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USC Hit & Run Suspect Caught: She Is a Mother

April 3rd, 2009 by Celeste Fremon

As you probably know by now, the police have arrested the suspected driver of the hit and run vehicle that killed USC student, Adrianna Bachan, and injured her friend and fellow student, Marcus Garfinkle.

LAPD arrested 30-year-old Claudia Cabrera, whose husband was allegedly the passenger who got out and yanked Marcus Garfinkle out of the car’s windshield and tossed him to the pavement. Police report that Cabrera’s 7 month old baby was in the car when she hit Adrianna and Marcus.

Cabrera’s husband, Josue Luna, 31, is still being sought.

Annenberg Television News recorded the entire press conference
at which Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell explained the arrest and the $235,000 reward that likely caused the cruicial tipster to come forward. ($100,000 of the reward was offered by an anonomous doner.)

Here’s the press conference.

Much appreciation to LAPD’s South Traffic Division who took the lead in this investigation.

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27 Responses

  1. reg Says:

    I have to say I think it’s bizarre that people in those USCTV videos express “shock” that the hit-and-run driver was a woman. What planet do they live on ?

  2. WBC Says:

    She was driving with a suspended license which explains why she was unwilling to stop, not of course that it excuses it. The husband has some sort of rap sheet for illegal possession of guns etc. and has been described as having a shaved head and tattoos, code for former gang connection? So they’re not exactly the “nice couple next door” tho her photo looks it. — Then again, it shows that the SEEMINGLY “nice couple next door” can in many cases be not who they seem.

  3. reg Says:

    I have a nasty feeling, given the total lack of humanity demonstrated, that these folks would have acted just as dangerously and selfishly even without the suspended license.

  4. Woody Says:

    “She’s an animal and I hope she rots in hell. That’s what I want,” said Carmen Bachan of Santa Barbara as she clutched a photo of her daughter.

    She said Adrianna’s father, James Bachan, hasn’t gotten out of bed since the accident. “He’s destroyed. This was his baby girl,” she said. “They adored each other. She thought he walked on water and he thought she was a queen.”

    Arrested – Claudia Cabrera. Driving with a suspended license for not paying a ticket. Police looking for her husband, Josue Luna, and another male passenger – maybe on their way back to Mexico.

  5. the real victims Says:

    The mother hopes she rots in hell? What is wrong with the the mother?

    We need to understand how the government and society failed Claudia Cabrera, and her husband Josue Luna. We should look inward and reflect on our failure in the lives of Claudia Cabrera and Josue Luna let’s all pray for them during this tough time in their lives. Claudia Cabrera and Josue Luna are being portrayed in a very negative light in the media. Claudia and Josue need our prayers, compassion and lots of our tax dollars to provide them with a safe place from the mother’s vitriol.

  6. reg Says:

    I’m predicting the cop-killer shooter in Pittsburgh is a white guy who has been watching too much Glenn Beck – and maybe even reading crazed anti-gun control rants on the internet. Just a hunch…

  7. real victims critic Says:

    To “the real victims” poster: it almost seems like you are being sarcastic. Your post really makes me mad. How can you support Claudia Cabrera and Josue Luna? Because of your point of view, which is clearly sincere and not sarcastic, I am just so so mad at you. In fact, because of your sincerely felt post, I am really mad at all proponents of using our tax dollars to provide criminals with safe places. How could you have this point of view? I am really, really mad. It almost seems like you are being sarcastic, but you are not.

  8. reg Says:

    Good lord…

  9. Woody Says:

    rega: I’m predicting the cop-killer shooter in Pittsburgh is a white guy

    I’m predicting, on a hunch, that Obama, a black man, drove him to do it.

  10. Clancy Says:

    Good Good Lord Lord

  11. Bart Says:

    I’m guess meth, not a suspended license, is what made Cabrera keep going. Who’s out at 3 am with a baby? And no, I don’t think she’d just run out of Pampers and was off to CVS.

    Luna sounds pretty much like a gang-banger.

    Reg–so how does the explain the guy in upstate NY?

  12. reg Says:

    I’m not explaining anything – except perhaps a total lack of irony on the part of the troll. My comments started as a lampoon of the resident idiot starting a thread about the USC woman’s death by stating cold it was a male illegal alien who ran her down. Struck me as the natterings of an obsessive-compulsive racist troll totally lacking in any redemptive qualities. This was following on the sleazy little prick starting off the OPD deaths thread with gratuitous racist insults.

  13. Woody Says:

    the real troll: I’m not explaining anything – except …the resident idiot…stating cold it was a male illegal alien who ran her down

    just one part of the real comment: Those poor parents. There can be nothing worse than losing a child. …Now, just to give you my analysis, I suspect that the driver and passenger are male, that they were drunk, which possibly can be supported by people who saw them shortly before, and that they turn out to be (get ready) illegal aliens in a stolen car. ….

    The real situation so far as we are learning:
    Female driver named Cabrera driving on a suspended license. Two male passengers. One, her husband, named Josue Luna, still running from police.

    Given the odds, my suspicions are coming pretty close and may be supported in the end, despite the protestation of the left-wing troll who can’t bring himself to admit the ethnic realities of criminals and the lives taken by illegal aliens, whom he selfishly wants in this country for their Democratic votes.

    Helping to keep illegal murderers in this country is blood on the hands of liberals who put politics above human lives. People like reg may have figuratively been riding in the car with that hit-and-run driver.

  14. Randy Paul Says:

    There is a substantial legal Latino population in Southern California. One would think that with communities with names like El Monte, Pasadena, Santa Monica, San Diego, La Jolla, etc. and the fact that Eurpean settlement in the region came from Spain, not to mention that the region was once part of Mexico that fact would be self-evident.

  15. Woody Says:

    There are a lot of states and rivers named after Indians. So, where are all the Indians?

  16. Randy Paul Says:

    In Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah,Montana, Washington (the state) South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana,Upstate NY, Florida, etc.

    Many of them also intermarried with Hispanics. Apparently someone doesn’t know what mestizo means.

  17. Woody Says:

    Mestizo? Is that the same thing as a half-breed?

    I did remember that Indians are also in Mississippi and North Carolinia. They run the casinos. Funny how the rest of them moved out west.

    Still, Randy, a disproportionate number of violent crimes are committed by illegals, which would make them suspect in this crime, despite protests over profiling.

  18. sopatty Says:

    I immediately thought, “Illegal.” San Diego, LA, we face MANY crimes committed by folks who run back across the border for “safety” after they’ve used and abused OUR tax dollars. I’m disgusted by these animals. I”d call them pigs, but I wouldn’t want to insult the pigs. May they be caught and abused BADLY in prison by fellow inmates. What God does to them, that’s HIS business.
    Sympathy for the perpetrators? NEVER! What kind of raging IDIOT thinks there should be SYMPATHY for someone who HARMS someone and doesn’t stop to give AID?
    Any MORON who thinks they need sympathy needs to be hit by the Cabrera’s repaired car…start walkin’ by a red light, please…

  19. Randy Paul Says:

    They run the casinos. Funny how the rest of them moved out west.

    It’s called The Trail of Tears.

    Still, Randy, a disproportionate number of violent crimes are committed by illegals, which would make them suspect in this crime, despite protests over profiling.

    Stats? Define disproprotionate and provide something to back up that statement.

  20. Cara Says:

    Egads, people! A PERSON was killed, and another was critically injured by a car, which was driven by a PERSON who ran a red light at 3:00 a.m. …. and another PERSON in this same car pulled an injured victim off the windshield of the car …. left him for dead, and they then then drove away and hid from the responsibility of their crimes. This has nothing to do with the Trail of Tears, “half-breeds”, USC students, latinos/latinas, or anything else. Adrianna Bachan was buried today, and Marcus Garfinkle is still in the hospital. They are the real victims. To the ‘real victims’ blogger: if you are going to pray, I would pray for a brain – suggesting that the government and society “failed” these culprits is really obscene.

  21. wisdom Says:

    The real perpertrator here is jose luna. Most likely he forces his poor wife to take their child out in the middle of the night. Only an abuser whould do this. His wife probably wanted to stop and the abusive thug whould not have it. What husband would leave a wife to pay for such a crime alone. This woman is probably another victim in this chain of events. Luna took the young womans life and now his wifes. I hope someone puts up another 100,000 dollars to find this killer.

  22. Chris Says:

    when they get thrown in jail they’ll watch their cable tv, get 3 square meals a day, exercise at the gym, and ultimately – after much tax dollars are thrown their way – get their law degree.

    My solution is mete out justice that will satisfy everyone – execute them without delay.

  23. Lou Says:

    I’m reading a lot(too much) about the murderers of this young lady and her injured friend. Shouldn’t we be talking more about the consequneces for their families, their grief, their irreparable loss. WHO WILL PAY??? OBVIOUSLY NOT AL;L THE MONEY IN THE WORLD. ARE WE GOING TO PLAY THE RACE CARD ONE MORE TIME??? IN CASE ANYONE FORGOT… ADRIANNA BACHAN IS CUBAN!!!! EXECUTE THE MOTHER F*&%**S NOW!!! SHOW THEM THE SAME MERCY THEY SHOWED FOR THESE KIDS!!!!

  24. Eds Says:

    There we go again illegal alien crime and or Mexican crime
    The ‘winning combo’
    How many more poeple will die before we finally ENFORCE, DEPORT?
    Not racist, just observing, just facts (lives gone).

  25. Nurse Riverboat Says:

    Luna has been caught, but he is free on bail right now. That devil she-goat, Cabrera is in the slammer, and I hope she gets the death penalty. Jose Luna deserves to swing from the gallows as well, the hug hog of a bastard that he is. There is no excuse for animals such as these. They have 5 children…..who will grow up to hit and run as well.
    This family is an example of everything that is mediocre and wrong in America.
    We don’t need any of them.
    I say, break them up – send both those looser parents to the gallows and adopt all 5 children out to 5 different families in the hopes they will wash away all the defective and murderous DNA of their parents.

  26. Cheryl Cornell Says:

    I’d like to know why Woody would want to insult animals?

  27. liz Says:

    O.K. It’s true what they did is horrible they should get the maximum allowed. I just dont agree with some of these comments that are racist. Why must we always make it a racial issue, not all latinos are bad. The truth of the matter is that one life is lost and nothing in this world is going to take that away from a grieving mother. Would it have made a difference if it was a white, black, or Chinese person that did this? Probably not to the victims mother.

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