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8.9 Earthquake, Tsunami – #PrayingForJapan

March 11th, 2011 by Celeste Fremon

Excellent (if alarming) online live streaming from Japan on

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  1. Pokey Says:

    File this under conspiracy theories –

    What is kind of spooky is that I read in February that the comet Elenin might cause quakes in the weeks before and after March 15, which is when the earth is directly between it and the sun.

    Last year on Feb 27th the earth was also aligned with Elenin (between sun and comet) which is when the Chile quake hit.

    Later this fall the comet will be between the earth and sun which is when it will be closest.

  2. johnwest Says:

    This is no conspiracy:

    Part of the recent budget bill that Republicans rammed down America’s throat included cutting funding to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii.

  3. don quixote Says:

    I got up this AM to see on the TV news a horrible scenario, the explosion and continuing meltdown of the Japanese nuclear power plant reactor. So much for the reassuring talk we get about the safety clean power if only we would allow more nuclear power plants to be constructed in California.
    Right, with the seismic activity and San Andreas faultline at our backdoor

  4. Pokey Says:

    Here is the youtube videos from March 8-9 (Tuesday) that predicted a major earthquake specifically on March 11th (Friday) – posted March 8 -

    Quotes from the videos
    “Take a vacation before March 11″
    “Listen March 11 is this Friday just two days away!!!!”

    March 8 video –

    March 9 video –

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