medical recommendation for medical marijuana ordered us to undergo random drug testing. Our child was released to the care of his aunt and we were given supervised visits. We went to adjudication, NO ONE testified. We wanted our son to take the stand as they lied and said our son stated that we would beat him with a shoe or a belt when he was really bad. We do not believe in spanking and my son has told me that NO ONE has ever hit him with a shoe or a belt. They also claimed that my second grade spelled “Champagne” for them correctly. A word he learned from the bottles at these alleged outrageous parties I supposedly took him to. The judge found us guilt of general neglect, due to the fact that there was marijuana in our systems at the time of the incident. This in spite of the fact that my wife was prescribed marijuana and that I was a certified care giver which gave me the legal right to posses up to 3.5 ounces and there is no law against smoking. They gave us our child back, after a month of captivity and ordered six months of DCFS supervision. Part of this was Family Preservation, which came in telling us how they could help us to get a dinette set and so forth. I advised them that it would be in the best interest of the family to catch up on the back rent. Six months later I was evicted as they never made the payment that they had promised. I showed the judge, Judge Daviann Mitchell, the paperwork that Family Pres., LA DCFS, and the management company had all signed off on agreeing that the county was going to issue a payment. The judge, of course could not find the county that got her retroactivity immunity for receiving illegal payments from the county and that I now owe 5,???.?? to the management company despite violations of ordinances and of serving properly. This is a big cluster f&^k designed to destroy the innocent and exonerate those who abuse children and their families.

  5. Dcfs=trash Says:

    I want to say that Dcfs are a bunch of rapist perjurors liars who manipulate the court system and take you to their dirty private court that they run! if in the beggening of the TDM meetings you dont agree to sign a case plan = right your rights away and do what they say or they take your children away, then the facilitators there harras you and coerce you and duress you into singing your rights basically doing a plea bargain with them off court.! so Dcfs claims they are doing this for the best interest of the child when they removed them from homes of good parents that only dicipline their children and are called abusers , but then they move them to foster homes were the children are raped,murder,abused,treated like trash and raped again but leave them at those places because your children are what the state calls pure gold! People need to stand up against DCFS specially La County and start protesting gather up and start fighting this dirty corrupted DCFS workers why is nt any agency or persecutors going after DCFS SOCIAL WORKERS WHO violate the laws huh! tell me why not! no one is above the law!!

  6. Rick Allen Says:


  7. Rick Allen Says:

    Last month the primary CSW entered our home & questioned our four children for hours. Then she questioned me & asked if I would sign docs stating that we refused to accept any & all financial aid from their entities. Then she asked me if I had a gun & where was it? I tried to explain that it was in storage. The CSW said the gun was in our van & that she needed to conduct a search of the van. So lead her to our van & she searched the interior, no weapon was discovered. So back to the condo & more investigative questioning of the kids several more hours. Then she reported that I was being accused of child abuse & our four kids are going into placement! Well I hit the roof because all of it was a lie to begin with. My two youngest fabricated a story that I was beating them & had a gun! So this prompted the CSW to go over aboard. Immediately I put the CSW out of our home, & she called the police stating that I wasn’t cooperating & that I had a gun! So you know what happens next, law enforcement is looking for me. The next day I met with two special investigators, one from the law enforcement & the other from DCFS. After four hours of interviews they released the kids to me & said that it was all fabricated by my ten year old son. The DCFS investigator instructed me to report to the Southern Division of DCFS the very next morning @ 0800 hours. Upon arrival the next morning the questioning started all over again. I signed a civil rights form & entered a meting with their dept. heads. They still took my children & ordered me into court the next week. The judge could make up her mind & wouldn’t look in my direction. A month prior the same judge commended me greatly for the way that I had taken care of the kids. So here I am without my kids. My two younger kids that lied have since corrected their stories. All I want is my kids back…… can anyone out their help me before I have to take action?

    * No weapon was found.
    * I have no arrest record.
    * The CSW saw & overheard my son coaching his sister.
    * The special investigator & Law enforcement quickly saw that these charges were false.
    * DCFS needs to either charge me or release my kids.

  8. abra marshall Says:

    we will like to join any class action lawsuit against DCFS please look into our story google Marshall vs. the county of los angele. then for our current problems with DCFS find me on myspace search for abra marshall in hawthorne California

  9. abra marshall Says:

    The Marshall’s vs. County of Los Angeles

    I Frank, Ola and Abra Marshall have encountered very serious problems from the County of Los Angeles DCFS (Department of Children Family Services)
    On December 19, 2008, around 8am, DCFS came to our house with the Police and tore down our front door and broke every door in our house that was closed or locked such as; bedroom doors. Closet doors, garage doors etc. They removed four children from the home. The police tazed my daughter and arrested her because she was on the phone with our lawyers.
    DCFS removed the four children because someone that did not like us did not even know us very well and did not come to our house called in lies against us and our teenage son. The reason DCFS bought the lie, was the fact that we had filed and won a law suit against them for similar false allegations and problems. (You can refer to the prior law suit on line. Go to Google and search Marshall vs. the County of Los Angeles and get details of DCFS harassment towards us and motive to retaliate by detaining the four children in our home)
    We want our four children back home right away and we want DCFS to leave us alone. DCFS have no proof of any of the allegations they have con cocked against us. We have proof that we are innocent of all the allegations they have against us.
    What happen to the burden of proof? DCFS did this to us and many other families with only allegations. We have close to 5000 signatures of people at children’s court that have encountered the same or similar problems that we have. We would like DCFS to be trained better to properly investigate the referrals that they deal with. The parents need better protection against these types of Laws. As of today (05/20/2010) they still have not gave us our children back and we did not receive a fair trial. Can someone please help us?

  10. Tatyana Pickett Says:

    my two daughters were removed from my care after my employer kidnapped them and he called the police stating that he found them left alone. the fact is that he held us hostage and took my medication for my seizures and locked it up in a file cabinet. he caught me trying to escape “with” my children and attacked me causing me to go into a seizure and passed out on the floor. while i was out he “kidnapped” my children. when the police arrived i asked for medical attention due to having a seizure “a gran mal seizure” and they refused me my right to medical attention. they then interrogated me, and told me i would never see my children again. then even after i told them he threatened to kill me and my children, the “investigator” and a police officer drove me back to my employer and stated, “i did as you asked, and i brought her back to you as well”, the “investigator”, took my luggage out of the trunk of the police car and handed it to “my employer”, then opened up the back door, and he literally grabbed me by my right arm and forcefully removed me from the police car and shoved me into “my employers” residence. this occured in april 2002 and even though i worked with dcfs, they refused to follow the “court order” and refused my right to visitations to my children and the youngest was breastfed at the time they removed them. the childrens bureau where the foster/adoptive parents went through had called me and requested that i be present during an evaluation with the children and different doctors, such as psychiatrist. that was the 1st time i had seen them since they were removed. the 2nd and last time i was allowed to see them was when both foster/adoptive parents came to court, they had both my daughters with them, that was january 2003. it is now july 2010 and i have not seen or heard from my children. i miss and love them so much. i pray that god can turn this around and reunify my family. my daughters have 3 more sisters and 1 brother and i hope one day we can all be together as god ment it to be. i will keep each and every family going through what i did in our prayers because i know first hand how it feels. pray and never stop thinking about all the good memories that you hold in your heart of your precious gift(s) from god.

  11. Tatyana Pickett Says:

    i am taking actions against los angeles county dcfs ubove and beyond what they could ever handle. may god be with them. email me at

  12. Tatyana Pickett Says:

    i know for a FACT that dcfs “SOLD MY CHILDREN”! BIZARRE???? NO IT IS AS TRUE AS GOD IS OUR SAVIOR! my children were 8 1/2 months old & 19 months old when they were taken. those are good ages for people looking to “BUY” children. Mental Anguish, is the least of their worries about what i have for them. GOD, gave me the gift to birth those children and to raise them. he did not give me a gift so precious to in return give them to strangers to raise. my oldest begged me to take her home with me both times we seen each other after they were “KIDNAPPED”

  13. Tatyana Pickett Says:

    I believe that my daughters may also be in a home with child molestors. On my first visit with my children, the foster dad took my youngest daughter and sexually massaged/rubbed her buttocks in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I hope that I never have to catch him alone somewhere because he will pay for what he did to my children. If anyone so much as looks in a purverted way towards my children, they will suffer the consequences. The bad thing about the people who have my children, they play a bad role of being “Christians”. Descusting, purverted individuals will get what is coming to you, B U R N T I N H E L L! God sees everything, don’t ever forget that!!!

  14. Craig S Coleman Says:

    Celeste Fremon / Witness LA & Other Violated Families/Parents:

    I am the father of seven kids – My wife is bipolar and is diagnosed with several personality disorders. It is our family pain. But DCFS became invovled 8 years ago. It has been a living Hell and nightmare for the kids and me. I separated 6 years ago. My oldest child now 16 has lived with me full time for six years. Yet the courts upon DCFS recommendations will not assign custody of any of the other six kids to me! The mother was continually given custody of my six younger kids – after multiple repeated independent reports of her abusing the kids and coaching them against me in false reports to DCFS and to the LAPD. Yet DCFS and the Family Law and Dependency courts kept returning the kids t0 their mo her. My kids were in foster care for two years from 2004-2006.

    The court released the three older kids to me then. Then after the case closed they gave her the four kids that spent two years in foster care and she kidnapped the three older kids. I had to start a Family Law case, and then they gave the six younger kids to her. More abuse followed for 2 1/2 years. More DCFS cover up. They seized the six younger kids from her in January 2009. It took one year to get the two middle kids released – to her again! My two middle kids were physically assaulted in two separate incidents in 2009 by a foster mother and a foster agency supervisor. But incidents were covered up from and I found out about these incidents five months later. I called in complaints and wrote out complaints to a LA County Auditor , the police and the CA Community Care Licensing Division. The investigations were referred to LA Co DCFS for internal investigations. Except that DCFS no longer has an internal affairs staff – all were reassigned two years ago to handle increased case loads.

    It has been 13 months with no follow up. Again, intentionally buried. DCFS has my four younger kids with an equally and malicious foster mother who wants to adopt them with full DCFS assistance. She has been diagnosed herself with mental illnesses only after I pushed the court for an independent licensed psychological assessment this summer. Yet DCFS CSW Loretta S Federico still keeps the four kids with her claiming she is ideal foster mother and the kids over her and want her to adopt them. I heard from contracted psychologist in June that the four kids have made suicidal and homicidal threats to two separate psychologists. This was also covered up by DCFS reports to the court that kids were doing just fine with their foster mother, This foster mother has no job skills – no education, has a history of drug and alcohol abuse and a lascivious lifestyle. Yet she is perfect. She can barely speak English and it is heavily accented. She claims to have been trained as a psychologist and an attorney in Mexico. u draw your own conclusions…. Yet she is deemed to be an ideal foster mother who is also raising three of her own daughters and is also taking care of an infant foster child at the same time. She is being paid over $6,000 per month by LA County. She missed numerous court ordered visitations and court mandated appearances and court ordered psychological evaluations. Yet DCFS keeps my kids with her to date.

    DCFS Supervisor Nadine Henry has taken retribution against me in very subtle and not so subtle ways.. A DCFS supervisor sent the police to my home with an emergency social worker three weeks ago at midnight on false charges. I had filed formal written complaints against the social worker for malfeasance, incompetence with the LA County Auditor, the California Community Care licensing Division and the LAPD. It was petulant bureaucratic revenge. The Dependency Court is completely in the pocket of DCFS – as you said a multi billion dollar enterprise.

    They don’t protect the kids that need protecting and they permit cover ups of abuse by the foster parents and illegal/unlawful civil and criminal violations by their social workers and management.

    For example, social workers and police are not permitted to enter your home without a signed search arrant by a judge. Yet they intidate children and parents to gain entry to your home in violation of the Fourth Amendment. We only have to present our children at the door to inspect them for any obvious signs of physical abuse – which I have no problem with.


    They routinely violate basic civil and Constitutional Rights most notably the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. I was hung up on by a DCFS supervisor for “inappropriate speech” by a DCFS Supervisor when I tried to file a complaint – and no , I was not yelling at her. (I hadn’t got to that point yet.)

    It’s al about the Federal Title IVe funding. Everyone gets paid – DCFS, attorneys, psychologists, counseling agencies, foster agencies and foster parents and all those that suppl;y the system. It’s an organized racket. It is giant taxpayer funded feeding trough for fat and lazy bureaucrats and pol;politicians. And I could swear that some of thee hard core DCFS types are Communistas or closet Fascists – you chose – they are power drunk with their own political and social agendas..

    There should be a RICO investigation. They can keep kids up to two years and still receive federal monies – and they pull every trick to stall the release of the kids until that time. And then act to steal kids and put them up for adoption – again more federal monies to be gained (and year end bonuses. My current social worker is almost a full-time foster mother. She is getting TWO FULL Paychecks from the same LA County government agency! IS THIS NOT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST?!

    They themselves call their own system “The Beast.” DCFS and its captiveKangaroo so-called Administrative Law court is the most Unconstitutional and Corrupt Criminal organization in this country.

    CS Coleman, Ph.D.

    Father of Seven Children

  15. melissa Says:

    do you have to submit to a drug test to social services in la county if asked to by the worker or supervisor although you have never been in trouble for it? I have a marijuana script and told them that and now they want a meeting. both of my kids dads (different dads) are alleging this at the same time-real adult like huh. Help me out asap they want to meet tomorrow or the next day!

  16. EverNow Says:


    Let’s Focus Our Energy NOW on November 2, 2010 and VOTE OUT Corrupt Superior Court Judges (Childrens Court / Dependency Court / Child Court(Kangaroo Court Judges )in Retention Elections in your district. Districts are small and manageable only those living in the district can vote ) ANY AND ALL OF THE CURRENT SITTING JUDGES LIKE the dishonorable Judge No. 49 (Monterey Park / Edelman Childrens Court)Daniel Ezekiel “Zeke” Zeidler . Can you name yours? Is he up for retention election this November 2, Like Judge Zeidler is? Check for yourself. Run your favorite dishonorable corrupt judge on Google and check if he is up for the every 10-yrea retention election. If you do not vote him out this year then you won’t be able to do it again for 10 years.

    These judges are Complicit with DCFS Child Deaths, DCFS Tortures, DCFS Abductions, DCFS Alienation, DCFS Coercing of our pre-schoolers and early childhood to teens . BONUS: SUE THEM NOW – It is the only way to win a suit just by filing it now – no need to win in court. Just win by the effect that such suit will have on your favorite corrupt judge. You just might vote him out of office regardless if you win in court. That’s even a better win in my book.

    See how to sue judges on Google – I hear a law suit against a superior court judges can be started by filling out a few simple forms. Then take your suit information to the media and straight to voters of that district. Have them vote them out. It should be the opposite of a “shoe-in” for the judges as we give them a “shoe-OUT”

    I am starting my googling with more lawsuit advice online to sue them “in pro per” in state and federal court too.


    Get a paralegal to help you – I sure would like one – there are some cheap ones on Craigslist. Furthermore I would like to see if you need help or can we can help each other.

    Start here to be aware of how to sue your judge NOW in time for this election – voter education – EXPOSE THEM NOW – it is a WIN WIN for us the harmed citizen. Even if they don’t lose the election – let them bite their nails and think twice about the next election if they don’t improve their act. And you just might win in court – pro se – in pro per is the way to do it. It is up to us….let’s work together N-O-W !!! N-OW! O-UT! W-ITH! Zeidler who is complicit with DCFS child deaths in a recent case of a Murderer Father that he let have custody of his kids back with a wing and smile from Zeidler – And as for false accusations with no evidence except DCFS lies in my case – Zeidler gives me no reunification and keeps me from my 4 year old daughter who I love and miss and we are torn to be away from each other for so long these past 1.5 years so far and counting. So we can see where we are all coming from but we need more focus on NOW. Check Baby Kobe case –

    in Redondo Beach – Kobe? case – Google it –
    Better yet check your judge now Google it now and get voters in that district to vote no for Judge Retention Elections on this November 2, 2010 Ballot. Please. It may be the same election for , commissioners and referees for that matter – You can vote no on Appeal Judges and Supreme Court Judges NOW. NO on Judge #49. Daniel “Zeke” Zeidler? Judge Garcia?and ? and ? and ?….Name your judge…let’s fill these pages with judges to vote no on….and remember time is of the essence like no other.

    By voting “No” on a judge and starting a lawsuit against him / her for infringing your rights you just might force or better yet “settle with him” on a change for the outcome of your case more than you know. What about when you appeal your case like I am doing now. If Zeidler is out then that means his domestic partner who is director of California Appellate Project Los Angeles (Conflict of Interest) who assigns me my lawyer who cannot break the barrier of a winning case with such a conflict of interest where Zeidler’s spouse on the CAPLA would never allow his spouse’s case to be turned over, (breath) would be out of the loop too…

    Thus , all this political shenanigans of DCFS et al and Judge’s who make decisions based on being re-elected is stopping my meritorious appeal (based on Ineffective Assistance of Public Counsel )

    Such counsel was from the equally corrupt system of defending accused persons of abuse found by DCFS at Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Inc – Law Offices of Katherine Anderson and Law Offices of Castro attorneys Molly Walker, Steve Lory, and Ari Atoori respectively – . which Supplies equally corrupt judge cronies of the judge to defend the impoverished good parent) dead in its tracks. All these people defend or don’t defend based on how much work they can get with the sitting judge. See the connection. Now after Zeidler I have to look at who the appeals judges are who are seeking retention – who will be hearing my appeal because they are all complicit with all the above too. They must go. Vote NO on all judges seeking retention elections and get fresh judges not corrupted by DCFS in to FAIRLY judge our children’s fates and ours too. If everyone just looked at their situation based on their experiences from the Vote NO on Judge “so and so ” retention election now…we could perhaps get more accomplished then we think. But we must unite now without delay. Don’t you think?
    Reach me

  17. erica Says:

    I need someone to reach out to me to help me get my children back from DCFS….Last Dec my 15 year old daughter commited suicide because the socials workers Debra Jones @ the Wateridge office in Los Angeles worked along with referee Sheri Sorbel @ Eldemans Children court in Monterrey Park,Ca and the most evil foster parent on earth Ms. Linda Torrance of Los Angeles, CA adopt my 3 daughters and my oldest Re’Ann Cox wanted to be with me and was told by Ms. Torrance that she wouldnt see me until she was 18 and no matter how much she cried she was not allowed to have contact with me she along with my other 4 children that she also beat with back scratchers and tortured. My daughter in one last attempt begged and pleaded with Ms. Torrance to let her have contact with me was denied and she gather her brothers and sisters together and told them it was too painful for her to live without me and aplolgized to them and took a overdose and died….Can somebody please help me. When my daughter died DCFS removed my kids out of Ms. Torrances home and there was a hearing and then a few months later they were returned back. They only way my family and I were allowed @ my daughters funeral was that my mother had to pat for her burial. Somebody plz email if u have any suggestions for me to get help in getting my children back

    Erica J Baxter

  18. Tracy Flores Says:

    A Childs Cry… A Mothers Story…

    When an unthinkable tragedy bursts upon us, we often ask, “Why did this happen?” In unbearable grief and shock… but still no answer. The DCFS opposes all that we are as parents and everything we do, but yet continue to place our children through “Harm and Eminent Danger.”
    DCFS has become like Terrorist to our children and families and has made it very easy to manipulate the system. Terrorists only come to lie, steel and destroy. They disguise themselves so they don’t look threatening, and lull us into thinking we are not in any danger, seeking whom they may devour.
    Of course being that they are not omniscient or omnipresent. They can’t be everywhere and know every thought of our children, which has allowed our children to become victims to the system. DCFS has been given the authority to find them “EXEMPT” from obeying the “LAW.” By taking our children from their homes under false allegations and falsified findings, and placing them into Foster Homes that become predators to our children.
    We have all become involved in a battle, and just because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, we still wrestle against principalities, against authorities and against one another.
    As I look back, I realize that I had been dealing with a direct and specific attack from the DCFS. They are clever deceivers who will come to each one of us and try to speak lies into our minds and the children’s minds. Life has much suffering, but too often we suffer unnecessarily because of the lies we believe about ourselves and our circumstances. Our children have had to accept as fact, the words that are spoken about their parents by the DCFS who wants nothing but to keep us apart.
    Because of this, our children become fearful, lonely, depressed, angry, worried and full of self pity. All because of the lies they believe. But we can overcome each and every one of these lies with the truth spoken. You must be aware that the DCFS however, will steal the truth when the children speak against their abuse in the system. “Did that really happen?” “Are they being told to say that?”
    Then the DCFS will contradict their own words. “That didn’t really happen!” And “They are being told to say that!”
    Certain thoughts may appear to the system to be accurate….but when you hold them up next to the TRUTH….the LIE is exposed. The only power the DCFS has is getting the courts to believe their lies. Without this they would become powerless to getting their work done.
    Since the day of their removal, my 7 children have been split and divided into 25 different Foster Homes. Removed and replaced due to ongoing neglect or abuse caused by the foster parents. Hidden and protected by the CSW’s and their Supervisors.
    Such as, but not limited to…unexplainable lacerations to 2 of the children’s heads. My 5 year old daughter being choked by the foster father because she could not buckle her seat belt fast enough. Sexual assault on my 2 year old daughter. 2 month old placed in her 3rd foster home hospitalized with Pneumonia caused by lack of care at her early age. My 8 month old sent to ER with a fever of 102 caused by her toe nails being clipped too short, leading to infection neglecting to seek medical attention, causing fever. My 5 year old being smothered in her face with a soapy wash cloth witnessed by my 14 year old daughter who in turn couldn’t take the abuse by the system which resulted in attempted suicide placed into a Mental Health Facility. Later upon release became a run away to join her older sibling who had already awolled from the system. Leaving them both now to become victims to the streets battling the deadly disease of drug addiction and the gang life, until they turned 18 to return home. My 13 year old son now a runaway himself has been missing for 3 months now without a trace while in the system. Did he really run away? Or did something happen to him that they will not disclose. Have they given up on him? It was just documented that he is a run away. He’s 13 years old and where is my son? I can go on and on about the abuse my children have spoke against their predators and I can provide documentation and written reports written by the DCFS themselves that have remained hidden to the appropriate authorities for the protection of their own.
    I am sure that if each one of them would have had a strong sense of Family, love and acceptance from their Mother. They would not choose destructive lifestyles. Without their families, our children will not grow properly, and without being joined and committed they will continue to live in rebellion in some way or another whether they intend to or not. It illustrates how deeply children need their Mother. When young children are deprived of good Godly relationships (Family), they will seek those that aren’t (Gangs) and the children of our future will become the convicts of our future.
    Severe injuries to relationships can be fatal. Even if they aren’t completely destroyed, relational injuries can take years to heal. It is easier to avoid such crucial acts, than it is to fix them.
    The way we learned to cope, survive or interact with other neglectful families, will be carried with us into adult hood and effect every one of us now.
    We all desperately need a sense of family, relationships and belonging. God created us to be with our families. We have a natural hunger to be a part of something that gives us a sense of acceptance. It is crucial to our children’s well being. How they resided and are related to other people have greatly affected the quality of their life. Poor relationships contribute to ones behavior.
    It is important to be accountable, because we are capable of being deceived. We all have blind spots. We need people who will help us see the truth about ourselves and our lives. We need to be the kind of people that don’t break down when the truth is spoken in the love of our children. “Faithful are the wounds of a Mother…but the kisses of the enemy are deceitful”
    You have a choice about what you will accept into your mind and what you won’t. You can choose to take every thought captive, or you can allow the DCFS to feed you lies and manipulate our families. If you don’t take control of your mind, then you have allowed the DCFS to destroy my family and many others. That is why you must be diligent about what you allow into your mind.
    Has the DCFS filled your mind with positive and re-uniting thoughts about Family reunification? Have they fed your thoughts so you feel enriched, clear minded, peaceful and blessed about family reunification? Or do they deplete you and leave you feeling empty, confused, anxious and fearful? If the DCFS would only speak the truth about the parents and their children, there would be no room for their propaganda. You don’t have to live with the confusion or mental oppression because of the ignorance that is in them or because of the hardening of their hearts. Instead, see the truth and have clarity and knowledge about the hidden abuse the DCFS withholds from the people.
    We ask you (the public people), to take the horrible, tragic, painful, devastating, embarrassing and ruinous experiences and memories caused by the criminal acts of the DCFS and help us expose the truth about the system. Help us heal thoroughly so that we can begin a new life without looking back at the old one. We will still have the memory but no longer have the pain.
    We will restore ourselves to share our experience with others so that they can know this kind of deliverance, restoration and healing for themselves too. Please allow us to take the worst thing about our past and help us make it our greatest blessing in our future.
    Help the children forget about the worst pain of their past and reach forward to their happiness ahead. We are each other’s tools and we need each other to work.
    Please become involved and step forward if your family was a victim to the system. Or even if you have some type of position that can and will help expose the truth about CPS. Media, news coverage, Legal Council, contacts with city or state council and/or commissioners or Senates. Or just even your moral support. Anything and everything can help us make a difference
    Thank you for your time in this matter and remember the children need you to become involved to make a difference.
    Tracy Flores

  19. Jennifer Matson Says:

    My heart goes out to all of you whos lives have been even remotely touched by these horrible people.”CPS”, “DCFS” or any other name by which they choose to go by- these are the WORST kind of terrorist by which our country has been afflicted.
    Our babies are the most rare and precious of all gifts, it is not only our job,but our duty to love,provide for, to raise, to guide and also- to PROTECT.
    These are our future decision makers of America- the ones who decide where WE go and how WE are treated when our bodies get to old and broken to care for ourselves, when we have no choice but be left to the mercy of others.
    Our same children who will make our new laws & change our old ones, impose the death penalties, the ones who will decide who will live and who will die and for what reasons are among those who will grow up with these horrible and unjustified emotional scars forced upon them at the hands of these dispicable social workers.
    How sad that we strive to be a good law abiding citizen who sets a good example for their children and whom provides them with a safe,loving and nurturing home.Only for our families to be destroyed, our children snatched from us by CPS and DCFS under false pretences and forced to endure horrible emotional, mental,and physical abuse by and while in their custody.
    I come from a military family. We did not sign up for this. Our babies have just as many rights and they should be fought for! Its sick and sad and pathetic that we are forced into war against our own people in our own country just to keep our babies safe in their beds. People that are complete strangers that steal our children and play god with our lives.
    If you realy think about it, the only thing keeping us from our kids? is a piece of paper and hesitation.
    Reality check! what we are dealing with is “control of the masses”. They feed us a bunch of “BS” and use a case plan as an ultimatum to force you right where they want you to be then they use scare tactics and fear to control you.
    At this point in time, and after everything that I as a child was forced to endure as well as what i and my children are being forced to endure right now- I have lost all incentive to continue to be a law abiding citizen. Everything the law represents is backward and most definitely NOT in the best interest of the children.There are only so many jails and so many officers. Perhaps its time that we all rally together and take our kids back.After all they are OUR children.Not just some number on a page. Take our babies and then have them charged with breaking and entering and kid napping and assault and battery. Have them all charged with felonies. Take it all the way to the highest court and straight to the president. We need to stand our ground and never NEVER back down. Never take NO for an answer. Whoever said that we are innocent until proven guilty is a liar! If that were true, we would have our kids the whole time the case was open. Its about time these sick twisted freaks and everyone who files a false report be held accountable for their actions and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
    I’m smack in the middle of a case right now- feel free to contact me.

  20. Jennifer Matson Says:

    My number for my above comment is 775391-1664 and my e-mail is

    I will be writing later with my own personal story!

  21. TrueLight Says:

    Tracy – Name names of corrupted CSWs and SCSWs. Find the names of the ARAs and the County Counsels who perpetuate lies and false allegations of DCFS in Dependency Court. Shine LIGHT on these human soulless Facistas, Neo Nazis and Communistas. cockroaches. File state and countybar complaints aginst the county counsels.

    Like you said, don’t back down. They operate in the dark hiding behind confidentiality laws – their names , job titles and pay are not confidential. You can utilize free speech against them. Just don’;t publish names and ages of your kids. You have the right to ACCUSE / ALLEGE WRONGDOING by government officials.

  22. John Saint Says:

    Until you go through it you have no idea how corrupt, ubconstitutional and harmful DCFS really is. All these parents speak the truth. All their testimonials add up to the same result. They have had their children taken unjustly! Do you think they are making it up? If they were such bad parents they wouldnt care to be so upset. Bottomline support DCFS and your helping to tear apart families and are part of the abuse. This is sickening and anyone who thinks social workers are all there to help hasn’t had any experience with DCFS and should not make ignorant comments that do nothing but expose them for the misinformed idiot that they are.

  23. les bonilla Says:

    Excuse my language but FUCK DCFS! Antoinette Lynch, you are full of $h!t! You and your supervisor knowingly lied in your reports and snatched my nephews from their home. My sister is still attending all your mandatory bs and still has to do it all over again because you lost her paperwork bullshit!!! You ruined my family! How do you explain to a baby and a toddler they where not sent away?? you snatched them! Think about how they feel and what it does to their self-esteem! And sherille, you are clueless! How dare you continue tryin to prevent reunification when you haven’t even visited my baby nephew since you placed him in foster. The foster mom confirmed it. Shame on dcfs!

  24. Lauren Keating Says:

    This blog is the perfect example of all the discrepancies involved in anything pertaining to the “business” that DCFS has a hand in. After reading through all the back and fourth between the news columns and DCFS representatives it is clear that something isn’t kosher. Unfortunately, I myself am a direct victim of one of DCFS hasty decisions. After the LA Times released the article titled, “L.A. County will no longer strive to reunite families” an alarm went off in my mind. Reunification is one of the alleged primary goals DCFS “strives” to reach, yet the reunification rate seems to be fizzling.
    After receiving bad press like DCFS did regarding the series of high profile deaths that pointed fingers at them, one would assume they would want to redeem themselves and save face. Instead of getting to the root of the problem, they decided to hold back on reunification. If DCFS would accept some responsibility, and perhaps reevaluate their staff members that have the power to make these multifaceted life changing decisions, their steps of procedures, and perhaps their overall morale, maybe the families deserving reunification would indeed be reunified. Instead these children are placed in homes of people that have no personal investment in their wellbeing. DCFS should be a public service that saves the day, not one that destroys the American peoples’ spirit and more importantly, the concept of family.

  25. patricia Says:

    my son was robbed from me with false allegations.there was no investigation, there was no proff, i was never drug tested. what was said about me was hearsay, one phone call with lies from a evil vindictive woman she wanted custody of my son for his ssa benefits for elven hundred dollars a month. what happened to my son in foster care would never have happened if he was home with me. DCFS caused my son severe trauma, he was beat in foster care by foster mom’s 16 yr old nephew her 16 yr old son and her crack smokeing ex husband.nothing was done to that foster mom for abuseing my son. my son was placed in a foster home in south central los angles with a black family who had drug activity going on there i seen it myself. i reported it to the social worker who yelled at me telling me my son was not my concern. in court we were given weekend overnite visits the judge approved them and the first weekend the social worker took away our visits with no explanation and we had to wait 6 months before we could go back to court to tell the judge.

  26. Aja mukantagara Says:

    The Foster Care system is a “BILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS”
    I did research and found out that only 19% of all children in California are returned! Yes, DCFS, are American “TERRORISTS” they lie, they cheat, they steal. This is the modern day version of “SLAVE AUCTIONS” a foster care slave can command anywhere from 30,000-150,000. Do you really think, DCFS, cares about giving back baby slaves, when everyone from the bench officers, well, they all are “SPAWN OF SATAN” at any rate, it is just a formality to have parents enroll in “USELESS” parenting classes, drug classes, whatever. You still are not going to have your children returned. Until, every AMERICAN, in this country, get up off their, woe is me, behind and march by the thousands on these slave houses,( Children s Court) “Hah! Until, that happens,Nothing will happen, except the American Terrorists, will continue, snatching children, until they are of age, and no one can make money from them. by then the children are screwed up! ALL! WILL ANSWER TO GOD !

  27. LoveAlwaysPrevails Says:

    God Bless all the Children and Parents whose family have been torn apart.. I know the evil that works in this system as I am dealing with DCFS myself. My life has been ruined the say the least….. Dont ever give up Hope!! LOVE Always Prevails!!! ou are not doing this alone! There are so many of us fighting the same fight…., and one day there WILL be Justice,….. even if we do have to wait till the Good Lord comes back… I Love you all!! God Bless!!! If anyone wants to know a little about my story read about it :

  28. Brad Leppke Says:

    I feel the people when DCFS and the LADL DO NOT ACT in the capacity that they are supposed to and have a duty to uphold. It is a tradgedy.
    But I am interested in the cases where these crooks take away kids from loving and caring parents that would die for their life with their kids. I for one am not afraid of these crooks and their attorney’s that protect their illegal and immoral actions. What are they going to do, put me in prison, take away my kids, wrongfully acuse me of child abuse and put a 3 year stay away order on me and deprive me of a fair trial. They already did all that. Philip Browning says he is accountable, well then he is guilty of the devious and unethical practices that his untrained band of thieves enact on innocent children and parents. They lack the integrity that one in their position should posess. They should be held accountable for their actions, but instead they create loopholes in their own policy so they can escape the due process that parents should have. These actors act with no regard for the reprocussions of their actions, because their precious lawyers will provide immunity for them. This system is only fair to the ones who run it.
    Ghost Hunter

  29. Kit Marie Says:

    All these stories make me so sad. I was a foster child with LA County Child Services. In foster homes I was repeatedly abused in every sense of the word, before I was 7 years old. However, instead of taking foster licenses from those parents they would claim the child (myself) was special needs and place me in a new home to complete the same cycle. This went on for over 3 years while I was in LA Child Services Custody. After multiple allegations came against my last foster mother and ALL her children were striped from her, they placed us in Maclaren Hall and my grandparents stepped in and took custody of me till I was released to my mother after she completed rehab, drug testing and parenting classes, etc.

    But a physical altercation when I was 16 landed me (and my younger sister) right back into LA Child Services Custody. (mind you there was a difference of almost 10 years between me being released from foster care and put back in)

    The “emergency” home my sister and I were placed in gave us no hygienic supplies, left us home alone all day and locked the cabinets that contained the food. I has to literally break into the fridge and food cabinets to feed my younger sister and my self – Let alone I was left to sneak around the home in search of shampoo or a brush to bathe my little sister and myself. On the 3rd day, the night before we were supposed to appear in court, the foster mother gave us a change of clothes and let me wash our clothes, so we didn’t go to court “dirty” and she then said she would provide us with hygiene products and clothing after we came home from court. A 16 year old girl and her 10 year old sister, forced to stay home all day, with no food or supervision, no clean clothing, brushes, tooth brushes, or soap, and these are the people they place children with?

    After court they foster mother wasn’t home and they took us to the agency she was licensed through till she came to pick us up. I divulged to the supervisor of the agency what my sister and I had endured in the 3 days we were living with that foster parent. She tried to talk me out of my allegations multiple times and I stood determined that I wasn’t lying and I was telling her the truth. They then had to find another foster home for us that evening (obviously it was an inconvenience for them)

    The second lady we were housed with wasn’t as horrible. However, because my sister suffers from ADHD and wasn’t allowed to have her medication she would drive the lady insane. I would often have to care for my sister because the foster mother repeatedly stated “she couldn’t handle her”. My family eventually took custody of us.

    All I found was that in the 10 years I was out of the foster system, it was just the same or as bad as it had been when I was a small child.

    I am a lucky case in that I had a loving family who eventually fought for me and took care of me. Other children aren’t so lucky.

    They aren’t about reuniting families, they are about taking children first and asking questions later.

    Now my niece has been taken from my mothers custody without so much as a visit. DCSF is trying to use her record and the fact she had me taken away as a reason to take my nieces and adopt them out (one is a couple months old and the other just turned 2 years old) They are claiming the 2 year old is special needs because she refuses to talk and only cries all day and night. I don’t know what degree is child psychology these people have but I would think they would know if you remove a small child from their consistent caregiver that the child would throw fits? The foster homes that would take my niece as “special needs” receive an additional $1000 a month for her care. These people are about profit. Not about the children.

    I only hope some of you can keep faith and keep fighting for your children as some of the rest of us fight for ours and against DCSF


  30. Jackie Says:

    I have read so many comments and it makes me mad. I have gone through the same thing with DCFS…the “Departement of Corrupt, Stupid, Failures.” AT every level.

    I am at this time preparing a very lengthy letter which will be delivered to ALL county supervisors naming names and bringing them up to speed. If they fail to acknowledge…a copy can easily go to a newspaper.

    3 years ago I was asked by the lawyers for my nephew and his parents if I would take care of this little boy. He was in F-rate…aka…medical placement

    I was living in another county at the time and had to relocate to my parents house. When DCFS found out that I was NOT like my sister and brother in law or like DCFS…in other words…smarter then them..and with more college degrees…they were livid.

    Kim Sainten was the initial socail worker…she did not like it when I arrived…she was no longer the “Educated Fool.”…she was rude, and emotionally unstable…in fact Ms. Sainten at one point sat in my parents kitchen and admitted her own meother ran out on her and that she had issues….not the kind of steady person a family in distress needs…!
    Kim Sainted ignored the judges order to get the family trained in this childs medical needs and to get us F-rate trained…she did not answer the phone when I was to conntect we her about date etc…I did it all myself. Fuck Her! I said to myself…this is what i did for a living.

    When finally got through Kim told me that she was no longer this child case worker and he is in limbo…so I called the court house…talked to lawyers…the judge got her name…and then we moved onto getting house ready…for this child. Before Ms. Sainted acted illegally, imorally and highly unethically…she stated and to quote Ms. Sainten “Wait until Korvash gets here”…you see DCFS was infuriated that we fought to, at least get this little boy out of a strangers care an in with family. Mitra Korvash was from ASFA…and I guess we were to quake in our boots…it a house inspection…I can fix…if I do not know what is broken…I waited for her to come and do her job.

    It was April 23rd….I documented everything in a journal…as I suggest you all do…Well Old Mitra Korvash (Pasadena Office)…strolled in an already had a list of “improvements”…remember she had never seen the house…but she already had a list…suffice to say DCFS would not approve my parents house. Ms. Korvash gave me list of 12 things to do…including what type of cloths hamper we should use…thank God I was no on leave from the Department of Defense…I was lucky I new the system and new to let it ride…do as they say…and let the courts deal with it…well Korvash pressed my parents to make ILLEGALLY…make “improvements…the total cost was $20,000.00 which shocked DCFS even more that my parents could pay for it…living frugally has its advantages…having a 20 year old tv does not mean a person is poor…it was 12 items that did not need fixing…but sometimes you got to do what you got to do…when we went ot court Korvash only reported 8 items change…isn’t that interesting?..she reported 8…I reported 12…and let the chips fall where they may.

    The law allows 30 days to reach compliance…sight unseen and FAILURE of DCFS to come for progress reports…Korvash cancelled every visit scheduled…well Korvash and her supervisor…are you ready for this, Jennifer Lopez…closed the case after 20 days…I let it ride…I took before and after pics…and took them to court…Zeke Zielder…was pissed beyond reproach…not at us…but see the court was confused….the rest of the family IS not like the parents…we are a list of teachers, child developmentalists, and even a Dreaded social worker whom agrees with the world that the system is a mess and more “retarted” people are hired as socail workers then funtioning ones…

    Old Zeke did not know what to do …were are all part of the system as mandated reporters we know the score…any way…he also knows the law..i turned in my progress…Korvash came to visit and signed off on the house without enve coming in…she had the nerves to ask “I did my job right.”…I didnt answer…I got my paperwork and moved on…

    DCFS got repremanded and ignoring court orders…the social worker is held in contempt and given a very hefty fine…2 days after Korvash signed off Zeke realesed the child to me…and unfortunitally the parents had more issues than anyone could help them with after months…parent rights terminated…Zeke gave them every chance and more services then most people get…It was fun to watch the system figure this case out….they didn’t know whether to wind thier butts or scratch their watches. Zeke Zielder even stated…this is the wierdest case i have ever had…

    I know DCFS can irritate…they are really some of the stupidest people I have met…do not give them a chance…I called my county supervisor Mike Antonovich..when Kim Sainten got out of line…that bitch told me my nephew was not worth giving up my career for…I called and told his office she needs to go…she is unacceptable…I had calls up the ying yang the next day…one from the DCFS district manager..he tried to hand me line of shit…I told…if these are best of the best…then DCFS has no standards.

    DO NOT give the socail workers and room for error…they do not give it to you…only once did my nephews social worker lose paperwork…never agian…I made a copy for the social worker, his supervisor, the childs lawyer and kept a copy at home and copy with me when ever we went to court…flood them with paperwork…take away their excuse for not doing their job. The lazy pigs can watch the olympics on our time…apprently they are NOT that overworked and under the gun to meet deadlines!

    Ed Edleman tried to help by starting DCFS…however it is an organization thrown together in haste…there is no standar operating procedures…the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
    DCFS has no filing procedures…each worker does things their way…that is why when a case is moved to another worker paperwork is lost.
    DCFS wants to keep their bad, bad bad mistakes in-house…they do not want their Supervisors which is what the count seat is..their supervisors to know what they have done or failed to do.

    If a teacher acted this way the world would be nuts…tv reports would abound…the public outcry would be for that teachers head…yet DCFS wants no one to know.
    There needs to be a nation wide standard…each county has their own rules..what is abuse in one…may not constitute an investgation in another.

    If a child is detained in LA but is placed in, let say San Diego…each month that social worker has to to drive to San Diego to see that child…some children placed way up north that social worker has to fly up each month…waste of money…if it was standarized that case could be moved to what every office/district that child(ren)is in.
    It makes sense so it won’t happen…!

    My adive…try and keep your cool…DCFS wants and can trip you up…dont let them…stay focsued on your kids…do you focus on dog shit after you step in it?…no you wipe it off and move on…think of them the same…! report them to their supervisors…if no response is 24 hours…call county supervisor…if no response call a different county supervisor…they dont like that. If they wont help you…help yourself…get the classes you need your self and tell the judge…the more you do on your own…the more you have demonstrated that you are capabled of being a parent.
    DCFS is an insult…an organization that routinly looses paperwork, looses children, and cannot meet court dealines…sits in judegement! Really?

  31. Jeremy Says:

    Jeremy and
    i was wondering we had dcfs. show up with the cops banging on the door i was not home my girlfriend answered. the door she thought they was going to brake down the door they r demanding a drug test we r in the middle. of moving its all bullshit can we just leave don’t they need a court order or something ?

  32. reformsladcfs Says:

    Jackie – If you see this comment please contact me via twitter. I would love to get the details of your story to add to others I am collecting. It is time to shine a light on Social Worker misbehavior in California. There is one reason we see this pattern repeated over and over – because no civilians are watching and seeing that certain social workers have a pattern of abusing power and pursuing agendas that are contrary to our laws. The supervisors sweep it under the rug because they don’t want to answer for the lack of accountability. Opening the courts was a start – but it is like trying to watch a football game through a keyhole. my twitter account @ReformLAdcfs

  33. Jackie Says:

    to reformsladcfs,
    I do not have twitter account…I can be reached at

  34. Sean Says:

    Hey there @reformladcfs

    I am with Jackie! I don’t do the Twitter thing! Can you mail me –


  35. Lori Says:

    To Whom it may concern:
    I am writing with great concern that the Los Angeles County DCFS is intently harassing innocent parents. The biggest concern is that I am being discriminated upon by these services due to the fact I was a former Foster Child who managed to exit at 16. I have suffered over 6 investigations over a 10 year period and every single time I am asked about my history as a foster child. Does this mean I am not allowed to be a parent? I exited the system early because I was tired of the abuse and neglect these homes provided. In my very first foster home in Kern County I was brutally stabbed and by the same foster child attempted to drown me in a wading pool. This lead to my removal, I started to fight back with the foster brother to protect myself from harm. I could issue pictures of the scar from where I was stabbed. I won’t forget the names of those who did not protect me. My foster Mother Alma Leanord and foster Father, John Leanord. This is not brought up in their investigations when they ask about the history of foster care and me. Now they are on a witch hunt for my children, and I have had enough with having my civil liberties and rights violated constantly. There have been no court orders for these investigations; they have violated my 4th amendment right of illegal search and seizure of documents and intimidation, by threating to place my children in the same system I fought my way out of.
    My first job was in Santa Paula Ca Carrow’s. I worked to support myself. I never saw a red cent of what 12 homes and a group home received over the period of time I had been placed in their care. Wake up America, screen these workers and foster parents further. This is the outrage, I was a licensed child care provider for Pasadena, CA CCIS, the government paid me to care for children. I have a visa to live in the UK, this take biometrics screening and quite extensive.
    I have passed their investigations and have gained a letter that the charges of endangerment and neglect are unfounded. I know for a fact these services are interested in shutting me up as they had been sanctioned by a local Judge Amy Pellman for unethical acts, she rebuked some of the workers!!!! Someone help me please. I fought hard to be rid of these services but they are like a fungus, they keep coming back with false allegations and social workers who foster children, which again is not ethical. One Melissa Ealba sat in my home, and spoke of her foster children as she was investigating me. How is it they are supposed to be un-bias if they are fostering the children they remove? Unjust!!! These workers are being paid to remove children, then foster them and get paid a non-taxable check for each child every month. When is someone going to investigate? I have written to the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles the DA’s office and they all seem to be ignoring this. So I told them I would send my concerns to the media.They had a $48,000 sanction placed, I guess they have to make the money somehow, even if it’s by placing un-abused children in homes. This is a story of Civil Rights violations…not to just me, but many innocent parents who did not deserve a removal of their children. How dare these services?
    Don’t bother to complain or go to Ron Oroz or Rex White yet again nothing will be done. I have even written to Phillip Browning, no response so far. This is serious matter that needs to be concluded before they end up with my children as well, or it could be you next, if you have kids!!

  36. tashalyn Says:

    I am a Foster Parent and every thing you say about DCFS is true they lie all the time and don’t obey the US Constitution because they know we don’t have the money to fight back. Good luck.

  37. Kathy Says:

    I’m sure you all are aware that the decision has been made to cut the Family Preservation Program funding in half and to allocate the funds to the Foster Care System. I have worked with families as a therapist for over 11 years and I have seen so much injustice and so much damage to children and their families that it makes me sick. The thought of increasing the number of children being removed from their homes horrifies me and I would like to start a grassroots movement to spur public awareness and expose the destructiveness of DCFS and the endless suffering that they cause. People, we need to increase public awareness of the problem NOW because funding for Family Preservation (a program that has saved thousands of children from being removed from their homes)is happening as we speak. Any suggestions?

  38. Rudy Soto Says:

    The DCFS writes bias reports and opinions without any proof or facts and no one asks them to prove it. They lie threaten and intimidate family members with groundless accusations and deny it ever happen and no one investigates these practices they do this without fear investigation. It has become obvious the DCFS has been practicing in this type of procedure for many years and will continue until stopped or confronted about this practice. Until then god help our kids and families.

  39. Rudy Soto Says:

    To continue my complaint about the DCFS they give you no information to help you till the case is almost over to cover themselves. All the places to complain are connected with them so it is not advantage to confirm these complaints and accusations and no action is taken. The CSW I”am Stacy Collins SCSW, Alex Tapia CSW, and Steve Wolf among others are in urgent need of ethics classes to not play GOD so much.

  40. Rudy Soto Says:

    My grammar my not be the best but the facts are true and I challenge the DCFS to prove what I say is not true. Please Please someone put a stop to this in justice and help the families and children who are suffering and have no one to speak for them.

  41. D .F. Gonzales Says:

    while my stepdaughter was in surgery after a brutal domestic violence incident fighting for her life. False allegations by the assailants family to dcfs about my wife and myself since we had retrived our 6 yr old grandson left behind ,his mother bleeding and rushed away by ambulance his father fleeing before police arrive running two blocks to his sisters ,encouraging them to falsely allege drug use by my 65 year old wife,whose never as much as received at ticket in her life.After 2 days of surgery while still in recovery dcfs tells my stepdaughter they are removing her son from her custody for failure to protect.Then demanding us to surrender our grandson immediately or arrest warrents will be issued for our arrests.45 days later after allegations are unfounded our grandson was wife was named as relative caregiver.two weeks later new csw claims my wife is avoiding her and demands we appear at tdm where my wife is drug tested on demand and I livescan immediately.At the 6 month review no adverse report in regards to 6 month on demand drug testing.also no mention of my status after livescan adverse or otherwise .Then 2 weeks after the 6 month review csw shows up and declares her intentions to remove our grandson because I constitute a possible threat to his safety.In 1996 I was convicted of a nonviolent felony gun conviction which I divulged and provided documents the day I live scaned.Nowhere in any court minuets is there any mention of me or any court order forbidding me to have contact or visits with my grandson.Useing the police csw removes our grandson using immenent danger as her reason to remove without a warrant or court order our grandson and placing him again in foster care .Almost 45 days later he still is in foster care.Isaiah our graqndson is a victim and has been subjected to further trauma being torn from his family whom he is close and loved by.Meanwhile this conspiracy continues despite the fact our grandson has a half brother that’s 6 days older and whose mother also was victimized by the same person and family that lost all rights to the first child, and used the courts to further their agenda while presenting themselves as interested in custody,while committing fraud and libel to exact revenge for the incarceration of their son and brother who has numerous convictions for cohabit and spousal abuse as well as multiple parole violations for domestic violence.2 young women and their sons both victims and further victimized by conspiriters who manipulated the system to further the harm already committed against them.We pray for all the familys that have been wronged and hope this will raise efforts to help anybody with similar circomstances as ours.

  42. Rudy Soto Says:

    The DCFS has too much protection from investigations and any critics about job performance which none of us enjoy in our lives or at work.
    No one can answer any questions who gave them (DCFS) such power people are not perfect and over worked people seem in most cases get bitter and as the saying goes shit goes down hill so who suffers the people their suppose to help.

    My experience with the DCFS has been a world of indifference and lies denial of statements made and lack of compassion but most of all a lack of ethics.

    I know there are always two sides to a story but if one side refuses to talk I would conclude the one side has something to hide why else would you not talk about it.

    The CSWs I am talking about is Stacey Hollins SCSW, Alex Tapia CSW, Roxana the head of the DCFS in belvedere office.

    these people sooner or later will have face ever if the scales of justice tip the wrong way sooner or later they even out. please for the sake of decency any DCFS workers talk about what goes on behind closed doors and end this pattern of causing harm to families and especially the children which the DCFS has forgotten their here to help.

    please help end this now before a major tragedy happens on the LA county will act like they didn’t know what was doing on all these years.

    Thank You for taking the time to read this.

  43. Jenny buss Says:

    I need some help in every area with DCSF my ex step son to former lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss had a felony as well as other charges took my child and has lied to courts taken a plea bargain and I am now dealing with a situation with my two children being taken away I am running out of money the lakers do not know not does anyone really but the courts what happened . I think I am violated civilly , morally , ethically . As well as bill of rights. I have federal case for sure I am just being emotionally murdured for no reason. And my family is suffering we just want to be together. They are scared have been coached abused in car accidents ect placed in wrong dept and county and I have spent close to $850,000.00 maybe $1,400.000.00 on getting the truth out but he can pay off anything and still I was right and never given an apology.1310 741 2983. I have had late mother write four years ago our president stating a dangerous situation and no response even after my daughter was taken from his care after kidnapping her for two years and hospitalized for a month being found in closet drugged and eating fecies I was told I was paranoid when I begged for evaluation $ 150,000.00 was paid for the buss family to make me look insane . None the less someone was put in Hospitol a peace officer and a woman tool her life with his gun but still very hush hush. I need my children home and due to the power of this family I am in need of help. Not to mention I am handicapped but had and have staff. But need help due to five deaths in my family over the last two years. I have only a grandmama and Rabbi and his wife now two prior foster parents willing to live here or I move to them so I have someone. DCSF social worker keeps trying to fire my staff though live scanned I have lost three people actually more but this is in the last 6 months. When a violation had happened never did they write up party that was guilt of purging themselves and had proof

  44. Monique Citizen Says:

    Wateridge dcfs office is so corrupt I need help on how I can sue them for malpractice

  45. kim Says:

    Dcfs. Had my children snice 2010 i need help pls now

  46. kim Says:

    They took my children from my cousin and moved. Them 3hours away to a forster home just to get a bouns i need help bad pls

  47. Lilia Says:

    Why dont we start a class action lawsuit, please email me your story please make sure to sign and date I will send to the white house and senate I will send to the the dailynews, everywhere and anywhere LETS STARTS THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will do the leg work if you provide me with your story and a valid way of gettting a hold of you

  48. Lilia Says: my email address

  49. Patty Dobbs Says:

    there was false allegations against my sister in law they said she was getting high in August 2nd 2014 the police came with DCFS the police had no warrant or DCfS had no paperwork from children’s court to remove this child frome the house they have no evidence now I’m trying to get my nephew.back they keep giving excuses and being very difficultI they’re not even trying to work with the family or place him with famliy WE NEED HELP!!

  50. Mary Myers Says:

    I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP BECAUSE TIME IS RUNNING OUT! I am a Maternal Grandmother and my grandson was taken 1/18/13 by DCFS and placed into TEEN’S HAPPY HOMES FOSTER FAMILY AGENCY. (The one in the news last year that lost the contract and court paper work still show he is still there). DCFS worker Jaime Heins has falsified records (Has been named in a law suit with same allegations) Gerald Wilkins SW who has not only not given any “due diligence” to place my grandson with me but done everything to prevent it happening he has lost live scans, drug tests, does not return calls, does not complete or even due proper forms AND gets paperwork to court at last minute, not provided visitation for my daughters court ordered visitation. (After I made a fuss my live scan that I took in 2/13 they ” located” in May of 2014. They allowed me to pick my grandson up and drive him to her rehab and monitor the visits when they claim my “drinking” is why they will not place him with me and DCFS “lost” my fiance’s live scan from 4/13 and he re-took it Sept of this year.) Have been told 4 times it looked good but everyone else is told about “criminal” problems. Nothing mailed. Another friend of my daughters “came back that he is a murderer”. This SW also started a SW business in 2000 that is non – profit, tax- deductible and tax exempt that has reported earnings of 200k a year. We sent a registered certified letter with a notarized letter from my daughter once again requesting her son placed with me an one from me stating the problems going on to Gerald Wilkins (we have never received his card back), Kaitlyn Kim (Supervisor) and Phillip Browning (Director of DCFS). We have not heard back from anyone. Matter of fact they are planning to terminate my daughters parental rights and put her son up for adoption. The Foster Mom has been having more “observations” and they have put my grandson with the CONTINUED CARE DEPT and WILKINS HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO THE SAME DEPT AND WILL REMAIN MY GRANDSON’S SOCIAL WORKER. (Wilkins also was named in a law suit that declared he didn’t provide adequate help and his supervisor basically that Wilkins is at best minimally adequate at his job. My grandson’s lawyer is not even trying to do what my grandson wants not only by not looking into it herself but by only using what DCFS has written and sent. My daughters lawyer who has admitted that DCFS has “done nothing” in providing any help has also “done nothing” to help either. I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP BECAUSE TIME IS RUNNING OUT!
    Please help!
    Mary C Myers
    (310) 971-7440

  51. Esmie Says:

    I don’t know what to do anymore i can not take this anymore its ridiculously being done. My sons ex came after 3Yrs said this is ur son to my son she left the child with even offered to pay us she said she was going to work left him for a week or so didnt tell us he has autism constantly hits his head repeatedly he got in an accident flipping an adult bike on him didnt know he has something that bruises immediately for anything while the mon was texting my son did not knw she was secretly crying for help saying he stole her son. My son has full custody of another child the ex mom planned with the other ex mom false aligation of child abuse wich the ex mom started to post her sons returning home when no petition had been filled. Sherriffs got involved we returned the child she acted as if we hit the child was bruised the detective explained to her that when he arrived at ur home he witnessed child repeatedly banging his head on dresser then on the floor also mom asked child what happened to you n the child said a one sylabol word wich logical would be bike because thats what happened the detective asked the mom what did child say mom said, he said Bobby and Esmeralda beat him up arrest them now the detective told her he wasnt going to do that because him his self witnessed child bangin his head n also heard child say a one sylabol word . The mom kept pushing the issue she has a family member that is a dcfs social worker wich has made it impossible to get my grandson back home whom was removed after 3months investigation we complied that child never had any mark scratch or bruises he was placed with mom who lost custdy is on drugs on probation boyfriend whom has previously burnt child on forehead with a lighter is on parole they walk on the sidewalk sparking up a pipe exchanging smoke into others mouth with my grabdson n her infant with them the worst part of all is my innocent grandson is being beatten badly every week bruises pencil stabbins yesterday had two burn marks on his arm plus child is crying for help saying his mom is hitting him in the presence of the social worker who monitors the visits is not reporting the abuse is writting in the reports that only once child had a bruise on head saller than a dime n a small scratch other than that we are lying we just trying to get the mom in touble its heartbreaking not being able to help him due to my mom calling hotline for help since the worker dont help him nade social worker angry n put in a recommendation for my mom be removed from visitation she raised my son so they have that same mommy son bond ive had my whole live my mom has gotten sick we have no peace every second that passes is killing us worring for my sons safety then when im at work constantly checking up on my mom in june it will be a year of my sons removal judge gave me 3hours of visitation per week and the social worker doesnt care gives me a hour n a have only im no longer able to take pictures of my sons constanly injuries they are covering everything up i go to court so many times im never told why im in there or what the court is about no court reports no minute orders no notification of any court all that happens i go in the court room judge asks for my mom the bring her in and the judges starts to yell n insult us disrespecting us to the fullest but targets more on y mom saying my mom will never be mommy to my child n just several wrong things to her causing my mom to get a nervous brakedown ive gone to pip orientation in lancaster although my son is placed on LA my mom participated out there we stopped going because we feel bounced around lancaster told my mom the y will help in LA then LA tells us no u live in Lancaster so go to Lancaster meanwhile my son is in immediate need of help he needs help i dont kniw what to do the police will not get involved in dcfs cases if i take him to protect his live its abduction what do i do i need immediate help respectfully Esmeralda n Bobby Davila

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