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Inauguration ’09 – Monday Night

January 19th, 2009 by Celeste Fremon

Monday in D.C. people threw shoes at the White House.


Other people marched for Martin Luther King’s birthday, and staged demonstrations…. code-pink-pre-inauguration.jpg

….and pieces of street theater to protest nearly anything and everything.


Others watched and photographed those demonstrations and performances.

Some guys from New York’s Bagel Boss gave away bags and bags of fresh bagels to whomever they happened to pass.

Huge squads of people were engaged in feverish inauguration and ball preparation.

But mostly in DC today there were hundreds and thousands of Americans—millions by Tuesday—-walking happily around their nation’s capital wearing expressions of amazement.

Even those working the Inauguration itself.

And despite the scarily worsening economy, a great many of those same Americans bought souvenirs. Lots and lots and lots of souvenirs.


I would like to say that I resisted the latter activity. But I would be lying.

I am now the proud owner of 2 Obama beanies, 1 long knitted Obama scarf, three “Yes We Can” wristbands in a cunning shade of pale turquoise, and a “Yes We Did” mug.


It is quite possible that by midday on Inauguration Day, I will need an Obamabilia intervention.

See you after the swearing in (or maybe before).

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4 Responses

  1. Nipsey Russell Says:

    Careful where you will stand Celeste, we learn Dick Cheney will be in wheelchair at inauguration a la Dr. Strangelove, with shotgun.

  2. Bill Cosby Says:


    Let’s hope there are no latino gang members in Washington they are more racist than the robber barron gavachos like Dick Cheney.,0,3660766.story

    3 latino gang members charged in Canoga Park killing

    The Latino suspects are accused of pulling up in a car and fatally shooting a black bowling alley worker who was taking out the trash.
    By Ruben Vives

    January 18, 2009

    Three members of a Latino street gang have been charged in what police describe as the racially motivated killing of a black bowling alley worker last month in Canoga Park.

    James Shamp, a 48-year-old father of two, was throwing out trash outside the Canoga Park Bowl on Dec. 22 when a car loaded with gang members pulled up next to him, authorities said.

  3. Gava Joe Says:

    There’s typical “#2″ from #2.. Pay no mind. This is a glorious day. Stay warm, or try to Celeste. How lucky you are to be a part of this historical day. I guess in a sense we all are. I heard on NPR today that an Internet souvenir outlet had mistakenly pressed out some McCain/Palen mugs and bumper stickers and they’re selling like hotcakes too. Chances are you haven’t seen any of those? Good pictures, great coverage. Thanks..

  4. Rebel Girl Says:


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